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Subliminal vs Hypnosis and Others – What Works?


The Difference Between Subliminal and Hypnosis

Is there a difference between hypnosis and a subliminal? Yes, there is. Each have their own set of unique features and benefits. You must decide which is better for you.

Hypnosis is actually more like a tool or a method to administer hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy is the method used by a hypnotist to help someone with a certain problem or condition they would like to overcome.

Hypnotherapy, just like a subliminal, can be used to help with many different problems. Weight loss, addictions, sleep problems, self-confidence, smoking, and so on.

Hypnosis or hypnotherapy is usually the fastest method to change your behavior or help with certain problems.

Hypnosis places you in an altered state of consciousness by the hypnotist. This places you in a state where your subconscious mind is very susceptible to suggestions.

While usually faster than a subliminal program it does have its drawbacks. First of all, you have to find a licensed hypnotist in your area.

Hypnotherapy VS SubliminalYou may be a little surprised at the price range for a hypnotherapy session. A quick check in my area shows that a one-hour hypnotherapy session is in the range of $300.

You will also have to make an appointment and drive to your treatment. You may need more than one hypnotherapy session to cure your problem or condition.

Subliminals on the other hand are much more affordable and you can use them at any time. Even in your sleep or work.

You do not have to drive anywhere, leave your house, expose your embarrassing problem to a stranger.

While subliminals take longer and require more repetition than a hypnotist they are so much more convenient and affordable most people prefer subliminals.

Plus if you can have a custom subliminal made such as the service we offer, you can have one tailor-made to fit your needs exactly.

Premade subliminals can be purchased and downloaded so you can begin to use them immediately.

They can also be used to change your beliefs where the law of attraction will help you attract certain things into your life. We attract what we believe to be true.

Both hypnotherapy and subliminals change the beliefs in your subconscious mind. Basically, they do the same thing but use different methods to achieve the results.

Subliminal vs Self-hypnosis

A subliminal and a self-hypnosis program basically do the same thing. Both place you in a state of mind where your subconscious mind is open and receives affirmations.

A self-hypnosis audio starts out with the hypnotherapist talking and guiding you into a relaxed state. Once you are in the proper state of mind it proceeds with your affirmations.

A subliminal has no voice commands or affirmations that you can hear. It too will place you in the proper state of mind where your subconscious is open and very susceptible to affirmations.

Most of them, like ours, use binaural beats to alter your brain waves just like a hypnotist would. This places you in a proper state of mind where you are very relaxed and open.Self Hypnosis

While they both achieve the same results, self-hypnosis requires you to actively participate at the beginning going through the process of relaxing guided by the hypnotherapist on the recording.

A subliminal on the other hand is usually just a relaxing background of water sounds, nature sounds, perhaps relaxing music.

As you listen you will automatically go into the right frame of mind and become open to the positive affirmations on the audio.

The positive affirmations are not heard by your conscious mind. They are silent and recorded in the background.

Your subconscious mind will still hear them and absorb them even though your conscious mind cannot make them out.

Subliminals are better for sleeping or any other time during the day when you need to be doing something else while listening.

They are not distracting. You do not have to participate, just listen and the sublimnal will do the work.

Subliminal vs Unconscious

The difference between your unconscious and a subliminal are completely different things.

The unconscious part of your mind controls things like your breathing, maintaining body temperature, regulating your heart rate, and other important bodily functions.

These are controlled by the unconscious part of your mind which operates automatically.

A subliminal is media, whether visual or audio, used to alter the beliefs that are in your subconscious mind not your unconscious mind.

Subliminal vs Affirmations

While we covered this in another article I will quickly go over it again. Subliminal and positive affirmations are basically the same thing.

Subliminals are silent you will not hear them but your subconscious mind will pick them up and automatically accept them since they bypass your conscious reasoning mind.

Subliminals VS Hypnotist
Start Today Manifesting Your Future

An affirmation, or a list of affirmations, is usually listened to or read out loud. While sometimes they will make you feel slightly better they are easily rejected by your subconscious mind as false.

If you’re reading affirmations like I am wealthy, I now have 1 million dollars, money is coming to me now. Your conscious mind is going to know that this is not true and reject your affirmations.

Affirmations can work but they take a very long time to finally be accepted by your subconscious mind.

Subliminals on the other hand bypass your conscious mind and get accepted very easily by your subconscious mind as being true. Once your subconscious mind believes something is true it will set out to make it manifest in your reality. Whether it is currently true or not.

Your subconscious mind runs the show. If it believes something to be true it will set out to bring it into your life whether you like it or not. It will not stop until it finds a way.

Subliminal vs Supraliminal

The difference between supraliminal and subliminal is that a subliminal is anything not perceivable by the conscious mind whereas a supraliminal is media or sensations you can perceive with your conscious mind.

Affirmations, reading books, watching inspiring movies or videos, some forms of physical behavior modifications can be considered supraliminal.

Subliminals are not received by your conscious mind. They are below consciousness. Whether they are audio or visual you cannot perceive them.

Subliminal technology is much more effective if you’re trying to change something in your life or attract or manifest something.

So What Works The Best?

Basically, all of the methods mentioned above are going to work in one way or another. Some will work much faster than others, while others will be much more cost-effective than others.

It all depends on what your goal or desire is. How much time and money you have to manifest your new desire, and what suits you the best.

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