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How to Speed up Subliminal Results – What You Need to Do


Following a few simple tips, you can greatly speed up your subliminal results. You will be able to achieve your goals or desires much faster.

Here are some easy ways on how to speed up subliminal results right now.

First of all, you should get a piece of paper and a pen or pencil and write down your goal exactly as you desire it to happen.

Write down details, become as clear as you can about your desire.

This is the first step as it will laser focus your mind on your goal.

How to Speed up Subliminal ResultsAnother thing you can do to get faster subliminal results is to listen to your subliminal audio more than once during the day.

Don’t overdo it or use it when you need to be concentrating on other things. Listen at a soft level.

You can also listen to your subliminal or subliminals on repeat, in your sleep. It has been proven through research that our conscious mind shuts off and subliminals will go straight into your subconscious mind when you are sleeping, with no rejection. This will greatly speed up your results.

Recently I purchased a sleep headset on eBay. It is a Bluetooth headset, kind of like a sweatband. It is comfortable to wear and stays on all night. As a bonus, you can wear it as a sleep mask over your eyes and still listen. Great for taking a nap during the day. 🙂

If you want to speed up your subliminal results here are a few things you should not do.

Do not repeat the affirmations as you listen. Do not read them while listening. You can clear your mind and think of nothing at all, concentrate on your breath.

You can also picture yourself relaxing, sitting by a river or waterfall, or perhaps lying on a beach, depending on which subliminal background is on your recording. How to Speed up Subliminal Results

Or, if you can visualize your desire as if it already happened. This is the hardest thing to do as most people will start to worry about when it’s coming, how it’s going to happen, why they do not have it yet. This will push your desire away.

Only use the visualization method if you can think, feel, and visualize your goal as if it has already manifested.

If you can, and do it until you can actually feel as if it already happened, while listening to your subliminal, then this is the most powerful method for getting faster subliminal results.

We attract things into our lives with our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. If you worry about your desire, where is it, when is it coming, why do I not have it yet, how is it going to happen? You will attract more lack. You will push your desire or goal farther away.

Just relax and let it happen. Let the subliminals do the work. Feel good knowing it is on its way. Actually, it is already here, you just are not on the same vibrations as your desire. When you are ready for it, it will appear.

You can have us create a custom subliminal for you. You can write out your own affirmations that pertain to your goal or desire. Send them to us and we will record and mix them into a subliminal with one of our backgrounds. Professionally made in our studio.

You can also use a subliminal booster or law of attraction accelerator to get even faster results. You can read more about how a subliminal booster works here.




  1. Manasa Manasa

    I have been suffering from alopecia since 7-8 years. I have went through many treatments but ther is no result. I started using subliminals. Can I use 2-3 subliminals related to cure my baldness from different channels one after other?????

  2. anuja anuja

    can i like listen to 20 different subliminal in a day keep goin in that routine for like a month

    • angel angel

      honestly in my opinion no . using multiple subliminals will clash . I recommend using a bundle of what you desire for your appearance or keep like 1-3 subs.

  3. Kim Ann Clark Kim Ann Clark

    I have a question if you listen while you’re asleep overnight how long do you need to do it for until you get complete full results how long would it take?. Because I want to get complete full results faster

  4. detective astro detective astro

    Also when the bio of a subliminal says ONLY LISTEN ONCE can I listen to it for two times or do I do what the bio says because I just think that just once won’t speed up the result

    • Of course, you must be talking about YouTube Subliminals since none of our subliminals will ever say listen to just once. So, I would ask the YouTube creator that question.

      You cannot get results from listing to once.

      Those Subliminals will tell you anything you want to hear to get views since that is how they make money.

  5. detective astro detective astro

    when i’m listening to a forced math genius sub can i do math problems while listening to that would that increase my speed of my result or would it worsen it,

    • Eden Eden

      its best to listen to subs while u are lying in bed and calming ur mind. u shouldnt do any stuff that makes u think too much because ur brain is already working hard and fast on accepting the affirmations so yeah u shouldnt do math problems and listen to subs. u should do it later and close ur eyes and calm while listening to it 🙂

  6. detective astro detective astro

    When a subliminal says ONLY LISTEN ONCE A DAY but the sub is only 10-15 mins long do I still get results from it too.

  7. Joe Joe

    Hello Mike! I just wanted to ask you something. Do we have to get enough sleep for subliminals to work faster?

    • Being well-rested would help.

      Anything you can do to relax your mind helps. Like meditation.

  8. Ruiu Ruiu

    Is it good or bad To listen to jumbled subminal ? Like Listening Postive subminal after that Listening to Intelligence subminal and so on ?

    • If by jumbled you mean listening to one subliminal and then a different one after that, yes that is perfectly fine.

      Many of our customers, including myself, have a playlist of different Subliminals on different subjects.

      • ANNA ANNA

        This question is very important to me
        How far apart is it between listening to two different subliminals?
        And what is the distance between the booster and the main subliminal?

        • Not sure I understand your questions,

          Booster is the best right before your main subliminal.
          You can listen to it right after, no need to wait.

          Same with two different Subliminals you can listen right after the first one.

  9. Sze Yu Sze Yu

    Hello Mike,
    I have a question: Is it okay to look in the mirror after a few hours of listening or should I try not to?
    Sometimes websites tell you not to look in the mirror because you might not see what you want and make blockages in your mind, which means that the subliminal that you listen to might not work as efficiently.


    • That’s hard to say, plus I do not know what your goal is.

      It can be negative if you are trying to change something physically and you look in the mirror and see that it is not happening. Your mind will see what is and say or think this is not working.

      So yes, you can undo what the Subliminals are trying to accomplish.

  10. Jimin Teo Jimin Teo

    what does it mean when you said to not listen repeat the affirmations as you listen?

    • The reason I say that is because most affirmations are not true in your current reality.

      If you read your affirmations or repeat them in your mind your conscious mind may reject them since they are not true.

      Subliminals are recorded below the hearing level they bypass your conscious mind and go straight into your subconscious without rejection.

      Once your subconscious beliefs change your current reality will change.

  11. Peyret amy Peyret amy

    Is there a diet that is required to achieve results? Am I suppose to follow a guide on what to eat or what to drink for results ?

    • No, there is no requirement for diet.

      I will add this though if you eat healthy your mind will be sharper and more alert.
      You will not feel drowsy or confused by eating a healthy diet.

      In case you’re wondering I follow a very healthy diet 🙂

  12. Honesty Honesty

    can subliminal make a different your DNA like if you have a kid will they be able to have the same results like if you do a green eye subliminal and you get results will your kids get the same thing or your grand-kids like do it go to generations or something like that. sorry it’s not really making sense but yeah
    if you have time can you get back to me

    • It makes sense, and in theory, it is possible. We have never done any in-depth studies on the subject so I cannot say for sure.

  13. Alyssa Alyssa

    Um i have a quistion how can I make the sublinial work better and faster for me if I have adhd and some disabilities ?, And what are the side affects of a sublinal working allready ?

    • Alyssa Alyssa

      Also for example let’s say I do a telekinesis sublinal. would these effects and or results last for a long time. And how do I have a better mindset for this to work ? And if I keep doing it over and over after failing am I supposed to believe in the sublinal better and try harder and to not give up. I need some pointers to help me.

  14. Hi, can you answer me one thing? Does metabolism have to do with Biokinesis? Like, if the person has a fast metabolism, will there be faster results too?

    • For most Subliminals your metabolism does not matter. In fact, you can speed up or slow your metabolism down using Subliminals.

      If you are trying to change something physical on or in your body, then yes it would make a difference.

  15. Daz Daz

    Thank you ! I found it really helpful. I had may questions and you helped me clear them all.

  16. Mark Mark

    Very interesting, good job, and thanks for sharing such a blog.

  17. Adriana Adriana

    I have a question. Can you Photoshop yourself with your desired results and look at that photo everyday or while listening? Will that make it go faster?
    Like for example: let’s say you have brown eyes. can you listen to a blue eyes subliminal and have a photoshopped pic of yourself with blue eyes as your lock screen on your phone?

    • Yes, that’s a great idea. More you can keep your mind on what you desire the better do whatever it takes.

      The same process I used to recommend to people that needed money. Write yourself out a check or print one online in the amount of money you wish to attract.

      This is why vision boards work. You surround yourself of things that you want to attract into your life.

      • Shibani agrawal Shibani agrawal

        Hi your post is really helpful. I have a question…recently I am listening subs for receding hairline, if I look at some pictures of people with fuller hairline while listening, will this speed up the result

        • Yes, that would help. Anything you can do to make yourself visualize your end goal is helpful.
          This is why a lot of people use vision boards.

          • Mia liz Mia liz

            Hi. I have a question. So i have been changing my mind about some of my results. And i want to know if do i still get my results even if i change some of my results? Thank you

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