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How to Manifest a Specific Person Into Your Life


Follow these steps and you will be able to manifest a specific person into your life. Whether it is an ex, someone new, or even someone you have not met yet, this works.

Let’s start by answering if it is possible or not. The answer to that is, yes you can manifest someone into your life. By using the power of the law of attraction and your own feelings you can attract anyone you want.

The same principles apply to manifesting anything into your reality. Law of attraction works for manifesting physical items and it will also work to attract other people.

How to Manifest a Specific Person

Basically law of attraction and manifesting anything you desire into your life is fairly simple, believe it or not.

The secret is you have to feel as if you already have it before you manifest it into your life. This applies to people or objects, the same principles apply to both.

How to Manifest a Specific Person into your Life showing Girl looking at guySo how do you feel as if you have a specific person in your life? You’re going to have to use your imagination and visualization. If you cannot do that there is another method you will find at the end of this article.

It takes practice but if you can feel as if you already have something it will come into your life quickly.

Take time out during your day to sit quietly and imagine you and this person together. Visualize or create scenes in your head of you both doing something you enjoy.

You are laughing, having a good time, how does it feel? Feels great right? You are with the person you want to be with now.

This is fun once you get into it. You can create different mind movies in your head of you doing all types of things. Whatever you can imagine. What would you like to be doing with this person?

Imagine it, do it until you can feel as if it’s already happening. The more you can do that the faster it will manifest into your life. The feelings are where the real power is not just the thoughts, visions, or your script.

Whatever method you would like to use. The main thing is to do whatever you need to in order to make you feel as if it was already true.

If you want to manifest someone new into your life and have a picture of them, use that. Look at it while you imagine yourself together.

I’m sure you can dig up a picture on Facebook or somewhere online or perhaps be a little sneaky and get a picture of them on your phone.

How to Manifest Love with Someone

You can manifest love with a specific person using the methods mentioned up above. All you have to do is add the feeling of love.

Love is a deep feeling. If you can feel it while you are visualizing it will come to you. If it is someone new you are trying to manifest keep visualizing and imagining until you get that deep feeling of love.Couple kissing after she manifested a boyfriend

Most of us know what that feels like. Now if it’s someone you have been with for a while and things are progressing or not working out you can use the same method to manifest love.

If you want to attract a specific person to love you you need to change your energy in order for them to feel and be attracted by it.

So how do you do that? By getting into the feeling of you both being in love even if you are currently not. It does not matter if you can feel it you will attract it.

We all feel each other’s energy. And it is now known that our energy field extends much further than we originally thought which was 30 feet. We now think it’s unlimited.

In other words, distance does not matter. So even if you are apart you can still manifest love with a specific person and they will feel it and love you back.

How to Manifest Somebody

If you were with someone, and things did not work out, and now you would like this person back into your life you can manifest them back using these methods.

If you skipped ahead to this section read the entire article from the beginning for the process. You must do whatever you have to in order to feel like you are already back together with his specific person.

It does not matter if it is an ex-girlfriend, an ex-boyfriend, ex-husband or ex-wife, or anything else you can manifest them back.

You had feelings for each other at one time there’s no reason you cannot bring them back.

First of all, you have to forget about the past and anything else that is going on in your relationship.

You may not like it but you need to change first in order to attract and manifest someone. You need to change your energy and vibrations in order to get those feelings and love back from another person.

You were in high vibration when you first met and had those strong loving feelings, remember? Everything was perfect, all the songs on the radio made sense, life was great.

You can get that back. You just need to visualize, imagine and feel as if you were already back together. Do whatever you need to to get into those feelings.

Manifest a relationshipUse pictures, old texts, old letters, mementos from dates, maybe some old perfume or cologne to remind you of them.

Everyone is different, so you have to figure out what makes you feel as if they are there currently with you, right now.

When you’re watching a movie, eating dinner, going about your daily routine, imagine they are there with you.

We have another article on how to manifest your ex back which will give you a little more information on this subject. But I will tell you it is very possible I’ve seen it many times where people attract a person back to them.

There are also methods you can use to manifest a text from someone if you wish to get in contact with them again.

How to Manifest Marriage with Someone

If you would like to manifest marriage with a specific person you can also use these methods.

Whether you are in a relationship with someone and want to move it into marriage or it’s someone new in your life and you would like to end in marriage, the same principles of the law of traction apply to either.

How would it feel to be married to this person? Where would you live, what would you be doing? Imagine it, write movies in your mind, and replay them as much as you can.

If they are currently not with you, get ready for them, believe they are coming. Clear out some closet space make room for their clothes since you will be married soon.

Get your house ready and in order for your new husband or wife. Once you are ready for something it will show up.

If you are currently with someone perhaps living together use the same methods until you can feel as if you are married. They will feel your energy change and more than likely start feeling and thinking differently about you.

You may be amazed at the results.

How Long Does It Take to Manifest a Person?

So how long does it take to manifest someone into your life? This really depends on you. It can happen very quickly or can take a long time.

I have seen people get results in days and others take many months, so that’s a really hard one to answer since everyone is different.

It all depends on how fast you can feel as if the end result has already happened. This will change your energy, they will feel it and be attracted to your life.

This is how everything works. This is how the law of attraction works. This is how we get what we ask for. Not through words or wishes but feelings, feelings of already having it.

  • How Do You Manifest Someone Fast?

If you’re trying to manifest a specific person fast, instantly, or in your sleep overnight, you need to completely commit and concentrate and get into the feeling of it already being true.Cool looking blue clock

Use any of the methods stated above to feel like they are currently there right now next to you, even though they’re not.

Use pictures, texts, emails, visualization, mind movies, and feel gratitude that it already happened, be thankful.

Thank you universe for bringing them back to me, thank you universe for bringing them to me, thank you universe for our new relationship thank you higher power for them loving me back.

Use subliminals to change your deep subconscious beliefs allowing you to attract what you believe is already true.

Using a vision board is also a good method to use since you will be looking at it many times during the day… You can even make one for your home screen on your phone.

It’s hard to grasp this whole concept at first but this is how the universe actually works. It will not bring you something you want too badly or are lacking in your life. It will bring you things that you believe you deserve and feel as if you already have

  • How to Manifest a Person Instantly

It is possible to manifest a specific person instantly since the universe has no concept of time, as far as the way we think we know it.

However, this is much harder for most of you since you are probably new to this or you don’t have much experience in manifesting.

On our website, we have another article on manifesting where I suggest practicing and using the law of attraction. That way when you actually need something important in your life you will know the exact procedure, it is a skill.

We all have it and are born with it we just don’t practice it enough to manifest things instantly.

Here’s a method I have used to manifest a specific person instantly and I have taught others to do it in social places like bars and clubs.

If you’re old enough to be in a club or nightclub I’m sure you have been out and noticed someone you are attracted to. It could be anywhere else in public, it does not matter where.

Maybe you exchange looks a few times. You begin to notice each other. Most of the time one or both of you chicken out and nothing ever happens.

By the way, let me back up a little bit. When you are attracted to someone like that you’re both feeling each other’s energy and vibration.

This is why I say above if you want to attract a person back into your life they need to feel your new energy.

But anyway, back to my bar scenario. So you both notice each other and feel the energy of attraction. If you want to attract that specific person start imagining yourself together.

Create short little scenes in your mind of you and this other person being together, right now. Don’t ignore your friends or stare off blankly into space you’ll just look weird.

But if you can imagine you are talking, being together, going out on a date, falling in love, whatever you desire they will feel it and be attracted to you even more. Your vibration will shift and match each other.

Years back when I used to demonstrate this principle my friends were amazed because I could just sit there and have someone come up to me just about every time.

I think they were a little jealous because they always commented that I don’t even have to get up out of my chair. If I desired to meet someone they ended up coming over to me

This stuff works, practice it.

Using a Subliminal to attract Specific Person

You can use a subliminal to, bring someone back, attract love into your life, or even manifest your soulmate.

As stated above if you have trouble visualizing or getting into the feeling of already having manifested someone into your life, you can use a subliminal instead, or both.

Whether it is a custom subliminal, one created just for you with the person’s name on it, or one that is already produced, they both work.

Using a subliminal to manifest a person is easier than some other methods because all you have to do is listen.

You can use the above methods along with a subliminal or just use the audio by itself and relax, think of nothing while listening if you have trouble visualizing.

You can use it while you sleep too. Since they can be set to repeat and played in your sleep.

Now that you know how to manifest a specific person into your life are you going to use these methods to manifest your desired person?

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  1. Jeyanthi Jeyanthi

    Thanks Mike for your really helpful reply. I haven’t had a date with the guy I like and I was very disappointed that he cancelled last week but he has Covid.
    If I use the law of revision and pretended I had an amazing date with him and had loads of amazing dates that occurred in the past , that would get me a date with him right? At the moment it’s a lot of texting and calling which is great but I really want to meet up with him in real life.

  2. Yes, that is correct. You could even use a real ring and wear it when he is not around.

    Anything you can do to make yourself feel like it is already true.

    A subliminal for yourself will change your energy and vibration. Other people feel this. He will too. It will cause other people to think differently about you.

  3. Jeyanthi Jeyanthi

    Hi Mike. Thanks so much for writing this article. Will this work for marriage even though the guy I am dating says he doesn’t believe in marriage and it’s just a piece of paper? I really want to be married to him. I was thinking about visualising a wedding ring on my finger and feeling how happy I would if he chose me to be his wife and what our life together in a house be would be like. That’s the way to do it right? Will a subliminal also change his mind also? I was going to order a custom subliminal.

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