Get Your EX Back Custom Subliminal

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Struggling to get your ex back? Nothing working? Then our Custom Get Your EX Back Subliminal may be just what you need

Attract your ex back using the power of the law of attraction. If you really want to manifest your ex back why not use every tool available to you.

Your subconscious mind is one of the most powerful tools you can use. Your true beliefs and mental blocks are all controlled by your subconscious mind. You can easily change them with our subliminal.


Use This Powerful Subliminal Program to Attract Your Ex Back With Our Get Your Ex Back Custom Subliminal.

We are now offering to make you a personalized 30-minute subliminal program to get your ex back.

This is the same as our best selling get your ex back subliminal, but…

We will personalize it with your ex’s name. This has been proven to be more effective and provides faster results than our previous version. (which still works quite well)

You really can manifest your ex back

Listen to this audio daily to reprogram your subconscious mind. Your beliefs will change and your vibration will increase. Your ex will notice! Let the power of your mind attract your ex back like a magnet.

We will use the same backing track as our other program but will record it with your ex’s name. Or you can write your own affirmations and send them to us for your personalized recording.

Your subconscious mind is very powerful. Do you know that 95% of our day is run by our subconscious mind? If you do not change the programs running in your subconscious mind that are sabotaging your happiness you’re doomed to repeat the same things again and again.

The good news is that you can reprogram your subconscious mind by using a subliminal. New thoughts and ideas will come to you. You will start saying the right words at the right time and emit a different vibration to your ex. They will notice.

You will get back to that vibration that attracted your ex to you in the first place.

INSTRUCTIONS: When ordering include the name of your ex (the first name is sufficient, unless you know two people with the same first name) in the order notes box or copy and paste your own affirmations in the box. You can add up to forty. If it is an uncommon name please provide the pronunciation.

Please write them one per line if you are writing your own affirmations.

If you do decide to write your own, only write them as if your desire has already been achieved.

Please allow 1-3 days for delivery. We will record your custom subliminal and email you a download link as soon as it is ready.

Your custom subliminal program will never be shared or used in any way. We are discreet and confidential. All your information is kept completely private.

Subliminals recorded on this audio –

Of course, we use the name of your ex

I am ready to be back with David.
All of our past mistakes no longer matter.
I can easily see myself back with David in a happy, loving relationship.
I can feel David back with me now.
I can see us having good times together.
We are very happy together now.
We are already back together.
I am confident and know David is already back in my life.
I truly love and appreciate David.
I am in a positive and loving state of mind now.
David senses my loving energy.
Each day David will feel my loving energy more and more.
David is starting to warm up to me again and is coming back to me now.
I am already back with David.
Getting back with David is easy.
David will naturally sense that things are different now.
David is naturally attracted to me and wants me back.
I always think of positive thoughts.
I am confident in myself.
I am ready to be back with David.
I know David misses me and wants me back.
I am persistent and determined to get David back.
I am totally confident that I can get David back.
I am full of love and hope.
David and I are already back together.
I radiate pure, unconditional love to my partner as they do to me. We complement each other.
David and I are perfect matches for each other and the love between us is divine.
I love myself and everybody else and in return everybody loves me.
I have attracted the most loving person in my life and life is now full of joy.
David is the love of my life and the center of my universe.
I am ready to be back with David.
I clearly see myself in Love with the person of my dreams.
Love is attracted to me and I AM attracted to Love.
It is easy for me to express Love and in return, it is easily expressed back to me.
David and I are already back together.




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Length of Recording

60 Minutes Long, Standard 30 Minutes

27 reviews for Get Your EX Back Custom Subliminal

  1. lina tur

    I have mixed feelings about this…..I got my custom audio. I am aware that you are not supposed to hear affirmations when its subliminal version but from my experience I have heard very quiet whispers of affirmations but could not make words out of it. With my custom audio that i received I only hear rain sounds/water running and some beeping noise…… not sure if its even effective? or there is an error?

    • Mike Tucker

      Yes, yours is made correctly with the proper levels and frequencies. Unlike YouTube “subliminals” I can guarantee all of your affirmations are recorded and will be absorbed by your subconscious mind. We have been in business for a long time.

      Please read this article –

  2. Ronald B.

    I listen every day sometimes twice a day so far for the last two weeks. I haven’t heard back from my ex but I am hopeful so who knows. I will say that it when I put the headphones on before bed and put it on I’ve been getting restful sleep and e en had dreams of her. Maybe she will come back.

  3. Anonymous

    Mike was very helpful getting me set up. I started listening on the 25th and have not missed a day. I have not manifested hearing anything from my ex. But I did something else in a day. My intuition tells me I will see him. I’m for sure not giving up,

  4. Anonymous

    Very fast and good

  5. Anonymous

    After two days of listening to this audio. Without doing anything, I managed to get back with my ex. Now we’re celebrating our anniversary hihi. Best of best

  6. Anonymous

    I feel tingles in my face while listening to this is that a good sign?

    • Mike Tucker

      Yes, it is. many times we will feel the energy around us Things are changing, things are happening. As long it is not a bad feeling 🙂

  7. Angela Michael

  8. Sandra

  9. Robert

    Very relaxing. Seem to be feeling much better about things after only a few days

  10. Cindy Mclaughlin

  11. Kendra Morin

    I love it! It’s so calming, and it helps keep me centered to focus on my goal!

  12. Carley

    Amazing customer service. They answered all of my questions quickly.

  13. Anonymous

    Started using today. Making me feel good and more positive than before. Thank you.

  14. Anonymous

    I can’t thank Mike enough for his help and personal attention, I received my order really quickly and although it’s only been 4 days I feel completely different and really positive for a good outcome – 5 star service.

  15. Eduardo L.

    Quick and Easy

  16. Lisa

    Very relaxing and when I listen to it I begin to feel better, more positive and hopeful. Hoping for good results as I’ve only just started the program but will be ordering more subliminals.

  17. Katharina

    Excellent service! I realised it is all about unconditional love and really loving yourself so that you can radiate and give that love to others and receive the same in return. I went through a very dark period in my life and am so grateful to have now found a tool to reprogram my subconscious for unconditional love and success. I already feel a change inside of me after listening for a week and I am sure my love will come back to me. Thank you so much for this service.

  18. Anonymous

    A very relaxing download. I just started it on the 11/06. I hope result will manifest soon and I believe it will soon.

  19. Anonymous

    Great customer service. Received recording in two days. So far, so good. Very relaxing to listen to! Looking forward to providing more updates.

  20. Caroline

    It really worked and I am so happy. We got back together a week ago after being apart for over a year. He said he could’tn stop thinking about me and started to miss me. Then he called and now we are back 🙂

  21. Greg

    I’m listening to this recording every day and when I go to bed and I genuinely feel more optimistic and relaxed. It’s beautiful to listen to.Many thanks.

  22. Anonymous

    The subliminal is fantastic. It really triggers the emotions necessary to complete an impressive meditation for regaining confidence in a romantic union.

  23. Linda Patricia

    I have a very strong feeling, I am convinced that this will help me getting my love, the love of my life back. It feels like floating when I listen to this and at the same time I’m calm and relaxed, full of confidence, trust and love.

  24. Anonymous

    Great product. Received it quickly. Very pleasant to listen to. I listen at bedtime and noticed that I’ve been having very vivid dreams. I sleep more soundly. Excited to see what soon unfolds.

  25. Anonymous

    Received order very quickly and recording is easy to listen to.

  26. Audrey

    I’m only starting this program and I hope it works

  27. Debbie

    Thanks Mike. This makes me feel so relaxed and hopeful, I really like this one. My ex has been warming up to me more and more lately I just smile knowing things are changing, he has no idea. I sleep like a baby after listening to it before going to bed at night.

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