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Manifesting a Lottery Win – How to Do it


Follow this guide and you will learn how manifesting a lottery win is easier than you thought. Or at the very least greatly increase your odds of winning the lottery over everyone else

How to Manifest a Lottery Win

You already know if you are trying to win the lottery the odds are greatly against you winning. So many people are trying to win the lottery this is why the jackpots get so high.

Everyone wishes and dreams of manifesting a winning lottery ticket. However, 99% of them never do anything to increase their odds of winning.

How to manifest a winning lottery ticketI’m talking about using the law of attraction and other methods to increase what you are attracting into your life. In this case a winning lottery ticket.

How many people do you think sit and practice daily visualizing that they have won the lottery, write scripts, or use affirmations? Not many.

The universe is here to serve you. If you learn to use the law of attraction correctly, you can attract and manifest what you desire.

Follow These Methods and You Will Be on Your Way to Manifesting a Lottery Win

  • Use visualization to manifest a lottery win.

Using visualization and the law of attraction is a great method to change what you are attracting into your life.

If you can keep your thoughts on what you want to bring into your life instead of what you currently have this is a very powerful method.

Take time out during your day. It does not matter what time during the day you practice this as long as you do it daily.

Sit quietly in a room or lay down if you wish, close your eyes and relax for a few minutes. Breathing deeply will bring you into a relaxed state of mind.

Once you are ready visualize a scene where you have won the lottery. You could imagine them pulling up the numbers and you having matching numbers on your ticket.

You could visualize purchasing a scratch-off and scratching off the numbers and realizing you just won a large sum of money.

You could visualize yourself being interviewed by your local news as the newest multimillionaire.

Visualize yourself with your group of friends all congratulating you on your multimillion-dollar win. Have fun with this.

It should be easy to visualize yourself winning millions of dollars. How would it feel? Now that you can visualize you must feel excited as you play the scenes in your head.

Feelings are where the real power is. The more you can feel as if you have already won the easier it will be to manifest a lottery win.

  • Start Thinking Differently about Your Life

The more you can think about being rich, wealthy, and having everything you desire the faster it will actually manifest into your life.

You can shift your point of attraction by changing some of your daily habits. Start thinking and acting like a rich person.

Winning lottery ticketInstead of watching garbage shows on TV that will do nothing to change your life start watching shows about multimillion-dollar homes for sale.

Watch shows or videos with expensive cars, jewelry, clothes. Start saturating your mind with wealthy thoughts. Watch travel shows to exotic countries.

Start doing some virtual shopping online. Since you haven’t won the lottery yet you will not be able to purchase but it doesn’t hurt to look.

What if you suddenly had so much money you never had to worry about anything again, as far as money goes?

Go online and start shopping for very expensive clothes, jewelry, shoes, and other accessories that you would buy if you just won millions of dollars.

This is not only fun but it will change the things you think about. You can start visualizing and dreaming about all the things you would purchase once you cash in your winning lottery ticket.

You could take all of this a step further by going out to actual stores and shopping. Go visit the expensive car dealership near you and look at the exotic cars.

They may or may not let you test drive one but you can certainly sit in one and get the feel of it. Smell that fresh new car leather interior, feel the steering wheel, look at all the gadgets and knobs, accessories. Look at that perfect paint job.

You could also go on open houses of multimillion-dollar homes. Don’t worry, they have no idea how much money you actually have, currently.

You can spend time walking through the houses and get an actual feeling of what it would be like to own it and live there.

There are many other methods that can make you feel as if you were wealthy. Use what you need to start shifting your mindset and feeling like a multimillionaire.

We attract what we think and feel about. So make sure it’s something you desire to manifest in your life, like winning multimillion dollars from the lottery ticket you manifested.

  • Use Scripting, Journaling, or a Daily Diary to Help You Manifest a Win

Write stories in your book before going to bed at night. Write out scenes of you after you have won the lotto or lottery. Write it out like your writing a play or book.

Like, Today I woke up early, got dressed in the best clothes I currently have and went to the local shopping center. I decided to donate my entire wardrobe and buy everything new today. Since I am now a millionaire I decided I should start looking like one… Have fun with it.

  • Practice Manifesting Small Winning Lottery Tickets First

For some of you that are currently struggling or practically broke it is hard to visualize being a multimillionaire.

Especially if you are new to visualization, this may seem hard. You may not have used your imagination in a very long time, like many of us.

For some of you, I would suggest using the methods above and practice on winning small amounts of money. It is much easier and believable that you can win small amounts at first.Manifest a small lottery win

Practice visualizing buying scratch-off tickets and winning 20,30, 50 dollars. Maybe a small lotto win, where you matched a couple of numbers.

This may be easier for you to visualize and imagine instead of winning multimillions.

Once you get good at this and maybe have actually manifested a couple of wins you can increase the amount that you desire to attract.

  • Can Positive Thinking Help You Win the Lottery

Positive thinking can help you win the lottery or manifest a winning ticket. However, it is usually not enough just to think positive thoughts.

You can use positive thinking along with visualizations but the real power is in the feelings. Feelings of having already won the lottery.

Feelings and emotions are how we communicate with the universe telling it what we want. This is how the law of attraction actually works.

Why Do Older or Rich People Manifest Winning Lottery Tickets?

Ever notice that many people that win the lottery are either very old, or rich? Do you think that 90-year-old lady that just won 680 million dollars really needs it?

What about the wealthy man that has so much money he doesn’t know what to do with it all. Why is it so easy for them to win, or at least it seems that way?

One of the biggest reasons is that they really don’t care if they win or not. They don’t need the money. For them, it is just a game. Sure it’s exciting to win but they really don’t need it.

Since they do not need it and are not deeply attached to their desire, it is easy for them to manifest winning lottery tickets.

When we are trying to manifest something in our life we can use methods to attract it then if we can release it, sort of forget about it for a while, it will come to us faster than dwelling on it all the time.

Most of you are going to complain, where is it, why am I not winning, I need this money badly, I need to quit my job, and so on.

You are actually pushing away winning. You’re telling the universe (through feelings) this is what I want more of. More bills to pay, less money, I want to be broke more, I want to be annoyed and frustrated at the job that I hate, please send me more of it.

It may be hard to grasp for some of you but this is how the law of attraction works. The more you think and worry about what you do not have the more you will push away what you do want.

The only way to actually manifest something in your life is to feel as if you already have it.

  • How to Manifest Winning the Lottery Fast

If you’re trying to win the lottery fast use all of the above methods as much as you can. The more you can saturate your mind with feeling as if you already have one the quicker you are going to manifest a winning ticket.

Don’t worry about it, don’t wonder where it’s at, don’t think about how it’s going to happen or when just believe it is coming. The universe will figure out the fastest and most efficient way to bring you a win.

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