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How to Use Email and Law of Attraction To Manifest


Following a few simple methods, you can manifest an email from someone or use email to attract any desire into your life. The power of the law of attraction will manifest it into your reality.

How to Write an email to the Universe to Manifest

You can use email and the law of attraction to trick your mind into believing you already have something. This is a great method and anyone can use it.

Whether you want to attract a new job, money, or perhaps a new home.  Email and letter writing is one of my favorite tools that will speed up your attraction factor.

Let’s say you are trying to get your dream job. One tool I like using, that will help your visualization sessions is to write yourself an email or an actual paper letter and mail it to yourself.

Write the email or letter as if you received it from the person you are expecting to hear from. Write as if you already got what you desire. email and law of attraction

For example let’s say you are trying to get a new job, write yourself a letter congratulating you on getting the job and a welcome to the company. Write it as if it came from the person that interviewed you or the person in charge of hiring then mail it yourself.

This will set the principles of the law of attraction into motion. The same thing can be done if you are trying to attract an old boyfriend or girlfriend. Write yourself an email or letter as if it came from them telling you how much they miss you and want you back.

You may be surprised just how effective this technique is. Within a few days don’t be surprised if you get a letter very similar to the one you wrote I’ve seen it happen many times.

Here’s another example, let’s say you are trying to attract a large sum of money into your life. Now how would you write a letter about that? One way you can do it is by writing a press release as if you already succeeded and were being interviewed by the local or national media.

This would also work if you’re trying to win the lottery using the law of attraction. Write yourself a press release or news article as if you had been interviewed as a winner of the mega lottery! What kind of questions would they be asking you? What would your responses be?

win the lottery with law of attractionIf you’re more likely to receive an actual paper letter in the mail go ahead and write yourself one of those and actually mail it to yourself. When you receive it in a few days open it and get excited when you read it, as if for the first time.

These techniques will help you get into the feeling of already having what you desire therefore speeding up the law of attraction. Anything that will help you get into the feeling of already having something is very effective.

The feeling of already having something is where the real power is when trying to attract something using the law of attraction. This is what you need to work on, the feeling, not just the thought.

Positive affirmations are great and can be used daily but you need to go beyond that if you really want to attract something into your life, this is why most people fail and then go around saying the law of attraction doesn’t work.

How to Manifest an Email From Someone

Using the universal energy from the law of attraction you can manifest someone to email you. Anyone can do this and more than likely you have done this before without realizing it.

Many of us have thought about another person and soon after they get in contact with us one way or another

You may have received an unexpected phone call, an email, or posted on your Facebook page.

These principles work. You will have to dust off your imagination and use it. Many of us have lost the power of our imagination.

When we were kids we had no problem imagining. Remember the cardboard box that became a castle or car or anything else you wanted it to be.

As we grow older our imagination becomes a little stale. With a little practice, you can get it back and use it along with the law of attraction to manifest anything you desire into your life.

So in order to manifest an email from someone start by closing your eyes and relaxing. Now picture the person you want to receive an email from. Take your time and really form a picture of them in your mind.

Now visualize them on their phone or computer writing you an email. Picture them thinking about you as they are writing you an email. Imagine them hitting the send button.

Now, still, with your eyes closed, imagine yourself receiving an email from someone. Get excited about it! You will get excited when this actually works and it does work.

The real power in this whole exercise is the feelings. If you can feel as if they just sent you an email and you received it, this will work. You will receive an email from anyone you can think about.

This will work for old friends, family members you haven’t talked to in a long time, an ex-boyfriend, or girlfriend.

It takes a little practice so give it some time. If you need to repeat the steps above until you receive your email.

  1. Peter Peter

    Sweet blog! I found it while searching on Yahoo News.

    Do you have any tips on how to get listed in Yahoo News? I’ve been trying for
    a while but I never seem to get there! Appreciate it

  2. Vasu Vasu

    Hi Mike,

    My name is Vasu from India. My company has been trying to take me through H1B for 3 years and this year I received approval. I was so glad as I’m a single mom and handle so many challenges here, I always envisioned that migrating to new place will give me a fresh start. Myself and son was so happy but during my Visa interview, they kept my case on Hold as they need to verify my Client. It’s been 30 days and I’m still waiting. There is no way I can do any follow up as it’s with American consulate, all I can do is Wait Wait & Wait. Though I keep myself so positive, sometimes I’m getting tired of waiting.

  3. Valerie Valerie

    Is it possible to use this method to manifest a guy I like, even if Im not sure if he likes me back?

    • Yes, you can. I have helped people do it and seen it done many times.

      Use the same principles, use your imagination as if you were already together.

      Many times the other person will feel your energy and begin to notice you. The way they feel about you will change.

      • Valerie Valerie

        Oh WOW thats amazing WOOHOO! Thanx again!

  4. Valerie Valerie

    Hay Mike tiny question here. Im trying to manifest a couple things. Out of these two things, I want them both equally. Now, my question is :
    Is it easier to just manifest one thing at a time?

    • For most people it is. It all depends on your manifestation skills.
      You can manifest many things at once. There is no limit, only the limits you believe there are…

  5. Nicole Nicole

    I did this today. I wrote a letter from my ex to me, and sent to my email. Apologizing for pursuing someone else (they are in beginning stages right now), that it was great, but not the same as with me. That they didn’t give themselves time to grieve over me. That they wanted to try things again, but better etc. I reedited some things and sent again. Well, when i opened the second email it read the angel number: 333. I have been seeing angel number consistently over the last 2 weeks. 11:11, 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55. And even saw 333 in another email from the lease office 2 Fri ago about a question i had (to be taken off the apartment lease). I am visualizing, remaining optimistic. Doing subliminals every day now since Mon. Would this 333 for today mean the Universe is working on my email request?

  6. sneha sneha

    I have been writing mails to myself since last 25days..but my ex hasn’t contacted me me on the correct way to manifest this

    • sneha sneha

      I use the nicknames we gave each other in the mails…is it necessary to use our real names?

  7. Jean Jean

    Hi,Mike! You were right when you said they could be clear across the country and it will still work… Funny thing my ex called me last night saying he miss me. I was surprise!!!Haven’t heard from him in a month…I handled the conversation very calm, didn’t get upset… My whole mind frame has changed toward him…He kept asking me…”how I was”..Told him I was good..No mattered how my mind wandered off on to not good situations that we use to be in….I kept bringing the focus back to good times we had together, I thought of all the funny stuff he would say or do, that made me laugh My heart told me I loved him…I followed my heart

  8. VJ VJ

    What if they still haven’t contacted you during the no contact period?? I don’t want to call him first…I rather he do it first…Question? Do you think he will ever call or text..

  9. Jean Jean

    My ex boyfriend live in another city…he was living in a boarding house, he went there to get a better job…but we never visit each other because of money problems ..Now I believe he moved in with a girl…Is it possible to get him back??? And how…Any advice would help….How could this work long distance…still love him

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      Law of attraction to get an ex back has no distant limits, they could be clear across the country, it does not matter, it will still work. Just follow the methods.

      Law of attraction and energy

  10. Sara Sara

    After you write the letter to yourself do you continue reading it daily ? What do you do during the day do that your not thinking about it ? .. I want to do this to get my ex back that I’ve been apart from for many years and I want to believe that this is possible in this situation

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      You could read it daily, or write a set of emails or letters that you would like to receive from your ex. Do what ever you need to to get into the feeling of already having them back. No matter what you need to do something every day.

      During the day just make sure you are not going around thinking about how you miss them and want them back. Remember you get more of the same…whatever you are thinking about.

      • Sara Sara

        What can I do during the day to distract myself ? I have also not been in contact with my friends because my ex and I ran in the same circle of friends and I just too myself out of the equation and now after many years I miss them and I miss being around them with my ex and all of us going out together

        • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

          Do whatever you have to in order to keep your mind off what you are missing, read some good book, watch some positive movies. Check out the free book tab on my site. If you are missing your old friends there is no reason you can not hang out with them. In fact it may help with getting back into the feeling of being back with your ex.

          • Sara Sara

            Hanging out with my friends is hard because they are close to my ex and always hanging out with my ex . So if I was hanging out with them my ex is there and it’s too much for me I don’t know how else to act as if, if I had my friends to be there with me . It’s hard that we’re in the same group of friends

  11. I want a second healthy baby girl so badly, it’s killing me. I’m a single Mom but have a great relationship with my child’s Father. We went for a sperm analysis and was told the chances of ever conceiving was very slim.I can’t accept that this is going to be the case. Please help me manifest a second healthy baby

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      Don’t accept what someone else said. That is not the bottom line, they are not God. Other people conceived against greater odds….right. So believe in the fact that you can.

      Get rid of all negative thoughts and believe it is going to happen. Visualize it daily as if it already happened. Start making plans, picking out names and so on. Stop talking and worrying about it, positive thoughts only.

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