Improve Your Eyesight Subliminal Program


Our improve eyesight subliminal will use the natural healing power of your mind to improve your eyesight and get rid of your glasses forever with our powerful Improve Your Eyesight subliminal program.

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Our Improve eyesight subliminal will Improve your eyesight naturally without the use of glasses, contact lenses or expensive and sometimes dangerous laser eye treatment.

Restore your lost vision. Use the power of your subconscious mind to improve blood flow to your eyes. This 30-minute audio program can help improve your eyesight to the point that you will no longer need glasses.

Your mind can heal your eyes once you believe it will. There is no need to have vision loss as we grow older. Our subconscious mind is very powerful.

Subliminal affirmations are mixed with soothing water and nature sounds plus alpha binaural beats to place you in a deeply relaxed state where the subliminal suggestions can easily change the beliefs of your subconscious mind.

Listen to this audio nightly. It will even work while you sleep.

This product is not a miracle solution or instant fix. It works as a natural aid to help relieve your tensions and blood circulation around your eyes. It does not instantly restore all vision and will not repair long-term eye damage. It is a simple tool to help improve your vision.

Headphones or earbuds must be worn.

Sample Clip of this 30 minute recording

Subliminal Mp3 Download  MP3 Format Only – Instant download
  Contains .zip file with MP3, and Instructions

Subliminals recorded on this audio

Clearing my vision is easier than I thought.
I accept what I see, and I see clearly.
I can now focus at all distances.
I can now see better in the dark.
I can now see better.
I can see better when I relax.
I can see clearly today.
I enjoy seeing clearly.
I feel my vision clear right now.
I have clear vision today.
I know I can now see clearly without eyeglasses.
I know I can see clearly now.
I know that my experiences lead me to clear vision.
I love now that I see clearly.
I no longer need glasses.
I can see everything perfectly now.
I see clearly now.
I see more clearly when I’m relaxed and centered.
It’s easier and easier to see clearly.
My eyes are healing.
My eyes have improved.
My eyes have returned to perfect 20/20 vision.
My eyesight is clearer than ever before.
My mind is bringing to my awareness of any information I need to experience clear vision.
My peripheral vision is getting better.
My vision continues to clear as I adjust to my new state of consciousness.
My vision is clearing now.
My vision is improving right now.



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