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How to Manifest Someone to Text You (8 Working Methods)


Follow the methods posted below and you will be able to manifest someone to text you. Whether it is an ex, someone you have not spoken to in a long time, someone you would like to receive a text from, this works if you apply it!

Can You Really Manifest a Text?

Believe it or not, getting someone to text you is fairly easy, once you learn how. We all have the power within us to attract what we want. Manifesting a text from someone is one of those abilities.

You see, we are all connected. You can send someone distant healing, you can get into another person’s thoughts, you can create a desire in them to text you.

Manifesting a text from someoneYou have probably done it many times before without realizing it. You think of someone that you haven’t talked to in a long time and then you receive a phone call or text from them out of the blue.

They started thinking about you, just as you were thinking about them, distance does not matter.

The law of attraction states that we attract what we think about actually, it’s we attract what we think and feel about. The feelings are the powerful part of the equation.

How to Manifest Someone To Text You

Okay so how do you get someone to text you? Here are six proven steps you can use to get someone to send you a text. Of course, the same principles apply if you desire to manifest a phone call from them.

1. Write it down be specific

First of all, you want to get out a piece of paper and a pen or pencil. Write down that you will receive a text from… by the end of the day, next few minutes, or whenever you wish.

No, you cannot do it on your phone or type it out. It has to be handwritten. By doing so it will cement the intention in your brain and begin the process immediately.

Also by writing with your own hand you are using both sides of your brain which is far more effective for attracting than typing. Writing goals and desires out by hand is powerful.

2. Use Visualization to Receive a Text

Using visualization is a powerful method to attract what you want into your life especially when it comes to receiving a text from someone.

Sit quietly for a few minutes and close your eyes if you can. You do not want to do this while you’re driving, of course.

Now visualize the other person holding their phone, opening up their text app, selecting your name, and beginning to type.

Visualize them hitting the send button. Now think about the sound your ring tone makes when you receive a text. Keeping your eyes closed imagine they just sent you a text you hear your ring tone go off, it’s them, they just texted you.

Get excited about it. The more you can get into the feeling of it actually happening the faster it will happen.

3. Use the whisper method

You can use the whisper method to manifest a text from someone. The way this works is you close your eyes and relax.

Picture the other person as clearly as you can in your imagination. Now whisper quietly to yourself their namewhisper method to manifest a text and the phrase send me a text.

For example, you would sit quietly and actually whisper Joe, send me a text. Keep repeating and visualize you are whispering that phrase in their ear, quietly.

You would be surprised how effective this method is as people have reported they actually hear or sense a voice telling them to do something, like send a text.

You could also use the phrase like Billy, text Laura. Whatever resonates better with you, use it.

4. Use Affirmations on paper

You can write a list of affirmations on paper by hand. Again I strongly suggest that you actually write it with your own hand on paper instead of typing it.

Write out affirmations as if they have already manifested, for example…

I just received a text from Joe
I am so happy I just received a text from Joe
Thank you for the text from Joe
I can’t believe this works Joe just texted me
I have the power to manifest a text from anyone

I’m sure you get the idea. Customize them as you see fit.

Now that you have your list of affirmations you can read them to yourself anytime you need to. Once you manifest a text from a specific person you can always change the name and use the same affirmation list. Especially since you know it works.

5. Send a text to yourself

If you have another phone or computer where you can send a text to yourself this is a great method to actually get into the feeling of receiving a text from someone.

Use it and if you can schedule them for different times during the day with the other person’s name on it. Now when you receive one during the day get excited as if they actually sent you that text themselves.

You can use this same method to manifest an email from someone or a phone call.

6. Write out a response get ready to receive your text

You can write out a response to the text you are going to receive from the person you are waiting to hear from.

Write out your response to them as if they just texted you but don’t send it yet, of course. The reason this method works is that the law of attraction will give you something that you are ready for.

By showing you are ready to receive a text with an answer already written out it will help you manifest a text from someone.

7. Use Gratitude To Receive a Text

Gratitude is very powerful when it comes to the law of attraction and what we manifest into our life. The more you can be thankful for something even if you don’t currently have it the faster it will come to you.

By worrying or wondering where something is at you will push it away further and it will take longer to manifest.

Using gratitude for something tells the universe you already have it and are thankful for receiving it. The universe will send it to you

8. Let go and forget about it

The last and final step is that you need to let go and forget about it for a while. This is an important step.

After you apply some of the above methods, you do not have to use all of them, say thank you, and know that your text is on its way.

Now let go and forget about it and go about your normal business. This is also powerful, once you let something go it’s amazing how fast it will come to you.

When you do this you are no longer obsessing about where is it, why is it taking so long, how is it going to happen, I need a text now.

Like I said the more you worry about something, especially something you don’t have the longer it’s going to take to actually manifest.

How Do You Manifest a Text Immediately?

Manifest a text from a specific personManifesting a text from someone is fairly easy. With a little practice, you will get the hang of it and usually manifest a text almost instantly.

I have learned how to do it a long time ago and can usually get a text within minutes of applying one of the processes above.

Many times I will start thinking about someone and text them, they are using the principles on me without knowing it.

Actually, we all do it all the time without being aware of what we are doing. The more you practice any of these methods the faster you will be able to manifest a text from anyone you desire.

If you really desire someone to text you use all of the methods stated above. One or two will work better for you and give you faster results.

How to Manifest Your Crush To Text You

Okay, let’s say you’d like to manifest a text from someone that you have a crush on. Use the above methods the same way as you would if you were already in a relationship with this person.

If you have a picture of them you can look at it while you visualize, or use any other method. Using a photograph is especially effective for the whisper method.

Of course, it only works when they have your phone number. But, let’s say they do not have your phone number. You will have to add an extra step to your manifesting.

You are going to have to visualize them asking one of your friends for your phone number. Visualize them entering your phone number into their phone and then texting you.

Manifesting a text, email or phone call from someone is one of the easier things to do. We are all connected and feel each other’s energy without knowing it.


  1. Jeyanthi Jeyanthi

    Hi Mike. Thanks so much for this brilliant article. I used the whisper technique method and I got the guy I liked to text me within a few hours. It’s worked several times now and I like it a lot !

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