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Do You Have To Listen to Subliminals Every Day?


Do you have to listen to subliminals every day? If you want to make changes in your life then yes, you should listen to subliminals every day. Especially in the beginning.

The false beliefs or bad programs running in your subconscious mind currently did not get there overnight.

Listening to a subliminal daily will change your beliefs and install new programs allowing you to manifest what you desire into your life.

Subliminals change your beliefs through repetition. For best results, you should listen daily without skipping days for at least 30 days. From there you can move on or use the subliminal for maintenance if needed.

Your subconscious mind is like a computer, and your beliefs are like the programs running on that computer.

If you have ever tried to change a belief before and failed, it’s because you were trying to change the program with the same operating system.

In order to change a belief, you need to install a new program that is incompatible with the old program.

This is what a subliminal does. It installs new programs into your subconscious mind that are incompatible with your old beliefs, resulting in a change of belief.

Just like when we learn something new, it takes repetition. Especially when we are trying to learn something that goes against what we currently believe.

This is why it’s important to listen to a subliminal daily, without skipping days. The more repetition, the better.

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