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Why do I Feel Tired After Listening to a Subliminal?


If you feel tired after listening to a subliminal it may be because of the background binaural beats or frequencies recorded on the subliminal.

A lot of our subliminal programs use theta brain waves. They are designed to relax your mind and body and place your subconscious in a state where the affirmations will be easily accepted.

Our mind will go into this state naturally, right before we fall asleep and right before we wake up in the morning. We are in the Theta brainwave state at that point.

This is the state of mind where subliminals are most effective and that’s the reason why we use that frequency for most of the brainwaves in our recordings.

So when you listen to a subliminal program that has that certain frequency of brainwaves or binaural beats recorded on it it’s going to place you in a sleepy dreamlike state of mind.


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