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Scripting For Manifestation – In 5 Easy Steps That Work


Scripting for manifestation is a popular way to bring anything into your life that is missing. Any goal or desire can be attracted into your reality.

It is easy to do and costs you nothing, anyone can use this method and have success with it. Anything you want to create or change in your life, it all starts with your thoughts. What you focus on expands.

So if you’re constantly focused on what you lack or what you don’t want, guess what? You’re going to attract more of that into your life.

The key is to focus on what you DO want. And the best way to do that is to get clear about what your goals are. Once you know what you want, it’s time to start writing it down.

Some people like to call this a “manifestation list.” Others might call it a “goals list.” But really, it’s just a list of things you want to create or experience in your life.

The act of writing it down is important because it helps to crystallize your thoughts and make them more concrete.

But the real magic happens when you start to script or journal on a daily basis.

This is where the manifestation process really starts to work its magic. As you read your list or write your stories, your mind starts to focus on those things and look for ways to make them happen.

Before you know it, you’ll find yourself taking action steps towards your goals, and manifestation will become a part of your everyday life!

How to apply scripting for manifestation in 5 steps

When you are doing any kind of scripting it is very important to write as if your goal or desire has already manifested.

scripting for manifestation in 5 stepsThe magic of scripting is that it produces feelings as you write. The more you can feel as if you already have your desire the faster it will come to you.

This is the way the law of attraction works, feelings are where the real power is when manifesting anything.

Step 1. Get clear about what you want

The process of manifestation begins with getting clear about what you want. If you don’t know what you want, you can’t manifest it!

So take some time to think about what you desire. What are your goals and dreams? What do you want to create or experience in your life?

So how do you really get clear on exactly what you want?

There is no one answer to this question since everyone’s life goals and wants are unique.

However, some tips on how to get clarity about what you want in life may include setting realistic and achievable goals, visualizing what you want to achieve, and taking action steps towards your goals.

Step 2. Write it down

Once you have a good understanding of what you want, it’s time to start writing it down. Make a list of everything you desire, no matter how big or small. Include anything and everything that comes to mind.

Think of it as ordering from the catalog of the universe. If you could actually have anything you wanted what would it be?

Write it down as if you have already received it. A quick example would be, thank you universe for the $10,000 I just received.

I’m so grateful now that I have lost 50 pounds and feel healthy. Think about what you want and then write it down as if it has already happened.

At this point, you can write out a list of affirmations that you will be reading out loud every day preferably in the morning after you just wake up.

An optional method is to take your affirmations and have them produced into a custom subliminal.

Subliminals have silent affirmations on them that you can listen to while you sleep or anytime during the day, even while you are working or studying.

It is a powerful way to saturate your subconscious mind with your list of affirmations with no extra effort on your part, besides listening.

And remember, once your subconscious mind believes something it will go out and figure out how to make it happen. It is at work 24 hours a day it never stops

Step 3. Read your affirmations or stories out loud every day

This is another key step that will help you bring your goals into reality. Every day, take some time to read your list or stories aloud.

As you do, imagine yourself already achieving or experiencing those things. Really feel the emotions that come with it. The more real and believable it feels, the better.

The more excited you can get as you are reading your affirmation list the better.shout out your affirmations

Shout out your list if you need to. Do what you have to do to make yourself feel excited that it is happening, right now.

Step 4. Write in a journal or notebook every day

Along with reading your affirmation list daily, you need to write in your notebook or journal.

Write out short scenes of you with your friends or family, possibly co-workers, of you discussing your desire.

Imagine they are congratulating you for accomplishing something or purchasing something or achieving a goal, whatever it may be. Imagine what they would be saying about you and to you.

Have fun with it. Create scenes and write them down as if you were writing a play or movie with you as the main character.

How would it feel to have them look at you after your 50-pound weight loss? They would want to know how you did it. Telling you how great you look now.

Whatever your goal or desires it should be easy to create little scenes in your mind and then write them down on paper.

As you write you’re saturating your subconscious mind with energy and allowing it to attract what you want into your real life.

Continue writing in your journal every night. Do this until your desire becomes real.

Once you have achieved what you are trying to attract then move on to a new goal or desire with the same process.

There is no limit to this. You can create the exact life you have always wanted with scripting for manifestation.

Step 5. Be grateful and thank the universe

The last step is to be thankful for what you are receiving. Continue writing in your journal but let go of your desire and know that it is on its way.

Don’t worry about where it is at, how long it is taking, or how it will happen. Just believe and feel that it is on its way, and it is.

The universe always delivers on what we show it that we want. Showing it what we want is done through feelings as if you already have it.

This is how we communicate with the universe.

You can also practice gratitude for everything you already have. Be thankful when you wake up in the morning.

Be thankful for the place you have to live, the clean water you have to drink, the clean shower in the morning, the coffee, your car, and so on.

Most of us think about and concentrate on everything that we do not have. How come I don’t have a massive house to live in, where’s my brand-new luxury car.

Why does everyone have better things than I do? Thinking like that is only going to attract more of what you do not have.

Final thoughts on scripting for manifestation

Be patient and don’t give up, be patient and persistent. The law of attraction works if you work it.

Manifestation takes time, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t see results right away. Keep taking action, believe in yourself, and you will achieve your goals.

Scripting is a powerful tool that can help you manifest your desires. By writing out your goals and reading them aloud, you are programming your subconscious mind to attract what you want into your life.

Remember to be grateful for what you have and thank the universe for all the good things that are on their way to you.


Can I script on my phone or computer?

No, that will not work. In order for your manifestation to become true, you must write everything out on paper in your own handwriting. Don’t be lazy and use your phone or computer.

Do I have to do scripting every day?

Yes, you do. In order for this method of manifesting to work, you need to be consistent. You must write in your journal every day until your desire or goal shows up.

You do not have to write a lot every day if you are short on time but you must do some journaling every day. Consistency is the key.

How long will scripting for manifestation take?

Everyone is different but on average, it will take between 26-30 days. However, I have seen people do it in a matter of days or weeks.

It all depends on how deep of a feeling you can create inside you.  The feeling as if you already have what you desire.

It also takes practice. The more you use scripting to manifest the better you will get at it and the faster things will show up in your life.

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