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How to Reach Your Desire Faster with Law of Attraction

Mike Tucker 17

Can you really reach your desire faster using law of attraction? The answer to that is absolutely, and here’s how. Most people desire something that is lacking in their life. It’s okay to want something, in fact, knowing what you want is a good first step.

However, once you know your desire you cannot go about asking for it or wanting it, this is the totally wrong mindset.

Why is this you ask? I thought I was supposed to ask for what I wanted? The problem with this is you are coming from a mindset of lack, something that is missing in your life. Reach your desire faster

You’re thinking about what you do not have instead of what you desire.

The way the Law of Attraction works is you get what you think about. If you are thinking about what you do not have, why your desire is not showing up in your life and so on, all you are going to attract is more of the same.

You must think about the end result only. What’s it going to feel like when you achieve your desire. Can you picture it in your life as if it already happened? Use your imagination.

This is how you will attract your desire or reach your desire faster with law of attraction.

Once you learn this powerful skill, and it is powerful and worth learning, you can reach any desire faster using this method.

Want to get an ex back with law of attraction? Want to get a better job or make more money? Do you need to improve your health? All of it can be achieved with Law of Attraction if used properly. It works and it works every time. If you take the time to learn this skill.

Bottom line is if you want to reach your desire faster you must think about, and only think about, the end result… nothing else. Do not worry about how it will happen that will be taken care of for you in the most efficient way possible. Just keep the end result in mind and stay in the feeling of already having it. How to reach your desire faster

Use affirmations, subliminals, your imagination or any other tool needed to create powerful emotional feelings of already having it.

The stronger you can create feelings of already having it the faster it will come to you.

That is totally opposite of what most people do. All of us go around thinking about what we don’t have. All you’re going to get when you think like that is more of not having.

So use your thoughts and feelings and you will reach your desire faster than you ever thought possible. Try it.

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  1. Lisa Lisa

    Hi Mike. There’s this really gorgeous TV presenter in England that I’m
    Attracted to and he’s also a really clever academic. I’m been visualising and thinking about how happy I would to be with him and if hes interested in me . I’m going to an academic lecture next month and he’s presenting it . Is that a good sign my visualising is working? Also is it harder to manifest him as a boyfriend as he’s a celebrity?

    • I don’t believe it would be any harder, celebrities are real people just like everyone else. In fact, they usually have bigger problems and worries than most of us.
      I have helped a lot of famous people and celebrities over the years. I wish I could say who but to keep everything confidential I cannot. 🙂

      Keep visualizing.

      • Lisa Lisa

        Hi Mike,

        Thank you so so much for replying. Wow that’s amazing that you’ve assisted celebrities and maintain confidentiality.

        I think the visualizing about the celebrity/academic I’m attracted to is working because today when I was walking to my parents house, this handsome guy chatted to me and introduced himself to me when I walked passed him on the road. That’s a good sign that I’m reaching my desire.

  2. James Smith James Smith

    Mike. Would it be possible to make a subliminal on how to regrow your gums? This is a bit embarrassing but I lost a lot of my gums and the dentist said they never grow back. And I’ve heard that this is a common problem with people. It would be great to get them back.

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      Yes, we can make a subliminal for that if you want to write out the affirmations we will record it.

      This is a new one to me. How effective it would be, I don’t know. I am sure you can make your gums healthier. The mind is a great healer.

  3. Laura Laura

    Hi mike,

    I got this great job where I was allowed to
    Work from home and only go in once a week to survey the buildings. I work as a structural engineer and my boss was really impressed with my work. Im really disappointed but she gave away two of my projects to
    Another engineer as he gave her cheap office space. He’s going on Holiday for a month so my manager said she’ll give me the next projects. Can I manifest that other engineer out of the picture? My manager said she didn’t want to give him two projects as he’s more expensive
    . I really like this job

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      You can manifest the other engineer out of your job and I know people that have done similar things. However…

      You could look at it in a totally different way. The universe is nothing but abundance there’s never lack of anything.

      If you know you can do a better job than the other engineer, why worry about it, it will all work out. We attract and get what we worry about. Think of the other engineer as helping you out. I’m sure there are plenty of jobs to go around in your office. Visualize them taking the ones you don’t want doing you a favor. Be thankful they are there they are allowing you to get the good jobs.

      Visualize yourself succeeding every day doing a good job, your boss petting you on the back, complementing your excellent work. The other engineer will wonder how you get so lucky getting all those perfect jobs.

      • Laura Laura

        Hi Mike. Thank you so so much for replying to me. I’m really grateful. Yesterday I got a text from my manager saying that she won’t be using.the other engineer anymore and that she prefers to use me and that she’ll be giving me all the structural projects from now on !!x I am so happy about that ! I bought your money magnet subliminal and after the third day she text me so i’m sure that really really helped.

        • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

          Great, I love hearing success stories 🙂

        • Laura Laura

          Also. there’s another desire I have. I have this really nice, fun and glamorous acquaintance from primary school and she has like million friends and doesn’t have time for me. we went to play school together so have known each other since four years old but she never ever has time for me. She used to live down the road from my parents for thirty years but I couldn’t reach her. Can I manifest a good friendship with her? she’s friends with another girl I know who isn’t very genuine and its hard watching that. So would i need to feel and imagine that I’m out with her and she’s texting me etc?

          • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

            Yes, you can. Just like you said. Imagine you are already friends…laughing, having a good time and so on.

        • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

          Could you post that as a review for the money magnet subliminal? I would appreciate it. Thanks

          • Laura Laura

            Sure ! of course I can ! It’s only been a few days since I’ve been using it but its definetely helping! I’m really glad you made one

  4. Simon Simon

    If i have hard time believe i gonna get in real life what i want, can it work anyway if only focus of end results about i wanna have?

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      Yes, in fact that’s the only way it does work. If you can think act and feel as if you already have it you will have it. It works.

      • Simon Simon

        So i do not have to believe only focus on what i want, it is that you said? Thanks!

        • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

          Yes, don’t worry about how it will happen.

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