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What Can I Do While Listening to a Subliminal?


You can pretty much do whatever you like while listening to a subliminal. One thing I do not recommend is listening to music at the same time. Basically, any time you do not need your full concentration you can listen.

You Can Do Many Other Things While Listening to Subliminals

So go ahead and slap on your headphones or earbuds and listen to your subliminal. Use your common sense. Do not drive, ride a motorcycle or bicycle with headphones or earbuds on.

Of course, you can also listen through speakers but they are usually not as effective since you do not get the full effects.

By full effects, I mean the benefits of relaxing your mind and body into a state where the affirmations will be easily accepted. Usually, at least on our subliminals, most will use binaural beats in the background.

This simulates the same brain waves that are produced naturally in the period between sleeping and waking, or the period right before you fall asleep. In this state, your subconscious mind is most receptive.

Any time you can distract your mind from what you are trying to manifest while listening to a subliminal is of great benefit unless you can visualize properly or clear your mind while listening.

Many people have trouble doing that. This is why doing other activities or sleeping while you listen, works well. You are not worrying or wondering why you are not manifesting your desire or goal.

You are not worrying about why it is taking longer than you desire it to. You’re not worrying about how it is going to happen. And you are not thinking about the lack of your desire or goal.

Remember we attract more of what we worry about. The more you think about what you do not have the more of the lack you are going to attract.

Too many of you worry about why you do not have what you desire as you listen. All this is going to do is delay the effects of the program and push your desire further away.

I have more information on this in another article, but the most effective way to listen to the subliminal is to visualize your end result as you are listening.

The article I’m referring to is “how to speed up subliminal results” if you want to read more about it

Can I Play Video Games While Listening to Subliminals?

Yes, you can play video games while listening to a subliminal. I would recommend using earbuds allowing you to still hear your video game while listening to the subliminal in the background.

Play at a low volume where you can still hear the subliminal but it will not distract you from your videogame.

Can I play video games while listening to a subliminal? 

Actually, video games are a great time to listen to subliminals since your mind is active and operating at a faster pace than usual, in most cases.

Of course, it depends on the video game. Plus you are distracted and not thinking about your affirmations

Can I Read While Listening to a Subliminal?

Yes, you can read while listening to a subliminal. Play the subliminal at a low volume where it will not distract you but you can still clearly hear it.

Read as you normally would. It does not matter what you are reading, in fact, most people find it very enjoyable to listen while reading.

Can I Eat While Listening to a Subliminal?

Yes, of course, eating has no effect on the power of the subliminal. It is another efficient use of time where you normally would not be doing anything else besides eating of course.

Enjoy your food as you normally would and let the power of the subliminal seep into your subconscious mind while you enjoy a good meal. So yes you can listen to subliminals while eating.

Can I Work While Listening to Subliminals?

can I work while listening to subliminals this girl want to knowUnless your work needs your full concentration you can listen to a subliminal while working.

Many of us have jobs that do not require intense concentration where we can place earbuds in our ears and listen to our subliminal in the background.

If you’re in an office or environment where there are other people around this will not bother anyone and you can still hear what is going on around you while getting the full effect of the subliminal.

Here in our very own office most of us are listening to subliminals while we work. In most cases, you can very easily work on the computer while listening to your favorite subliminal. Bringing that manifestation closer to you as you work!

Can I Write While Listening to Subliminals?

Yes, you can write while listening to subliminals. In fact, in most cases, unless the subliminal is distracting, you will find yourself more effective and creative in your writing while listening.

It’s sort of takes your mind off of other things and lets you concentrate on your writing.

Can I Watch TV While Listening to Subliminals?

Yes, you can watch TV or movies while listening to your subliminal in the background. If you are watching with other people use earbuds that will allow you to still hear the movie or TV and your subliminal.

Play at a low enough volume where it will not distract you. Don’t worry, your subconscious will still pick up and accept the affirmations on the recording.

Can I Listen to Music While Listening to Subliminals?

This is one thing I do not recommend. You should not listen to music while listening to subliminals. It would be like trying to listen to two different songs at the same time.

I would think that would be very annoying. If you find yourself annoyed or aggravated you’re going to be in a frame of mind where the subliminals are not going to do you much good.

Can I Listen to Subliminals While Studying?  Can I listen to subliminals while studying Girl with headphones listening to subliminals while studying

Yes, you can. There is no problem with listening to subliminals while studying as long as you do not find them distractive.

In fact, listening while studying will block out background noise and allow you to increase your focus on the task at hand.

We have several programs that increase your focus and memory that would be great if used while studying.

If you have a subliminal with a relaxing backing track it will not only improve your focus and concentration, it will also lower your stress and blood pressure. We can get much more accomplished when we are in this state of mind.

Your memory and retention will also improve. Try it.

You should not use a recording if it has a background that is distracting. This will only distract you from your studies. Sometimes people ask me why am I listening to this type of music or background.

My answer is that I really don’t listen to it it’s just there. It is not distracting, it is relaxing and I get much more work done.

Can I Meditate While Listening to Subliminals?

Yes, you most certainly can. In fact, meditating while using a subliminal is very effective. Not only do you get the benefits of meditation you will also be programming your subconscious mind.

When you meditate your mind is open. You connect to a higher power. The affirmations on the subliminal will go straight into your subconscious mind with no hesitation.

I would compare it to being hypnotized and the hypnotist is giving you suggestions.

Can You Listen to Subliminals While Watching Youtube?

As long as you are not watching another subliminal on YouTube then yes you can. Entertaining or funny videos would be the best to watch while listening. You will be in a relaxed, easy-going state of mind.

The affirmations on the subliminal will be absorbed while you are listening. I would suggest playing at a low volume while watching YouTube Videos.

Can I Listen to Subliminals While Working Out?

Yes, this is a very good time to use and listen to subliminals. With a higher heart rate and boosted metabolism the increased blood flow to your brain makes the subliminal very effective.

While I usually recommend listening while relaxed this is one time where the increased activity will really help you absorb the positive affirmations on your subliminal.

Working out while listening takes your mind off of the subliminal and listening takes your mind off of your workout. So it is a win-win situation.

Can I Listen To Subliminals While Showering?

Yes, you can listen to subliminals while you are in the shower, or taking a bath. Of course, you will need a water-resistant speaker or earbuds.

The relaxing setting of being in the shower can help clear your mind and allow your subconscious to more easily accept the affirmations you are hearing.

Also, the white noise of the shower can help to block out distractions and allow your mind to focus more easily on problem-solving and creativity.

Other things you can do while listening to a subliminal

There are many other things you can do while listening to subliminals, here are just a few more.

  • Clean your house or do other chores, laundry, and dishes while listening to subliminals.
  • Yard work or gardening is a great time for listening to subliminals.
  • You can draw while listening to a subliminal.
  • You can take a bath or shower while listening to subliminals.
  • You can sleep or take a nap while listening to subliminals.
  • Someone actually asked us this but yes you can listen to subliminals and watch Netflix at the same time.
  • You can listen to subliminals while you cook or prepare a meal.
  • You can use subliminals while working out or exercising, this is a great time to listen.
  • Walking is a perfect time to listen to a subliminal.


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    1) Can I talk to someone in person or on the phone while listening to subliminals?
    2) Can I talk to myself? Coz sometimes I unintentionally do.
    2) Can I listen to subliminals when I’m traveling public, sitting in the subway, in the bus?

    Hope to get your reply.

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