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What Subliminal Channels are Safe?


A lot of you are asking what subliminal channels are safe? I assume you are listening to YouTube subliminal channels. I don’t know why people come here and ask us this question, but I’m going to answer it anyway.

If you’re going to risk your subconscious mind on YouTube subliminals make sure you know what affirmations are recorded on the subliminal. If there are any actually recorded on the video.

Most YouTube channels for subliminals do not give you the list of affirmations in the description. So basically, you have no idea what you are listening to.  YouTube subliminals are designed to get views that is all. This is how the creators make money. The more views they get the more money they make.

So naturally, a title like Grow taller instantly, listen once, very powerful is going to get views. We have an article on whether YouTube subliminals are safe or not if you want to read more about it.

What Subliminal Channels are Not Safe?

Any subliminal channel that does not give you the list of affirmations they are claiming they used in the recording, I would avoid. There have been some evil channel creators in the past.

I am not condemning all YouTube subliminal channels. I am sure there are some that have nothing but good intentions and properly record the subliminal before uploading to YouTube.

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