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How to Manifest Someone Out of Your Life


Sometimes it is better to move on and let go of someone instead of trying to fix everything that is not working. It did not work out, it happens. But what if the other person does not want to let go?

Can You Manifest Someone Out Of Your Life?

We all know you can use the law of attraction to manifest someone into your life but, can you use the same principles to manifest someone out of your life?

Manifest someone out of your life
We attract everyone into our life. Using the same methods you can manifest them out of your life.

The answer to that is yes, you can. Sometimes we need to remove toxic soul-sucking people out of our lives for good. Using the same process you used to manifest them into your life but in reverse.

If you want someone completely out of your life that is bringing you down, annoying you, bothering you, maybe even stalking you. Follow this guide and you can remove them from your existence and move on with your life without them.

How to Manifest Someone Out Of Your Life Completely.

There are many different ways you can manifest something into your life or something out of it. Below are a couple of methods that you can begin using immediately for quick results. These are easy for beginners to apply. Even if you are new to the law of attraction and manifesting.

1. Use Visualization to Begin The Manifesting Process

One of the best methods you can use to manifest anything is to use visualization. It is easy and effective, anyone can do this and begin the process immediately.

Take some time out and go into a quiet room somewhere where you can be alone without distractions.

Take three really deep breaths then just sit and relax for a few minutes. This will signal to your body that everything is okay and you can simply be calm for a few minutes and open your mind.

Now close your eyes and imagine one of your daily activities with this person that you need to get rid of. Now imagine doing the same thing by yourself, without them. Do not even think about them at all.

Create different scenes or little movies in your head, use your imagination. Think of yourself living your life as if they were no longer in it, they are gone, they have moved on, it is over.

If they are not living with you then just create scenes of yourself living your life happily without them. Imagine they do not contact you or try and get a hold of you in any way, it is over

2. Manifest Them Out Of Your Life on Paper

Get a piece of paper and pencil or pen and write out a list of everything you do not like about this person. Draw a line down the middle and write out everything you wish this person could be. In other words the opposite of what you just wrote.

How to manifest someone out of your life completely
Follow the steps in this article and you can completely manifest anyone out of your life.

You can use this list to use when you are visualizing. Imagine a person with all the attributes of the positive side of your list. We attract what we think about so you’re going to attract someone with all those positive features and eliminate the person with all the bad negative traits.

You can also use paper to write out scenes like in a play of your life without them in it. Write out something like one of your friends asking you whatever happened to Bob? Do you ever hear from him? No, I’m glad he finally moved on and left you alone.

The more you can visualize or write out scenes in your head of them not being in your life the better and faster you will manifest them right out of it.

3. Do Something That Makes You Feel Happy

Whether they are out of your life yet or not you can begin to feel better and place yourself in a higher vibration allowing you to attract better things into your life.

Go out and do something that is going to make you happy and feel good. You may have been in a rut and not been doing the things that you know you like doing.

Start living your life without them. You will start feeling better and maybe meet some new friends with the positive traits you wrote about when you were doing your writing exercises.

4. Use a List of Affirmations or a Subliminal

Affirmations are powerful but take a lot of repetition for them to be effective. You can write out a list of positive affirmations and read them first thing when you wake up in the morning. Read them again during the day and once more before going to sleep at night.

The more you read your list the better. It will help keep your thoughts on what you do want and not on what you do not want to attract any more of.

They must be written out as if your goal has already been achieved. Not that it will happen or is going to happen but as if it already has.

Something like,

My relationship with Bill is now over.
I am so happy now that Bill is gone and has moved on.
Bill has packed all his stuff up and moved out.
I am happy that Bill has met someone else and has left me alone.

You can also read and record your affirmations and listen to them as much as you can.

More effective and easier to listen to is to have your list of affirmations produced into a subliminal audio. With a subliminal, the affirmations are there but they are silent. All you hear is the relaxing background.

Since you do not hear the affirmations your subconscious mind easily accepts and absorbs them without rejection. Plus they can be played and listened to while you sleep.

We offer custom subliminals. Send us your affirmations and we will record them in our studio and produce them into a professional subliminal that will get you results.

How to Manifest Someone Moving Out of Your Home

Sometimes you will have someone living with you in your home that is toxic for you and you need to get rid of them or manifest them out of your life.

It may be harder since they are living with you and you have to see them daily but the process still works. You have to focus your mind on thoughts and feelings of them not being there any longer, even though they are

This is where visualization comes in. A scene that you can use for visualization is to picture them packing up their stuff, loading up their car or vehicle, and leaving. You can use this if you are currently living together and need to manifest them out of your home and life.

How to Manifest Someone to Stop Liking You

Sometimes in our lives, we will come across someone that has a big crush on us and will not leave us alone. It becomes annoying very quickly.

You try to be nice but do not want them in your life and wish they would move on. You need the person to stop liking you or having feelings for you.

Use the same principles stated above and do whatever you need to in order to make yourself feel as if they were already gone.

Can I Manifest My Way Out of an Abusive Relationship?

If you are in an abusive relationship you can manifest your way out of it and get rid of your abuser using the principles of the law of attraction and manifesting. Even though you will be attached to strong emotions or feeling depressed or beaten, it will work.

You can work on yourself and change your energy and vibration. This will change what you are currently attracting. They will feel something different about you. They may change.

Either way, things will not continue to be the same repeating pattern.

Can you Manifest Someone Out of Someone Else’s Life?

If you want to help out a friend or someone you know manifest someone out of their life you can definitely help. While this is a little harder than getting rid of someone yourself it can certainly be done.

Of course, the person you are trying to help must want to get rid of them too, not just you. The power from the two of you combined will be very effective in removing them from their life, for good.

Use the same methods you would use for yourself. Visualize the other person happy and without the toxic person, they are trying to manifest out.

Both of you can sit and talk about them as if they were already gone. Like, remember when… or isn’t it great now that they moved away or are with someone else.

Manifesting someone out of your life is not much harder than when you attracted them into your life. Work on your feelings and emotions. See the future as if it has already happened.

Your energy field and vibration will change, The other person will feel something different about you. They will treat you differently and will get the urge to get out and move on. They will leave you alone. This process works.


  1. how do you do this to manifest somoene out of your life who is toxic, obsessed with you , a staler who is not relaly living “with” you but live so close to you on the same street across teh street less then 300 feet away?

    • Just apply the methods in the article they would work for that situation too. At one time I had some really bad neighbors I wish were gone.

      Instead of getting angry or upset over it, I used the methods to manifest them out.

      I would visualize them packing up, loading up a moving truck, and getting out of the neighborhood. Eventually, they did 🙂

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