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How To Make Your Ex Want You Back ( In 12 Steps )


It can be really tough to get over your ex, especially if you were head over heels in love with them. But there are things you can do to make it easier on yourself and speed up the process.

First, try and stay positive and upbeat when you interact with your ex. Let them see that you’re doing great without them in your life.

How to make your ex want you back

You may be tempted to call, text, or even show up at your ex’s doorstep, but this is usually not the best course of action. There are a few things you can do to get your ex to start thinking about you again and possibly want you back.

steps to make your ex want you backFirst, try reaching out to them in a way that is respectful and not too pushy.

If they respond positively, then continue engaging with them in a positive manner.

If they don’t seem interested, back off and give them some space. Ultimately, the goal is to make them see how much they miss being around you and how great it was when you were together.

If you have recently broken up then I would skip this step and wait for a period of time. Both of you need a little separate time. This is an important step and you may want to follow the no contact rule.

Step 1. Understand why your ex left you

There can be a lot of reasons why an ex may have left, but it’s important to try and understand why.

One possibility is that they may have felt like they weren’t good enough for you or that they were always causing problems in the relationship. It could also be that they lost interest or felt like you weren’t meeting their needs anymore.

Whatever the reason, it’s important to try and figure out what went wrong so you can avoid those mistakes in future relationships.

If your ex left because of something you did, then make an effort to change that about yourself. If it was something they did, then try and understand where they were coming from.

If it is something they did you’re going to have to forgive them and let it go if you want to eventually get back together. Even if they cheated on you, let it go and move on.

Step 2. Don’t stalk or harass your ex

No matter what, don’t stalk or harass your ex, this will only push them further away. Try and remain positive and upbeat when interacting with them, and let them see how great life is without them in it.

Respect their decision if they don’t want to get back together, but stay hopeful that they may come around in the future.

Do not be needy or clingy if they do decide to give you another chance, as this will only push them away again. Be confident and show them that you are independent and happy without them.

Everyone loves a positive person. If they see you doing well they’re going to wonder what you have been doing and will definitely find you more attractive.

I’m sure you have known a crabby miserable person. Does anyone really want to be around someone like that? You may hurt and be miserable but don’t let it show on the outside, work on things that make you happy.

Step 3. Commit to change after a breakup to make your ex want you back

The first step to making your ex want you back is to commit to change. This means that you need to be willing to work on yourself and improve the things about yourself that your ex found unattractive.

If you’re not willing to do this, then your ex will likely never want to get back together with you. However, if you are willing to put in the effort to change, then your ex may start to see you in a new light and want to give things another chance.

There are many things that you can do to start making changes in yourself. One of the best things you can do is to start working out and getting in shape.

This will not only make you look better, but it will also make you feel better about yourself. Additionally, you should try to be more positive and upbeat when you’re around your ex.

If you can show your ex that you’re a changed person, then they may be more likely to want to give things another shot.

If it’s something that caused the breakup then you would definitely need to change that about you. Whatever they did not like you will need to fix it before there is the hope of being back together.

We don’t like to hear it but you’re going to have to make changes to yourself first if you want to make your ex want you back.

Step 4. Take time to heal after a breakup

Just like any wound, a broken heart needs time to heal. And just like any other kind of injury, the healing process can be painful, frustrating, and even messy.

But if you give yourself the time and space you need to heal, eventually, you will start to feel better.

Keep thinking positive thoughts, and don’t be afraid to ask for help from your friends and family. They can provide a shoulder to cry on and a listening ear when you need it most.

Most importantly, be patient with yourself. It takes time to heal a broken heart, but eventually, you will get there.

This step is important before you move on, so do not skip it. If you recently broke up do not rush to try and get back together right away. It will not work.

Nothing has changed so why would they want you back right now? Take the time to make yourself feel better. Go out and do things that make you happy. Try something new and exciting.

Step 5. Get a haircut or new hairstyle to make your ex want you back

Getting a new haircut or hairstyle will get your ex’s attention. They’ll be wondering what you’ve been up to and why you look so good.

Plus, a new hairstyle will make you feel confident and attractive, which is always a plus when trying to win someone back.

We all feel better after a fresh haircut. Try a different color or style.

If you know that your ex always loved blonde girls why not try a different hair color for a while? They may see you in a whole different light.

Step 6. Buy some new clothes to make your ex want you

Buy some new clothes to make your ex want you backGo out and buy yourself a whole new wardrobe, post lots of pictures of your new outfits on social media, and tag your ex with them.

Before you know it, they’ll be taking notice of how good you are looking and start to remember all the good times you had.

Especially if you just got a new haircut or hairstyle along with your new clothes.

Either way, new clothes always make you feel better and will lift your spirits up. Especially after a breakup. So go ahead and go by that new outfit you’ve been wanting.

Again if it’s something you know your ex likes, like a short black skirt, then go ahead and buy a new one.

Step 7. Remind your ex of happy memories

Yes, it’s true that breakups are never easy. But that doesn’t mean you can’t try to remind your ex of the happy memories you shared together.

After all, even though things didn’t work out between the two of you, there’s no reason why you can’t still be friends.

So go ahead and send your ex a text message or email reminding them of a funny story or memory you shared together. It’ll definitely bring a smile to their face, and who knows, maybe it’ll even help get things back on track between the two of you.

Once you are past the no contact rule, go ahead and text them, make it light and casual. Don’t even mention getting back together, meeting, or working on things right now.

A sneaky method is to ask them something like hey, what was that Mexican restaurant we used to go to where we had so much fun? Once you get an answer say thanks and leave it at that.

This will do a couple of things. First of all, they’re going to think back and remember the great times you had at that restaurant.

It will also make them wonder why you are asking. Are you going out on a date and taking someone there? Either way, they are definitely going to be thinking about you.

Step 8. Get back in touch

If it’s been a while since you last talked to your ex, then getting back in touch may be the best way to get them thinking about you again. Send them a text or give them a call, but don’t be too pushy about it.

Just let them know you’re thinking about them and see how they respond. If they seem interested, then you can start talking to them more often. But if they don’t, then back off and give them some space.

You know your ex pretty well and you would be able to tell right away, even through text, if they are interested in talking to you right now or not. If they seem cold, then you better wait longer and give them more time.

Step 9. Meet up with them in person

If your ex agrees to meet up with you, then take that opportunity to show them how much fun you’re still having without them.

Of course, you don’t want to overdo it. Just let them know you are feeling good and doing well. Especially if you got some new clothes, a new haircut and possibly lost a little weight.

Make sure you dress up and look your best, and be positive and upbeat when you’re around them. Let them see that you’re doing great without them and that you’re still the same fun person they used to know and fell in love with.

Step 10. Be honest with your ex

If you’re looking to get back together with your ex, then you need to be honest about your feelings. Tell them how much you miss them and how much you still care about them.

Explain what went wrong in the relationship and why you think things would be different this time around. Be sincere in your words and let them see how much you still want to be with them.

Making your ex want you back takes time and effort, but it’s definitely possible if you approach things in the right way.

Be respectful, understanding, and honest with your ex, and let them see how great life is when you’re together.

With a little patience and persistence, you could end up getting back together and having an even better relationship than before.

Step 11. Show them that you’ve moved on and are doing well without them

This can be one of the most effective ways to get your ex to want you back. By showing them that you’re doing great without them, they’ll start to wonder what they’re missing out on.

Be sure to stay positive and upbeat when interacting with your ex, and let them see all the fun you’re having without them.

If they see that you’re happy and enjoying life without them, they’ll start to realize how much they miss being around you and all the good times you used to have.

Especially if they tried dating someone else and it did not work out.

Go out on a date to make your ex want you backStep 12. Go out on a date to get their attention

Going on a date is a great way to do it. By showing them that other people find you attractive and desirable. Nothing like a little jealousy to get the attention of your ex.

Going out on a date is also going to lift your spirits and make you feel better. Get out and have a good time. You do not have to get into a new relationship. Keep it casual.

Post some pictures on your social media of yourself and your date having a good time. This may be the trigger that makes your ex want you back.

They could be sitting home feeling lonely and bored maybe a little depressed and see you doing well out on a date and having a good time.

Bonus Method – Use a subliminal to make your ex want you back

Whatever you need to change in your life to make you more desirable to your ex, a subliminal can help you achieve it faster.

Whatever you need to change like losing weight, feeling positive, getting healthier, having better self-esteem, and so on…

By using a subliminal you can reprogram your subconscious mind with new thoughts and beliefs. This will allow you to achieve your goals and desires much faster.

Subliminals are recorded with silent positive affirmations on them. They bypass your conscious mind and go straight into your subconscious with no rejection.

This makes it easy to make positive changes in your life. All you have to do is listen daily. We have many you can use to make changes in your life.

Our get your ex back subliminal is seeing some amazing results. If you do not find one that fits your needs exactly you can have a custom subliminal produced for you.

Final Thoughts

Use some or all of the steps above and you will be on your way to making your ex want you back. The fact is you are going to have to work on yourself first before you have any chance of getting back together.

Think about what made you attractive to your ex in the first place and then work to get back to that. If you were a positive upbeat happy person then you need to get back to the way you use to be when you were together and happy.

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