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How To Manifest Money Using Law of Attraction

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How To Manifest Money Using Law of AttractionIf you need to attract more money into your life, here is how to manifest money using law of attraction.

A week ago a friend of mine called me and told me she needed $1,500 for some unexpected bills. She wanted me to lend it to her. I did not tell her whether I would lend her the money or not. ( I would have but I didn’t want her to know that).

I asked her how soon she needed the money. She said within a week the bills were due. I said okay let’s try this, she knows what I do for a living. Let me show you a way you can manifest the money you need Within a week. She agreed.

I told her to write down the statement that she would have in her possession $1,500 by next week.

I then told her to go into a quiet room just before going to bed, close your eyes and visualize yourself in possession of the money.

I said get some bills, it doesn’t matter what they are, even dollar bills will work. You need at least two dollars. If you have a stack of 15 that would be great. We laughed, I said if you don’t have at least two dollars then we have a problem.

She got 15 single dollar bills together. I said okay great. Now close your eyes and feel the texture of the money, smell it, now imagine they are hundred dollar bills. Keeping your eyes closed count them out one by one as if they were hundreds. When you get to the end you will have an imaginary stack of bills that would total $1,500.

I said when you are done counting out the money, several times, and getting into the feeling of having it, say thank you for this money I received. End with saying out loud ” it is done”.

I told her this is a perfect exercise to imagine already having that money. You have to feel as if you already have something in order to attract it. She understood right away as we have been through this before with other problems I have helped her with.

I told her to repeat this once in the morning as soon as you wake up, then again right before going to sleep at night.How To Manifest Money Using Law of Attraction

She thanked me and felt better right away knowing the process works. I said keep me posted as to what happens.

4 days later she gave me a phone call telling me she booked two jobs for that weekend one for $800 and the other for $750. Her business is almost all profit. She was so happy she manifested the money she needed in less than a week.

I also want to mention we both live in Florida and this is our slow season. Her business has been really slow lately so, booking these jobs that seem to come out of nowhere was amazing to her.

She commented that she should have asked for more money. I told her yes you should have. I said it doesn’t matter you now know the process and have proven to yourself that it works. Use it anytime you need to manifest more money with law of attraction.

So… many of you will want to know will this work for larger sums of money? The answer is, yes it will.

You can use the same process and keep counting out that stack of money into any amount you desire.

Let’s say you would like to manifest a larger amount lets use $100,000 for example. Instead of sitting there counting money out you can write yourself a check for that amount. Use an old check if you have one. Use the same process described above and feel as if you just received that check in the mail.

Get excited, feel it, feel as if it already happened. Now sign the back of the check and close your eyes, imagine yourself driving to your bank. Imagine yourself parking your car, walking up to the bank and opening the door.

Feel the cool air of the air conditioning as you enter the bank. The smell of the bank. The feel of the floor as you walk up to the teller with your hundred-thousand-dollar check you’re going to deposit.

Imagine yourself handing it to the teller… and so on. The more you can imagine as if you are already in possession of the money the faster it will come to you.

Techniques like this are how you can manifest money using law of attraction for any amount you desire. Try it. Practice. Start with a small amount just for fun. Let me know your results.


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