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Want to stop smoking once and for all? Have you tried to quit before only to start smoking again? If so then this subliminal program can help you achieve freedom from smoking.

Unless you change your subconscious beliefs you will probably fail. You believe you are a smoker like it or not. This audio will reprogram your subconscious mind transforming you into a non-smoker. It will happen automatically. You will be able to stop once and for all, with ease!


How to Stop smoking for good and be free at last!

So you have decided to stop smoking… excellent decision.

However, it’s not that easy. Maybe you have tried to quit before with no luck. Or worse yet you may be one of the many that have started smoking again after months or maybe even years. We see it happen all the time, it’s not entirely your fault.

Let’s face it, it’s hard to stop smoking, You crave that cigarette after meals or after the first cup of coffee in the morning.

You don’t know what to do with your hands during the day. You are so used to the habit of smoking you don’t know what to do with yourself.

If you’re like most people you regret the day you started smoking.

You have the power and ability to be free of smoking forever.

The reason most people cannot quit is because of their subconscious beliefs. You believe you are a smoker. You need to reprogram your subconscious mind making you believe you are a non-smoker and never will be again. You will finally have freedom from smoking! You will no longer enjoy smoking.

Your subconscious mind runs the show.

Through the use of our subliminal stop smoking now program you can easily and permanently stop smoking forever.

There’s nothing better than becoming a non-smoker.

Buy this download now and get on the right track.  You will finally have freedom from smoking.

There are 46 positive affirmations recorded on this powerful audio. They are repeated over and over again for the full 30 minutes.

All you have to do is relax and listen to this recording daily. The recording has nature sounds with bamboo wind chimes in the background and is recorded with binaural beats to place you in a very relaxed state of mind. This will allow your subconscious to absorb the Subliminals easily.

Headphones or earbuds must be worn. 

Sample Clip of this 30-minute recording

Subliminal Mp3 Download  MP3 Format Only – Instant download
  Contains .zip file with MP3, and Instructions

Subliminals recorded on this audio

I am not a smoker.
I hated when I used to smoke.
I inhale clean air devoid of cigarette smoke.
I am robust and healthy. I repel cigarettes and smoking does not attract me.
I am now free of smoking. My blood pressure is normal, my heart is healthier and I am happy.
I choose health over smoking, freedom over addiction, and happiness over depression.
I love myself more than I love smoking. I say yes to life and no to smoking.
I love fresh air and detest smoking.
I hereby release any need to smoke and accept my smoke-free life with open arms.
I am in control of my behaviors.
I feel calm and relaxed.
I am not a smoker.
I breathe deeply and relish in the sweet fresh air.
I am grateful for my breath.
I choose to have healthy lungs.
I choose a long and prosperous life.
I am willing to change my habits.
I am content and happy in each and every moment.
I live a life focused on health.
I easily control my subconscious desires.
I am not a smoker.
I accept my decisions and have the strength of God to act on them. I do not look back.
I move forward with a definite purpose toward a healthier life.
I can do anything with the strength of the spirit within me.
Each and every day, I easily embrace new healthy habits.
I Gain the Strength of Every Temptation I Resist.
I Enjoy Breathing Clean, Fresh Air.
Being a Non-Smoker Comes Naturally to Me.
I Want to Live a Long and Healthful Life.
Nobody Smokes Anymore, and Neither Do I.
I am not a smoker.
I do not smoke. My lungs are strong and healthy. I am able to breathe deeply and fully.
Taking care of myself physically is important to me. I like keeping myself fit and feeling good.
I have more energy and stamina than ever before. I enjoy life and I’m glad to be here.
When I see a cigarette or even think of one, I automatically hear the words, “I do not smoke,” and I don’t.
I have no habits which control or influence me in any harmful way. I am in control of myself and everything I do.
I always do what is best for me, myself, and my future.
I really enjoy breathing clean air, being healthy, and being in complete control of my body and my mind.
I am able to achieve any goal which I set for myself. I see, in my mind, a clear picture of myself. Having already accomplished the goal I created, I see it often, and I achieve it.
I exercise regularly. I keep myself fit and healthy. And I am enjoying a lifetime of energy and vitality.
All of my senses are clear and alive. My sight, sense of smell, and hearing, tasting, and even my touch are more alive than ever before.
I do not see smoking as being strong, intelligent, or glamorous in any way. I see it for what it really is, and it has no place in my life.
I give myself permission to relax, feel good, breathe deeply and fully, and enjoy being a healthy non-smoker at all times and in all circumstances.
People enjoy being around me. I have self-confidence and self-respect and like myself and it shows.
Being a non-smoker is easy for me. After all, I was born that way, and it is the natural thing for me to do.
I am not a smoker.



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