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How to Manifest Your Ex Back (This Works)


You can learn how to manifest your ex back if you follow this guide and apply these methods. If you are wondering, how to bring someone back to you with the law of attraction, you’re not the only one.

It’s one of the more common questions we get asked. Reading this entire article and following it you will be able to manifest and bring anyone back into your life.

Can you manifest your ex back into your life?

Can you manifest a person back into your life? Many of you want to know if this is even possible. My answer to this question is, yes you can manifest your ex back with the law of attraction.

In fact, using the law of attraction is one of the most effective ways you can use to get an ex back if you use it properly and stick to it.

If you follow these guidelines, you will attract them back to you, or you will find a better relationship than you had before, using the same principles.

As a side effect, you will naturally start to attract other people into your life, whether you want to or not. It can not be avoided.How to manifest your ex back like this couple kissing did

First of all, forget the past, it is gone, there’s nothing you can do about it and can not change it so, do not dwell on it anymore.

Whatever happened is in the past, you are starting fresh now.

If you are doing anything else or using any other method for getting someone back, stop now.

Follow these steps, and nothing else, because they work.

How to manifest your ex back into your life

Follow these 5 steps and you will manifest your ex back to you fast. Use all of the methods and have faith that they work. They have been fully tested by many users with great success!

Step 1. Clarify why you want to manifest your ex back

Get out a piece of paper, a journal, or a notebook, and write out all the reasons you want your ex back. Not just because you are lonely or miss them they must be positive reasons.

If you want to be certain you want to manifest them back get a blank piece of paper and draw a line down the middle. On one side list everything you love about them.

On the other side list everything you hate about them. If the good side outweighs the bad then continue. Take your time and think about this, be honest with yourself.

Writing out your intent by hand is very important. It starts the manifestation process immediately. Typing or talking to your computer or phone does not have the same effect. You need to write with your own hand.

This is how the law of attraction works. The more you can feel loved and grateful for having your ex back the faster it will happen.

Even if they have moved on and are with someone else or a new partner. Do not worry about it, and never worry about how it will happen.

The law of attraction is very powerful and it works. Something will change, they will start missing you, they will come back to you, all from the power of the law of attraction and the unstoppable power of your mind.

Step 2. Visualize as if you are already back together and in love

When you visualize you will want to think about nothing but positive thoughts about your ex. Forget everything that happened before. Treat this as a game of your imagination.

Every morning when you first wake up imagine that you are with your ex, imagine you are saying good morning to each other, kissing, hugging, talking about what you’re going to do today.

In other words, imagine they are there with you now. Say hi to them in the morning.

At night do the same thing, imagine you’re falling asleep with your ex, hugging, kissing, saying I love you, saying goodnight, imagine they are there with you right now.

When you are watching TV or your favorite movie, imagine they are with you. Imagine you are having a conversation with them, talking about the movie, and so on.

When you’re cooking dinner imagine your cooking for two. You can even set the table for two like you are having dinner with your ex that night.

How would you react, what would you be saying to each other? How grateful would they be that you made them dinner?

Listening to positive music or your favorite songs, or watching movies about love and relationships that are positive will also help keep your mind positive and keep you in a loving feeling.

How to manifest your ex back in 5 stepsYou want to do everything you can to imagine they are with you all the time.

Whatever you have to do to get into the feeling of having them there….now.

This is how the law of attraction works. It is how we attract everything spirituality into our lives.

Step 3. Eliminate Limiting Beliefs

You need to eliminate your common limiting beliefs and allow the universe to bring you what you desire. These principles work if you allow them and believe in your power to manifest what you want.

Many of us spend a good part of our lives with bad or false beliefs running in our subconscious minds.

You should use any means necessary to turn them into positive feelings and emotions, especially if you are suffering from a broken heart. Manifesting limiting beliefs will only slow down the entire process.

Anytime you feel negative, you can replace those thoughts and feelings with gratitude and love. Love is the most powerful emotion you can use to attract someone back to you.

No matter what happened in the past, or problems you have had, even if you are feeling bad at the moment you have to concentrate on what you want and what’s going to happen in the future. That is bringing them back to you.

You do not want to continue manifesting negative beliefs by holding negative thoughts in your mind’s vision. Holding on to negative energy and negative beliefs will only attract more negative.

You will have a hard time attracting your ex back and may manifest or attract negative outcomes.

If you are having trouble with your negative emotions think of a time when you were happy in your life while you use these other methods. You must stop feeling pity for yourself if you are.

For example, if you are using a subliminal and have trouble visualizing yourself back together with your ex then think of another time in your life when you were happy doing something else while you listen.

Not about your breakup or anything that has happened since. Limiting beliefs block your desire from manifesting. Many of us grow up with life limiting beliefs that are not true.

Step 4. Use positive affirmations to manifest an ex back

You can write out a list of affirmations and read them every night right before going to bed. Write out what you want to attract into your life.

You could also record them and listen to them in your sleep. However, affirmations are not as effective as a subliminal since you actually hear the spoken words.

The reason is your conscious mind may pick up on them and reject them. It also may be hard to sleep with someone, even though it’s your own voice, talking all night.

We have an article on affirmations to get your ex back if you want to read more.

Step 5. Use a journal, scripting, or diary to feel good about your relationship

Whatever writing method you wish to use if you write out a story as if you were already back together with your ex right before going to bed you will find this effective.

It will help you with your visualization. The more stories you can create or scenes with you and them back together the faster you will manifest them back into your life.

Journal and write out stories as if they were happening in your current reality. Ones that make you feel good.

Remember we attract what we think about. If you can keep your thoughts on the two of you back together, even though you are not, the faster it will happen.

Another method you could use is writing yourself an email as if it came from them. What would they say to you? Write it as if you were together right now.

Imagine they went on vacation for two weeks and were missing you really bad, what would they say to you in a letter or email?

Writing and sending emails like this to yourself, as if they came from them, is a good positive manifesting technique.

What You Should Not Do

Do not contact them at all if you can avoid it, let them come to you, and follow the no contact rule. do not spy on them, check out their Facebook page, post on social sites, and so on.

You are probably not ready to talk to them without bringing up bad feelings, arguing, or feeling the lack of not being with them. Follow the no contact period.

Do not read old love letters whether they are good or bad because you will soon be missing them and feeling the lack if you do you will only attract more of the same.

Don’t take any action, or force things since everything is perfect in your mind, you are loved, and grateful for having them back right now.

Apply everything stated above for 30 days. Even if you get them back in a matter of days, continue to do the exercises for a full 30 days.

Imagine the way you want the relationship to be and it will happen in real life. This is a great method on how to manifest an ex back with the law of attraction.

Eventually, you will want to get back in contact with them. Take a look at this article and you will learn how you can manifest someone to text you.

Get your ex back subliminal

Our Powerful  get your ex backsubliminal program is available for anyone that is still struggling with getting someone back.

This program will change your hidden subconscious beliefs and stop you from doing the wrong things and sabotaging your chances.


We are now offering you a custom-made get your ex back subliminal. We will record the subliminal with your ex’s name, making our popular program even more effective and providing faster results.

How long does it take to manifest your ex back?

This is a question that I get asked a lot, and it’s one that I’m not entirely sure how to answer. After all, there is no set time frame for manifestation, and everyone’s situation is different.

That being said, I have seen people manifest their exes back in as little as a few days, and I’ve seen it take a few months.

It will depend on your thoughts and beliefs. If you’re someone who believes that it will take a long time, then it probably will. Keep your feelings positive about your relationship and feel good during the process.

If you believe that you can manifest your ex back quickly, then you likely will.

The key is to keep your thoughts and beliefs in alignment with what you want to manifest. So if you want to manifest your ex back quickly, then you need to believe that it’s possible.

Keep your thoughts positive and focus on what you want, rather than what you don’t want.

And be patient. The universe will deliver what you’re asking for, but it may not happen in the timeline that you’re hoping for.

Trust that the universe has your back and that everything is happening for your highest good.

The universe always delivers. So if you’re still waiting for your ex to come back, have faith that it will happen. Everything always works out in the end.

Use the steps I posted above and have faith that they work.

Does Manifesting Your Ex Really Work?

The answer is…yes, it does work! I have seen it work time and time again.

Manifesting your ex back is simply the process of aligning your thoughts and beliefs with what you want to achieve. And when you do that, the universe will conspire to make it happen.

So if you want to get your ex back, you need to start by believing that it’s possible. Then you need to apply the steps listed above. Use them daily and you will see things starting to change.

Be patient. The universe works in its own time, not ours. So trust that everything is happening for your highest good and have faith that your ex will come back to you.

How do I make my ex feel the spark again?

If you start by working on yourself and getting back to the way YOU were when you first met you will be able to make your ex feel the spark in your relationship once again.

This is actually easier than most people think. They had feelings or were in love with you at one time. Those feelings never really disappear.

You just need to feel like you did when you first met. This is what they were attracted to. Your thoughts, feelings, and energy need to change if you want to manifest your ex back.

Final Thoughts

Changing your subconscious beliefs will change what you attract in your life. Your vibration level will change and you will become aligned with your desire. The law of attraction works!

In this case, being back with your ex. Ex-boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, it does not matter. What we think about, visualize and feel is what we attract and manifest.

Learning how to manifest your ex back is just a step-by-step process. The universe will deliver experiences that match your thoughts and feelings.

You may also want to check out our article on signs your manifesting your ex back and how to make your ex want you back. Thanks for reading!

  1. Joan Joan

    I recently just had a breakup with my boyfriend of 4 months I had mentally been cheating for about 2 months of the relationship and he found out and Ended things with me. We were in a long distance relationship for the whole relationship and we’re off an on about dating or being friends until I can come to see him. I hurt him so bad and I feel awful for doing so we both cut contact with each other and I cut contact with the other guy and one of my friends he seemed suspicious about, he told me he forgives me but he doesn’t want me in his life I’m wondering if I am still able to heal myself work on my own issues and manifest him back into my life where we both are in a good place and able to live near each other. He felt like my soul mate I just wasn’t mentally ready for a relationship and hurt him while hurting myself.

  2. Serious Serious

    Hello mike,
    I never cheated her, i never hurt her physically, i never put wrong intentions upon her, i never wanted her to cry but we really used to fight a lot cause she was literally a great liar with no regretions but anyway maybe it’s again my fault. We really loved eachother but in the end end we abused eachother alot that was so pathetic and now i realized my mistake and she hated me just because of those actions. Can i still manifest her?
    Overalll my question is can i manifest someone who hates me??? In this case sometimes i feel that her hating is not even fair.
    Please answer pal…

    • Yes, you still can. You need to work on yourself first. You need to change your energy and vibration.
      Then your ex will sense that something is different about you, something better. You can work on it from there.

      Stop thinking about what is going on currently and concentrate on the way you want things to be.

  3. unknown unknown

    hey helloo … im manifesting a guy who i truly love with all my heart ..we were in a relation b4 but he dosent call it a relation..he says he was just different around me and was physical and tells me to forget him but even now if i am troubled he cares if i text him he speaks on call..i have gut feelings that he loves me but for some reason dossent wanna parents are pretty strict and im 18 yo he knows that i may get hurt ..using this will i get him to be with me and love me with all his heart.??..theres nothing else i want..

    • unknown same person above unknown same person above

      i feel like hes my soulmate and hes the one …

  4. Jane Doe Jane Doe

    what do you do if you’re still on regular talking terms with them?

  5. Nicole Nicole

    He approached me online and from the first discussions he told me that we are soulmates. I didn’t believe him and he was upset about it, but we kept talking. After 8 months of on and off discussions, he decided to meet. We live in different cities and he has a job where he is always gone. After seeing each other, he told me that he really likes me and is real and wants to see me again. But he didn’t know if he wanted a relationship and yet we met again after another 3 months. I was very nervous about it, but I let it go. At the second meeting he asked me for my opinion on whether to accept a job offer to leave the country for 6 months. Then I asked him what we are and he said he can’t give me a relationship now because of the job. I was very upset because we talked for 1 year and he kept telling me that he wanted me but he can’t have a relationship and be patient with him. So I told him we’d better finish it and then he decided to leave the country telling me he didn’t kept him anything here and we don’t get along. And now I feel really bad that I didn’t want to end it all just to see if he really wanted me. All this time I rejected him believing that this is how I attract him even more and he never gave up. But now he has chosen to leave and tell me that I have ruined everything, that I have put pressure on him with the relationship and that in the end he no longer thinks that we are soulmates because we have come to offend each other and that he hopes I find someone better that him. In the end he said that he can’t say goodbye to me and maybe one day we’ll meet again, but he blocked me, If I manifest him to want me again and give me that relationship, it will work as a result of what happened?

  6. taylor taylor

    Hi, my ex lost feelings for me a few weeks back and only just broke up 3 days ago. Can the law of attraction still work to get him back even though he lost feelings?

  7. sylvie sylvie

    I recently caught my husband with his ex-girlfriend. Recently, he has been distant unloving, and disrespectful towards me. I had a feeling he was going to leave me in no time and he later did this was After 3 years of marriage, my husband left me and never returned.

    I felt like my life was about to end, my marriage was falling apart.

    Using the law of attraction along with other methods like visualization and a subliminal I was able to get my husband back.
    I am so happy 🙂

    We still have issues but we are working on them and things are much better now.

    Thank you for this article, I realize now where I went wrong and how to avoid future problems. My advice to anyone else is that these methods work if you use them!

    • That’s great to hear, I love hearing success stories. Yes, the principles of the law of attraction really do work.

      I also want to add that I hope you realize where you went wrong. Worrying and thinking about your husband leaving you resulted in attracting that outcome. We attract what we fear or worry about just as easily as we attract our desires our goals. It’s all about your thoughts, feelings, and the beliefs you hold in your subconscious mind.

  8. Teju Teju


    I have been with this guy for 2.5 years on and off. We dated for a year and then broke up for 3 months. I used LOA and attracted him.. he reached out to me and we dated for 5 months. Then again he broke up with me. We didn’t speak for 6 months. I tried to move on, but couldn’t. somewhere I always feel that we were meant together and so I reached out to him and we came back together. Then we dated again for 5 months and he again broke up saying he doesn’t loves me.. he never loved me.. he tried those 2.5 years to fall in love with me but he couldnt. But I feel he loves me, even though he has not said to me directly once.. I feel it.. and I feel we are meant to be together. I don’t know if I am emotional that’s why I feel it or is it really true.. but I always get this feeling that he is the one. I have never felt that strong connection with anyone.
    Will this work even after three breakups with the same person and him saying that he never loved me. Or should I just try to move on (which I couldn’t in those 2.5 years even when we were apart)
    Please advise

    • Well, since you know the process works I am sure you can attract him back again if you wanted to.

      However, I would fix what is not working before you attempt to get back together again. There has to be something that is not working in your relationship.

      Whatever it is figure it out and then use the law of attraction to fix it. Spend time visualizing the both of you in a perfect relationship.

      If you spend time doing that first, before attracting him back, things would work out differently.

  9. paige paige

    hello, i have been using the law of attraction to try to get my ex back and i’ve noticed some of the things i’ve tried to attract about his behavior have happened however, it is very very hard to let things go and trust because well, we still live together and there is no way for us not to as we just signed the lease for this place a month ago and neither of us can afford to break our lease and pay the fees. we sleep in the same bed still and interact quite a bit through out the day and i’m finding it very hard to stay positive as much as i know i need to simply because i see him constantly and listen to him talk for hours while he games and honestly it’s hard to ignore him sometimes and focus on myself. we’ve been broken up for about a month and he says he doesn’t want a relationship with anyone but is interested in another girl. i don’t know how to keep up positive vibes and do the no contact thing when we see each other every single day and still get into some stress and small arguments. i don’t know what to do

  10. Wills Wills

    Okay, so I would like some help and figured it best to reach out here.
    I’m trying to manifest an ex back after a really bad break up, really bad. I’ve not cheated, hurt or harmed her, so not been malicious. I just made mistakes. Several.
    Okay, so what I need help with, is that I’ve been trying to manifest her to contact me, I’ve a vision board, I journal, I use subliminals (from you), meditate (i struggle to visualise, my mind is too active) and listen to ho’oponopono regulalry. I have only positive intentions and have made major lifestyle changes. Do I just continue and wait? I find Im manifesting the same outcome but with differemt specifics (she’ll call, she’ll follow me on FB, email etc….). Am I over thinking it? Trying too hard? Im new to this, I do believe we’ll be together, but worry I have too much ‘need’

    • I think you are overthinking it. It seems like you are worrying too much about why it is not happening yet, or trying to force something to happen.

      The only thing you really need to do is whatever it takes to make yourself feel like you are already back together. Keep your thoughts on what you want to manifest.

      It will happen in the right time and place if you keep your thoughts on only what you want.

  11. Lara Lara

    I love this…❤️ Happy to have my lover back after 3 months of breakup, thanks

    wonderfully exciting
    How incredibly
    You’re the best

    • Louie Louie

      It’s so nice to read things like this I’m on day 1 of the no contact. I can’t wait to have my husband back with me and my children. He left 2 weeks ago and I’ve only just come across this. Today ive felt so positive. In 2 months my husband will be here with me Happy xxx

      • BB BB

        This does work I manifested my ex back in a matter of days. She called me to talk. She said she still loves me. Smile and laugh, be happy as though you are already back together. Feel the emotion that you would feel if your ex is already back in your life. The universe has your back and will make it happen.

        • Donna Donna

          Thank you so much I’ve had a few set backs but I’m fully focused now and fingers crossed, blessing, belief. I will have my husband back in a few weeks. Good luck with it all.

    • isey serolf isey serolf

      congrats! I’m still trying and I’m still hopefull..I just cannot give up on them ♡ but messages like these give me hope! I will soon be writing that my ex came back! 🙂

    • wills wills

      Congrats Lara. Without meaning to pry too much, how was your break up? Mine is bad as I’ve said above. I only want whats best for my ex, but I so want to be with her for the journey.

    • Dakota Dakota

      I’ve liked this dude for almost a year now (a year in September) we dated for 3 months but broke up in April… I’ve missed him so much since then, he hates me tho and it’s all so complicated.. I’m gonna try this and I’ll come back to update you guys if anything starts working! Any other tips I should know? (Also does it matter the age? Him and I are middle schoolers but I’ve never loved someone like I’ve loved him.. a lot of people say we’re just too young so what’s ur opinion?)

      • Dakoda Dakoda

        (Posted this comment august 11th) (dont mind me noting this)

  12. Louie Louie

    Hi my husband left me almost 2 weeks ago. I’ve done the angry text and phone calls as I really want him back we have 2 children been together for 18 years and married for 8. I’m going to manifest him back to me and I’m going to follow the 30 days steps. However having children he will message me about the boys will this ruin the 30day manifest and having a day out for our sons birthday will this ruin the no contact rule.


    • The reason we suggest the no contact rule is because most people cannot talk text or communicate with their ex without bringing up negative feelings especially in the beginning.

      However, if you can communicate without feeling bad, bringing up negative feelings of the past, and pushing your desire away even further with negative thoughts then you can continue with communication.

  13. Jen Nuna Jen Nuna

    Hello there. I am in a difficult Situation. Does this work even if I already talked to my ex and he said he is done for good? I messed up big time..

    Also I am trying scripting since a few days, I want to Prinz out his picture and out it on my bed and usw his perfume. Is it a good idea?

    • Anything you can do to make you feel as if you are already back together Will help.

  14. Sarah Fryer Sarah Fryer

    Me and my girlfriend we recently broke up a few days ago and she said she wants nothing to do with me and if were really meant to be it’ll happen. We both were very toxic in our relationship and she blamed everything on me. I was struggling with trying to heal for myself and she just left me because she didn’t want to be my “crutch”. I really think that i messed up and i feel like i lost the love of my life. I don’t want to see her with anyone else as selfish as that sounds i think it was just the wrong time with you. I plan on reaching out in a few months to talk when i feel better just being with myself but i also will not know if she’ll find someone the time i give myself. she said she wouldn’t wait for me and she blamed everything on me for our relationship. i really want her to realize that no one will love her the same way i did and i want her back later in life. please what’s something i can do to bring her back i really don’t want to lose her in my life.

    • Aryan Aryan

      I’m in the same condition brother I tried so hard but failed now I left everything on the universe and time n just being positive

  15. Valerie Valerie

    But what if my ex is abusive? Can they change? Is there a way to manifest them into being non- abusive perhaps?

    • Shane Kummerfeld Shane Kummerfeld

      When you affirm the good qualities in those and affirm positive in you and them it will have a profound effect. Don’t focus on the negative in them because it will being more of that in the person.

  16. Jane Jane

    Hello Mike!
    It’s actually pretty funny because my ex’s name is Mike. After reading this I asked the universe to send me very easy to recognize signs. Since that I saw your name, which is his name. I was watching a movie I’d never seen and his name got screamed multiple times. Then today I received a call from an agent named Mike. Could this be signs?

    • Yes, they could be signs. In most cases, we never recognize them or write them off as coincidence.

      It’s like when you desire a new car a certain model, maybe a certain color, and then begin seeing them all the time while you are driving.

  17. Montsserrat Leyva Montsserrat Leyva

    Hello Mike!

    Does the LOA works even if I made a mistake?


    P.S. Love your subliminals and articles

    • Yes, in fact, the universe does not know any difference between good or bad mistakes or otherwise. It just delivers our desires. It will also deliver what we fear or worry about. So keep your mind thoughts and feelings on what you want to manifest.

  18. Nishant Nishant

    When should I visualize my partner with me so how i visualize, like i visualize same scene when I wake up in morning and i same scene visualize when I going to sleep, Can i visualize different scans every 30 days please sir guide me please i need your help………..

    • You can use visualization anytime during the day.

      You can use the same scene over and over if you wish. Or you can create different ones.

      Do whatever makes you feel good, and feel as if you are already back together. In other words whatever works best for you.

  19. Hi mike,
    Before I already use law of attraction to get my ex girlfriend back, and we broke up again. And I can’t focus to get her back again because of what happened to us.. what will I do to focus to get her back again?

    • Since you know the process works do what you did before.

      Visualize yourself together do this until you can feel as if you are already back together. Think from the end result, as if it has already happened.

  20. anonymous anonymous

    hi mike,

    me and my ex broke up about 3 or so days ago. he’s already with someone else but all i want is him. we both had each other blocked on everything but his best friend has been texting me. for the no contact rule, do i drop all contact with her as well? we were also in a long distance relationship so would sleeping with the stuffed animal he gave me and spraying his cologne on it help at all?

    a few of my friends also want me to try and make him jealous but i don’t want to do that because that could make him think more negatively of me and i do not want that. and it would also be with a guy that my ex didn’t like. so i have no idea what to do in that situation

    i also want to know, if we ended in a very bad way, will the Laws of Attraction still work in my favor? and is there anything else i could do to make him miss me? i genuinely feel like me and him are soulmates. my dad loved him. my mom was actually starting to like him. my brother liked him. everybody loved him. he made me so happy and he showed me that life is actually worth living. he made me feel alive. and i know i wasn’t the only one who felt that way. his mom loved me too. and his sisters, though he didn’t talk about me much around them, also liked me. i want to start over with him. i want to go back to how things used to be the first 1-2 months of our relationship. we did go through some rough patches but we always figured it out. and at the end of the day, we still loved each other.

    i do not want to give up this one. i can’t. i can’t lose him. we planned to be together forever and i still want to be. i want a life with him, and only him. i want to make everything work. i took time to think about why he left me and i know now that it’s not only his fault. i was so blind and i thought i didn’t do anything wrong but i know i did. i realize my mistakes and i want to try again.

    I’m sorry if i rambled a bit but I am extremely passionate about getting him back.

    • Les Les

      Hi.I hoped you would of had a reply.your situation is the same as mine. Did you have any joy x

  21. Jo featherstone Jo featherstone

    I met my ex after writing a note to the universe. As did he! We then met in a swimming pool. We’re together for a year but I ended it, and want him back. He’s been ignoring the messages I’ve sent him (texts.) I will try the 30 day manifestation as I do believe in the laws of attraction.

    • The principles work. Keep your mind on what you want and not what is missing in your life. Then you will attract what you desire.

  22. Lee Lee

    I broke up with him on 12th of February last month,because he pays little attention to me and Others stuff.. but he told me on Friday he called that my voice still gives him chills and all that. Is that he still wants me back or what ? I want him back, I love him so much

  23. Jane doe Jane doe

    My sons father was failing school and being lazy in general not working etc. when covid hit we didn’t see each other for months and tensions were bad so we broke up, me saying he needs to get himself together and then we can move in together. Well he got a good job now but moved on with someone new (after 5 years and a kid) saying I took him for granted and looked down on him instead of love him. I think I went about everything wrong; he says he didn’t want this and he only wanted his family but he’s too deep in with this girl and can’t leave or hurt her. He cares about her. I am also probably going to have to file for child support which will further ruin things, but now that he’s working I need help for my son financially. Is this hopeless ? I also keep dwelling on her and he and how he can not think of me bc I can’t date anyone thinking of him.

  24. Jinal Jinal

    Hello Mike, I came through your article. I read the comments and the way you responded with so much positivity. I’m here to share my story. So I want my ex boyfriend back. I’m right now following no contact rule with him. Today is the 8th day where I haven’t even spoken to him at all. But I know he’s coming back to me. He wants me back, he misses me so badly, he wants my attention, he wants my presence in his life. He’s making all the efforts to have me back in his life. I know the universe is making it happen. And this time he’s offering me abundance of love,respect, value, happiness, everything.

  25. James and Brooke mccracken James and Brooke mccracken

    So I am going through a divorce and I met someone in the process who makes me feel alive again. Because of my ex husband drama the new guy decided to stay friends. We connected on a whole mother level and I know he can’t be willing to give it up just yet. He knows I am done with my ex all the way around. How can I get him to come back to me as the person he started to care deeply for as he still tells me he cares deeply for me?

    • Use the powers of law attraction and visualization.

      Think act and feel as if your desire has already happened. We attract what we believe is true. Other people can feel your energy and will be attracted to it, meaning this other person.

  26. Kim Kim

    My ex of 7 years we have kids together found someone else I’m devastated I love the man with all my heart ❤️ I want him back he has blocked me on everything shows up when he wants to see kids but runs to her as soon as she texts we have been split up for 8 weeks and I have acted like a bit of a psycho begging texting everything can I change things round now and win him back xx

    • You already know what you are doing is not working so you need to change the way you are thinking and acting.

      We attract more of what we think and feel. If you feel negative and hurt all you are going to do is attract more of the same.

      Read over the article again.

      • Alan kirby Alan kirby

        I broke up with this girl I was head over heels for and we were fine early that day and later on she said she needed time for mental health reasons I’m trying to manifest but can’t stop thinking how she’s not here and can’t stay positive and doubt about manifesting her creeps I I’m so lost

        • Phil Phil

          I want to get my ex back

    • Sra Sra

      How is it going?

  27. Julie Julie

    My ex and I had a long distance relationship, and he recently broke up. We are basically living on each side of the world right now. If I use the method of this article, will it still work? Will he feel the change of my vibration, even on different continents? I’m thinking about the no-contact rule. How can he notice my change, if we don’t see/talk to each other?

    Best regards Julie

    • The powers of law attraction work no matter what the distance is. Without going into this too deeply here’s a quick example.

      Have you ever thought about someone that you haven’t talked to in a while and shortly after they get in contact with you? This is not a coincidence. Distance does not matter.

      • Durga Durga

        Hi i hope i can get some answer im looking for which i already know but still want to confirm maybe it’s human tendency. Does law of attraction really works?
        I’m unwell and in btwn I fell in love with my friend but once upon time he liked me which I dint know or can say wasn’t aware of this feeling. Now he is in different country and I got feelingd for him which I told him and probably he was in relationship n had a recent break up, I got into his life maybe to early for another relationship, we were in relationship but then he would give excuses, block me fight with me. And then again unblock n want me to stay as a friend or flirt with me and I was done with this game this time so I blocked him this time which i dint wanted to do but it was out of pain and frustration of his act, i still do love him and I want him to love me more and understand me too.

  28. R R

    Hi Mike,
    I have been talking to this guy for 2 months (we met on an online dating website), and things were going well but we had a few ups and downs. We haven’t met in person yet due to Covid. On Monday he said he needed a break, so I didn’t message him at all (apart from on Christmas I said “Merry Christmas” and he replied with the same). However yesterday (26th Dec) I saw he blocked me and I am confused as to why. I contacted him using another phone but he blocked that as well. I have used LOA in the past to manifest things but it hasn’t been on purpose, it was just a feeling of knowing. I was wondering if these techniques would still work for me as technically he is not my ex, and I am consciously using LOA rather than it being accidental? I really want him back and am going to start manifesting from today. However another thing I will say is that a couple of hours before he blocked me, I was trying to manifest our relationship by imagining us being together. I was wondering if I should stop doing this as he blocked me after I tried to imagine being with him? Thank you!

    • Keep your thoughts and feelings on the way you want things to be not the way they are.

      Since you know this process works whether you use it on purpose or not think back of how you did it and repeat what worked for you now, with your new desire.

      Don’t worry about how it will happen just know the process works.

  29. Joseph Joseph

    Help me please help me get my girlfriend back, I feel like I am going to die in depression. this is so intense I don’t want to lose my girlfriend I want her back please please please

    • Les Les

      I feel the exact same as you.
      Did u try it x

  30. Jane Doe Jane Doe

    He broke up with me almost 3 weeks ago now. 6 days prior to the break up we had an argument and he wouldn’t speak to me or resolve things, so ultimately he broke up with me. He said it was down to me being manipulative and dictating/controlling his life. A couple months before the break up I was seeing a therapist and going through (and still going through) CBT Therapy for Borderline Personality Disorder. I’ve begged and pleaded but he says his decision is final and that I have to respect that. He said I hurt him too much and he can’t put himself into that position again even though I’ve achieved so much and gotten so much better in such a small amount of time. I’m at a dead end here but I know that man is my soulmate, I can feel it in my gut.

    • Hi, read the comment I made in the post below, I think it will help you too.

    • Al Al


      Your situation sounds exactly like mine (what he said to you, the diagnosis and therapy, etc)…
      I was wondering if you are back together?

      • Les Les

        Hi am Les. My bf and I are slowly breaking up,but still talking,things have changed a lot,we’ve been together for 2years and we do love each other, although hes married…we both dont want to end things ,but we not closed like we used to…I want things to be they way there were..I dont want to lose him

    • nancy nancy

      I’m in the same boat — did it work for you?

  31. Rajvi Rajvi

    My ex broke up with me in an argument a month ago. The stress was increasing from a month. After that I tried to contact him through call and msgs. I tried to communicate but instead of having conversation he blocked me everywhere. He never used to be this much angry in relationship.
    I know something has happened in his life and I am unaware of it.
    Can you help me out?

    • This is why we recommend no contact in the beginning, especially in the beginning. It usually does not end well. You need to give it time.

      Spend this time working on yourself especially your mind and what you are thinking. We attract more of what we think and feel. If you constantly worry about the breakup and feel depressed all you will attract is more of the same.

      You need to feel and act as if you are already back together. This is how the law attraction works.

      This is how you attract an ex back.

  32. Paige Peterson Paige Peterson

    Hello, I met someone in around May and me and him got really close to each other really fast (we saved each other’s lives) we weren’t technically dating, but we still acted like a couple and actually loved each other, a lot. He lives in a different state from me, but a different person got mad at me for telling him no and became friends with the loml just to tell him I’ve been lying to him the entire time (I never have) and now he hates me, we’ve been without contact for about two months besides from one occasion. Would this manifestation still work? I still love him deeply and I don’t wanna give up that relationship because we genuinely loved each other and it was like we knew each other before we met. I pray every night and write as if I was talking to him in a journal almost every day now. Thank you

    • Nick Nick

      Hello i really like your comment. I question is what happens if someone is always positive and the ex is negative what will be the outcome? Will the law of attraction dominate?

  33. Jeyanthi Retnam Jeyanthi Retnam

    Hi Mike. My boyfriend broke up with me two months ago saying he had no feelings for me and did not miss me. We dated for 6 months and had a lovely time but he never said he loved me during that time. Can I manifest him back despite of this ? He did miss me a lot in the beginning. I would like him to come back and fall in love with me. I would like him to chase me and for us to see each other more often. I tried using the get your ex back subliminal and it did not work. I was thinking about creating my own subliminal therefore. Can I still manifest him as I am loosing hope.

    • In my opinion, anything is possible. You were attracted to each other in the beginning through feelings emotions and energy.

      Keep your thoughts and feelings on your end goal.
      You must make yourself believe and feel the way you want things to be not the way they are.

      • Alison Rae Alison Rae

        Hey. I can’t avoid to contact him, because we are classmates and we are talking again, and we are friends with benefits, but he still says that he doesn’t want to try again. Can the law of attraction still work?

  34. Reshma Reshma

    I recently got married to a man. And he didn’t seem that interested in me and it made me insecure at times and one day I got into an argument with him and he stopped talking to me since then. I was taken aback by his response and I tried contacting him but he blocked me on social media so I sent him an email and he replied saying he wanted a divorce. His family has spread terrible rumors about me. Can I change this situation and make him come back and be a loving person to me? Idk if they are cheating me as a family or it’s their ego. I’m so confused and I don’t want to get a divorce nor do I want to be in a sad marriage. I want it all to change. Please help

    • I don’t know what happened but you must keep your mind off of the past.
      There’s nothing you can do about it, you cannot change what happened.
      The more you think about the past the more you will attract more of the same.

      Do whatever you have to to make yourself feel as if you are living the life that you desire.
      You must think act and feel as if you are in that happy marriage that you want.

  35. Aiyash Aiyash

    I have brokeup with him from one month. No any contact between us. He didn’t try to talk to me and I also didn’t talk to him . But I missed him so much.can I use this technique to get him back. Because I didn’t take any effort to take him back by contacting him. But I really need him.

    • Yes you can use the information in the article to get your ex back, it really works. You must feel as if you are back together already in order to attract someone back into your life.

  36. Fenn Ho Fenn Ho

    Hi there

    I’m trying to attract my ex back. We broke up in Dec but was still in touch. In Feb we hooked up once. Then in April I learned that he’s in a new relationship and he’s still with her today and with this covid thing they seemed to be getting closer. But he still told people he thinks of me a lot and occasionally texted me. I believed this texts were manifested by me using LOA. However I’m confused with whether I should respond when he texts me and what should I respond. For eg yesterday after no contact for about 3 weeks, he suddenly send me a text making some comments on my new WhatsApp profile pic and then asking if I’m feeling better (I lost my job 3 weeks ago). I’m not sure if I should respond to him based on this no contact 30 days thing? I’m wondering if the universe will go hey I got him to send you a text why aren’t you responding?? Lol pls pls help to clear my confusion?

    • Go ahead and respond as long as you are coming from a happy place and believe you will be back together soon.

      The reason you should wait after a breakup to respond to anyone is most people are feeling negative and hurt and usually make a situation worse my talking or texting.

      • Fenn Ho Fenn Ho

        Hi mike

        Thanks for your response. Things have developed a bit. I bumped into him while hanging out at a mutual friend’s bar. There were lots of other people so we just talked casually. Then at 6am he texted me something along the line of stay who you are take care of yourself etc. And again commented on my profile pic saying I have a great smile. I was happy but today I heard from a friend that he’s organising a party for his current gf birthday. All the negative feelings crept up on me again. I kept thinking he has never done that for me. I don’t know how to get past this feeling of jealousy and anxiety and limited beliefs as you may call it. I reckon this will affect my manifestation. It’s so hard to visualise when the reality is showing you something of the opposite. What can I do?

  37. Hope Hope

    @claire, it will only ruin the work you’ve done before if you believe it will ruin it. You attract whatever your subconscious mind believes. I recommend you read Neville Goddards work. All the techniques advised by LOA teachers is so you can alter your beliefs.

  38. Valerie Valerie

    I have a question. So this might be complicated. I was dating a guy for 2 weeks, and he recently broke up with me, due to me always yelling at him . I was just so afraid he was gonna hurt me, and I didnt trust him, so I kept yelling. Eh. Bad choice. Is there anything I can do to make him desire me again and want me back?

    • Valerie Valerie

      Wait. Nevermind. Delete that please. Me and him are done .

  39. Kenny Kenny

    I have been surfing online more than 3 hours today, yet I never found any interesting article like yours. It is pretty worth enough for me. In my opinion.
    I am definetly going to do this and get my ex back


  40. Claire Claire

    Hi Mike,

    Thank you so much for your article.

    I had started to use LOA to get me ex back.I thought I had reached a turning point, but we got in contact to sort out some festival tickets. It didn’t end well and we ended up having an argument. I wish we hadn’t spoken as I was only a week into manifesting.

    I have started again to think positive thoughts as, I know there is a lot of care and love between us. Will this argument ruined the work I had done before? I still see us together.

    • Forget about it, it’s in the past there’s nothing you can do about it . If you dwell on it all you will attract is more of the same

      Use what you learned and begin again, put the Law of Attraction into action

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