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How to Manifest A Husband In 7 Steps


You can use the powers of manifesting and the law of attraction to find and manifest a husband to you. If you are new to this it may not seem possible, but the process actually works.

You can send out your intention and energy to the universe and it will return to you a match. In this case a husband. Someone who will be perfect for you!

How to manifest a husband using the power of manifestation and the law of attraction.

You can use the law of attraction to attract a husband very quickly. In fact, you could do it much faster than if you date and meet them in person.

You must have the willingness to change yourself

The first thing that you need in order for this process to work is your willingness to alter yourself into what you believe that a husband would want.

It does not mean that you have to change who you are completely but rather open yourself up to what he wants and needs from a life partner.

You need to change your energy to match in order to manifest what you want.

Follow these steps below and apply them. you will be on your way to manifesting a husband. You can also use these steps to change your relationship from dating into one of marriage.

Here are 7 steps you can use to manifest a husband

1. Get clear on exactly what you want

  • What will he look like?  
  1. How tall will he be?
  2. His hair color,
  3. His eye color
  4. What will he look like physically? Muscular, skinny, heavy, geeky?

The more detailed you can get the better. Take your time. Think of it as placing an order from the universe. Which is exactly what you are really doing.

  • What type of personality does he have?

What are his personality traits and how is he in general? Funny, serious, smart, easy-going?paper and pen to write out what you desire to manifest

  • What is his financial situation?

Does he have a job or a career? What sort of money does he make, is he rich or does he comfortably get by?

If you are trying to manifest a rich husband then how rich is he? Millionaire, billionaire? What type of car does he drive?

How big is his yacht or private jet?

  • Go into details

Does he have any exciting hobbies? Golf, flying, gardening, maybe drinking beer…or maybe not. What do you like doing? Your new husband should have many of the same interests that you do.

2. Write it all down on paper

Next, you want to write down in detail on paper everything you want in your ideal husband.

You must physically handwrite it on paper for it to be effective. In fact, you should always write anything you’re trying to manifest on paper first to begin the process.

Take your time and really think about exactly what you want in your future husband. This is not a step you want to skip over lightly. You will attract what you ask for. So make sure it’s really what you want.

3. Get ready to manifest and receive your new husband

You need to get ready for your new husband. Law of attraction has stated that once you get ready for something it will show up.

Do you have room for him in your house or apartment? Are you overly cluttered with stuff and he would have nowhere to put his things? In that case, you may want to get rid of some of your things and make space for his.

Couple having coffee on a dateThat includes making room in your closet and dressers for his clothes. This is an important step because it shows the universe that you are ready for what you are trying to manifest.

There’s a story about a lady that cooked dinner and set the table for two every night as if her new partner was already there with her.

Shortly after that, she did attract someone into her life and she was ready to receive him.

If alignment is not there you will have a harder time manifesting.

Start working on yourself. Improve your appearance and skills to become the person that your future husband would want. In other words, change yourself into what he wants and needs from a life partner.

Do not let anyone else know what you are doing or why. Do it for you.

4. Clear out all of the negative energy inside you

If there is any negativity inside yourself it could block what you want from coming to you. It can also attract someone who is negative, which you do not want.

Let go and forget about past relationships. Let go of anything negative. Forgive your ex and release it.

Be grateful that it is coming. Your new husband will come faster this way than if you were to go through dating and trying to force meeting someone. Once you feel positive and have gratitude that it will happen, the universe will deliver.

Do things that make you happy in the meantime. Hang out with friends or take up a new hobby.

5. Visualize your ideal husband every day.

Spend time daily visualizing your new husband as if you were already together.

Get into the habit of doing a visualization session at least once a day. Whatever works best for you, right before going to bed, maybe first thing after you get up or during the middle of the day.

Woman laying down visualizing her new husbandThe more you can visualize manifesting your new husband the better. While doing this exercise you should feel emotions and get excited that it is happening right now.

You should also visualize that your dream husband is attracted to you – this will ensure that he’ll come to you.

Don’t overthink it. Don’t feel as if you do not deserve the person you are trying to manifest.

Men are attracted to many different aspects of a woman. It may be your smile, your sense of humor, maybe your cooking or housekeeping skills. What I’m trying to say is it doesn’t always have to be about looks.

Just feel and believe you deserve what you are asking for.

6. Use positive affirmation to attract your new husband

Go back to the notes you wrote in step 2. Read them out loud at least once a day. Say the affirmations to yourself every morning and night until your new husband shows up.

By doing this you will be constantly reminding yourself of what you want and how it is coming to you. You will start to believe and feel that it is already here.

Write out your affirmations as if they have already happened. Keep them positive and cheerful.

Do not use phrases like I am going to, someday I will, he is coming to me, phrases like that put it off into the future. When is he coming? 10 years from now?

You need to phrase affirmations properly for them to be effective

Here are a few examples of affirmations you can go by

Thank you for bringing me my new husband.

I am so grateful now that I have a husband.

My husband and I are having a wonderful life now.

All my friends love my new husband, we are so happy together.

7. Use a subliminal to help you manifest a husband

This is an optional step but it’s very effective. You can take the positive affirmations you wrote out in the last step and have them produced into a subliminal audio.

You could record your affirmations and listen to them nightly before going to bed or even during your sleep.Girl with headphones listening to a subliminal to help manifest a husband However, if you have them produced into a subliminal they will be much more effective.

The reason subliminals are more effective than just listening to affirmations or reading them out loud is that they are recorded below your hearing level. Silent affirmations.

All you hear is a relaxing background. It is much easier to listen to since it relaxes your mind and opens up your subconscious to absorb the positive affirmations with no rejection.

If you want we can create a custom subliminal for you in our studio which will be effective in manifesting a husband. We also have one on manifesting a soulmate you can take a look at.

You can listen to your subliminal at night while you sleep or right before going to bed. Your dreams will be filled with your new life with your new husband you manifested.

In conclusion, you can manifest a husband by using the law of attraction and positive affirmation. Visualize your ideal husband every day and spend time thanking the universe for him coming to you.

By doing this you will be helping yourself and encouraging your new life with your new husband to show up.

Just remember not to overthink it, remember that you deserve happiness.

Keep the focus on manifesting him when possible, and don’t worry about how it’s going to happen – things will come to you naturally.


Why should I visualize manifesting a husband?

Visualizing and imagining is very powerful tool. It allows you to file away the images and thoughts in your mind and remember it more vividly than before.

By doing this over time these images will become vivid and more real to you, which means that what you are seeing yourself having or doing becomes easier to achieve.

It is also a powerful manifesting technique.

Can I manifest a husband and a baby?

Yes, however, you do not want to use the manifesting technique for a baby. This is because the thought of having a baby before its time can be overwhelming and stressful which will cause you to tense up. Which in turn will affect your manifestation.

Work on attracting your new husband first.

We also make custom subliminals if you’re interested in that too.

Can I really manifest a husband using these methods?

Yes, you can. A lot of people use these techniques and methods they find over the internet to manifest a husband.

They work great for many people who wish to have their soulmate with them.

It is important that you follow all steps and do not leave out any of them because it will sabotage your manifestation and lead to a negative outcome.

I want to manifest a husband right now, is that possible?

Yes, you can manifest your ideal husband right now. The process will take time like everything else in life but it’s worth it for all the joy and happiness he will bring into your life

Can I manifest a rich husband?

Yes if that’s what you want you can manifest a rich, wealthy husband. You will attract him and he will be looking for you. Use all of the methods above just change what you desire him to be like.

Write in detail how wealthy you want him to be and how you would live your wealthy life together.

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