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Can I listen to Subliminals While Pregnant?


Some of you have asked us if you can listen to subliminals while pregnant? Is it safe? The answer to that is yes you can, it is perfectly safe. As long as you know what the affirmations recorded on the subliminal are and you feel…

Why do Subliminals Give me Headaches?


If you have been listening to subliminals and get a headache afterward there could be a few reasons why. It is rare but some people will get a headache or feel dizzy or their head just hurts after listening or using a subliminal. One reason…

Can You Listen to Subliminals with AirPods?


Yes, you can listen to subliminals with AirPods. In fact, using AirPods to listen is a great option. The quality of Apple products is usually better than other brands. The frequency response is excellent and would be a good choice to listen to subliminals with.…

Can I Listen to Two Subliminal Messages at the Same Time?


We do not recommend listening to two subliminal messages at the same time. Especially if they are created by two different companies. It is best to listen to one subliminal program at a time and then moving onto the next one. Listening to two subliminal…

Do You Have To Listen to Subliminals Every Day?


If you want to make changes in your life then yes, you should listen to subliminals every day. Especially in the beginning. The false beliefs or bad programs running in your subconscious mind currently did not get there overnight. Listening to a subliminal daily will…