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Why Subliminals Don’t Work For Me – 4 Reason Why


If you have been trying to use subliminals with no luck there are several different reasons why they may not be working for you. You ask yourself why subliminals don’t work for me.

Why Don’t Subliminals Work for Me? 4 Reasons They Might Not

1. Poorly made or incorrectly made.

It depends on who produced your subliminal whether it is made correctly are not. For subliminals to work for you they need to be recorded properly. This means they need to have the right tones and frequencies recorded in the background.

If they are using brain waves they need to be the correct frequency to place you in the right state of mind where the subliminal is going to work for you.

Many producers crank out subliminals incorrectly. You need to be careful what you are listening to. It takes a lot of knowledge and research to learn how to make subliminals correctly which most people do not possess.

Creating subliminals correctly is not common information where anyone can learn how to do it.

2. No affirmations or incorrectly phrased affirmations

It might surprise you but many YouTube subliminals and Facebook subliminals have no affirmations recorded on them.

YouTube subliminals are made to get views, the more views they get the more money the producer gets. It takes a lot of work to write out and record affirmations. So, many of them just slap up a background audio, and claim it is going to get you results in one listen, or overnight sometimes instantly.

Some of the ones we looked at had the affirmations phrased incorrectly. You are not going to get any results, the subliminal is not going to work for you.

Not saying they are all bad. I am sure there are many good YouTube channels that actually get some results.

3. Incorrect brain waves or frequencies are recorded on the subliminal.

Subliminal brainwavesA subliminal with the wrong frequencies or tones recorded on it is not going to work for you. Your mind will not be opened or receptive to the affirmations recorded on the subliminal.

Properly made subliminals with the right tones or brain waves will place you in an open state of mind just like a hypnotist would before giving you suggestions or affirmations.

4. Having a negative mindset

If you are a negative person you’re going to find subliminals may not work for you at first. You need to change your mindset and become open to using subliminal audio.

You can also undo the positive benefits from a program by thinking negatively the rest of the day when you are not listening.

This is not working, this is not going to work, I’m wasting my time, I fell for another stupid idea that doesn’t work.

Why is it taking so long, this should work overnight. Thinking like this is going to push back any positive benefits you are getting from a subliminal and it is not going to work for you

What to do if subliminals don’t work

1. Stay consistent

Subliminals take repetition for them to be completely accepted by your subconscious mind. In most cases, it takes 26 to 30 days for permanent results to be established in your subconscious.

Keep listening, set aside time every day where you can listen consistently, daily without missing a day.

2. Make sure your subliminals are not clashing

We have another article on this subject but make sure you are not listening to two conflicting subliminals that clash with each other. You will not get any results and one will cancel out the other in many cases.

3. Do other things while listening Why Subliminals Don't Work For Me this girl wonders

You can do many other things while listening to a subliminal. Many times this is very effective since it takes your mind off of your problem, goal or desire and allows it to manifest. Let the subliminal do its work.

4. Use a subliminal booster or a flush before listening

Subliminal boosters can help by placing your mind in a state where it is much more receptive before listening to your main subliminal. The one we produce should be listened to right before your main subliminal.

A subliminal flush is going to clear out any bad programs you have been listening to and open your mind creating a fresh and open subconscious.

5. Sleep or meditate

Make sure you are well-rested if a subliminals not working for you. You may be highly stressed or overtired leaving your subconscious mind unreceptive.

Meditation can really speed up the results from any subliminal. Meditation has so many benefits we’re going to do a whole other series on it eventually.

Basically, when you meditate you open up your mind to the universal consciousness. You live in the now and you’re not thinking about the past or the future while meditating.

If you meditate and listen to a subliminal at the same time you might be amazed at the results.

Why aren’t subliminals working anymore for me?

If you have been using a subliminal and received results from it but are not anymore, something has changed in your life.

Perhaps you switched subliminal programs. Or started mixing ones that are now clashing with each other

Maybe you are not consistent. Not listening to your audio every day. Sometimes something else happens in your life and now you are depressed or stressed out.

There are many other factors why subliminals are not working for you anymore. These are just a few that seem to occur more often than others.

Stick to your program. If it was working at one time you know the process works. If you are listening to many of them at the same time cut back and concentrate on one or two, until you get the results you desire.

Why are subliminals taking so long to work for me?

Some of you get impatient and wonder why subliminals are taking so long. Or why is it taking so long to get results? Where is it?

One of the biggest reasons is wanting your desire or goal too much. If you worry or wonder why it is taking so long for you to achieve something you’re going to push it back and it’s going to take even longer.

Subliminal do workThe universe does not know what is good or bad. It just gives you what you believe to be true, what you hold in your thoughts and produce emotions or feelings about a desire or goal

If you constantly worry or wonder where is it? all you are going to get is more of the same lack. You will continue to wonder why it is taking so long.

You have to get into the feeling of already having it even though you don’t. This is the way law attraction works.

Another reason is negative thinking. You cannot listen to a 30 minute subliminal and spend the rest of your day in a negative mood and expect results.

Gratitude and positive thinking will produce results much faster than negative thoughts or feelings. Be grateful for what you do have.

Whatever you are trying to change may be deeply engraved into your subconscious mind. You could have a program running in your subconscious mind that you picked up when you were very young. Before seven years of age.

You’ve been carrying this around your entire life. You need to have a little patience and let the subliminal work for you. You cannot expect miracles in one listen or overnight.

We recommend 30 consistent days of listening. But that is just a guideline, many people take much longer. Of course, some people get very quick results. It all depends on your subconscious mind.

If you have not gotten results in 30 days or less keep listening. Stick with the program believing or knowing it will eventually change the beliefs in your subconscious mind and manifest it into your reality.

Why some subliminals do not work?

Why do some subliminal work and others don’t?

Like I said at the beginning of this article they could be produced or made wrong. There are many factors that go into creating a subliminal properly and the producer needs to know the science and technology behind producing them.

They could have the affirmations phrased incorrectly or scripted wrong. Affirmations need to be phrased in a certain way for them to be effective.

A quick example would be let’s say you wanted to make more money. You cannot say or listen to I am going to make a lot of money. Money will be coming to me. Soon I’m going to be very wealthy.

Affirmations or scripting recorded on a subliminal like that are not going to get any results. You’re going to be wealthy when? 20 years from now, sure okay no problem it’s on its way.

Another reason why some subliminals don’t work is they make impossible claims. Grow taller overnight, grow shorter, turn your eyes from brown to green instantly, listen to once instant results.

Do you actually believe this? Apparently, a lot of people do, sad to say. That’s why these miracle YouTube subliminals get so many views. People actually believe this is going to happen in seconds, instantly.

Then they wonder why subliminals don’t work for me.

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