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The Secret to The Law of Attraction (That No One Tells You about)


The secret to the law of attraction is really simple once you learn a few simple methods. The secret is in feeling as if you already have your goal or desire. 

Is There Really a Secret to Using Law of Attraction?

How many of you have tried using the law of attraction and failed? Judging by the number of emails and contacts I get it’s a lot, the vast majority of you.

Using the law of attraction is really simple, it works, and it will work every time, you really can have anything you desire. Most of you are overcomplicating it.

There’s so much information out there it’s confusing…I understand.

You get what you think and feel about. So many of you post comments write emails about everything that is going bad, how this isn’t working, that’s not working… and so on. I’ll say it again, you get what you think and feel about.

What do you think you’re going to attract more of in your life when you think about what’s lacking in your life and what’s not working? You guessed it…more of the same. the secret to the law of attraction

Look at your friends or family, what do they talk about and complain about? What do they get more of?

It’s not that complicated, you must concentrate on what you want and forget about everything else.

So here is the simple secret to the law of attraction and having it actually work

You communicate your desires with the universe, or source, by feelings, more important emotions.

This is the language that it understands, not words. Words are used to generate the feelings inside of you, creating emotions and giving you the feeling of already having your desire.

The universe, the source, the higher power whatever you want to call it will give you whatever you desire good or bad it knows no difference.

If you fear something, worry about, stress about, you’re telling the universe this is what you want….see …yes…give me more.

It takes a little practice but once you master creating the feelings of already having something I guarantee it will show up in your life. Do not worry about how it will happen, just know that it will.

It’s already on its way, the moment you truly desire and believe, it is on its way.

Using the Secret to The Law of Attraction

The way I do it, and teach many others who have had amazing results, is to sit in a quiet room. Now close your eyes and relax, take some deep breaths. Relax for a few minutes until your breathing slows and your mind clears.

Now think about your desire, think about how you would feel if you already had it right now, feel the emotion of having it, and hold onto that feeling for as long as you can.

That’s it, that’s the whole secret, pretty simple, isn’t it? You just communicated with source energy, in a language it understands, to manifest your desire. It NEVER says no…

the secret to the law of attractionRepeat that method every day do not worry about how long it takes or how it’s going to happen just know that it WILL!

With a little practice, you will be able to master this and be able to create emotions of having what you want, as if you already have it. Once you do your life will change forever.

 Think of how it would be if you could think of something and manifest it with little effort having it show up in your life in the most effective and efficient way. The universe would be your catalog of desires…and it is!

I have been traveling a lot this last year.  I learned so much I want to share with all of you. Amazing stuff! I have been doing this a long time but still, get a kick every time I manifest another desire and it happens almost exactly as I envisioned it! You can do it too….we all can!

  1. Tom Tom

    Hey! is belief that i going to get what i want a must, for LOA to work?

    • Yes, absolutely. You must truly believe, not that you’re going to get, but that you already have what you desire. If you can get into the feeling as if you already have it it will come to you this is how the law of attraction works.

      • Tom Tom

        It makes sense!
        But i believe for law of attraction to work for something positive for a person. The person must be really sure from the deep in the heart that the person really want it. Not from his/her ego!
        That the desire have a important and meaningful purpose for that persons life.
        And of course the person should know what he wants. When this things is in place, then law of attraction is going to work if he/she used correctly

  2. vivi vivi

    Hello, I just came across your website. What is your suggestion for somone who is trying to manifest financial freedom, but is jobless and struggling to stay afloat. How do you create that feeling and not worry about when it will come when all you see and feel is lack?

    • It is hard but you have to control your thoughts and feelings.

      We communicate with the universe through our thoughts feelings and pictures in our mind.

      The more you picture not being able to pay bills, not working, and so on the more of that you will attract.

  3. Simon Simon

    You wright in this article “you really can have anything you desire”, i have unfortunately conflict with 2 persons i know. This people does not want to have nothing to do with me because i hurt their feelings(unintentionally) and they does not want to forgive me, despite i have apologize.
    Do you believe it is possible to attract peace and be friends with them again( i really want that) ?

    • Yes, you can, it takes time. You need to change the way you think and feel about them first.
      They will notice and feel a change in you. We all can sense other peoples energies.

  4. Peter Peter

    Thank You for a great article. I have been trying to use law of attraction for a long time, this is one of the clearest explanations I have ever read! So many people talk about LOA but leave out the “how”

    • Hi there. Is it ok if I use scripting manifestation? I heard its very efficient and works very good with visualisation.

      • Yes, of course, scripting works well. Anything you can do to keep your thoughts on what you want to attract the better.

  5. Simon Simon

    I like your website very much, thanks for good and interesting reading! 🙂
    1. But two question, if i have trouble to visualize like you describe in your article, but if i only can think of my desire and feel good(happy and looking forvard), and believe i gonna get it , can it still work, i can see my goal in front of my?
    2. If i often feel lonely for example( i do that sometime), i should just focus my thoughts on the opposite and i would not feel that anymore, it is you saying?

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      Yes, if you can get into the feeling of already having what you desire it will work.

      If you feel lonely, think about and imagine you already have that perfect mate or friend in your life. Think about what you would be doing right now.

      • Simon Simon

        Thanks for your answer! Is it okay to doubt sometimes, even if believe law of attraction is not bullshit, if my mainly focus is that i want?

      • Hi, I’m kinda new to visualization and noticed that scripting is a new technique that is like visualization. And if I’m new to visualization, can I at least feel happy and look forward to my goal? And can I also try scripting too?

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