Become An Alpha Male Subliminal


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Acquire all of the traits of a strong alpha male with our become an alpha male subliminal

Gain confidence, total self-belief, assertiveness, dominance, leadership, taking command, attracting women like magic, and much more. Our Become The Alpha Male Subliminal will reprogram your subconscious mind into the man you always wanted to be!

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Being an alpha male is the most important and powerful trait for attracting women! It doesn’t matter if you are skinny, short, or poor… When you are the alpha male women will be naturally attracted to you no matter what.

People around you will pick up and feel your energy field. Which we now know can extend to fill an entire room or more. Quantum physics will say there is no limit since everything is connected.

Think about it… I am sure you have been in a room or a group of people and someone walks in and everyone notices immediately. You have never met the person but you already know you will like them.

You are picking up their positive energy. It attracts people like a magnet.

You will meet more women, do much better in business, attract the people that you should be hanging around with. People will naturally like you. They will feel safe. They will know you are someone to trust and believe.

Our become an alpha male subliminal will transform you from the inside out. You will change! Everyone will notice. People will treat you much differently.

Does it matter what you look like? No, it does not.

How many times have you seen an old fat ugly guy with beautiful women and wondered why? What does he have? Must be a billionaire right?  In most cases no…

Become An Alpha Male Subliminal - Alpha male with two girls kissing himHe is an alpha male and knows it. Women feel safe and secure with him. He is in charge and takes command of any situation with ease!

Now you can too…

Listen daily and let the silent affirmations on this subliminal saturate your subconscious mind with new thoughts and beliefs.

This 30-minute audio is very relaxing and soothing, placing your mind at ease.

It will change your life! Start transforming yourself right now.

Headphones or earbuds should be worn to get the full effect from our Subliminals

Sample Clip of this 30-minute become an alpha male subliminal.

Subliminal Mp3 Download  MP3 Format Only – Instant download
  Contains .zip file with MP3, and Instructions

Subliminals recorded on this audio

I am the alpha male.
Being an alpha male is just the way I am.
Women are naturally attracted to my alpha characteristics.
Confidence is my natural right.
I take command in all situations.
I attract beautiful women all the time.
Being assertive and dominant is just who I am.
I enjoy being the leader in social situations.
I love being the alpha male.
Others look up to me for my strength of character.
I am highly respected.
I make women feel safe and secure.
My alpha maleness allows women to feel more feminine.
I am an alpha male.
I am dominant.
I am always relaxed and calm.
I am assertive and powerful.
Others see me as powerful and self-assured.
My confidence is rock solid.
All women are naturally attracted to me.
I can take the lead in any social situation.
I am totally secure in myself.
I speak with authority.
I am an alpha male.
I am the alpha male in my group.
I am dominant.
I am the alpha male.
I am highly respected.
People listen to me when I talk.
I am a high-value male.
My opinion is always highly regarded.
People see me as a person of high value.
People view me as a man of high status.
Women enjoy my company and love being with me.
I am very successful with women.
Women are always attracted to me.
I am extremely attractive to women.
Being with me is the best possible choice a woman can make.
I easily attract women.
Women are drawn to me.
Women are naturally attracted to me.
I have strong personal magnetism.
I am assertive.
I am authoritative.
I am the alpha male.
I am confident.
I am confident to be myself.
I always speak my mind.
I always say what is on my mind.
I am comfortable within myself.
I stay positive at all times.
I enjoy social situations.
I lead in social situations.
I enjoy starting and having conversations.
I am a powerful man.
I become more confident and relaxed every day.

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