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Proof That Law of Attraction Really Works Part 2

Mike Tucker 17

Part Two – proof that law of attraction really works  Read part one here…. After I did that I forgot about it, let it go, unattached from my desire. Knowing that it will appear in my life, I said it is done. Oh, and by the way, the reason I picked a book of matches is that you really don’t see them around anymore, everyone has lighters. Its just something you don’t run into every day.

Can you guess what happened next? Within a few days, I ran into many books of matches. I was at a friends house and we needed batteries they told me to look in the kitchen drawer. I opened the drawer to search for batteries and laughed when I saw several books of matches, but no batteries.

They told me to look in the garage cabinet. No batteries but I found a pack of matches. The next day I was cleaning out one of my drawers you guessed it, I found several books of matches.

The one that counted the most to me was, I was visiting a local pub and the person next to me took out a book of matches and lit their cigarette. When they left, they left the matches on the counter and did not come back for them, so I picked them up figuring the universe wanted me to have them.

So there you have it, I wanted to manifest a book of matches and suddenly I was seeing them everywhere. Try it. Or pick something simple like that you don’t really care about and see how fast you can manifest it. It’s a great way to practice law of attraction.

Another simple experiment I did recently was I wanted to manifest a tennis ball. Now, I do not play tennis and have not seen a tennis ball in many years. There are no tennis courts anywhere near where I live and there are no kids playing with balls in my neighborhood, in fact, there’s an empty lot next to me.

I did a visualization session of me finding a tennis ball in my yard, near my car, where I parked outside. I visualized myself walking outside looking around in the grass next to my car and finding a tennis ball. I imagined I picked it up and felt the soft outside of the ball, I gave it a squeeze to feel the softness of it and then bounced it on the ground a few times.

Proof law of attraction really works
Yes, these are the actual items I manifested with law of attraction!!

Tennis balls also have a sort of rubbery smell so I imagined I was smelling it too. In other words get into the feeling of actually finding a tennis ball and holding it in your hands, use all your senses to make it as real as possible. This is how you actually use law of attraction to attract things in your life.

So guess what? A few days later I completely forgot about my little experiment and went outside to get some fresh air. I walked over by my car and for some reason looked in the grass (you are guided by the universe to do the right things at the right time) and believe it or not, seen a tennis ball sitting there. I still get excited thinking about it. Now… it was not exactly where I imagined it would be, but it was close enough… within 10 feet :).

So how weird is that? Where did a tennis ball come out of nowhere, in a neighborhood with no tennis courts, no kids, no dogs, in other words, I just can’t imagine why it should appear, except for law of attraction. There is no other reason for it.

I love doing these experiments and have been for many years now. I recommend you practice a few, then when you need something, I mean really need something, in your life, you will have the powers to attract it. All you have to do is replace the way you attracted something when you don’t care about it, with something that is really important to you, it works….trust me.

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  1. John John

    Will this work with ca$h?

  2. Mit Mit

    Hi Mike,
    I am new to LoA. I have participated in an online photo contest and I want to win the camera in that contest. What I need to do..?

    • John John

      Go out and buy it?

  3. Michael Michael

    Hey.. so..
    I tried this and visualized a box of matches (one of those older, blocky ones)..
    Well, after around a week after doing so, now I saw a pack of matches (a newer one like the one you displayed up there in a picture) on TV.. and I don’t even see them on TV anymore lately.. so.. does this count as manifesting it into my life?
    I guess it does, as I was aware and open to seeing it in a game or on TV, right?

    Would like to know your opinion, thanks! 🙂

    • Michael Michael

      Well, a “little” later, a week ago, I tried the same with a tennis ball, as also in my life they are so rare I haven’t seen any for months or years.. and today, in a clip on facebook I see some, exactly in the same typical bright greenish yellow color and size as I imagined them 🙂

  4. Greg allder Greg allder

    Do u offer courses or mentoring or can you suggest one?

  5. Sharon King Sharon King

    Hi Mike, how long does manifestation take on someone whose got a spell on them ? and how does that person visualise and put energy into there lover coming back ?

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      Personally I don’t believe in spells, spells only work when someone or both parties believe they work. Basically it’s law of attraction in a different form as long as you believe something you will Attract it.

      To attract something in your life or attract someone back you have to visualize your end goal as if it already happened until you can feel that it already happened then you will attract and Law of Attraction will figure out how to do it.

  6. Melissa Melissa

    I sure would love to gain the ability to attract a job, money & well being for me, my husband and children…I have 4 kids whom all are young adults..

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      You have the ability to do that, study up on law of attraction if you are new to it. I have done everything you just mentioned and a whole lot more. I have helped hundreds of other people do the same thing. You really can create the life YOU want. It works, trust me. I have been doing this for over 20 years and have some amazing stories to tell….

  7. sneha sneha

    Hi Mike,I have been implementing Loa since few days now to get my ex bf back…I visualize in the morning about him saying he loves me and wants to marry me..for around 5-10mins everyday and @night before going to bed I visualize as if I have spent the entire day with him.. The entire day I go for work,spend time with family n do things as per my routine…my question is, is my approach correct and do I need to visualize the same thing everyday?

  8. Tim Tim

    My wife and mother of 3 kids has got herself involved in a lesbian relationship. She is going through mid life crisis. Based on circumstances I am working to get rid of all negative energy in me towards her. Can you outline LOA steps?

  9. Rahul Rahul

    Hey mike I am new to loa and I want to get my Gf back… u know India here girls are so attached to family and Religion(damn) long story short she is from other religion and last time we talked she said I love u but we. Can’t be together because of religion issue… And main thing is she didn’t trust me she has this intution that I will leave her and she will be alone… so I guess she was visualizing things even before Iam starting 🙂 OK I know this girl is my soul mate and I want her back.. I was desperate did many things including begging (eww, Alfa male :P) … now am going to start Loa and my question is should I visualize about her everyday positive things? And between iam making myself happy and building up energy… I know she is mine… so inspire me..

  10. Alicia Alicia

    hi Mike. did u visualize about matchbox ten minutes everyday until u finally manifested it? can we juat visualize for few seconds?

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      I did one visulization session and that was it. For these little exercises that’s usually all I do. I have been doing this a long time, so it may be easier for me. You know from experience when you are into the right feelings. Some things can be manifested in seconds. Other things the universe may have to align a few things for you first.

      • Alicia Alicia

        ok. so there is no rules about how long we need to visualize ?and, do I need to visualize once a day, everyday, until I finally get the thing? repeat the same visualization or i can change the storyline? for example, today i visualized i picked up a tennis ball near my car. tomorrow i visualized i play the tennis ball with a child?

  11. Raj Raj

    Have u manifested for someone else u should try it on me!

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