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How to Get an ex Back with Law of Attraction

Mike Tucker 837

If you are wondering, how to get an ex back with law of attraction, you’re not the only one. It’s one of the more common questions we get asked.

Many of you want to know if this is even possible. My answer to this question is, yes, in fact using the law of attraction is one of the most effective ways you can use to get an ex back if you use it properly and stick to it.

If you follow these guidelines, you will attract your ex back, or you will find a better relationship than you had before, using the same principles. You will naturally start to attract other people into your life, whether you want to or not. It can not be avoided.get an ex back with law of attraction

First of all, forget the past, it is gone, there’s nothing you can do about it and can not change it so, do not dwell on it anymore. Whatever happened is in the past, your starting fresh now.

If you are doing anything else or using any other method for getting your ex back, stop now. Follow these steps, and nothing else, because they work.

So let’s begin, for the next 30 days, you will want to think about nothing but positive thoughts about your ex. Forget everything that happened before. Treat this as a game of your imagination.

Every morning when you first wake up imagine that you are with your ex, imagine you are saying good morning to each other, kissing, hugging, talking about what you’re going to do today, in other words, imagine they are there with you now.

At night do the same thing, imagine you’re falling asleep with your ex, hugging, kissing, saying I love you, saying good night, imagine they are there with you right now.

When you are watching TV or your favorite movie, imagine they are with you. Imagine you are having a conversation with them, talking about the movie and so on.

When you’re cooking dinner imagine your cooking for two. You can even set the table for two like you are having dinner with your ex that night. How would you react, what would you be saying to each other? How grateful would they be that you made them dinner?

Listen to positive music or your favorite songs, watching movies about love and relationships that are positive will also help keep your mind positive and keep you in a loving feeling.

how to get an ex back with law of attractionYou want to do everything you can to imagine they are with you all the time. Whatever you have to do to get into the feeling of having them there….now.

This is how the law of attraction works. It is how we attract everything into our lives.

Another method you could use is writing yourself an email as if it came from them. What would they say to you? Write it as if you were together right now. Imagine they went on vacation for two weeks and were missing you really bad, what would they say to you in a letter or email?

Writing and sending emails like this to yourself, as if it came from them, is a good positive manifestation technique.

This is how the law of attraction works. The more you can feel loved and grateful for having your ex back the faster it will happen. Even if they have moved on and are with someone else. Do not worry about it, and never worry about how it will happen.

The law of attraction is very powerful and it works. Something will change, they will start missing you, they will come back to you, all from the power of the law of attraction and the unstoppable power of your mind.

What You Do Not Want to Do

Do not contact them at all if you can avoid it, let them come to you, do not spy on them, check out their Facebook page and so on. You are probably not ready to talk to them without bringing up bad feelings, arguing, or feeling the lack of not being with them

Do not read old love letters whether they are good or bad because you will soon be missing them and feeling the lack if you do you will only attract more of the same.

Don’t take any action, or force things since everything is perfect in your mind, you are loved, and grateful for having them back right now.

Apply everything stated above for 30 days. Even if you get your ex back in a matter of days, continue to do the exercises for a full 30 days. Imagining the way you want the relationship to be and it will happen in real life. This is a great method on how to get an ex back with the law of attraction.

You will get your ex back and your relationship will be better than ever! I want to hear your story, leave me a comment below.

Another tool you can use to attract your ex back is our subliminal program. This will saturate your mind with nothing but positive feeling and make you FEEL like you are back together. This will speed up the process of attracting them back. Getting your mind right, and thinking positive thoughts, is a must. You attract what is rooted in your subconscious mind. Whether you know it or not. Your subconscious is running the show.

Get your ex back subliminal program

Our Powerful  get your ex backsubliminal program is available for anyone that is still struggling with getting their ex back. This program will change your hidden subconscious beliefs and stop you from doing the wrong things and sabotaging your chances.  It is proven that we attract what we believe to be true. If you are using the law of attraction to get your ex back, and not seeing the results you want…. this is for you.


We are now offering you a custom-made get your ex back subliminal. We will record the subliminals with your ex’s name, making our popular program even more effective and providing faster results for most people.  Check it out here

By changing your subconscious beliefs you will change what you attract in your life. Your vibration level will change and you will become aligned with your desire. In this case, being back with your ex. What we think about, visualize and feel is what we attract.

Here are a couple of positive quotes that are some of my favorites

– Man attract what he is. The art of life is to sustain the feeling of the wish fulfilled and let the thing come to you, not to go after them or think they flee away. – Neville Goddard
– EVERYTHING is possible to him who believes. – Jesus
– Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe. – Saint Augustine

  1. Glad Glad

    I used this method and it really worked for me. I had spent nearly a year missing a guy who I had been seeing who had left the country and feeling so sad. I met other men and nothing came of it. I started to imagine he was back in my life, in my home and that we ate meals together and went out to places together. I started to feel so happy and full of love. I wrote emails to myself from him. It was like a game of pretend but was very enjoyable. Soon after this I met someone else and he is really great. Two months later my ex returned to the country and contacted me to meet him. I ended up with the other guy as my ex had not been the best to me when we were together. It was an unstable relationship. I had to choose between them. This is still proof that you can use it to manifest him back into your life or someone even better! Nothing else I tried worked like this.

    • Thank you for posting this, hopefully, it will encourage others.

      I love hearing success stories!

      It is nice to hear from someone that understands the process and knows it works. Now that you do, you can use the same principles to manifest anything else in your life you desire.

  2. Valerie Valerie

    I have a question I dont know if Im typing it under the correct subject matter. Im gonna ask anyway. Theres a guy I really like, but Im not sure if he likes me back its uncertain. Is there any way I can manifest him to be interested in me at all?

    • Yes, you certainly can. You can use the same principles in the article above to attract someone you wish to be with.

      Visualized and use your imagination. Start acting as if you are already with this person.

      When you do this, many times the other person will feel your positive energy and loving vibrations. The way they look and feel about you will change. They will not know why but they will start seeing you differently.

      We’ve all done this. Think back when a person entered a room that you did not know. You immediately knew you either liked this person or hated them.

      • Valerie Valerie

        Thats GREAT! Woo! How exciting ! You are so kind I appreciate it.

  3. Mary Mary

    Hi Mike, This totally worked for me! Got him back after 3 weeks of using the subliminal and I folled the advice in this article. He called and said it was a mistake to break up and we should work it out!!!!

    • That’s great! I love hearing success stories. Glad it worked out for you 🙂

  4. Mara Mara

    Hi, my ex and I were officially broke up last May 31, 2019. We are 3 years and 3 months but in LDR. Last December he get back home and we’re together for 5 months. Everything is really good. I know we have special relationship, we love each other so much but I am hard headed, last time he caught me chatting with someone but I dont mean anything, or I am not really serious about it. He is really angry with me and his flight going back abroad is May 16. I thought we are okay now but not. We fight last May 26 and then 31 is our official break up. I let him go, he wants an space he said. Actually we are always arguing, always broke up. I also know the “Man’s Psychology” or even the No Contact rule. And recently I discover the Law of Attraction which it confused me because it suggests that just imagine with the one you love being with you. But that does it feels sad? Imagining someone who broke up with you? Because everytime I imagine, it makes me feel sad and ended up crying. Is theres a chance that my ex will come back? I know he loves me so much we’re planning to get married soon. But he already hide our pictures and also he put “Single” status on his facebook real quick. Please advise me.

    • We attract more of the way we feel. Our thoughts emotions and feelings tell the universe hey…I want more of this.

      So think about what you are doing. What are you ordering for your future?

      When you think about your ex go back and think and feel about the good times. What would it feel like if you were together right now and happy?

      ONLY think about the way you want things to be, not how they are.

      This is the way we communicate with the universe, higher power, God, source energy, whatever you want to call it.

  5. Khushi Khushi


    My long distance boyfriend of 7 years broke up with me recently since I was being very clingy, constantly kept bombarding him messages and calls.He broke up last month but somehow came back, but I ended up doing the same things again.Now he blocked me everywhere and there is no way to contact him, we do not have any common friends too.Please guide me on how to use the law of attraction in this case to get him back.Eagerly waiting for a response on this thread.Thanks

    • Did you read the article above and apply it?

      The principles of the law of attraction work if used properly. In fact, they work so well you will wonder why you have not learned and used them your entire life.

      We really do shape and create our lives as we go.

  6. Ann Ann

    Hi Mike, I started applying this technique a while ago .my ex and I were in a LDR for 2.6 years and then he broke up saying the distance got in a way of his feelings. Well I begged and cried and then during my search for answers I came across the secret and the law of attraction. I read it a lot, well this ex of mine who wouldn’t even pick my call out of no where said he misses me and thinks about me a lotthis was the same day I started practicing the LOA ..we aren’t back together and I won’t reply him till my days of gratitude and self affirmations are over, but I will say to any body out here that the mind is a great tool..use your thoughts positively and positive things will happen..I tell myself I am beautiful, I am strong, I am grateful…and the next thing everyone around me says same.Manifest your thoughts into reality…thanks Mike

    • Hey, that’s great and I am glad it is working for you. It seems like you have the concept down.

      We really do create our own reality as we go. I wish more people used their power and truly understood what they can do.

      They should teach this in school to everyone.

  7. Parth Devalia Parth Devalia

    Hey mike, and everyone, hii to all,
    Guys i just wanted to ask is there anyone who can help me get my ex back
    Its been 5 months of no contact,
    We broke up in november , she said she doesnt had attraction for me ( i still believe that wasnt the reason),
    Then in december i was so desperate and all, that i went to meet her and went close to her in movie threatre just to get her back , mean it i didnt had any other intention.

    But because of this my behaviour she has blocked me from everywhere.
    And i dont know, anyone has a successs story like mine case?

    I searched it every whrre,
    Every website,
    Law of attraction forums
    Success stories forums and all

    But i just want to know that how to get her back?
    And is that possible
    After such a dispute?

    • Law of attraction works, I would suggest starting again after you read more about the process. Practice the principles on other things that don’t matter just to get the procedure down.

      Anything is possible…

  8. Cindy Cindy

    I love this and your website and all. I would love to get back with my ex as it hard to find someone as good as him.

    Long story but i make it short. I broke up with him a decade ago. We were together for 5 year.
    What I did, iit was impulsive, I was young and dumb and not ready. He was everything I had in person, however I wanted to do different thing as I wanted to follow my goals/dreams first. I never cheat on him.
    Somehow I just got carried away, trying to enjoy my life, and then was dealing with family issues and severe anxiety and all, I was so focused on this and never thought about my ex. I didn’t want to drag him into this. I was not not the right mind It was never the right time. There were some things I made mistakes, was ashamed and not proud. I was focusing on negatively such as my mistakes and how my ex would be embarrassed/judged based on my mistakes. Also I pushed him away even he wanted to hang/talk to me.
    With my mistake, I am sure my ex heard from his friends and was embarrassed by it.
    now as I got older, and met new people, I realize my ex is my soulmate, it took me longer to realize that. We had strong connections before.
    When I read the secret, I asked to reunite with my ex, however I get the same messages such as picture of him with his wife on Instagram/Facebook, etc. the universe is trying to tell me that its a signs he’s not for me (i don’t follow him much but just happened the posts appeared). It is like a sign to move on. I am ok to meet new people however, my ex still in my mind and heart.
    I live with regrets since but I want to move from regrets.

    From reading the story, do you think I can use LOA to get my ex back (but will not follow him on social media platforms)? I want to respect his marriage and leave him alone.
    If even if we are not meant to be together, I can use LOA to attract someone else but as good as him?

  9. Kevin Bowman Kevin Bowman

    My situation is interesting….I was with my ex girlfriend for 5 years and we broke up twice and the last time was in 2016..we have 1 child together and I’ve also been like a father to her other child… was really ugly between us for awhile from 2016 to 2018, and last year things got alot better with us..The weird thing is I moved on from her and was in a relationship for 2 years 2016-2018 and felt like I moved on emotionally….but the weird thing is I broke up with the girl that I was with between 2016-2018, and suddenly I started getting strong emotions for the ex that I was with for 5 years, she go on dates but nothing serious and now I feel such a strong love for her and it came out of…this has never happened to I’m praying and focusing on being in a relationship with her again and walking down the aisle….

    • Keep visualizing and feeling as if it has already happened. Maybe you are feeling her positive energy. Perhaps she feels different now too…

  10. Chloe Chloe

    imagine cuddling with your ex, watching movies, cooking dinner for your ex, etc,

    I am living with my parents so it’s hard to play and imagine ex when your parents are around (even in apartment). what other ideas do you suggest to imagine to attract you ex when you are living with your parents?

    • When you were together where did you go? what did you do? Close your eyes and imagine you are there, having a good time…everything is perfect. Get excited, feel it.

      By doing this you are showing the universe what you want. This is the language, this is how we ask for things.

  11. Heartache Heartache

    Is looking at my ex boyfriend current girlfriend social media a part of spying? I’m not looking at his at all. Also, some days I’m so positive and there are days when I’m like we are done. Please help.

    • The reason not looking is most people will see what an ex is doing and feel bad or hurt. Then get depressed.

      We attract more of the way we feel.

  12. Natasha Natasha

    Hi Mike, My ex broke up with me 2 weeks ago and already has a new girlfriend. He’s been texting me almost everyday but at the same time he has a new girlfriend. I cannot avoid having negative thoughts thinking about their relationship and I have been trying my best to not think of it. So what should I do Mike? Should I not reply and ignore his text messages? I have been listening to some subliminal music to get him back and I can say that it works that he keeps on texting me. How do I attract him back but at the same time heal myself?

    • Ask him why he keeps texting you. Does he want you back? misses you?

      Ask him to take a break and not text for a while if he really cares about you. Tell him you need some time alone.

      It is said that absence makes the heart grow fonder—this is probably why lovers who apart spend most of their time thinking about each other.

      Keep your thoughts on the way you want things to be, nothing else.

      • Zeee Zeee

        Hi mike my boyfriend and I broke up about a month ago and I intiatted no contact however it’s almost over I’ve done so many wrong things in the relationship but I love him so much he is doing lots of things to make me jealous we were together for 2 and a half years and broke up. I still have good dreams about him and always think of the positive things but sometimes these negative thoughts come barging in and I try to remain happy and positive. He contacted me in the first week of no contact to check up on me and I told him that I’m busy but he still checks my stories on social media and likes my posts so can LOA work on getting him back and what shall I do to attract him back cuz I know for a fact we are meant to be together we connected on such a high level and we both love each other so much so plz i need your help

  13. Sissy Sissy

    Hi mike,
    My boyfriend & i broke up 2 weeks ago and he already has a new girlfriend. I still followed him on social medias. Should i not check on him because that will make me have negative thoughts because i’m still sad about our break up. Can you guide me on what to do?

    • If it makes you feel bad reading about your ex on social media sites then you should avoid it. We attract into our lives more of what we think and feel.

  14. Lucy Lucy

    Hello all,
    please I would need an advice. My boyfriend broke up with me 3 years ago and during that time I tried to live my life, I met new people, tried to date other guys but I couldn’t. I know my ex for 20 years and I know he is my twin flame. Now after 3 years I told him that I loved him cause we met and my place and everything was so nice. But he answered he would never be with me…that i should live my life until it’s too late and find someone else. Then he left and Im completely broken down…maybe I just need to hear that there is still a hope. Have been using LOA in every area of life succesfully but this is too much for me….Thank you very much♥

    • If you have been using LOA successfully then you know how to use and apply it, It is no different, just harder because more emotions are involved.

      • Saane Saane

        Hi Mike,
        My partner and I broke up a few weeks ago, I told him we should just stay friends because I knew he was under a lot of pressure with his life. But I do want him back. I’ve been meditating and thinking about him and I together in the morning and before bed, I also made a vision board. And I always say “he loves me” “he is on his way back to me”

        Is all this correct? I know I want it right now but I can’t rush the universe. We have not spoken much but I know we will be back and the universe will bring him back. Is there any advise you can give me? I’m just trying to let go of doubt and just focus on being happy and positive. Will he come back to me? I feel like he still loves me even when he says he doesn’t because he still replies to me quickly.

  15. Chloe Chloe

    I wonder, instead of getting back wit you ex, can the method applies as other way to attract your soulmate (if you are looking for soulmate/love)?

    • Yes, absolutely. Law of attraction can and should be used to manifest anything you desire in your life. In fact, we have a subliminal program to attract your soulmate.

  16. Tash Tash

    Hi Mike,

    I have been reading all the comments and obviously your article.

    My question is my ex and myself been broken up for 8 years now. He is with someone else. But I have always felt he is my soulmate. So I have now decided to take things into my own hands and use the LOA.

    Do you is possible after 8 years that the LOA will work in getting him back also given he is with a girl.

    Thank you


    • Law of attraction knows no time limits. I say it does not matter.

      We have all heard stories of people getting back together with there high school sweetheart after 30, 40, 50 years.

  17. Ruby Williams Ruby Williams

    Hi mike, i had a relationship which ended on a very bad note. We litrally never wanted to talk to each other. After that he went abroad and i am here. Is there any possibility that practicing law of attraction will change something in his feelings? Will he start thinking about me in the same loving way that i think?

  18. Nass Nass

    Hi Mike

    After two and a half years of virtually no contact, my friend has finally made contact again, albeit via email, but I guess it’s a start.

    Whilst the love I feel for him has never died he seems so distant. I find myself wondering why he chose to write back!

    I often visualise him by my side, it always brings a smile to my face and warmth to my heart. Is it possible he can pick up on my emotions?

    I want so much to be part of his life again, maybe I’m visualising this too much, is there such a thing, I really don’t want to show desperation.

    What should I do Mike. I know the universe doesn’t do timescales but I don’t want to wait another two years, there’s only so much one can keep holding on, that being said I don’t want to loose him, the universe brought us together for a reason!

  19. Scott Scott

    Hi Mike, We broke up 3 months ago. The first 2 months, I pushed to try and get back together, we saw each other 3-4 times during then and each time we held hands and seemed OK till the last. She said she was interested in someone else. I was just learning law of attraction at that time and have implemented the no contact. It has been 24 days so far and going strong. I meditate and manifest our engagement and marriage 2-3 times a day, which is very happy and emotional each time, I end up crying in happiness most of it. I see all the details, smells, touches, etc… of the experience and it seems so real! I feel so at peace when I am done and lately have been getting very strong feelings in my heart and gut that she is thinking about me and missing me. I have been able to wipe the bad feelings of a 3rd party out of my subconcious with affirmations about us being in love, getting married, and that nothing will come between us. I am excited for the future and know it will happen!!

    The quesiton I have is after the 30 days of no contact, do I just keep it going, or should I reach out and send her an e-mail to try and talk to her? The last communication was to just leave her alone as she does not want a relationship, but I also realize that feeling change from moment to moment, day to day, and my manifestations have been of her being very loving now. Do I wait, or reach out??

    • Since you feel good about it and it feels right to you I would go ahead. It sounds like you are doing a good job and as you probably know the feeling is where the real power is.

  20. samntha samntha

    Hi Mike

    Ex broke up with me 5 month ago and I projected on him and I get it. Now I come from space of unconditional love. I made an intention to be married to my ex life filled with abudance, joy and happiness. I left it with no doubt, fear and pure belief. Basically my counter intentions out of the way. And then I went to a party and met guy and kissed and told the guy I am romantically in love with my EX and unconditionally want him to be happy and since my ex said he is just got in to dating and it didn’t bother me. My question is I me kissing this other guy and getting to know him will that be an hindrance to get my ex back or counter intention.

  21. Samantha Samantha


    I have let me ex go, and I made an international and left to the universe. In the mean time I met this just one day and kissed him does that me I am being a counter intention for the universe and I am being an hinderance to my Ex with the universe?

      • samantha samantha

        No I didn’t meet my ex, I reached out to him a month ago and asking for another chance he said he just got in to dating. we broke up 6 month ago. And it didn’t bother me because I was coming from space of unconditional love and no doubt fear and once I recognized my counter intentions I set it free. My intention to the universe it be married to my Ex filled with happiness love and joy. I have no doubt we are together.

        I went to a party and I met this guy and we kissed. I am being an hinderance to the universe or do I just meet and date people. Thats where I am lost about LOA?

        • You should do what feels right to you. The universe doesn’t judge us. In fact, it does not distinguish between good and bad.

          If you feel good about meeting and dating other people then go ahead. Law of attraction will still work for your desire.

          In many cases when you desire to get an ex back and start applying the methods you will attract other people, that’s just the way it works. Think of it as the universe saying, okay as is what you want? How about this person?

          Here’s an example. Have you ever wanted a certain car? Let’s say you want a red Mustang convertible. You apply the law of attraction. Suddenly you will start seeing red Mustangs all over the place.

          You may be sitting at a red light and a black Mustang convertible will pull up next to you. Things like that happen to me all the time. I always laugh, and say something like, thank you universe, that’s a very nice car but I want a red one.

  22. Louisa retnam Louisa retnam

    Hi Mike. Thanks for the new articles on the website. Recently I’ve been thinking about and imagining and feeling situations that I would like like being married and living together and how happy I would feel etc.

    Recently I’ve been feeling like there’s a lot of love and longing coming from
    My ex . Is that actually possible And is that a good sign? I would like my ex to behave more like his best friend whose settled down and committed so if I imagine that then that’s how he will behave right? I would really appreciate your response. Thanks Mike.

    • We are all made out of energy. If you can feel it I would take that as a sign…yes.

      We can do distant healings with energy, we can remotely seduce another person with energy, we can get a text or phone call from someone,
      distance does not matter.

      Yes, Imagine/visualize, the way you want things to be. Keep it up.

      • louisa retnam louisa retnam

        Thank you so much Mike for replying and for your advise . It’s about 10 months now – coming up to a year since he left me so it doesn’t matter about the time right? I think he’s with someone else also. ….. but Im not worried about that .He’s left me several times so this I want him to commit for good . I’m really grateful for your reply and all the articles on your website . They’ve helped me and everyone a lot!

        • Thank you, Hearing comments like that make me happy to help. 🙂

        • Hi… look so me and my ex boyfriend broke up mutually then I became very sad and wanted him back so I found the law of attraction and I’ve been trying to manifest him but I’m trying to figure out if I am doing something wrong ?

  23. Thea J Thea J

    I want my ex back and I’d love to be able to do the no contact rule but we have 3 children so we see each other twice a week. We broke up almost 2 weeks ago on really bad terms and I really just want him back. He is my heart and I only imagine my life with him and us as a family. He told my daughter he misses me the other day. But he’s the one who left me.

  24. Eric Richey Eric Richey

    Hey Mike,

    My true desire is to marry Her (my “ex”),
    So should I visualize living in the end with a single scenario implying the wish is fulfilled?

    Example, Seeing Her giving Birth to our Son.

    That surely shows we have some kind of relationship. 😉 Lol

    And with all the past arguments… conflicts.

    Forget them, and don’t be concerned about “revising” my Past.

    I’ve been studying Neville Goddard for a few weeks now.

    I’m just ready to let us Be together. Lol.

    I don’t need to worry about how it’s going to happen, just knowing it is, and knowing that it’s happening.

    Besides, some LOA/Manifeststion experts are conflicted over the idea of manifesting a specific Person. Concerns of “manipulation”, and yet, if you were already with the person before, what would stop that from happening again? The Past seems to be the only obstacle that must be forgiven aka forgotten.

    Thank you, appreciate your Wisdom.

    • Yes, that is what you should be doing. I think I would visualize the wedding instead for various reasons.
      Don’t over think it just think, visualize and feel the end result… as if it already happened.

  25. J J

    “This stuff works. I’m no expert at this, but the reason why so many of you are failing is because you keep talking about what’s not happening. This whole forum, and every other LoA forum is full of sad sob stories of people trying to manifes their ex/SP with no success. It’s not working because your attention is on the lack of it not working. STOP TALKING ABOUT IT. You know why more people had success in Neville’s time than they do now? Because they didn’t have internet forums to read about people’s stories of lack. Or stalk their SPs on social media. They LIVED in their imagination because that’s the only choice they had. If you want to get serious about manifesting, then stop talking about it. Stop coming on these forums and posting about how it’s not working. Stop looking for evidence that points you in the opposite direction of your manifestation.

    • CE CE

      so true!–I need to read more often to remind myself to live in the imgaination than to read other comments.

      Can you share more on Neville’s time? I never heard of it.

  26. Elizabeth marie Elizabeth marie

    Hi Mike. I had a relationship 2 years back. We broke up due to misunderstandings. I want to have him back in my life. Should i practice law of attraction?

    • Yes, of course, you should practice law of attraction.

      Law of attraction is truly how we attract things into our lives whether we know it or not. Most people do not use it and live life by default. Law of attraction is nothing new. The principals have been known since ancient times. It works and is well worth learning how to apply it.

      • Elizabeth Marie Elizabeth Marie

        Thanks. But can you guide me with do’s and dont’s during this whole process?
        What are the principles involved?

  27. Eric Johnson Eric Johnson

    Great article. I have been following these steps, Eric Ho on youtube, and some LoveAdvice TV stuff. I am visualizing. My ex recently went back to her old ex. I never reacted to our break up till that moment called and had a good civil conversation. After that two days later couldn’t control myself and had more to say and sent what I would call not mean but fighting texts for her, and what I hoped. Then two days after sent an apology. Four days later I am manifesting and trying to visualize being wth her. Idk if it will be possible now. Please advise.

    • Here is a perfect example why no contact is recommended at first. No offense, but most people cannot contact their ex at first without bringing up bad feelings and arguing. Now those feelings and thoughts are in your mind and all you will attract is more of the same.

      Law of attraction works and is fairly simple. Stop thinking about the past and forget everything that has happened. The only thing you should hold in your thoughts and feelings is being back together. Think about it, visualize it, feel it.

      Always think about the end result.

  28. Zoe Mary Zoe Mary

    Hi mike, silly question but is it portobello to will be our ex back after being through a bad break up 2 years ago and he is recently in a new relationship. I strongly believe we are meant to be together. Thanks x

    • If it is meant to be it will. I’ve seen people get back together after 10 years. Apply the principles and be patient. Anyone that wants their ex back has to work on themselves first. Control your thoughts and your vibration will change.

      Maybe your ex feels the same way.

      • Greg Allder Greg Allder

        Hi Mike
        That comment you just said ” if it’s meant to be it will” ….its a bit of a concern. It’s like ” oh if it happens it happens “…maybe loa is just luck …a fluke and NOTHING else

        • Was not meant to be taken that way. Law of attraction is not a fluke or just luck.
          Was hoping it would be taken as… sometimes we need to detach from our desire.

          If we overthink or worry about how something is going to happen we push it away even further.
          Sometimes we need to let go and let the law of attraction work instead of trying to force something.

          Maybe a poor choice of words on my part. Been a long day…

          The principles of the law of attraction go back to ancient times. It is in the bible. It is in ancient scrolls.
          As far back as 391 BC, it has been known.

          • greg allder greg allder

            no probs Mike

            it must be hard and draining at times trying to reply to all the messages 🙂 Going to get the personalise subliminal – the other one worked really well ( I lost that when I lost my phone – damn it ).I am not sure why or how it works it just did – but I stuffed things up now back to square one …again – so figuring that if the “standard ” works well the personalised one will be even better,

          • Hi, Greg

            Thanks for the order. I will email you a link to download the other one again.
            Glad you liked it, and yes…the personalized one gets even better results 🙂

            Don’t worry about starting from square one again. Just think of it as a learning experience.

          • Hi, Mike so how can let go of My ex, and let go of the need to detach from our desire. I have been feeling worry and anxiety. I feel I am obsessed with my ex coming back to me? How to I work on letting go of the desire I have problem with that ?

          • Evelyn Evelyn

            So I can I work on let go of my ex? How can I work on letting the need of the detach from my desire. Today I fell anxious nervous and obsessed because I haven’t heard from him.

  29. RMM RMM

    Hi, I’m is it okay if i texted her like “Good Morning, I hope you’re doing fine, Have a nice day, Keep Smiling” while doing LoA it is said that don’t text her, let them be the one to send a message? Thank you and God Bless!

    • The reason for no contact at first is because most people cannot do it without feeling negative. If you can do it without feeling lack, missing the person, bad feelings coming up, and so on, then go ahead.

  30. Dazed&Confused Dazed&Confused

    Is it possible to get him back if he is no longer part of my life and has blocked me on all social media? I have a feeling he will come back. Im not concerned about how or why…but I’m not really seeing any signs of this coming true and am starting to doubt that it can actually happen. How will I reach him if there is no connection between us currently? Will he just randomly feel it one day?

    • You are worrying about the how. How will it happen?

      Law of attraction will work for negative feelings and emotions just as well as positive. We attract what we worry about.

      The attraction process is fairly simple. To manifest anything in your life you need to think, visualize and feel as if you already have it. Simple but hard to apply sometimes. It takes practice and discipline.

  31. Nass Nass

    Hi Mike

    Is there a time limit on how long manifestation should take.

    I’ve tried to remain positive but doubt seems to creep into my mind especially after a year of no contact, can you give me any advice?

    • No, there is no time limit. Everyone is different. What are you doing daily to manifest your desire?

      • Nass Nass

        I imagine being in his life, having him next to me and sharing every day life.

        More than 1 year has passed and I’m no further on. My heart tells me that one day he’ll return but my head tells me to give up.

        I don’t understand what else I could do to bring him back, should I give up?

        • I would not give up. Your heart energy is much stronger than your thought energy and if you have a strong feeling, then go with it.

  32. Diana Diana

    So I texted my exs friend, saying that no matter how much I miss my ex, Im also not going to chase him anymore, and that he probably doesnt even care about me anyways. Bad mistake. I feel as if it was way too negative of a text, and it may have completely ruined my chances of getting him back. What is your opinion on this ,Mike? Just curious thank you. 🙂

    • My opinion and the way the law of attraction works is…

      If you think it ruined your chances then it may have. If you think it was way too negative then it was. We attract what we think about. We attract more of what we think about.

      Now, if you think…Well, my ex will thing no big deal or maybe laugh when he hears that or it won’t bother him at all.

      One of my favorite sayings – whether you think you can or think you can’t you’re right. – Henry Ford

      • Diana Diana

        THANK YOU Mike !

  33. Chloe Elizabeth Chloe Elizabeth

    Hi Mike,

    I can’t find the comments/threads about the “missing” word. Saying “I miss my ex” something like that shows the universe that you are lacking of love or something? can you elaborate? Also what the postive way to say as opposite to “I miss my ex”

    • When you say or think the words missing my ex what comes into your mind? You will feel the lack of not having them, not being with them, how much you’re missing them and so on.

      Since we attract what we think about and more importantly feel all you will get is more of the same. Think of it as showing the universe okay this is what I want, and it will deliver.

      If you want to get an ex back you have to think, act and feel as if you were already back together. So how about, I used to miss my ex but I no longer do since we are back together again.

  34. Valerie Valerie

    Thank you Mike. I appreciate your help. However, I am still struggling a lot. I have been very depressed lately. I wake up, and hes not here. :'( I NEED to crawl out of this depression, somehow .Just not sure exactly HOW to do so. Its as if theres this negativity, but its NOT who I really am. I have been battling it for the last month, telling it to go away and such haha. Any advice on how to battle depression with the law of attraction?

  35. Valerie Valerie

    Hay Mike THANK YOU so much! You are wonderful! ☺

  36. Valerie Valerie

    Hi Mike are you still answering questions here?

  37. Tatiana Tatiana

    Hi Mike,

    My partner of 13 years broke up with me at the end of June and has developed a relationship with a woman he met online. The back story is that we were having issues for a while but I never considered leaving. I was drugged and raped in January and as a result became pregnant and because of my religious beliefs decided to keep the baby that is due at the beginning of October. He just couldn’t handle the situation and was so angry and hurt. I desperately want him back. He’s been my best friend and partner for so long. The problem is, is that we still live together (we have kids together) until September when he is planning to move out. I now have to watch him talk and text to this other woman all day.

    I have been practicing the law of attraction, have been meditating and doing self affirmations daily. I have been living in the end result and have been imagining in my mind that we are still together and extremely happy. No matter how positive I try to be nothing is changing. If anything he is getting angrier and more distant with me by the day. What do I do?! Please help me!

  38. Leanne Leanne

    Hi Mike . I think I really screwed up
    . I bumped into my ex at a party and he textede to say it was nice to see me and shame we couldn’t chat .
    I text back there wasn’t much to talk about as you’ve left me three times and we had a row. I said sorry about the text and that I didn’t mean it but he hasn’t replied. Have I blown it for good? I know I made a mistake . I would really appreciate a reply.

  39. Nass Nass

    Hi Mike

    I need some advice. I’ve tried so hard to remain positive but I’m struggling with the negative thoughts.

    It’s been a year since I last had contact, what do I do now, is it to late?

    • Keisha T Keisha T

      I read that for the Law attraction its about the persons free will so just visualizing isnt enough because you cant make someone do anything they dont want too do so whats the point of the Loa I really need your help because the love of my life is on our second breakup but something is telling me not too give up that we will marry someday

    • Stacey Stacey

      Hi Mike, me and my boyfriend of 3.5 years split in February because of me moving to America. Then in April he came out here too only to decide he didn’t want to work on things and told me he had learn to live with that void I once filled. For over a month now we’ve not been in contact although I’ve messaged and called a few too many times – all to be ignored. Is it too late and have I messed my chances up forever. He doesn’t even open my what’s app messages anymore to see what they even say…! I’m trying to manifest positive energy but I feel so lost. He was my best pal

    • sam smith sam smith

      It’s never too late. Think of it as time you’ve had to do other cool stuff you wouldnt have time to do if youre in a relationship. I’ve found writing a gratitude journal really helpful. Start by being grateful for all the small things in your life and write in your gratitude journal what you’d like to happen like reconciling.

  40. Dani Dani

    What exactly works ? Specific techniques or LOA in general ?

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      Both work.

  41. Dani Dani

    Hello! So I attracted a crappy situation. My ex left and got with another woman. Honestly I thought I was doing pretty good, atleast giving 51%. I unfollowed him, his family and friends on everything. I was scrolling through what people like on Instagram and someone liked a picture he posted. I shouldn’t have clicked on it but I did. It was very painful reading what he wrote, calling her “wife material” and what not. He started traveling with her and doing a lot of activities. I didn’t go out there purposely looking for this photo, I mean that’s why I unfollowed him and others. But somehow I attracted it. Anyways, I’d really appreciate some guidance and advice. I listen to Agnes and do the meditations but honestly I’ve been having this feeling of completely focusing on myself and not even trying to do exercises to attract him. Is it ok if I do that or do I still need to put in work like specific person meditations and affirmations to get him back ?

    • Viviana Viviana

      My life was transformed so much more than you can imagine. My relationship was going down gradually, I was so much in need of help to get my Woman back I didn’t believe it could actually happen. My life was in shambles and now its back on track with my soul mate. We were separated for over 3 months. I like to say the 3 months of hell. But now we are back again and more happy then ever before. This works!

      • Valerie Valerie

        Thats amazing! May I ask, how did you do this? Any advice? thanx.

  42. Laura Laura

    Hi mike. My boyfriend and I have been on and off for about two years. I’ve been trying to
    Visualise us back together daily and him
    Committing to me. Yesterday when I was sitting on my sofa I thought I could smell him and his cologne? Is that a really good sign that he’s on his way back soon? I would really appreciate a reply. Also I’m worried about all my friends thinking it’s not stable that we’ve broken up three times .

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      I think that is a good sign. The more real it feels to you when you are doing your visualizations the better and faster they will manifest.

      • Michelle Michelle

        Hi Mike! Just wondering if you could answer my question to, i wrote a comment as Michelle just velle here.

        • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

          I believe I answered the correct post.

  43. Michelle Michelle

    Hi. I just started using LOA. I watched the movie and listened to the book Power by Rhonda Bynes and it totalt change my life. Because I have always been a paranoid person and I do believe now that that is the reason my relationships doesnt work. The reason I decided to watch the movie was because my boyfriend broke up with me last week, cause he didnt want to be in a relationship. I know that i want to be with him and i acknoledge my mistakes.
    So i bought a notebok and i went out and found two pretty rocks that i use as «gratitude stones».
    1.Each night i say all the things i am grateful og and end the sentence with thank you x3. And then i look at a picture of my ex and say all the things i am thankful for him and our relationship. And i say things like «Thank you _____, i love you and i am grateful for ___. And end it with thank you x3. I visualize us being back together, taking walks and just love eachother and then i thank the universe and god for our great relationship and that they brought us back together and that i am happy and grateful that everything is so much easier now.
    2.I do the same exact thing when i wake up.
    3.i continue during the day holding the stone and saying things i am thankful of. Everytime i take a sip of water or eat or whatever else i always say thank you.
    4.I also made a visualiseboard of pictures of us together that makes me feel good, and i look at them and think that this is us now.
    5.I am now only focusing on him but also on everything else and just continue to say thanks to everything. I have not contacted him and been doing this for a week now.
    – I am also listening to Rhonda Bynes audiobooks wherever i go. To hold my hope and motivation up.
    6.We have eachother on social media so yesterday i saw that he started to follow a lot of new girls on instagram, and i got sad and almost lost hope that maybe this is not working and he wants all of these girls instead. But then i started to say to myself that o am thankful that he loves me so much and that he is loyal and only want to be with me. And i got my hope back. And i have continued this process today.

    I am now wondering, am i doing anything wrong? Or should i add something to this? How long do you believe this will take, because all i think about is talking to him and missinh conversations. I dont feel bad! Im just saying that it makes me happy talking to him and i have this strong feeling that he wants to talk to me too.
    I hope you can answer this, i really need some help 🙂

    • Jessi Jessi

      You should not be stalking people. Stop stalking him. Work on yourself first, self love. Check out Agnes Vivarelli on youtube.

    • Lily Lily

      Stop stalking, stop checking his social media or even check a photo fo him because it will only give you negative emotion. You have to let go – let go of negative emotions for this to work. Because of what you feel right now is lacking and the universe is giving you the same. Like attracts like. I agree with the one who commented first. Work on yourself first. Check Agnes’ guided meditation videos and Veronica Isles’ video on YouTube. You can do this ☺️

      • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

        Well said!

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      Hi, sounds like you’re doing everything right, pretty much. If you read my article the whole reason for the no contact rule is because of what you did. You see your ex doing something and it makes you feel bad, pushing all your positive work back.

      You could look at it this way. So he’s starting to follow a lot of the girls. They are not you. All the good memories you have and the connections you had, they do not have. Sometimes you have to let them go so they can look and see what’s out there and decide it doesn’t compare to what you used to have.

      Many times your ex will start seeing someone else and realize they don’t have as much in common or it’s just not the same as a was with you. What happens next, they start to miss you and realize they had a good thing.

      What you are doing works. Keep it up and don’t follow on social media or look at it in a totally different way. Keep everything positive. Meditation if done daily will also help a lot. Just clear your thoughts and let your mind take a break for a while.

  44. Saisha Saisha

    Hi mike. Its been one year that my bf has brokenup with me and is currently dating someone from past 5-6 months. I hve been hurted alot. From past one week there is lots of positivity in me and i hve been imagining how will my life n relation be when we are together. I hve made up plans as wat we r going to do together n all. Just for some minutes i get negative thoighy as to aftr doing so much n being happy n hoping so much wat if get more hurted and several questions like how would he leave his current gf and come back to me when we ended on a very bad note. He tld he hates me n never want to talk again. Can you plz guide me and help me out that i manifest him bck and get together soon.

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      You can’t worry about how it will happen. There are an infinite number of ways that it could happen.

      Possibilities are Limitless. Your job is to concentrate on the end result as if it already happened.

      Forget about your past there is nothing you can do about it. Too many people live in their past. Think about the future and how you would like it to be.

  45. Greg Allder Greg Allder

    Hi Mike
    You may not reply but..
    Just wondering if this programme or LoA will re store broken trust in a relationship.
    My fiancee and i were together 2.5 years but broke up many times. Jan 7 this year we had a bad bad fight that turned sadly physical.
    After being punched several times and getting a split eye i snapped and slapped her.
    The fight was over ( like all our fights) her jealousy and belief i was cheating. I have a female friend of 10 years who i am close to.
    Anyway my fiancee does not trust me as sees me as violent..her ex husbsnd was very violent and also still doesnt believe i am loyal 🙁
    Last month my hopes raised as she unblocked me after 4 months and she said she forgave me. Three days after she said we can never be friends again ( both were texts).

    Can LOA restore trust with any contact? I still want to marry her

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      Trust is something you will need to earn over time. Work on changing yourself and your ex will see you differently. Law of Attraction works but it starts with yourself as always.

  46. Hopeful for Answers Hopeful for Answers

    I’m hoping to get some answers now since I didn’t receive any response when I posted last year, but it seems like Mike is back now, so maybe I’ll get an answer this time!
    I originally posted October 24, 2017 at 8:32 am under the name “Hopeful” (which then someone else started using, to confuse matters. I therefore wanted to edit my user name, and asked somewhere else in a forum about that, but never got any answer to that either.)
    Quoting parts of my previous post:

    “Thursday night (Oct 19th) I started the “Get Your EX Back Subliminal Program.”
    My husband came back home during the night Friday to Saturday. There may have been other reasons for his return, but I found using the program which I continued for at least 6 weeks, created more sweetness in our rapport with each other.

    1) What hz (cycles per second) is the “Get Your EX Back Subliminal Program” audio?
    Is it okay to listen to it while asleep?
    I’ve been listening to the Subliminal Audio while I sleep, on a continually playing loop. Does this affect my sleep? I’ve been tired and sleepy much of the day, but it could maybe be just because I had a big sleep deficit. But I read in an online article “How to Correctly Listen a Subliminal Audio:”
    “As the last advises, if you are going to listen to an audio while you sleep, be careful with what isochronic/binaural wave it contains, because if it’s very high you can have a very light sleep and bad resting. To listen during the night I recommend 5hz (5 cycles per second) which is the frequency of the REM sleep, this frequency helps to have a better resting. In the other hand, during the day I usually use 10hz that is a profound relaxing state, but awake, and in case you listen this frequency in the night it can make your sleep very light.”
    2) If my Ex is not really my Ex any longer, but is in fact back home, is it counterproductive to listen to affirmations calling him my EX?
    3) Will this program make him more PHYSICALLY attracted to me?
    We’ve been together a long time, despite some rough spots. I’m not bad looking, but I am a bit overweight. He has mother-issues, and in certain ways subconsciously treats me like a mother. (NB: His mother beat him up a lot, so this doesn’t help, as it sparks rebellious behavior in him. Against me…) But he hasn’t been physically attracted to me for a long time. I’d really like to reawaken some intimacy in our relationship…”

    • Hopeful for Answers Hopeful for Answers

      Apologies in advance if my message comes across as too intense – I had inserted cheery emoticoms in the draft, but they didn’t show up in the final post. 😉

      • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

        Did not take it that way 🙂

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      Hello, sorry I did not see that post. I was doing a lot of traveling last year. I’ve never left, just been pretty busy with other projects.

      In answer to your question, the recording was made starting with Delta waves in the 4 Hertz range then fading into the theta range of 7 Hertz.

      There is no problem if you fall asleep while listening to it. The subliminals will still be absorbed by your subconscious mind.

      If you are having trouble sleeping discontinue listening for a while and see. It may have been just because you were tired or a could be that it changes brainwave frequencies.

      It is designed to place you in a very relaxed dreamlike state. Personally, I sleep like a rock using my own subliminals. Everyone is different.

      I am happy to hear that the program worked for you !!

      It may be counterproductive since it is no longer needed. Will it make you more attractive to him… Since the program places you in a higher state of vibration and people are naturally attracted to that, then I would say yes.

      People with a higher vibration naturally attract other people. Ever have someone walk into a room and you just like that person right away but don’t know why?

      • Hopeful for Answers Hopeful for Answers

        Thank you for the answer; yes I’d assumed that you were busy and probably away for a bit. When I saw you were commenting again I decided to pop in again. All the best, and keep up the good work! 🙂

    • Chantal Chantal

      I’m just wondering if this still works when you’re feeling heartbroken and when your significant other has started to see someone else. It’s so hard to switch into the positive when you’re feeling heart broken. I am trying.

      • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

        Yes it still works. I know it’s hard but you have to shift your thinking. Think about other things, things you like, things that make you happy, forget about everything else for a while.

        This will raise your vibration and make you feel better therefore attracting better things into your life. Law of Attraction works you just have to have faith.

        • Chantal Chantal

          Thank you. What if he keeps getting cold? What if I keep getting hurt and also he seems to be spending time with another girl? I can’t seem to get them off my mind. What do you suggest for that?

  47. T T

    I have been in a 10 year relationship some of these years were long distance (5 years) we were quite serious and loyal all these years and it was going good. Since last year, living in different countries and distance kind of screwed up everything.we decided to walk away this year but then I realised this cant be the i took the first flight with minimum luggage 5 pairs of clothes,my rent is on,thinking i will talk him out and get back together but when i came here i found out that hes already moved on with another girl. So i have been infront of him since 2 months. Hes moved on,already with a gurl but really cares for emotionally connected to him so much that i end up breaking down infront of him and loosing myself. I have been applying Loa different techniques, all friends and family have spoken to him. He does agree we are perfect for eachother we are very compatible but he just doesnt love me or has any feelings for me but that new girl. He hangs out with me a friend in our groups. I have tried no contact for a week, i have tried being friends, but already been 2 months and nothing major happening. My friends suggesting to move on and go back to where i was,and start my new life. I feel we r soulmates and hes the one i open up my feelings to. Ee have so much build up in 10 years that i cant let go of and want to marry him but he wants to be with that gurl he met 2 months ago. I have also tried imagining and txting myself as im txting him for 1 week but not much luck. I have been doing creative energy meditation and writing gratitude journal and everything i want with him in present tense. Mike what do you suggest. I am very positive all day and apply loa and think we r together forever and all day and night. 24×7 my mind is going crazy. Times ticking fast,my rent is going on and opportunities too in the country i was in. I m giving my 100% but hes very stubborn and doesnt want to give me a chance. I hve been breaking down alot infront of him and loosing my control. What do you advise to do? Every time i give him space i find out more about their relstionship getting stronger. The girls under pressure from her family to get married and im scared my ex will jump into it. Times very critical for me. Pls advise what do u suggest and how to manifest loa faster and effectively. Im acting as i already have him but he just told me today that “be prepared i might be going with her forever” this has broken my heart again and m loosing my faith of us being together. He does txt n call and meet me but just as friends. Pls adv asap times ticking.
    Thank you

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      It sounds like you’re doing mostly the right things but then you our undoing your work by thinking negative.

      It’s not easy but you must detach and that law of attraction work. Think of other things that make you happy go out and do something for yourself that will cheer you up.

      Just wrote a couple articles that may help you one is about reaching your desire faster and another one about getting your ex back.

      • T T

        Thanks for replying. I am acting as if i am engaged to him. Acting as if im Txting/calling/emailing him.we do hangout in group of friends and im not showing any keeping my positivity higher and acting as if we r togethr and planning our wedding,im also booking tickets for trip we were planning to go to may be that will work. But he says he is not in love with me, can I change that by using LOA and my desires? Can I make him change his feelings or LOA doesnt work for that?

        • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

          What you can change is the way you think and feel. Do things that make YOU happy. Show gratitude for every little thing. Your vibration will change to a higher level which naturally attracts other people. You were in love once. Often an ex will get that same feeling again. If you change they will notice. It all starts with you.

    • S S

      Dear T,

      It sounds like he wants to be with the other person. Or he is playing mind games with you. Question is, do you really want to be with someone who says ‘be prepared I might be with her forever’. He is implying that you are an option. And no one deserves to be in a relationship where they are an option and not the number one priority. It’s not a nice thing to tell someone you once cared about. There are plenty of fish in the sea. I believe if you used law of attraction to manifest the man of your dreams instead and let the intention go, eventually the universe will bring that person to you. Love yourself and give your heart time to heal. Wish you the best.

  48. purvi sancheti purvi sancheti

    Hey mike!
    I have been reading the success stories and i am a very strong believer or loa, i am an indian but i follow you strongly, so basically i m in a relationship with karan since tweleve years but as due to families we had many misunderstandings and he broke off two months back, i was in depression and felt too low in the first month but in second month i read about loa and am still reading the success stories and applying it and i am waiting to post my success story to inspire more people. Karan is a muma boy and his mom sentiments has been hurt. I visualise a happy relationship with karan the way i had tweleve years back, he was crazy for me, same way am also doing mails romantic ones to me, by making me feel as if he is sending. I visualise us togther before going to bed coz that time is the best time, i feel great. I want to know how to send positive vibrations to make him
    Me or miss me, i dont have anything negativity for him. I look at his picture and kiss and i just say we are so happy togther. Thank you in advance mike. Would love to know how should i go further.

  49. BC BC

    Hi Mike,

    My bf broke up with me last Fri saying that he doesn’t see me being compatible with him in the long term, I was shocked and didn’t take it well. So he suggested to meet again over the weekend to talk again. On Sun we met up and I told him everything I thought we could do to start over and why we’re not working at the moment. I think I managed to convince him a little bit and it looked like he was trying hard to stick to his mind but he was still reluctant, saying that he couldn’t walk away saying yes knowing that it’s not the right thing to do. But he promised to think about it again and said we’ll talk again in a week. I want to use LOA to get him back and am ready to start 30 days of no contact, but my question is, in case if he really contacts me this week to tell me what he decided, should i break the 30 days and talk to him? And if he says no, should i start the 30 days again after he says no?

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      Sounds like you’re on the right track and doing the right things, just keep your thoughts on the end result of what you desire not what you are lacking or missing in your life.

      Yes, you can send feelings to another person. It has been proven that the heart sends out electrical energy and is now known that it is much more powerful than we ever thought.

  50. JJ JJ

    Hi Mike,

    I started seeing a guy about 3 months ago and things were going well. Unlike my other past relationships, I could see a life with him. On top of a great chemistry, we also shared many core values and beliefs and have the same priorities in life. He started becoming distant about a month ago and yesterday he said that he didn’t think we should continue our relationship. He left the country this morning on a one way ticket and said that he would be back (no definite time) and we should touch base then.

    Both of us are in our thirties, so this isn’t a teenage crush. I believe that he is the one for me although he may not reciprocate the feeling. My biggest fear in embarking in this LOA journey is, imagining that he’s here, imagining that we are together will result in prolonged and intensified pain if we don’t end up together. Most people would recommend I start the healing process by forgetting him and moving on. What you have written here seems to be the complete opposite of that “standard break-up/move on phase.

    My questions are:
    1. Am I right in concluding that your suggestions is in fact the opposite of the traditional way of dealing with break-up, i.e. do not look at his photo, do not imagine a future with him, do not think of him at all, get him out of your mind, etc.
    2. I am scared of getting more hurt by holding on to the possibilities of us getting back together (friends call this being delusional!). How do I get over the fear of LOA not working for us?

    Many thanks for your response.

    • Jm Jm

      My ex boyfriend and I were together for a 1 1/2. He was so in love with me. Treated me like his queen. We we first met the energy between us was amazing…nothing I have ever felt before. Well I messed up…I treated him badly…due to past relationships I just thought he was too good to be true. 3 weeks ago he broke up with me. It was completely unexpected. He was tired of the love not being reciprocated as he had given. I was completely devastated and heart broken. I told him I wanted him back but he said no. I know hes my soul mate. He has inspired me to change and to give him all of me…not just pieces. We have spoken recently and has said he can’t be friends with an ex. Yesterday I came across this article and I’m completely dedicated and all in. I will update.

      • Maria Maria

        Oh wow. This exactly me you could be describing. I’ve just done the exact same thing and could kick myself. I had it all but messed it up so bad. Im having to learn to forgive myself in order to move forward and give loa a decent chance to work. Trying to only think positive thoughts isnt easy when you’re living in a place of fear that its never going to happen. I hope you manage to pull him back in. But if you dont, i hope you find someone new and you are in a place of self love and acceptance so that you dont repeat the same mistakes

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      Okay so looking at photos grieving missing the person the usual break up scenario or whatever you want to call it… how does that make you feel?

      Terrible right? Of course, it does. We’ve all been there. The reason I usually suggest not looking at old photos and all of that is that it brings up missing the person. Pain, lack and so on.

      We attract what we feel. This is how law of attraction works. If you think about pain and missing the person and don’t think it’s going to work out all you are going to attract is more of what you are feeling.

      You have to shift your mindset into thinking about or more importantly feeling what you want in your life. Let Law of Attraction take care of the rest.

  51. Opal Opal

    Hi after reading your article I feel confident and eager to start it, however I have a question. U said I shouldn’t contact him during that time. My birthday coming in 20 days, if he wishes me should I reply back or not? 7 days after my birthday it will be his too so can I wish him thru a message or not? I know my questions might look silly but I just don’t want to screw up.10 yrs of love, really want him back. Thank u

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      Okay so here’s the thing, most people cannot talk to, text, or email their ex without feeling bad. If you can do it without feeling bad only thinking positive thoughts of being back together as if it already happened and go ahead.

      • Eric Richey Eric Richey

        I’m in Love with my “ex”.

        In my Heart I believe I am going to get married to her, and have a wonderful family together, let alone an amazing lifestyle.

        However I’ve gone back and forth between Attracting and repeling her.

        I feel I’m at my wits end. I must allow her to contact me.
        The only thing I can do now is focus on my personal/business goals so I can make that family a reality.

        Would appreciate some suggestions or guidance.
        If I’m vibrating at the proper level, she WILL contact me.
        No worries about me reaching out to her again.
        Instead of feeling good I feel wishy washy about initiating anything further (not so good).

        • Louisa Louisa

          Try not to worry too much as it’ll attract more worry.
          You could always do some fun things or hobbies that you enjoy like watching uplifting films.

          I’ve done that as well. Attracting someone and then repelling them. Hanging out with your friends who appreciate you is helpful too. I did and do a gratitude journal daily and I found that really helpful. If you start appreciating the little things… bigger things will follow. Write how happy and grateful you are about reconciling. … When you start becoming happy on your own and letting go of your desire that’s when you manifest things. Subliminals really helped me too.

  52. Hello, I need help. My boyfriend broke up with me yesterday but a week before that he said that he wants a cool off in our relationship, he’s experiencing a depression. He said that he’s tired in our relationship and he’s getting tired because we have an LDR relationship. I love him so much, please help me. I want fo attract him back, I really do love him.

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      Let me suggest reading the article again. You need to keep your mind on what you want not what you are missing. You have to think and feel from the end result as if it already happened, being back together.

  53. LoverGirl LoverGirl

    Hi! I broke the heart of the man I feel like I am supposed to be with. I have seen a clear vision of what our future looks like and I tried this method and after 30 days he started talking to me again. We were REALLY GOOD for a month, but he didn’t know how he actually felt (he’s dealing with depression and doesn’t think anybody will stay with him because he says he’s toxic) in this time, I started seeing that maybe he might leave me after all, and my emotions were not going to positive things. I became really needy and poured my heart out to him only for him to tell me he loves me but doesn’t know that it will work. What do I do now? Is hope lost? Should I give up?

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      Don’t give up. You need to get back to feeling the way you did before you became needy and all that. You know it works. Do what you did before that attracted him back.

  54. Orin Orin

    This is one of the better articles I’ve read on this subject. Obviously a lot depends on individual details, but this one seemed the best fit for my personal situation. Trying to get into that state of mine full time!

  55. Jill Jill

    Hi mike
    I’m going to see how this works
    Many years ago I broke with my ex over revisiting traumatic past experiences- reacting badly pouring the negative on him.
    Over the years I have dreams premenitions when he breaks up with someone but more so in the past 6 months these dreams are very frequent, soul selfs have healed become friends and got back together and pregnant in dream world, I’ve put hard work in the past in sending love vibes out to him and wrote letters of forgiveness etc.
    It feels real

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      Great! There is great power in getting into the feeling. You attract what you feel. We use our thoughts and other methods to generate the feeling. Sounds like you are there…

  56. Lily Lily


    I’m going to do this for the first time today and I’m very hopeful that it will work. I’m still feeling a bit negative (missing him badly) as I woke up but I know I can do this. It’s been months since he blocked me. I tried contacting him last month through his friend but I ended up hurting myself. He’s avoiding me. I’ve been depressed, devastated. All of the negative emotions came in ever since. I tried those subliminals, affirmations and meditations video on YouTube, I’m not sure if they really worked or just coincidence, two of my exes contacted me. I tried Agnes’ video as well and I’m not seeing any results yet. I’m really, really hoping LOA would help. I’m starting my day today by telling myself that I am loved, wanted and secured though I’m still feeling a little anxious. But I can do this. I really want him back. I can do this.

    • Lily Lily

      Hi. I have a question. I’m on my 3rd day today doing this. On my first and second day he was on my dream everynighg. However, I couldn’t see him. I mean I know he was and I was talking to him, but I couldn’t see him. I don’t understand why. Is it because I do this method? Help please. Thank you. 🙂

      • Lily Lily

        It didn’t work 🙁

  57. I just want to leave a comment and just say this really really does help. My ex and I had a huge ugly bad break up and I don’t want to get into details. After all the bad stuff happened between us had stopped. We have gone no contact. And I’ve made no efforts to make any contact. No phone calls, text, social media and ect to my partner. I’ve let go of everything, The past and the relationship between us.I stopping seeing our old photos and messages as well. I truly believe she’s the one with all my heart. When I came across this site a few days ago. I decided to give LOA a try. I’ve been sending myself emails as if it was from her and visualize her around me and thinking of the great times, thinking all the positive about her. And I will say it works so far and helps greatly. I’ve trusted the process and helped build my faith and believing more that we are getting back together. And focusing more on the end goal. Just gotta do that and nothing more and I believe it will work and she will come to me and talk to me about Everything. Just wanted to say thank you for this. It really helped me think more positive, block out the negatives and I feel much better. I won’t give up and I believe it will happen!

    • Dainnese Jackson Dainnese Jackson

      I came across this and wrote everything in my note book. I will give this a try. I had an ex boyfriend a good man who I now regret breaking up with years ago.He is an Angel God sent my way. In 2011 after my brain operation I decided to test the water and left him. 2012 he request me on social media but we got into an arguement. He took me off social media and BLOCKED me. Then he add me again on social media in 2017 but then he took me off. Last week a day before valentines day he add me again. I add him on. But before I read this I wrote him a letter and sent him a valentines day card etc. Now I know not to contact him. Even though he is on my page I won’t even look on his page. But I will take your advice. I really want him back and I believe he still loves me too because he request me three times on social media. I will keep you posted.

      Author Dainnese

  58. T T

    My original comment that didn’t show up was something along these lines….

    I had a 2 1/2 month very intense relationship with a man I’ll call Tim. In that time we spent a LOT of time together and my feelings were very intense. He ended it very abruptly and I still have no idea why or what happend. I actually think I probably pushed him away because of the intensity of my emotions…I was so fearful that I wasn’t the only one, that he would leave me, etc. I know I was on a very negative frequency at that time.
    I recently read The Secret (based on the LoA). Last week I put the thought out and truly believed Tim would contact me even though I had not heard from him for weeks. Later that day I had a message from a dating site I belong to that I had received a message from Tim…I knew it wasn’t THE Tim because that’s not his user name on there. Then I received a message from THE Tim and following that I have received messages from at least 3 other men named Tim. (I guess I should have been more specific in the first place).
    Anyway, we chatted a bit and have gotten together a couple times. However at this point it seems to be a “friends with benefits” type arrangement.
    My question…can LoA be used to manifest an actual relationship with him WHILE continuing the existing “friends with benefits” one?
    Thoughts and opinions appreciated.

    • Ashley Ashley

      How did you do this? I’ve been following this religiously and have not had any results yet. Is there something you could suggest?!



      • T T

        How did I do what? I’m not sure exactly…as I said I just put the thought and belief out that he would contact me and he did! Don’t know anything other than that.

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      You can have anything you want, the universe does not judge or have an opinion. We attract what we feel and think about, good or bad, there is no difference. Law of attraction works either way….and Yes, you should be very specific when asking for your desires.

    • T T

      Update…Still working on this. Trying to learn to “detach” from wanting it so badly and trying not to focus on the fact that it hasn’t happened yet (therefore the lack). The last couple days I do believe and see us in a relationship again.
      I have noticed that the times I feel differently – more positive and happy – he seems to respond differently. We had 2 really good phone conversations in which he seemed to open up more to me than he ever had.
      I’ve also been listening to subliminals about detaching. The last 2 days he has contacted me by text and yesterday asked me to call. He suggested possibly getting together later in the week, whereas it seems it’s usually been me suggesting the get togethers.
      I am feeling good about this!

    • j j

      how long were you apart before he texted you

  59. gr8one18 gr8one18

    Hi mike
    Your suggest would be highly appreciated
    I have practicing LOA for a while now trying to get the love of my life back. But not seeing any results I decided to put myself out in social world again, went on a few dates and all of a sudden 2 nights ago while playing YouTube this songs pops up which she dedicated to me when we first fell in love. And then where ever I go I see her name coming up might not spell the same but similar names and while watching Netflix the first movie that comes up on list is the one she suggested me ages ago and that movie is all about signs from universe.
    Now I am wondering are these the signs that it is manifesting or just coincidence or I am paying too much attention.
    Your advise will be really appreciated.

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      Hi, It all depends on how you are taking these signs. If you’re using law of attraction properly you should be feeling great when you see signs like this, however most people will start to think how much they are missing the other person and start feeling sad.

      Remember you get what you feel and think about.

      • Gr8one18 Gr8one18

        I just get excited looking at these signs and just smile and start imagining how it should be infact last Sunday I was feeling a bit low as it was valentine week
        Then I saw this writing outside a shop while driving which said *you are in good hands* and same evening I found out she is still single
        Regardless it’s manifesting or not one thing is sure it is really helping me be the person I was 8 months ago

      • meena meena

        Love from pakistan
        I love your 30 days get him back programe I want to ask can i use my own affirmation and visualization during this 30 days ?

        • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

          Yes of course

  60. T T

    Thought I posted a comment but it’s not showing up. This is just a test to see if there’s some sort of delay! Or whether I need to post my original comment again! Thanks.

  61. LivingFrom LivingFrom


    We broke up about 3 months ago and I jumped right onto LoA! Asked to have it all worked out before I left for Christmas, after submitting my last exams. He wanted to meet up and get his stuff, but I told him I had to take care of myself until I finished my exams. We’ve been on and off for the last year and this time the break up was different, and final from his perspective. I was crushed! We talked about engagement only a week prior…

    Funny incident:
    The day prior to our appointed meeting I was sitting in a office and needed to print something. I told myself the whole day; I will make this happen within a time frame, even though most people don’t seem to pull it off. All of a sudden the printer stoped working. And I KNEW I would meet him as I walked into uni to locate another machine. The machine there was also out of service, so I had to locate a 3rd one… And of course, there he was, so happy to see me! At the exact same spot I had been sitting and vizualizing him passing me for almost 2 weeks. My intuition told me to give him a hug, but for some reason I didn’t… I was scared and maybe thought he needed to make the first step… Not wanting to be needy as he was so consistent and certain regarding the break up.

    He came over while I was doing my thing next to the printer, but as I was standing there, thinking about why the hell I didn’t put on some make up and didn’t do my thing before leaving the house that morning, all this projected onto him and we had a quite awkward moment to say the least, him scanning me, copying my feelings and moved on… the next day came and I heard nothing…

    Three days later, consistently trying to let go, he texted me and asked if I could message him when I got back from the holidays to exchange stuff…

    I left on vacation, again focusing on myself and suddenly he started to like all of my pictures on insta. I even manifested a text saying happy new year!

    The last part of the holidays was a nightmare for me and I projected a lot of crap. Crying my eyes out a couple of times… WHY hadn’t I dared to follow my intuition straight away?! It could have been solved by now…

    Coming back from v-cay we passed each other a couple of times in the hall way, not communicating. Rather some tension… Something is different now… probably my crap and low vibe

    I texted him as we agreed and we had a friendly conversation where he even complimented me and said it was nice hearing from me. Not mentiong the things he wanted to pick up, indirectly telling me he was in a poor state, me inviting him over for a cup of tea to be friendly, but he rejected in a friendly manner… Haven’t heard from him since and it’s been over a week now…

    I seriously hit the wall during the last part of the holidays and even had some anger towards the whole break up and situations that occurred during the relationship… Knowing everyone is me pushed out, I know it’s between me and me… But god it’s so hard… Feels like I’m starting over, but probably I’m not… 😉

    I’ve attracted a great handful of admirers during this process, one of them being a pretty strong mirroring of all of my beliefs. He is ready to have a relationship with me after meeting 2 times, and I can feel me whole body telling me NO! He helped me see my beliefs and patterns so clearly, and I will have to let him go next time we meet. I will not fall into that trap, as well as I’m grateful for the clarity, also making me even more certain of wanting my man and reminding me WHY… As I realized that, I let go of the anger towards him and what happened between us. I got a clear example of what’s happening inside of me and what I need to work on. And this time I recognised it, it feels like Shit, meaning something has moved and changed inside of me!! I’m so proud! 😀

    On day 1 of this program today…

    Any tips or comments about my jurney or how to proceed?

    I’m sorry for the long post… Hope it can help someone! xD Everything is appreciated ♡


  62. Keisha T Keisha T

    Typo in the beginning I lost my Virgo man last week plus I’ve been listening too guided meditation music I also want too know if the universe is a forgiving universe I did something out of desperation too get my ex back they may slightly effect his free will I just hope this all work out in the end

    • Nasseem Nasseem

      Having read your article I now see I’ve been too focused with the lack of my friend in my life. I miss him so terribly, the pain of not hearing from him has been unbearable.

      It’s been 8 months with no contact from him, I guess he’s moved on. Is the time and distance between us too hard to recover?

      I’ve read much about the LOA but your article has given me hope. I shall start tonight with my friend by my side:)

      • Nasseem Nasseem

        I’ve tried to remain positive but I get no results. I’ve asked the universe for non specific signs and yes they’ve worked with the exception of a sign from him. It’s been 11 month’s and I feel like I’ve lost him forever. Mike, if someone chooses to walk away how can we be reunited, should I admit defeat and move on, I really don’t want to!

  63. Keisha T Keisha T

    OMG this really works Pisces woman just lost her last week Virgo man the best thing that ever happen too me we actually work together so its really a struggle seeing my baby we broke up because he didn’t trust me a lot of ppl at our job saw how happy we were and wanted too ruin it with lies and rumors and they succeeded because he believed it but this was one of the toughest breaks up I have ever had just because it ended on bitter terms it was so bad I cried everyday getting off of work I would go in the bathroom sometimes and breakdown this man was my world but too make a long story short this is actually working right after listen too the audios I’ve been having men attract me I never really have too try hard but lately its been out the blue I turn them down telling them in in a relationship because its only one man I want and that’s my baby well I wanna ask Mr.Tucker or who ever waudios ants too comment does this audio work on stubborn exes see my man want easily manipulated he always vowed he doesn’t believe in reconciliation or closure wants its over its over but something tells me its not over between us I keep seeing vehicles similar too his seeing his name every where I would go online and see the movies we’ve seen together three of the movies were listed in a row so is this a sign from the universe we will be back together soon? I haven’t seen him in 5 days since we been on break for work

  64. John John

    I recently got back with my ex after following this advice to the letter, I also invested in the subliminal audio ( I figured I was worth it 🙂 ) and listened to it every night. I am sooo happy we will be together for Christmas 🙂

    After I read some of these comments I think most of you have it ALL WRONG. You GET WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT…not complain about..not worry about, not cry about, not post here how bad thing are and what is NOT working. ALL that will bring you is more of the same.

    This is really simple…it really is

  65. Diba Ban Diba Ban

    Hi AJ, your post is really amazing and the proof is your still getting encounters a year after its published.. I was married and in a separation period living in different cities from my ex, at that point not sure how things will totally end with my ex-to-be.. I met a guy that new my situation we started as friends and by time I felt both of us started developing feelings for each other, however I was a bit reluctant as I couldn’t be clear due to my situation and didn’t know how to officially get out of my marriage.. I guess by time he got frustrated from my unclear actions and msgs and pulled away.. Now 6 months later, my papers are filled and in the process of officially finalizing it, my friend who I’m totally in love with doesn’t know, I bump into him from time to time and I know how much we love each other u can see it in our looks, hear it between the lines and and even our friends around us can see it in our body language.. But every time I see him it’s short and were totally surrounded by others, never had the chance to update him with my situation.. I know he caries as strong feelings as I do, but I feel he raised some walls being scared to get hurt.. I just recently got to learn the details of LOA and manifestation, I’m trying to attract him maybe just to send me a txt asking about me so I can update him.. Ull wonder why am I not taking that step, I guess I’m too scared to do so yet I know I’m the women for him and he’s the man for me.. I even reached to acting in my head and applying the as if concept.. No desperation nor acting needy as every time I think about him I send him the most genine positive feelings and I really do feel it in my heart and intuition that I’m receiving it back as I end it with a bigger smile.. Will kindly need your advice on the matters what are the proper steps from here as I believe I gave the right vibration, I asked the universe and even feel I’m in the receiving phase or am I just tooooo happy and blinded by that lol

  66. Hopeful Hopeful

    I’ve been using LOA for past 10 days and 2 ago my ex added me on his whatsapp and now he has blocked me again…. What does this mean or indicate?

  67. Hopeful Hopeful

    I wanted to know that loa takes within 30 days? Or more than that?

    • Logic Logic

      You just keep using it. Even after 30 days. Keep going and keep using it and it will happen. Don’t give up under any circumstances.

      • Attractingmymanback Attractingmymanback

        So my ex broke up with me because we are in a long distance – I do intend to move back home and I really want to be with him… I believe that the law of attraction will work! I attracted a new job 2 months after deciding I want one – my job is perfect and will pay me why I want – I will start in January… I want my ex back we will be such a great couple so I will make this happen and tell you how it goes

  68. Avantika Avantika

    Hi Mike,
    I just wanted to ask that does this method work within 30 days or it takes time more than that?

  69. Avantika Avantika

    Hey Mike,
    I just wanted to ask whether this LOA takes exactly 30 days or even more?
    Coz I am new to this and I screwed up my relationship and my ex is so mad that he doesn’t want to see me or talk to me…
    So if i start from today,will it work within 30 days?

  70. Hopeful Hopeful

    At the end of my story I have several specific QUESTIONS,
    please feel free to skip my story to get to the questions.
    I’m hoping to get answers. 🙂

    Thursday night (Oct 19th) I started the “Get Your EX Back Subliminal Program.”
    My husband came back home during the night Friday to Saturday!

    My situation is little different than some, in that my “ex” is my husband who wouldn’t come back home. He’d left on a vacation to see family abroad Sept 21st, and things or 19 days. Things were very tense before he left, because his brother & wife lived with us in our small apartment for 5.5 months, and it was driving me crazy. I was afraid they would never leave, and was increasingly tense and irritable, but for cultural reasons we couldn’t tell them it was time to leave and find their own place.
    They finally moved out Sept 15th, and the next day my husband was gone (staying with buddies) for the next five days.

    Sept 20th when I finally got him on the phone he said he wanted a divorce.
    Then while he was packing Sept 21st we talked, and said “OK, we’ll work on our relationship.”
    Then he returned to our town from his vacation Oct 9th, but didn’t come home. I didn’t call him & tried giving him space and kept texting to a minimum for a few days. It was really hard, because I didn’t know what was happening.
    By Sunday Oct. 15th I was more and more frantic, and started sending him poignant messages.
    Finally Monday Oct. 16th he said (by text,) that he was sick, and then when he felt better we could sit and talk. That he needed time.

    I left him alone for a few days, and then started the frantic messages again. Essentially I didn’t want to wait “til he was better and could talk” to hear that he was leaving me, and said Tell me now!

    Finally Friday Oct. 19th he sent me an audio message by text. That he was sick, etc.
    I carefully wrote out a response, and sent him about 7 minutes of audio messages. I was able to say a lot more by audio, and I was careful to keep blame out of what I said. I told him how hard it was to wait without knowing his intention, where he was, etc. I also said (which I had already communicated by text,) that he could come home and let me take care of him, and postpone the “talk.”

    I went to sleep Friday evening listening to the Subliminal Audio. I woke up early Friday morning and heard coughing in the other room. He had finally COME HOME, and was asleep. I got up, and put together some natural remedies for his cough, and gave them to him. Then we both went back to sleep, and I got the first full night’s sleep for weeks.
    Since Saturday, we haven’t talked about why he’d been gone. We are both kind and polite. I’ve been cooking, feeding him, and giving him medicine. He’s feeling better. He gives me a hug before going to work. I’m hoping we can continue in a positive way! And improve our marriage. And intimacy.

    My questions:
    1) What hz (cycles per second) is the “Get Your EX Back Subliminal Program” audio?
    Is it okay to listen to it while asleep?

    I’ve been listening to the Subliminal Audio while I sleep, on a continually playing loop. Does this affect my sleep? I’ve been tired and sleepy much of the day, but it could maybe be just because I had a big sleep deficit. But I read in an online article “How to Correctly Listen a Subliminal Audio:”
    “As the last advises, if you are going to listen to an audio while you sleep, be careful with what isochronic/binaural wave it contains, because if it’s very high you can have a very light sleep and bad resting. To listen during the night I recommend 5hz (5 cycles per second) which is the frequency of the REM sleep, this frequency helps to have a better resting. In the other hand, during the day I usually use 10hz that is a profound relaxing state, but awake, and in case you listen this frequency in the night it can make your sleep very light.”

    2) If my Ex is not really my Ex any longer, but is in fact back home, is it counterproductive to listen to affirmations calling him my EX?

    3) Will this program make him more PHYSICALLY attracted to me?

    We’ve been together a long time, despite some rough spots. I’m not bad looking, but I am a bit overweight. He has mother-issues, and in certain ways subconsciously treats me like a mother. NB: His mother beat him up a lot, so this doesn’t help, as it sparks rebellious behavior in him. Against me… But he hasn’t been physically attracted to me for a long time. I’d really like to reawaken some intimacy in our relationship…

    Thank you for reading; I’m sorry this is so long!

    • Hopeful Hopeful

      Typo: It should read: “He’d left on a vacation to see family abroad Sept 21st, for 19 days.”

      Not: “He’d left on a vacation to see family abroad Sept 21st, and things or 19 days.”

  71. Razerfish Razerfish

    Hi Everyone,

    I have about 8 days left in the game, going to go all in 🙂

    • T T

      Whats the result? Did it work? Would love to hear success stories

      • Arpita Chatterji Arpita Chatterji

        Hi, Mike please do reply. I have been relocated to a new place and before relocation my ex met me and spoke to me nicely, but once I have shifted he has stopped talking to me. He did not even tell me why he stopped talking to me. I have even asked him whether I have done something wrong or anything but no response at all.

        • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

          Take a step back and shift your thoughts into the positive. We attract what we worry and think about. Sounds like your back into a negative frame of mind attracting more of the same. Think about, visualize, and feel the end result as you desire it… Only

  72. Razerfish Razerfish

    Hi Everyone,

    I have about 8 days left in the game. I started playing this after seeing this game on another forum, unfortunately that forums locked now. So I thought of searching if the games played else.

    Hows it going?


  73. Juanita Thomas Juanita Thomas

    I am practicing LOA. I talk to my love every night. I tell him I love him. I don’t have a feeling of want because I already have him.

    • Nancy Nancy

      You will succeed then! You’re probably the only one that hasn’t scripted their sad story here. You truly understand how loa works! I wish you so much success!! It was refreshing to see your comment stand out amidst the other sad comment here. Keep doing what you’re doing!

      • Greg Greg

        Nancy …if you totally believe and act like they are with u, feeling the future as you want it then there is NO WAY they won’t come back correct?

      • Brenda Brenda

        So I have a question will loa work if the guy I love says he isn’t sure if he will ever love me, also we have been broken up for a year now…I want him back more than anything and I know he deeply cares for me

      • Juanita Thomas Juanita Thomas

        Well, it is working. He was stalking me on my fb account ( I know this because he admitted he was stalking me) but I felt I needed to deactivate it. So I did. I found Agnes Vivarelli on yt and have been doing her self-love meditations and the whispering technique as well as others. One Sat. morning he came on skype, he had not been on it for 1 year and 4 months, the last time we skyped. I messaged him to take me off his skype account and did tell him I felt bothered about him skyping with another, he quickly told me he was skyping with no one. He began to chat with me, after ignoring me when I had answered an email of his. After doing the self-love meditations I felt indifferent as to him coming back, which is great because no more hurting feelings. I feel the love is inside me and I love myself, my happiness is not with him, I still love him but there is no desperation to be with him. I listened to John Kironde too. He likened manifesting to a scale, he said when you need someone the scale tips down, then you start manifesting and the scale starts to even out, then you become indifferent and the scale tips down the other way and it is a downhill skate to the realization of your manifestation being manifested (too redundant? LOL) So basically I am a happy manifestor. Oh and btw I manifested a new job for myself, more pay and a job I love. Yay!!!!!

        • Nancy Nancy

          That is amazing!!! Congratulations!!! I hope you give him another try. Agnes seems to ring that out I. Her viewers . They end up not wanting their perosn anymore and that shouldn’t be the point. If you want a specific person back, it doesn’t mean you love yourself less for wanting them. We have a right to want what we want. That goes for specific careers, people, places, etc. Actually, self love IS wanting and choosing something specific for yourself because you don’t want to settle; you know what you want!

          • Juanita Juanita

            Absolutely, I still love him and want him, I am just not feeling needy.

    • Bri Bri

      Please let me know if it works for you

      • Bobbie Bobbie

        Hey everyone! I just wanted to say it works!! Keep positive, keep imagining positive things of you and your ‘**’-partner (put those two naughty letters in stars there) – and keep the faith. I never knew about LOA until recently and looking back at my past I realised I had always manifested things, I just didn’t know it was LOA just ‘luck’ that everything I imagined actually came my way. It was even how me and my partner came together in the first place and we were in seperate countries!! Now I have applied LOA and to my current situation, where we parted due to a lot of outside factors, such as money worries, business worries and stress (all of which I am also going to target with LOA when the time is right) and not really our direct love for each other, although of course all the above naturally takes it toll on your relationship. We have been apart now for around 2 weeks and I’ve been focusing on my manisfestations when I can, but at the same time finding myself again and inner happiness, and I have heard from my ‘**’ partner twice by text already when I wasn’t expecting to hear a peep off him for months. It really is incredible, I do have my split second moments where I think ‘what if’ but almost immediately come onto this forum to read everyone’s success stories and it inspires me to carry on. You really can create what you desire if you put full faith into it, enjoy the moment, enjoy your imagination and your manifestations and think positive at everything in your life. You can’t love someone until you are in complete love with yourself, that’s really important. It shouldn’t feel like a chore it should feel natural and it did between us, as soul mates should do – and it will again soon! Keep going everyone!! Xx

        • Juanita Juanita

          I feel like I kind of failed because I have sent him some messages, but I think today will be a good day to start my 30 days, no more messages or any of the above stated things, just LOA. Glad yours is working.

    • AF AF

      I started using the LOA to win back an Ex that I love soo much and surprising within a week he started contacting telling, me that he misses me and can’t sleep and all that. But I want more, I want him to commit. I want him to grow old with him. Well, i have been responding to his text but on a formal level.

    • Elliott Elliott

      I walk down the road pretending I’m on the phone to my wife to and talking to our daughter imaging her talking to me and I feel great sometimes talk for ten minutes, but the lack does kick in sometimes.

  74. Juanita Thomas Juanita Thomas

    My bf broke up with me 10 months ago, we had been together for almost 4 years. I was very shocked when he broke it off. Our relationship began as friends and we fell in love with one another. He told me first in a roundabout way that he loves me. Over 4 years we had 4 or so rough patches. Also our relationship was long distance. We met last year when I went to his country to meet him, it was wonderful, the most wonderful week I have ever had. I love him so much and I still feel his love. I used to ask him, why are you so wonderful and he would say, because of you. I have never felt so loved by any man as I felt with him. He told me he broke it off because I was not fun anymore, but I feel in my heart it is because he is scared of me moving there, like I would be all his responsibility. He said also, if you move here you will expect me to marry you, although I have never even mentioned marriage. Apparently it was on his mind. Since he broke it off, he has plus oned a comment I made on a video of his, a 3 year old comment. He listens to my song videos I make of me singing and believe me it is not like I am some great singer, but he always told me my voice was his favorite voice in the world. He texted me on Valentine’s Day, just a general message with a kiss at the end of it. He also emailed me, but I have emailed him a few times, too. I know this will sound strange but sometimes I can even feel his feelings. Like one weekend I had this feeling he had spent Saturday with his guy friends and I felt he had gone home Sunday morning and could not wait to get online to stalk my fb (he admitted to me he stalks my fb). He uses his old fb account, he has a new one, with new friends. Fb time stamps whenever he has logged into his old account. Anyways when I felt like he was anticipating looking at my fb, I waited for a bit and logged in and saw he had been online 35 minutes before. I knew it, I could feel him. then one night I was feeling hurt and upset about what he did and I woke up in the morning and I cannot explain it, but it was like I knew he felt miserable. Well he has been stalking me at least 2 times a week since he broke up with me. I saw one of my song vids had a hit last week, from his country, and I thought, if it was him and I was sure it was, he will have been online stalking me, so I logged in and sure enough the day it had been listened to he got online to stalk me. I have stalked his fb account a few time, but I try not to look. I noticed that no matter how many females friends he has and he has male friends, too, but he might like a pic or 2 of their pics, but never their older pics, when he became friends with me he went down through all my pics and liked them, he wrote on one, whenever I see you it is not enough. When I was with him last year he followed me around like a puppy dog. He is a business analyst for IBM, and he worked from home for most of the week I was there except for a few hours on one day, then he got online when he was at his office to message me. But if he got busy I would go into his bedroom and soon he would follow and just hold me. He stroked my face one day and told me how beautiful I am. I have never felt this way about any man. Just being near him excites me, and I don’t mean just physically. I feel like he is going to come back and I feel like he is going to ask me to marry him. In the meantime I have been working on myself, I have changed to being a vegan and am losing weight, which I need to. I want to make myself better, for me. I find I am attracting a lot of guys, but he is the only one I want. I even had a dream about him 2 different times, in one he was on a stage, playing a piano and singing his heart out, I was thinking, no other woman better be looking at him and I looked around in my dream and I was the only one, there was no one else. Then I had another dream last week, he told me he wasn’t afraid anymore. I should mention about 6 years ago I had a dream about myself. I used to be married to a very abusive man. One night, when I was still with my husband I had a dream, in the first part of my dream my husband and I were not together anymore, he was with another woman, I was a bit sad, but o.k., then in the second part of my dream I saw myself, I looked beautiful, I was dressed nicely, in a skirt and dress jacket and a white blouse, and really nice shoes. My hair was in a French twist on the back of my head. i was living in a foreign country, I don’t know how I knew that but I did. I was surrounded by children. There was someone next to me, but I did not see his face. I was incredibly happy (like I feel when I am with him). I was so happy I was glowing. This year I am self-publishing my first children’s book on Kindle and through Create Space. My illustrator is working on the illustrations right now. I know I am going to make money with my books. But I do not want to keep all the money I earn, I want to help children, orphans and poor children. I found a school in India, actually on the outskirts of the city I went to to meet my love. I want to be a contributor to help these children, who are poor, to get an education. The funny thing is, the first part of my dream came true and my husband and I split up, in a weird way, he assaulted me, finally I obtained my divorce. At the time I had that dream it was never in my conscious mind for he and I to break up. But it happened. I believe my dream was a foretelling of the future. I know I can be happy, but without him, my love, it feels like a piece of me is missing. I want to attract him back, I know I need to not think about how he hurt me and only focus on our love. Do you have any other advice I can try? I love him so much.

  75. Mo Mo

    Hey everyone,
    I just discovered this page and I am more than ready to begin this LoA process.
    My boyfriend broke up with me just 2 days ago. He’s been going through major life, career, and financial changes and needs to find his way back to becoming himself again. He doesn’t think he’s good enough for me and he doesn’t love himself anymore. I know that his love for me is still there, and that he is my life partner, and I trust that he will grow to love himself again. I just don’t see myself with anyone else, but he does need to grow and mature into the best version of himself. Regardless, I can just tell it’s not over. We both attracted this breakup. I attracted negative, impatient feelings about him such as “when is he going to get his life together? I can’t wait that long!” He felt so down on himself that I’m sure he attracted this energy on his end as well.
    It wasn’t that we were not compatible. It was THIS, the LoA working.

    Throughout my entire life I have always attracted the WANTING of a relationship. I even used to write poems about finding my soulmate, and like how someone mentioned earlier, it seemed to only attract more want. After breakups, I always grieved for a long time and would only get over it and find a new relationship when I’d relax persay and feel “okay” and happy again on my own/ready for someone new.

    I’m ready to let go of my negative and desperate thought patterns. I’m tired of having them and I now know the power they have over my life and relationships. It seems that through one way or another, I do tend to attract the breakups and the heartache. But this one is an exception and I’m excited for the universe to work with me and get me my love of my life. I’m also excited to begin this journey to stopping the attraction of “wanting” rather than receiving.

    Wish me luck!

    • Zazzles Zazzles

      I’ve had a break up for a similar reason about a month ago, didn’t LOA work for you?

  76. Chloe Chloe


    I love your article/post and your warm words/advice you comment on other people’s post. Its almost similar as The Secret.

    Imagine that the boyfriend (as ex) is with you, conversations, having good times, etc, imagine he’s in bed and around the house. It’s like using your imagination and your boyfriend will come (as long as you stay positive and not dwell on past). As part of attraction

    I have a question. I want to get my ex back, but if we aren’t meant to be together, there’s be someone out there. I like to use your guidelines like the imagination like pretend he’s with me around in the house, waking up next to you, keep spot open for him on my bed, on the dresser, etc. Ex or new boyfriend.

    But any other ideas because i live with my parents, we live in condo and I have very less privacy. My parents go to my bedroom because there is the statue of god they pray daily in morning and night. It doesn’t bother me and I respect that.. but its just I have less privacy..

    I would like to hear your other ideas/imaginations…

    Thanks Chloe

  77. Dee Dee

    Looking for guidance. 3 years ago, I found out that my husband of 20+ years was having a affair. I knew this woman, and actually mentioned to him a few times that I was not comfortable with him talking to her, they worked together. He of course told me we are just friends, and that I love you! Well…Turns out he was not happy in our marriage and never said anything. He started telling her all these intimate type things which he should have been telling me. SHE on the other hand was contacting me as a “friend” saying that her man brought her flowers, her man did this, did that. The entire time, right under my nose, it was my husband. (what type of person does that?) Of course I trusted him. Well….Now it has been over 3 years, we are now divorced. He is still with her. He has said so many times that he wishes this never happened, that he never wanted a divorce. He still loves me, just cannot seem to find the love that we had before. He had come home and was only there for 2 weeks, never even gave us the chance. We have an young adult daughter who hates him and basically never wants to see him again. Turns out that she is basically giving him his needs as of what he was not getting at home for the time being. We had a lot going on during that time with work for me, and just lots of other things. This woman is evil, she has sent me messages basically calling me names, and stating things he has told me, which I knew were lies to her. I still love him, even after the 3 years of fighting, I took my marriage very VERY serious and my vows very serious. I am forgiving him, I really just want him to come back. I have also done some damage with this, for the past year, I have tried to go over and over the same things with him. The exact same senerio day after day. Ive cried to him, basically had done everything that I should not have done. I regret it all now, as I think if I kept my mouth closed he could have been back by now. Ive tried everything that I can think of except this LOA. Can I get my ex husband back from this woman. Im not sure if he loves her, he does not tell me, and he has zero friends and no relationship with his daughter. They were so close until he did all this to us. Our marriage was good, lots of laughs, fun together, we did everything together. Even just going to the bank, we would just be together. He has said that he missed things from when we first got married like simple things, holding hands, kissing, helping in the house. I have tried to tell him that I grew and I thought he would have grown with me, and he didnt. I still love him very much, he is a part of me. I feel empty without him. My heart is in crumbles since all this happened.

    Please tell me what I need to do and if this will work. We are not speaking as of about 2 weeks ago. I have called him a few times and left a message, but he will not talk to me. 2 weeks ago, our daughter sent him a text to basically say stay away from her and I. She is asking for her father back in her life, but she will not have him back while he is with her, he says that she should not dictate his life, and I tell him that shes not, shes asking for her father. He seems to be always choosing the other woman over his family. Not sure if this is part of a mid-life crisis, or if he is just that messed up from all this. He was not like this at all until he met her.

    I want my husband back, my family back and our lives back. I know that I am worth so much more, and I deserve better, but my heart wants who it wants. Im staying positive, and reading this site has given me hope again. Im not crying today. Can you please tell me how I can get him away from this other horrible person. And back to his family who does love him. I dont want to lose him forever, we are so good together. We have our marriage issues, and he does not communicate at all with me. I had asked him over and over when he was still home if we were ok, and he always said yes and that he loves me.

    Im so grateful – Thank you

    • Aimee Aimee

      My situation is so similar. Did anything work for you?

  78. TheWorstType TheWorstType

    So this is weird. I hadn’t ever really heard or thought of LoA but after reading all of this, I definitely think the manifestation signs are happening. My own story is that I’m a gay dude, me and long distance partner who I was vastly in love with and also taking for granted had a sudden break because he fell in love with another guy …who lives in a different country. (Toronto, Canada) It hit extremely hard because the week before he met this guy, my ex wrote me this huge love letter telling me how important I was to him and how in love with me he was.

    The Break-up was the worst experience of my life. It took 3 months for me to even accept we were broken up. I then used the next 4 months to work on myself, including a 3 month “find myself trip” to South America. We met for coffee last week- just kept things super pleasant and light and caught up. He and the new guy are still together, but we didn’t really talk about it, and it doesn’t really bother me. I’m sure we will end up together when the time is right. After being angry with him for a few months, I finally faced some hard truths about what I did wrong and how I’d be different in the future. I forgave both of us as we are beautifully flawed human beings.

    Some Clues I’ve seen that this is happening:

    1- One of my friends that I’ve known for about a year has all of a sudden started to call me “Danny Bear”- this was my exes nickname for me, nobody has ever called me that before. Nobody (my ex included) ever calls me “Danny” period.

    2- The night my ex and I saw each other last week was for the first time in months. After I had reached out to my ex to meet for coffee, I was in a store at a mall- there was an old song on the radio at the store. It’s an old 80s song. It doesn’t play on popular stations anymore. My ex constantly played a remix version of it.

    3- When we were in the midst of breaking up last October, I felt absolutely terrible and we were at a hotel café together. I went down to the restroom feeling emotionally raw and when I came back upstairs, I saw that the stairway had a note saying “Don’t worry. Everything is going to be ok!” taped to it. I went to the hotel gift shop a few months later accidentally and the sign said “Just be patient”

    4- When we first fell in love and started dating, he said “I’m so in love with you, I can’t ever imagine us breaking up. Maybe in like 5 years Ill freak out or something and date a foreigner, but I’m sure you’ll win me back after a year or something”. He met the Canadian guy on our 5 year anniversary- September 11th.

    5- My exes name is Joe and I associate the number “323” with him as that is his area code. A few days ago, a different friend of mine named Joe sent me a message on FB and the alert came up on my phone as “Joe: We are speaking soon, right?” the time was 3:23

    6- I almost always get a message these days at 3:23

    7-I made a new friend a few weeks ago who is as interested as exploring as I am. He decided a few weeks ago that he wants to take a random trip to a city he’d never been in. I told him I’d come along. Guess what city he randomly selected? Toronto. My friend left a day early and on the day he left I was super bummed being in the city, haunted by my ex, wondering what streets he went down and what he thought the first few times he was in the city. I eventually ended up in front of a psychic shop and figured “what the hell”- a 45 minute reading was eerily accurate, that there was a temporary external influence and that everything was going to explode between them in the fall and that my best course of action was just make myself happy and not to reach out.

    8- I don’t social media stalk my ex (because man it hurts like all fucking hell when you realize not only are you missing out on their life, but that they’ve gone ahead and replaced you with someone else) but a friend said “so- not to freak you out, but you’ve both posted similar fb updates, you were both in Mexico at the same time and you both updated your profile picture to a dog licking your face and both of you updated your profile cover to street art….”

    9- One of the reasons my ex and I broke up was I was pretty introverted and addicted to video games. I’d never want to go out or leave the house. (Due to a funeral of a friend, I stopped playing video games and got pretty active and have really started enjoying life over the last 6 months) After he met the new guy, he kept telling me he was in love with someone who “liked living on the edge” the same way my ex did. This was like 2 weeks of them speaking and leading me to believe it couldn’t possibly be “real love”. There was a night I had this conversation replaying in my head and I was completely depressed thinking I lost him for good- I was uselessly scrolling through Quora and learned of a phenomenon called “Misattribution of Arousal” that basically when two people do things that are high adrenaline arousing, it causes a love-like feeling.

    10. 2 weeks after the breakup, I had this feeling deep in my gut that our story wasn’t “over”- but that I needed a wake-up call in a lot of different ways. I kept thinking of his mother who passed away 2 years ago and almost heard her say to me “My son needs you”- I decided a few weeks later to give notice to my company in SF and return home to NYC- but before doing that, realized I needed to take some time for me first, hence the trip to South America.

    11. Right after the breakup, a friend who didn’t know what happened sent me a link to “Saturns Return” that she found entertaining. I didn’t know the concept but essentially when someone is in their 29th year of life, they go through this massive upheaval, change who they are, examine everything about their life, can sometimes make very drastic decisions, upheave relationships, etc until it settles down. My ex turned 29 in October, right as we were in the midst of the chaos.

    12. When my friend and I went to Toronto and checked into a hotel, he went right to a small cabinet and pointed out the bathrobes. This was my exes favorite thing to do, always when we checked into a new hotel, he’d go right for the bathrobes.

    So while I feel sad and desperate sometimes- I attribute this to being stuck with a lot of time on my hands as I re-acclimate to life in upstate New York. I feel a powerful confidence in my gut to NOT CONTACT him at all for the next few months and that things will change drastically for us in the Autumn. My intention is to move back down to NYC and I’m looking for jobs in that location- both of those things “feel right” and strangely enough a fake psychic ad came up on my search saying “I can get your ex back to you in 2-3 weeks” and my first visceral response to that was “no- it’s only July, it isn’t time yet”

    So I guess we will see if there is some truth to this after all. I look forward to giving people the update one way or another in the fall!

    • JillyBeans JillyBeans

      I’m anxious to see your outcome too! So remarkable what you wrote. There are no coincidences in life. I just love reading this! Can’t wait for your update! Much love ❤️

    • Bebe Bebe

      Dude! I’m not even close to kidding! This is long and I’d be sorry if I thought it was pointless but it’s not. I broke up with my girlfriend when I turned 29.5 (Not officially broke up but, I started to assume we were having problems). I literally woke up one day and was like “I don’t think I like women anymore” and “I want to live the traditional hetero life married with kids.”. And when I tell you there was nothing wrong with us, I truly mean it! My long-term relationship outlasted my mom’s marriage and was just as long as my dad’s marriage. Six and a half years! October 2016 is when my girlfriend lost hope for us and started to hang out with other people but never wanted to lose contact with me. And I’ve been yearning for her this whole time. I’ve even asked for her to come back. Then recently (last Tuesday), she tells me she’s in a relationship but still loves me and wants to hang out still because six years is a lot to share with someone. This was the very first time I was mad at the world, and have ever cried hysterically and did not care. After my little breakdown I realized it was just bringing more negative energy in my life. And I told myself out loud that the woman she is hanging out with now is temporary. I even sent my girlfriend a text one day with just the word “temporary” and she didn’t know what I meant and told me genuinely to have a good day. We’ve still been talking and saying the I miss you and I love you to each other everyday up until Friday. Reason being because she sent me a picture of her having a good time pretending to have fun Saturday. Didn’t open it until yesterday and I saw she had a tattoo (Her very first one that I was suppose to either draw or pick out for her) and she was completely wasted. The tat wasn’t fresh but it was still hurtful to see it at first. I could tell she was still hurting by her actions so I couldn’t get completely mad at the tattoo and didn’t mention it to her but deleted that pic off her thread. The tattoo in fact ended up growing on me. But everytime I thought about it and I felt me getting upset I would just look up positive affirmations for myself to keep my mind in a positive state. Told myself I will love her unconditionally and always have her back no matter what. Then my friend (totally in tune with the energy around her) sent me a link about connecting with your guides. So I go ahead and just say out loud with out thinking about it “Guides please show me a sign.” And I left it alone. Do you know after about an hour or two that tattoo had a whole different meaning for me as I relaxed? And here’s why. She got a tattoo of one of my favorite quotes from the movie Alice in Wonderland, “We’re All Mad Here.” Then the tattoo is on the back of her left shoulder. Now remember I said I’d always have her back no matter what. And guess what, I happen to be left-handed. When we would be playing around and just enjoying each other I would always draw something on the left side of her body. So I know she’s coming back. Especially after coming across your post. I am so grateful to you right now for saying something about Saturn’s Return because I had no clue what that was and you don’t even realize it but you posted this on my half-birthday. July 2016 I was 29.5 and I felt like I didn’t know who I was and it hurt me in a way I never imagined and I sabotaged a great thing. All I can say to you is DO NOT LOSE HOPE! Your guy is growing to be a better person for you and him. Whether it be him providing for you and for you to not have to worry about doing without anything, or him being selfless instead of selfish, I don’t know. Because that’s what I’m doing right now. I’ve even been promoted at work. I’m not saying we have the same situation, although the months are on point, but in a week’s time and me learning to keep thinking positive, you would not have recognized me nor my attitude last week! Keep you a gratitude journal and be thankful for the things you have now. At first I didn’t see how I could be thankful for my girlfriend being with someone else right now, but I look at it this way now, “Thank you rebound for keeping my girlfriend company while I’m getting my life on the right path and growing into the individual I need to be so my girlfriend and I can enjoy life with eachother in the near future.”

      • Bebe Bebe

        And by future I mean now! It’s not what I want, it’s what I already have.

      • Juanita Thomas Juanita Thomas

        Beautiful encouragement. She loves you.

  79. nicolas nicolas

    Thank you all, I have read all 530+ messages. I need help from all you guys.

    My ex and i broke up over 3 and a half years ago, nothing bad, i guess bad timing. we try not to talk as much (once a year) because it just hurts. I have done EVERYTHING possible to let him go, not love him,hate him etc etc, i have dated other people, beautiful people, amazing people, and have felt nothing.

    not a single day has gone by since we broke up that i do not think of him, I don’t do it on purpose, in fact its more like my subconscious mind that fucks me up when in perfectly happy and remind me of him in the most beautiful ways, like i could be watching a movie and it shows a beautiful beach and all the sudden I’m imagining my self with him at that beach, it feels incredible for a few seconds then i remind myself that he’s gone and my heart breaks all over.

    I feel I’m my heart and gut that right now its still not out time. we still have a lot to learn and live. When i allow my self to go to those images my mind send me or when I’m really happy and feeling love i can imagine and feel him by my side, as my husband as the beautiful father of our kids, it feels sooooo right, and honestly…. that would make me the happiest man on earth. but the pain of my current reality not having him in my life is so strong it breaks me a little more.

    A few years ago i got to this horrible breaking point, where i didn’t know if we would end up together or not. and i made the most honest plea to the universe,right before bed i asked to give me a sign to forget him or not. I didn’t care what the answer was, as long as i got one and know what to do, i asked for something big, something clear. That nigh i went to sleep, i was “woken up” later by him, he was laying be my side in bed, he smiled, and said this ” I know you and i are going to end up together and have kids” i asked “how do you know” and he replied ” i just do” he slimed again, and stayed there by my side until i fell back asleep…. I woke up the next morning and could not believe it was a dream, it was so real that i actually looked for him in the apertment… not sure why I’m sharing this with you all, i guess it feels good to share it with other people..

    I guess my question is, I could easily think and imagine him by my side back together, i could feel the love so strong i cry of joy, i can see his eyes shinning as he looks at me laying by my side, i can see each freckle each of his beautiful moles, his beautiful hands, his smile…. omg his smile.. but soon after reality creeps in, and with it doubt and fear, and soon after my heart breaking. i can’t follow this program i really can’t.

    I think i need to really let him go, move on, get happy and heal, for my own sake and health.. and hopefully in the future, one ,three, even ten years from now to end up back together.

    How can i let go and move on from someone that i love and will continue to love ? how can i remember him as he is, as the loving beautiful soul that he is and not feel the pain. and what can i do to improve our chances to eventually end up together?

    Thank you all for reading and taking the time to reply. any advice will help. Love to all, and i genuinely hope all of you get your love back!!

    • Heidi Heidi

      Nicolas, if you are reading this, could you please get into contact with me. I feel that both of our stories are very similar! My ex and I have been broken up for almost 4 years, and I’ve tried dating and have even developed small crushes here and there, but nothing has ever compared to my love for my ex. I too feel that perhaps I am to let go, however I can’t. I love him too much.

  80. Michael Michael

    Hey again..!
    After all this time I finally understand what all this means..
    They all say, detachment is feeling happy right now, and not desperately needing the outcome to be happy.
    By thinking they are with you all the time, by being happy together all the time in your thoughts, you become naturally happy inside, and have positive feelings, right now, and trick yourself to become somewhat detached to the outcome, as you are already happy.. you’ve already got what you desire, so you are not desperately attached anymore!

    Do I see this right, that this is a detachment technique you are describing here?

    I struggled so hard.. but now that I see this, this seems so much easier!

    • K K

      Haha, that’s what I’ve realized lately as well! So I’m giving it a go! And then I do feel good most times and bit so needy/desperate (allthough you might feel a bit wierd at times, haha)

    • Nancy Nancy

      Michael–You are correct. All detachment and letting go is, is letting go of the negative feelings and feelings of lack. You already know that it exists in the quantum field if you can imagine it. You just need to materialize it by adding more positive energy to it. The longer you can hold that state, the more energy gets added to it. Doubtful thoughts and negativity about the thing you are manifesting will negate the manifestation…in other words, it either slows it down considerably or never materializes because you added too much energy to the not having part.

    • greg greg

      I think that is what its meant Michael.You sort of feel as happy as how you were with them right by you.It means that you don’t have the gut wrenching sadness hat brings more sad feelings and lack. I have to stop thinking and assuming what Linda ( my ex ) is thinking and stop saying to myself ” oh she wont forgive or give a second chance”.if you haven’t got the subliminal programme get it they are great

  81. Jess Jess

    there are so many methods its seems out there in using the law of attraction to get this person back in your life. Yours seems to be Visualizing them, and feeling them there with you but I’ve also read you must first let go of them being the most important factor in order to gain happiness within yourself first for them to come back into your life. Sending out desperate vibrations by constantly thinking of them may push them further. So if you are trying to let go of them then picturing they are there with you at all times in conflicting? I’m just confused by all these principles I’ve been reading…

    • Zac Zac

      “Letting go” typically means letting go of the outcome. In this case, that means the physical manifestation of your ex being back together with you. Your vibrations shouldn’t be desperate. Desperate vibrations would come from thoughts like “My ex will get back together with me” Implicitly within that is a want/need/desire, its in the future tense where that manifestation will stay forever. (The future never comes, it’s always the present after all.) Instead, believing that your desired outcome has already happened, thinking, feeling, and acting as such, your state becomes aligned with the desired outcome. You already feel the way you want to feel, so why would you be desperate? Why would you need to hold on to the desired outcome, when you already feel the same feeling that you want to feel in the future, that you believe comes from achieving your outcome? You already feel it now. You’re already aligned with it, and attracting it in this moment. Shifting into alignment with ‘wanting’ the outcome is instead what you could call ‘desperation’ or ‘holding on’. A feeling of having something, attracts having that thing. A feeling of wanting something, only attracts more want. You get exactly what you ask for.

      Don’t worry though, if you find yourself wanting the outcome. It will only slow progress, not instantly set you back. Instead, just gently remember that you’re only working against yourself when you do so, and return to a state of gratitude for your partner already being with you. Like Mike says, “everything is perfect in your mind, you are loved, and grateful for having them back right now.” That’s how you attract your manifestation. Also remember, that even if you attract your ex back, you should still keep this process up for the full 30 days you set out for. What’s the point of getting antsy and impatient for results when you’re still going to be doing the process in order to keep any results you get? You might want ‘proof’ of your manifestation right now, but either way you’re not going to stop the visualization, the feeling of already having them until the process is complete, lest you lose all your hard work.

      This is my first time manifesting something as major as this however, so perhaps a reply from someone more experienced could correct any mistakes or misunderstandings I may have 😀

      • Nancy Nancy

        Zac you said it perfectly!! I have done this many times and what you said is exactly correct! Sounds like you may have listened to some Neville Goddard! You must live in the end, and live in the wish fulfilled. Everyone keeps doubting this and asking what about this or what about that, will it still work bla bla bla. Grae are all complications and resistant thoughts. Anything is possible! We choose the circumstance we want. We are constantly every second, every moment influencing everyone around us with our thoughts and feelings. Looks like you are on the right track and you will be just fine 🙂

        • Greg Greg

          If you believe in the end result can u request from the universe a specific date for something to happen? Our anniversary (2 years) is Nov 1. I want to propose on my birthday dec9

    • Nancy Nancy

      Ok so here’s the thing, it really should be called law of projection or law of mirroring. Everything in our external reality first started in or kind. How people respond to us is also a projection of our internal beliefs and blights about gen or the situation. Ever notice how two people can have two different experiences with the same person? One may get along with that person while the other one barely can be within 5 ft. It’s a matter of how you perceive realities and people. Everything is already created. There are infinite choices, so your breakup was a choice by the negative thoughts you chose to project. The good news is, you can choose to be with that person again. The only way to do this is to project this out to the universe by visualization and feeling. The universe photocopies what you visualize and believe and it is returned back to you. The more you believe and live in the end result, the faster it happens! And yes, you need to be happy as well on your own, but by learning the laws of the universe, you are learning how to create and choose the lie you want, thus making you happy. It’s also important to do many many many self live affirmations and meditations in addition to your visualizations of your person.

      • Lauren Lauren

        Hi Nancy! So I’ve been using the law of attraction a few years now. My ex and I have been broken up for about 4 years now. But throughout this whole time even up until now, we would still hang out and be romantically involved then not talk for a month or 2 then again start that routine. We have a baby together as well. I can’t seem to attract him back in the way I want and that is as a boyfriend again, not the way things have been going. I need some pointers of what to do or how to change my way of thinking. I always attract him back when I let go and I’m happy but why can’t I attract him back as a boyfriend? I do have negative thoughts and get insecure at times and jealous and tend to look at his social media to see what he’s doing. I have trouble letting go of the things that happened in the past. Please help me!

        • Nancy Nancy

          Hi Lauren–Look at what you are saying–“I can’t seem to attract him back the way I want”. The good news is, you are attracting him back, the bad news is, you need to fix your focus..which is actually not bad news! You just need to tweak it! I highly suggest everyone that is struggling to get a journal. In the journal do several scripting exercises. First start off writing all the positive traits that you love about yourself. Then write the traits they love about you. After you fill up with that positivity..write stuff like “I am loving our new fresh relationship. I am loving how everything got resolved” You can add whatever you like but make sure it is in the present tense. Scripting keeps you focused and it’s more powerful since you are putting it in writing. It just takes focus, focus, focus. It’s a new habit of thinking and so you need to train that muscle a bit. Everyone is getting so hung up and worried, which is understandable, but we are all powerful beings that can influence each other. Make sure we are influencing with love. Spend some time writing in your journal the reasons why you are a good girlfriend. Sounds to me you have some beliefs about your worth and not realizing what you bring to a relationship. Give it a try for a few days and watch how different you feel!

          • Dolly Dolly

            Hi Nancy, did you ever swing between being really positive and then desperation and fear? That’s what I’m struggling with at the moment. I attracted my guy back in Jan after 4 yeas of zero contact. I remember how I felt the day it happened…for the first time I hadn’t thought about him during the day apart from one tiny moment where I felt this “knowing ” feeling. Then few hours later BOOM, it all happened. I’m struggling to get back to that and I don’t know why 🙁

          • meena meena

            Nancy of I pretend like I’m married with him and he went office and I make him phone to bring some kitchen stuff
            Is that OK? ? I do daily this thing

  82. Jean Jean

    Hi Shane,
    Thanks for the information, I used LOA before and I know that it’s works..I also used it in the past without knowing.. Yet, I just started practicing it year ago on a situation.Still, I need advice and I am still learning.. and the more I know, the better.. Trying to learn everything I can.. But I still have questions..So I’m doing the no contact, should I continue or call.. Maybe you are more experience than I, when it comes to LOA..Any more advice on getting my love back.

  83. Jean Jean

    They say, in order to bring an ex back, you have o let go and focus on yourself. It’s not about the other person.So if you doing the 30 day thing above, imagining they are with you all the time. Isn’t that focus on the other person. Please can she answer this?????

    • Greg allder Greg allder

      Ok a question for you all. Like all of us that want our ex back i think my girl is the greatest partner ever…we have had an on/off relationship over 19 months but i want to marry her big time.
      She is very jealous and read i was posting on loa websites about my affirmations ” linda is my wife…” etc and she freaked.
      I know i HAVE to think positive and Believe i have received. I can 90% of the time but sometimes i break down (like now) and get teary. Would the universe punish us for 10% of “giving up ” and go ” right thats it ” or just it only delay things

      • Nancy Nancy

        The universe doesn’t punish you. YOU are the universe! Everything you do internally projects outwardly. It really should be called law of projection or mirroring rather than law of attraction. I suggest everyone here go on YouTube and Stacy Gregg Braden videos. He’s a scientist that talks about the evidence that we are energy that creates everything from our heart and thoughts. Watch his heart energy video. I also suggest subscribing and watching all of Agnes Vivarelli’s videos. She has powerful tchniques and explains this all clearly. Everyone here is overcomplicating the technique and doubting too much. The faster you commit and believe, the faster the person will come. You cannot get thrown off by one or two experiences. It means you aren’t being positive 90% of the time. It only takes 51%, so be honest with yourself.

        • Michael Michael

          WOW! Those tips are great! I already felt good before, but nothing felt this empowering and.. just.. GOOD.. as the videos you suggested there! Thanks a lot, Nancy!

          The funniest thing is.. watching videos about quantum physics and other scientific explanations, such as Gregg Braden’s, makes one feel so smart and powerful, and Agnes Vivarelli’s guided meditations feel really good and calm.. and she really helps one feeling no pressure at all! 🙂

          I am going to keep looking into those things!
          Any more other great suggestions besides those?

          • Nancy Nancy

            Michael- I’m so glad you checked out the videos! See how once you understand this is an actual science it’s not so crazy?! I also suggest keeping a journal JUST for a documentation of signs and manifestations. Once you see the patterns of the stuff you are manifesting in relation to your emotions and thoughts, you can’t deny this is all real. I also suggest Agnes’ videos titled “Everyone is you pushed out”. Also check out Veronica Isles’ YouTube channel. In terms of relationships, Agnes and Veronica are my favorite. I’m so glad you enjoyed them!! Keep watching them and don’t let yourself get to a doubting place. If you keep watching those videos, it will keep you focused and positive! Happy manifesting!!

          • Michael Michael

            Hey, Nancy.. (and Mike and everyone, haha)

            I made tons of experiences with all this now.. watched so much and also commented and thus talked a little with Agnes, more or less (YamiDragoon is my common nickname if you see me commenting on YouTube :D)..
            Aaaaand I was more or less doing all the right things, and I also manifested a pack of matches and (actually two) tennis balls, which came through TV and a video on facebook, but that is fine as I was open for any kind of way I’d come across them when I visualized those, because no matter where, I didn’t see them for months or years.. 🙂
            And now here is the BUT:
            But no matter what I did, it seemed that I am not getting my “wish fulfilled” even though those other things came without effort and within just a few days after visualizing them.
            I realized why: Because I BELIEVED, I TRULY believed and didn’t “poke the soil”, I didn’t want a sign that things are happening all the time, I didn’t think about how it would happen, when it would happen and if, and all that..
            And I did all that with my love.. Even though I no longer kept feeling that the other guy is any kind of obstacle, I kept thinking about how she is doing right now, I kept getting anxious about things she might or might not be doing right now, I kept thinking of how close I am, what if it doesn’t happen, I kept asking my empathic friend what he’s getting, I thought about so much and with such a clinging, clenching force, I am sure I was so much in the way, I was the obstacle myself..

            Because as I understand, to receive your wish fulfilled, you have to visualize it and believe it, best even FEEL having it right now (doing some nice meditative sessions “living FROM it”) without offering contradicting thoughts.. and those thoughts I had were REALLY much contradicting, because one who believes doesn’t keep asking questions and stuff, right?

            Now I decided, a few days ago (shortly after the tennis ball manifestation), to let go off my worries, and just believe as I did with those effortless smaller manifestations.. 3rd day now, and I am feeling so much more.. at ease.. that is the only way I can put it.. 🙂

            What would you say there?

  84. J'van Chia J'van Chia

    Hi, it been months since I’ve last contacted her. She’s no longer in my Facebook list too. However, Hee friends and family members are still in my list. Just now, I happened to see her profile being updated to married (our common friends commented on her timeline). I don’t really really think of her much lately but friends and colleagues all think we are married already. When I saw the married status, I’m feeling some pain again. Is it too late to get her back, that she’s going to be married or even married (I’ve no idea..)? Please advise. Thank you.

  85. Sammie Sammie

    This is my situation: I’ve been having an affair for 3 years – he’s married too. We dated when we were younger and now have been together the last 3 years. He just broke up with me because I lied to him. It was a stupid thing to do, as we really do have a good trusting relationship – considering we’re both cheating on our spouses. Can I use the LOA to get him back, considering he’s really not mine and I’m really not his. He’s been in my life for so long and I don’t want to lose him.

    • Michael Michael

      WELL.. no matter how immoral your wish is.. if you truly want it, believe in it, and do it right, and especially.. what was can be again(!).. you create your own life, don’t forget that! The answer to almost every question will be yes. There is no “you can’t”, there never is.. it just depends on you knowing and truly feeling that it all comes to you, whatever you desire, and visualizing, feeling as if you got it already, supports that big time.

      At least if I am right, guys? 😀
      Haha, trying to help here, but I am, myself, still in a learning process.
      But this is what I’ve understood so far. 😀

      But(!) as far as I understand, if you have conflicting feelings, if you worry and doubt about what you are doing, because you both love someone else (or do you?), you could also have caused it.. pushed him away.. so..
      I can at least say that you should get your mind, your feelings sorted out, get some inner peace, this is important too 🙂

      • Nancy Nancy

        Lol Michael so true..I’m just laughing because your article was so clear and people are still asking “Will it work on this, will it work on that?” It works on everything! It’s really not that complicated! I’ve been doing this my whole life and I still consider myself a student, because I believe there are so many different routes to manifesting, but your article is basically what I do all the time and it works. People just need to stop focusing on the negative. They have to make the decision to commit to this fully and not allow negative kings or obstacles pop in their head. If you really want something, conflicting feelings will be worked out. The universe wants us to have our desires. All divine toming is US! We create how fast something comes. The universe can deliver that very second we desire something, but we have created our own road blocks that we have to clear for the universe to deliver. So if something isn’t coming, it’s not the universe’s doing; it’s our own..

        • Michael Michael

          Haha, well, this is not my article, my name is just Michael, too.. he’s clearly named himself Mike here, so I thought it would be obvious, anyway sorry for the confusion.

          But yeah, I do understand and believe, that it works on everything and people are saying “it will not work on other people, there is free will!”. Well, obviously there is. But this is only a morality question, not a question of what is possible or not. You affect your life, your surroundings, your world. You also affect others, so you also affect their “free will” subconsciously, right? Not that you really force them.. it will be their choice, it will be the universe putting you together. It is like some bonds pulling you together, softly.

          But there is never a “no, you can’t”!
          Well, sure there is.. you can’t just start to say “I can do everything” and jump and fly away like Superman 😛
          But you get what I mean 😀

          • greg greg

            Hi Michael
            I feel sort of shot in the guts when I read that I could be affecting my exs free will by doing LOA …Its probably an impossible question to ask but is it manipulating and DOES LOA always work? I know that I desire this woman as a wife but just because I want this and KNOW that it can work will her free will see it not come to pass? I don’t feel great taking her free will….then again LOA may not ALWAYS work in getting someone back

        • bernice bernice

          I recently found this site and am grateful for that! I am working towards getting my ex back. One of the big reasons, he broke up with me was due to my lack of communication. He said we should remain friends and work on our communication and can still see each other every so often(with no intimacy).

          How do I handle the no contact principle? Do I continue to communicate with him when he calls?

        • Greg Greg

          Hi Nancy
          I have a couple of questions. I split again with the love of my life after she came back. She is very suspicious and religious. I believe in God but am no where near as ” full on” as Linda. Linda believes if i speak to or go to coffee with a female friend and had forgotten to tell her I have cheated. Anyway she read my phone one day and i was talking to a friend about LOA and he said it’s sorta like magic. She now has it in her head that I am using some sort of magic and impacting on her free will. I love this woman so much …we “get” each other. If I am believing with my whole heart but she has given up and doesn’t want me am I affecting or bending will? Some things on web suggest I would be and the universe will NOT grant this. Greg

          • Nancy Nancy

            To be honest, you don’t have a firm grip
            Of LOA…along with many others here. The number one thing in LOA is to IGNORE REALITY if it is a reality you do not prefer! every time you all come here and post your sad stories, you are telling the universe this is what you choose! the reason why so many of you are not succeeding with this is because you’re focused completely in the wrong direction! You need to be disciplined! You need to do other things in your life that make you feel confident. It doesn’t matter how much you visualize if you keep counteracting it with doubt and telling people what happened. If you don’t like your story, CHANGE it. You can’t ask for one thing but live in the other. Right now you and so many of you are living in the state without the person. I don’t know how else to make that clear. Loa is very simple and so many of you make it hard. Watch as many videos as you can on YouTube. Check out YourUniverse. They have wonderful loa content.

        • greg greg

          Hi Nancy and all 🙂

          a question about speed tah the universe can deliver something…My girl and I split again last week and I really want this on/off to end.I want to marry her and she loves me I know -can I ,if I truly feel and believe without doubting say to the universe “I want us back together by Nov 1 (our 2 year anniversary ) or 9 dec ( my birthday ) as I want to put that ring on her finger ?

      • Angelina Angelina

        I know you said no contact while doing LOA but we talk a few times a day as friends since breaking up. As long as I stick to doing the LOA and being positive and not worrying/thinking about who he is with, can he and I still talk and the LOA still work to get him back as my bf???

    • Elaine Elaine

      I think you are a pathetic, trifling, ho. What gives you the right to insert yourself into another woman’s marriage? You have no right. You and that married man you’re pining after both made vows to other people. Why not do the right thing and focus your energy on loving the man you made a commitment to and leave the other woman’s husband alone.

  86. Colleen Colleen

    Hello All,
    Alrighty I am totally onboard with LOA. When I really think about all I have already manifested in my life I know I can get my love back too. He is in the process of moving out, saying his feelings for me have changed after we went through a tough year of a hard situation. I did the whole pleading and begging thing until I realized that is not the woman my mom raised. She brought up an independent woman who will be dependent on anyone. Which is exactly what happened during my 3.5 year relationship. We moved in together right away and got engaged quickly. He did do much for me, which is also really not who I am. I am the giver, not the taker. So I actually am just fine with the break, because I need to get back to being me. However, this is the man I am going to marry, so I need to be sure I am applying the LOA techniques correctly.
    I do think of him often, I am now working on not caring where he is or what he is doing, but can I use my mind to get him to think about me? Not getting back together right now, but erasing the negative and getting him to remember the positive. I believe him remembering all the love we had will help to get him back to me. I know he needs his space right now, and I am more than happy to give that him. I am looking at our future relationship as brand new, not an extension of what we had. Thanks for any advice.

    • Kadijah Kadijah

      I’m in the same situation! How did yours turn out?

  87. Bambs01 Bambs01

    Hi, recently came across this article. I definitely do believe in LOA just haven’t been consistent in practicing it.

    Will this work on someone you’ve dated for less than a month? I really like this guy & saw myself finally having a serious relationship with him. He treated me so well, was the perfect gentleman and then he just disappeared. I’m so confused. We had talked about seeing each other and spending more time together until one day he just stopped responding to my texts and calls. We were taking things slow but the last time we saw each other, it kinda felt like we were moving too fast. I was really hurt & frustrated about this whole modern dating society & how people think it’s the norm, and it’s ok to completely ghost someone. I thought we had something pretty special and a connection.

    I do believe he is a genuine good guy (unlike all the other f**boys I’ve dated in the past) who just happened to pull a total jerk move. I feel like something happened or he panicked about the relationship moving too fast? Could I get him back with LOA?

    • Nancy Nancy

      bambs01- LOA works on everything and everyone because we are all made of the same energy. You should believe in LOA since quantum physicists confirmed it’s real. Your situation should be easier since you don’t know the person as well, therefore there won’t be negative resistance. You just have to know that everything in your life you created/good and bad. Watch your thoughts and stay aligned with your desires.

      • Cheerful Cheerful

        Hey Nancy,
        I just wanted to ask that from the article its written that LOA works within 30 days, so does this LOA for sure works within 30 days? Or it takes more?

    • Melody Melody

      OMG this the same exact thing that happened to me. I wish to use LOA on this but can I cry all the pain first till I exhausted everything then start anew? When we started talking, we had agreed that when we see each other and liked each other we will try to make a relationship work. it was only less than a month that we started dating. He was a total gentleman and always checked on me, he picks me up at work so we can spend time together. but then one day he started texting less until he doesn’t text at all. I panicked so I sent him tons of text messages that entire day. Finally decided to give him space. I fell in love with the guy. the guy was all that I ever wanted. it has been a while since I was widowed and he was single for about two years too. We both needed love and somebody to love but I guess he got scared that I was falling in love very fast so he took the run.

  88. Optimist Optimist

    Hi Mike. Thank you for all the good tips here. My ex left me for another woman 8 months ago and is currently living with her. I am sure that we are meant to be together. We couldn’t be further away in geografical terms, and it hurts to see him on social media doing everything with this other woman that he was planning on doing with me. (I’ve stopped stalking now). I’ve decided to ignore it, knowing that we will get back together soon. Started listening to your subliminal messages once a day and whenever I have time and my mind starts to doubt. I think I was attracting him back in contact with me earlier, because we have had some contact before he moved together with her, long and good conversations. But I messed it up by thinking/talking about negative feelings and also being suspecious/anxious when he said he wasn’t sure if he had feelings for her and that he wanted to stay in touch. He’s now been distant and lives with her. (I didn’t understand the opportunities sent from the universe then and I was still very hurt). I know that loa works because I’ve used it to get top grades, jobs and cure from sickness before. So far it’s a bit hard to visualize because of all the heartbreak/mixed feelings that’s been, but that will come eventually I’m sure. I’m doing the subliminal program for now, heartenergy through photos etc and vizualising him with me when it feels good. It’s especially tough in the mornings.Other than that taking care of myself, doing things I love and some dating (but that doesn’t feel the same). I attracted him once so I know that I can do it again. (it felt like he was sent from heaven at the time and I knew that he was the one I should be with, but I got overwhelmed and insecure about myself and negative thoughts came up) I also know loa works because I feared/dreamt that he had found someone else and that he would leave me. He tried to assure me that he wouldn’t, but I couldn’t let go of the fear and then he was just gone. Other than the subliminal program i visualize when it feels good, or do other things that bring joy for me when it doesn’t. Also, he’s a fond believer/user of loa, he was talking about it when him and i originally attracted each other. Before he left he said something about us both ‘finding someone better’,and now he looks happy with her in photos, the new girl he attracted.(which ive stopped looking at). Is it still possible to attract him back? Once he thought i was the one, things changed (my fears and insecurities came up and I’m now letting it go), and in the same way things can change between them and him and me again (not focusing on how or when). And also, isn’t the far geographical distance/practical challenges also a limiting belief? So it can still work? I’ve thought about it for a while and I would be willing to move. Any further tips/comments are appreciated 🙂

    • Davy Davy

      I am in the same situation as you. My girlfriend did the same thing, and is doing right now. It has been 1.5 month. I have started using LOA and I do believe in that. But need some help to focus on it. Because when I see them and get to know they hang out I feel depressed. Thanks in advance.

  89. Pat Pat

    I have created a manifestation box and being seeing a other women only to make friends and move on. I don’t want to stay stuck focusing on her I still want to be with her. I am still having a hard time letting go and use to getting what I want. This breakup has been hard on me mentally and emotionally even physically draining. Yet I love this woman unconditionally and have hope feel down that she has it for me.


    • Nancy Nancy

      Hi Pat- If you follow Mike’s instructions it will work. I have done this so many times. IN fact, every person I attracted was by imagining they were with me all the time. You have to create momentum–enough that your natural thoughts will be “She loves me so much”. Our minds are powerful. If you are resisting this method, I would ask yourself to be honest with yourself. Do you really want this person or is your pride hurt? It’s ok if it is your pride. I’ve been there before.I noticed that people who truly believe this person is their match acquire tunnel vision. They don’t allow themselves to go into the doubtful state. Remember, this isn’t just hocus pocus; quantum physicists have validated that law of attraction is indeed real. You just have to retrain your brain. Stop giving into the sadness. Again, if you want this person, tell yourself “enough is enough. Only positivity lives in me.” That’s worked for me so many times. You have already sent so many positive intentions out there to be with this person. Your work is done. Now you just have to live your in wish fulfilled. This is a science. That’s the only way she will come back. You must sustain a PURE vibration that matches being with her again for at least 2 weeks. It should be so real that you just naturally start talking to her in your home.I know it sounds crazy, but it’s the fastest method to get what you want.

      • Pat Pat


        Thank you I will start right now. I am going to believe we are together and talk it into existence!! Thank you so much!!!!

      • Jean Jean

        Hi Nancy.. What method did you try. Did this really work.. How long did it take… Did you use no contact.. What if the person is with someone else….Will the LOA, make them leave them, and come back to you.. I would really appreciate any advice

        • Nancy Nancy

          Hi Jean–

          I pretty much said what I did. I did exactly what Mike Tucker says to do above. I’ve been doing it for years. I was surprised to find this page because I just naturally would do this my whole life. Other times I didn’t have to imagine them all the time; I literally just knew they would be back and moved on. Sure enough days later I would hear back. I’m reading everyone’s posts here, and I see so much insecurity, which I totally get! I’ve been there before, but THAT WILL NOT GET ANYONE BACK. This is a science as well. When you are worrying about them, and feeling crappy about yourself, you are REPELLING them. I noticed that my guys would always contact me when I was living in the moment and felt great about myself. You cannot replay the same crap over and over. You’re stuck in that reality. I suggest going on YouTube and listening to as much positive videos about LOA. Fill yourself up so you leave no room for doubt or negativity. Try out the YouareCreators channel on YouTube. They explain the quantum physics explanation of all this. I’m a Physics major, so I assure you; this is not some made up thing. This law governs our whole universe. Get excited! You literally can create ANYTHING you want! Why do you think actors get whatever they want? They know how to “act” even outside their roles. You should also look up Neville Goddard “The Secret of Imagining”. Cheer up, get excited, start living your happy life again! You must be in that vibration to get what you want. Thoughts have energy, so your worrying thoughts are creating what you fear.

          • Nancy Nancy

            Jean-you can to focus on anything or anyone else standing in your way. You are the one manifesting all these obstacles. It’s tough, hats why trying to manifest a specific person is not easy. It’s easier when we don’t know someone because there’s no resistance, by very few have the focus to forget the past and what’s said. Also, I say this to everyone else on here..even the people who say they are not worried, IF YOU NOTICE IT HAS NOT COME YET, YOU WILL KEEP GETTING MORE OF THAT. If you are truly on track, you would not say “So and so has not come back yet but I know they will.” Those two statements contradict each other! You have to live and know your wish is fulfilled. Every time I’ve manifested someone back was because I felt them with me all the time. I honestly didn’t feel they weren’t with me. If anyone is struggling, please research quantum physics and law of attraction. It will bring you comfort to know the power is in your hands and you’re creating all the obstacles and separation. You should be walking around so happy (genuinely) knowing that you have everything you want. You cannot get your desires by being sad and noticing obstacles! This is basic science. To match the vibration of whatbyou desire, you have to BE the vibration!

          • Michael Michael

            Nancy, but isn’t there a difference between worrying and thinking all day about it not arriving yet, and feeling fine and obv. knowing that it hasn’t arrived yet? I mean, I don’t want to offend you, but one would have to be really crazy not to know about the actual situation of one’s surroundings.
            So, I think there is a big difference.. sure, “noticing” it hasn’t arrived yet, makes you worry and think a lot about it, makes you wonder, makes you sad, all that.. but.. what if you are just aware of the real situation and think and feel different, not letting the situation get through to your feelings and thoughts?

          • Michael Michael

            Nancy, one more question..
            Do you have some more tips about feeling them with you all the time? Just feel their love, or also thinking they are around you, doing stuff? Do you imagine them doing things, do you imagine talking to them all day? And how much do you do this every day? And how fast do your things manifest usually? Just curious about your experiences 🙂

          • Michael Michael

            Mmmmh.. today I finally packed up the stuff she wanted me to send her.. and it really stirred me up.. all those memories.
            I know she misses me and I know she has the same painful memories, which are actually good memories, but without being together, it’s obviously painful..
            Do you think when she receives the things, it will help her make the decision to come back?

            Btw, so far I am regularly visualizing going to bed with her, having our good night ritual.. getting food from the kitchen together.. stuff like that.. but I tend to be really concentrated on stuff, when I am playing some games or so, that I do not think of anything.. or when I am thinking of her during those times, I think that I am looking forward to showing her all the nice new things when she’s back (as in “she is already on her way back”).. and usually it works fine and I am really feeling it all.. but the packing today really threw me down..

            I could use some helpful words, if I am doing things right so far or some tips or.. well.. you get what I mean..

            I feel totally like this:

            This is how I see it.. we belong together, we love each other, and she is slowly realizing it and considering coming back. I even heard that things aren’t going well for them right now.
            So.. I am full of hope.. no, not just hope.. I know everything is going my way.. I just need some good words, sometimes, to keep me on track, as I am not used to doing this, and I would like to know if I am doing things right, and.. please don’t forget that I am suffering under depressions, even long before this situation happened. So sometimes it’s not that easy.. :/

            Thanks in advance!

          • Jean Jean

            Hi Nancy, I told my friend, don’t come over no more and don’t call me… Cause I want to be treated better. So he didn’t come over or call.. even though I did all this.. Could I manfest a text msg.. Will the 30day thing work on this…I think I messed up bad…I said some really bad stuff

          • Edward Edward

            Ummm would if me and my ex still contact eachother and still tell eachother we love eachother,and we still talk to eachother on a daily basis, how do i get her back then i could do the imagining part but we speak to eachother everyday how can i stop plus her birthday is tomorrow and we have prom with eachother

        • Nancy Nancy

          Jean–One more thing, LOA works 100% of the time when you offer pure intention.What I mean by that is you know what you want and you stay in that feeling for as long as possible. Doubt, fear, negativity in general, slows it down or stops it entirely (but you can always try again but people tend to get discouraged and quit). You cannot focus on the other person! You are giving energy to that person and their relationship! You must get and maintain tunnel vision. You only see and feel you two together. I suggest recalling what you were like in the beginning of the relationship. Think about it as much as you can to remember and maintain that feeling. Don’t focus on no contact. If you are really in the feeling of your wish fulfilled, you won’t notice. Look, LOA always works like I said, but it gets tricky with manifesting people because very few have this focus, determination, and strength. It’s esier for me because I have done this for so long. I look at it from a scientific perspective though, which makes it easier. I like to test out methods and see what’s fastest. The fastest method so far is just imagining they are with you all the time and feeling in love all the time. Make a love playlist and listen to it everyday.

          • Kat Kat

            Nancy, this still works even if the person has moved on to a new relationship in is physically far away?

          • Michael Michael

            Kat, the answer to this is yes.
            Distance and the current situation don’t matter, what was can be again. You just need to believe, know, and feel it. And don’t forget to feel good! 🙂

          • Shane k Shane k

            Yes it does work even if they are with someone else. You just have to not focuse on the other person. My gf is with someone else but that’s not stopping me. Focus on yourself and your own happiness and once you affirm and state your desire to the universe and know it’s going to happen you need to move on with your life and focus on your happiness and know it will come when the time is right. I always suggest manifesting smaller things to get you in the frame of mind. The more I do me the more I’m not worried about when they will be back. I have my moments but in the back of my mind I know she is coming, don’t ask how or when. Just know! I was visualizing and affirming and doing all sorts of things but it all created too much lack and I was giving all the attention to her and not me. So I started hitting the gym and hanging with friends and family. It hasn’t happened yet but I know she will know my worth, the universe will blow your mind if you just let it work! I know she thinks of me and still loves me and will be back when the time is right, so step out of the way and enjoy the journey to find yourself! Life is good! They are just a part of your life but not your happiness they add to your already happy amazing life! I’m sending positive vibs to everyone! Love you all!

          • Jean Jean

            Hi Nancy… What can I do, I’m in tears right now for what he said to me… I really love this man, but he might be involved with someone else… Lately he’s been very mean to me… How can we become close again…He don’t come by my house like he use to..I read everything you said..Does the same apply, is this hopeless…I just want him to love me…Can he change or is this hopeless

          • Shane k Shane k

            Hey Michael, I read your comment and just wanted to say that I’m right with you bud. But I’m moving forward with my life and not letting what she is doing bother me. I know I will marry my gf and I know she truly loves me even tho she has someone else. Become the best version of you and love, money, success will chase you. Enjoy this time to find yourself and as ab hicks says ” you are having so much fun that they will be back” or “don’t you hope they never come back”? As in you are having so much fun finding yourself you enjoy the journey and are not living in lack. Go on dates with people but be true to yourself and then. Once you’ve felt and affirmed your desire it’s set to manifest! Your sub knows what you want, trust your inner voice! Since I’ve been focusing on myself my job has offered me two positions and advancements and my family and friends I’m closer with and I started hitting the gym and focusing on me! It’s already here! Move on and focus on you and the universe will blow your mind when they are here but when they do you will be so damn amazing cause you found your true self!! I’ve been attracting tons of ladies lately cause I love myself!!! Be grateful for everything you have now and the rest will come! Manifest smaller things to get you in the zone. You got this homie! She knows how awesome you are! I know mine does but enjoy the wonderful journey!

          • Michael Michael

            Thanks Shane, I just had a bad moment when I posted my last message, but yeah, I feel totally good and know things are going my way..
            Aaaand yeah! Today something interesting happened..
            As it was my girl’s birthday, my mom wished her happy birthday and during this short chat, she asked my mom how people think of her over here. This totally shows that she is considering coming back. I mean what other reason would there be why she’d be interested in how people think of her over here when she lives in another country? 😀
            So, this is totally going my way!

          • Michael Michael

            I am so happy and hyped with this news I had yesterday..! I mean.. this totally shows that everything is going my way 😀 I am so looking forward to the next step.. probably going to be when she receives my package.

            What I want to ask, though:
            This hyped up feeling is probably a good manifestation boost, isn’t it? 😀
            Obviously I am thinking a lot about it, but I am really happy and I am looking forward to more good news of this kind.. hope that is a good thing to do, too?

          • Joyce Joyce

            Hi Nancy! My boyfriend and I broke up 10 days ago. I’ve been practicing LOA for 8 days now. I’ve been doing manifestation and meditation every morning and visualization every night. Today, I asked for a sign if I’m doing it right. So I told myself that when I get to see him within the day (of course without going to the place where he is), then its a sign that its working. And guess what?! Right after I said that, I saw him in front of my work place! Well, I just smiled and greeted him and nothing else. Do you think its really a sign that its working???

          • Nancy Nancy

            Joyce for some reason there is no reply button to your question. This forum is set up very weirdly. Anyways, when people ask me questions like that it’s hard for me to take them seriously. You asked for a sign to see him and you got it. If you have to keep asking for reassurance then you aren’t living as if or believing. It sounds like you are VERY new to LOA. Please watch some videos by Abraham Hicks and Wayne Dyer. I would even buy some of Wayne’s books. You should never worry if it is working. It means you are paying attention to what is. I also suggest you go to YouTube immediately and subscribe to YourYouniverse’s channel and watch a lot of their videos. If you were able to manifest seeing him, then you can manifest being back with him.. you have to BECOME the person before it can manifest. People miss this concept. You will not get it and then believe it. You will SEE it when you BELIEVE it

      • Angelina Angelina

        Does it work if you still talk to the person? We broke up but talk every day as “friends”. I don’t want to stop talking to him but can I apply these techniques to attract him back to me if we are still in contact?

      • Greg Greg

        Nancy i have to ask you. I know we have to be unshakeable in our beliefs that we received our exs already…but what happens say if u are weak for a day or a few hours..tears, “this wont work” etc and then snap out of it and are supremely confident again….does the universe punish you for half a day of being down and go ” right thats it game over” OR does it just slow down the manifestation

        • Shane k Shane k

          Greg, it doesn’t “punish” you. It only slows it down, you need to keep your thoughts toward your desire at least 51% or higher. It just slows it down when you think those things, live in the end result is living your life happy and knowing you already have your desire. Know it’s here already and become the best version of yourself! Enjoy the journey! Have some fun! You got this!!! Enjoy your amazing journey in finding yourself, if you don’t make yourself happy and concentrate on you then it will only set you farther back. The sooner you let go the better you will be! Know it’s here and live your life happy! You got this!

          • Jean Jean

            Can you start over with the LOA, if you messed up​. Trying I manifest my ex back in my life. A lot has happened in the past week, I’m trying to do no contact….Any info

          • Shane k Shane k

            You don’t really “start over” you just need to change your thoughts and your mindset from here on out. Think only positive things that support your desire. The universe knows what you want, the sooner you “let go” the more clear your signal will be. Don’t try to control it, focus on yourself is the key. I always manifest smaller things to get me in the mindset that I CAN do this. Doing smaller things gives you that drive and that faith in knowing you can create your own reality. Universal mind is a huge thing, when you think of someone they usually text or message or call you. You weren’t so attached that you let it go and it just happened. You weren’t so worried of the outcome. Focus on your goals and don’t hold yourself back. Then when you least expect it they come. You must be content with yourself, if you focus on lack you will receive more of that.

      • Danielle Danielle

        Nancy you make this all sound so easy. And it is. I’d say I’m pretty good at keeping my visualization process positive but every now and then I slip and imagine the guy I’m taking a break with with someone else. And I know they say a positive affirmation is 100x more powerful than a negative one, but I’m a bit confused. Must my visuals be positive 100% of the time in order for this to work ? Also I think it’d be a great idea for you to create a blog and have questions and answers for the public. It seems you are really good at keeping people on track, or at least me. Thank you.

        • Nancy Nancy

          Danielle-So funny, all my friends and people on Youtube and other sites tell me the same thing! I actually am thinking about it since I am so passionate about helping people through this and to understand how magical the world is! First off, don’t be hard on yourself. Realize that if negative stuff comes up, it means you are cleaning out resistance. It’s just showing you a belief you have to let go of. It can be hard, I know. If it is giving you pain though, take a break for a bit and do something fun for yourself. Make sure you keep a balance. Try manifesting something big for yourself in addition to your guy. It will help you go back and forth instead of only focusing ALL your energy on him. When you feel sad, console yourself and don’t be mad at yourself. Let yourself know that if the problem exists, the solution must exist as well. Live in the solution. The more energy you build towards your desire, it has no choice but to manifest. The whole universe is energy and people are made of the same energy that jobs, houses, purses, clothes, etc are made of. In fact, go on Youtube and look up James Gates and binary codes in the universe. He is a physicist that found actual computer codes in our universe! We are living in one giant matrix and everything is our own creation! Hang in there. Let me know if you need more help 🙂

          • Danielle Danielle

            Thank you. I needed to read that. I’ve had some progress. Within 48hr he went from saying there was nothing to talk about to we could be friends but nothing more and then last night I saw him to pick up some stuff, we hung it and went to ea. *And you actually recommended Agnes vivarelli and I’ve been doing her self love meditations and watching everyone is you pushed out (before I went to see him)* so when I was leaving he said he would stay optimistic. The whole issue is that when we were first dating he had other ppl around and when he started to change I was the only one he was seeing but I still didn’t trust him. He feels I won’t be able to get past what happened in the beginning and if that’s the case we can’t be together. But again Agnes vivarelli is really helping. Thank you so much for recommending her. If you make a blog plz let me know. I’d love to read what you have to say.

          • paru verma paru verma

            hey nancy, for instance i am applying loa to get my ex back, and he has fallen for someone deeply , will it still work? i dont know ehether he is single or taken at the moment.

      • Pat Pat


        I am still working on it every day I know it will happen just need to stay on pure vibration long enough. I had a few week moments but now I’m back on track. Lots of self love and living from the end result.

        Thank you,

  90. Kay Kay

    Hi Mike,
    My ex and I have been apart for almost 5 months we still talk at times and see each other but he says he needs time to figure out what is best for him and what he really wants or if I am really what he wants. He hasn’t came to any decisions yet and every time we get close he seems to back away for awhile. How can I use law of attraction to have him make the decision and come back? Am I somehow causing the delay of a decision by concentrating on him needing time? And am I causing him to pull away when we get close somehow? Please help!

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      We get what we think about… you’re concentrating on him needing you?…Well then all you’re going to get as more of that. We communicate with the universe through our thoughts pictures in her mind and feelings. You are telling the universe with your thoughts what you want so think about what you’re thinking about.

      You should be thinking about feeling and picturing or should say visualizing the end result only how would it feel to be back together again? Get into the feeling of already having it, that is how you attract things into your life.

      • Optimist Optimist

        Hi. My ex left me for another woman 8 months ago. I am sure that we are meant to be together. We couldn’t be further away in geografical terms, and it hurts to see him doing everything with this other woman that he was planning on doing with me. But I’ve decided to ignore it knowing that we will get back together soon, listening to your subliminal messages whenever my mind starts to doubt. I think I was attracting him back in contact with me, because we have had some contact before he moved together with her, good conversations. But I messed it up by talking about negative feelings. (I didn’t understand the opportunities sent from the universe and I was still very hurt). I know that loa works because I’ve used it to get good grades, a job and cure from sickness before. For now it’s a bit hard to visualize but that will come eventually I’m sure so I’m doing the subliminal program for now, heartenergy through photos etc. I attracted him to me once (it felt like he was sent from heaven at the time) so I know I can attract him back. Sadly I also know loa works because I feared/dreamt that he cheated on me and left and guess what just happened then out of the blue.. Other than the subliminal program i visualize when it feels good, or do other things that bring joy for me when it doesn’t. Any further tips/comments are appreciated 🙂

        • Optimist Optimist

          And also. He is a fond believer/user of loa, he was talking about it when him and i originally attracted each other. Before he left he said something about us both ‘finding someone better’, and now he looks happy with her in photos, the new girl he attracted. (which ive stopped looking at). But isn’t that just also another limiting belief that i have? Once he thought i was the one, things changed (my fears and insecurities came up), and in the same way things can change between them and him and me again (not focusing on how or when). And also, isn’t the far geographical distance also a limiting belief? So it can still work?

      • Greg Greg

        Hi Mike
        Couple of questions
        My ex has blocked me but I believe that this is not end of world. I get down but in minutes have lifted myself. She read about LOA and believes that it’s “magic” evil and in our situation as she came back would be affecting free will. Am I taking her free will? I know we should be together.
        Also it’s our 2 year anniversary on nov1. Is it possible to ask the universe for us to be back together by then if i believe? It’s my 50th birthday Dec 9…i would love to propose then or xmas. Can I ask the universe this and it be granted if i believe?

      • Brenda Brenda

        Will it work with my ex who has told me twice he doesn’t want to work it out and he doesn’t love me the way I deserve to be loved. I feel in my heart me and him are meant to be together, based on what he said and what I believe will LOA work to get him back as my boyfriend?

  91. Jean Jean

    Hi, Mike… I’m in love with this man, seems lately that someone else got his attention… Don’t call like he use too, other things have change…How can I get his attention back on me, and only me… Is this possible??? Tell me what to do

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      Seems like you are worrying about what you do not have the only result you’ll get from that is more of the same. You need to reverse that and only think about what you do want.

  92. Jean Jean

    Hi, Mike… Haven’t been on here awhile. I’m curious about something..If we create our own experiences, then tell me if this is possible.if your job saying you are getting a bonus..But it’s a certain amount depending how long you worked there…But you want another amount for people been there a little longer…Can you visualize and practice loa on the amount you want.

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      Yes you can. In fact when we desire something the more detailed we can get the faster it will manifest in your life.

      However, do not want to worry about the how do you not get into the details of how it will happen only that it will happen or I should say it already happened you already have what you desire

      • Angelina Angelina

        I know you said no contact while doing LOA but we talk a few times a day as friends since breaking up. As long as I stick to doing the LOA and being positive and not worrying/thinking about who he is with, can he and I still talk and the LOA still work to get him back as my bf??? I do not want to stop talking to him. Will this still work?

  93. Pat Pat

    My heart is so crushed she is talking to another woman whom I have meant before they seem to be getting pretty serious. She told me she likes her and that it just happen and that she has a lot of her attention. I feel like my soul has died I went over her place to get my things but didn’t get them. She hugged me we talked for 4 hours about all kinds of stuff. I told her that I wasn’t going to give up on her I had given her space and everything she said she can’t and won’t give me another chance. She said she can’t give me another chance because she would not be authentic to her self and what she needs and wants from a partner. She told me she needs stability and that we are not on the same page and we weren’t from the beginning. What do I do now?! Please tell me what to do Mike!!!

  94. Michael Michael

    Hi Mike..

    My girlfriend broke up with me 3 weeks ago.. it is so complicated..
    This happened 5 1/2 years already and it was the exact same situation besides this time I wasn’t so stupid to fight with her.. but she didn’t tell me about her worries, wishes and fears and told me there are no feelings anymore even though I could see a lot of love coming from her only a few days ago and stuff.. it’s like she fled from the comfortable kind of love we entered, or from her fears or something.. she also said that we won’t ever get the changes she is wishing for.. and both times, back then, and this time, she immediately started flirting (and dating) another guy..

    5 1/2 years ago I learned about the Law of Attraction and she came back after being gone for 6 weeks..
    This time though, I.. don’t know how to let go of all my fears and doubts.. I feel so broken but I love her so much.. she is the one and I want her to come back and go to a therapist with her so this won’t happen again..

    You know this all is very complicated because I am suffering from depressions and anxiousness, and she is suffering from panic attacks and social anxiety.. and she stopped taking the pill 2 months before she broke up (and one of the possible side effects doing that is also some kind of confusion/numbness about your feelings..)

    I also had some moments, where, when I visualized her, I think I felt what she felt.. as in.. that the feelings came from her to me, from outside.. do you know this feeling?
    The first time I had this feeling, it was like a sad, longing feeling coming from her..
    The second time, just recently, I felt as if there is love and a needing-kind of feeling coming to me..

    I do know that we belong together, but.. it is so hard to keep going, to keep fighting..
    It feels like I am going forth and back again.. especially since right now I have to send her documents she needs as she moved back to her home town.. and the e-mails I’m having with her make me sad, even though it seems that she surprisingly responds very neutral, not in a happy or “healthy” manner, which she usually does.. maybe just because she feels awkward with me, or doesn’t want to hurt me.. but maybe she doesn’t feel as happy with her new life, as she wants to?

    All in all, we had a relationship for 10 years.. and.. you can’t just go numb and forget everything in such a short time, right?
    Well.. so many thoughts are in my head and i feel so stirred up.. and really sick..

    Do you have some suggestions or tips for me?

    • Michael Michael

      Also.. is it okay for me to think of.. no.. knowing, that she is loving and missing me inside, right now and more and more each day?
      Is this also helping me making her come back to me, or is this part of this “she is still not here” thing, making it only take longer?

      • Michael Michael

        Lately, I have the feeling something is going to happen soon.. some kind of “premonition” feeling.. as if she is coming back very soon! 🙂

        • Michael Michael

          Today she left me a message, asking that I send her some stuff she forgot here..
          That could also be a possible sign, right?
          How should I react?

          I would really appreciate a reply 🙂
          Trying to stay strong, confident and patient.

          • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

            Yes it may be a sign after all in a way she was thinking about you..Right.

            In response to your other posts above…

            First of all you have proven to yourself that law of attraction Works after you used it the first time you got her back right?

            I think you are overthinking the whole process law of attraction is fairly simple you have to communicate with the universe and tell it exactly what you want through pictures in your mind and feelings nothing else so think about what you were thinking about.

            Like you stated above you were getting into the feelings of how she might feel think about what you’re telling the universe what you want you want more of that bad feeling and it will deliver.

            When you worry about how this is going to work…How much you miss your ex… and everything else that has happened in the past you are saying yes this is what I am thinking of this is what I want more of and Law of Attraction will deliver in the most efficient way possible.

            Now… If you get very clear on exactly what you want and how you would like your relationship to be and think of that and only that and I’m talking about the end result of being back together and happy… hold it in your mind get into the feelings of it and think of that and nothing else then you are telling the universe hey this is what I want. It WILL deliver. It works!

            The way you get things in your life it’s to think about them act and feel as if you already had what you want that is how the process works think of nothing else and worry about nothing else and don’t worry about how that’s not your job. It takes practice.

          • Nancy Nancy

            If anything, I think it’s a sign of the negative emotions you are sending out. From your other posts, I can sense your doubt about this whole process. LOA never fails. This will work but you have to throw yourself into the process. I was so happy to see this whole article/post about the steps because I have used this my whole life to attract people. It’s seriously a foolproof method when used consistently and properly. If you really believed you could have her back, you wouldn’t be posting questions “What about this..or what about that”. It’s ok. We all go through it, but you have to monitor your thoughts and behavior. You want your habits to match the feeling of being with her again.

        • Jay Jay

          I have had the same feeling about my previous Girl Friend. I miss her soo much while we were soo much alike. She lives with her parents and they are not allowing her to talk too me.. Because, they did not like me from the beginning. Honestly, I was the best thing to ever happen to their daughter. Granted we had a differences during the 5 months we were dating butt honestly I loved that girl with all my heart. I am hoping we reunite once again and soon

          • Michael Michael

            Hey.. short update on my case..
            I have a friend who is experienced with empathy and he also helped me 5 1/2 years ago.. well, with the bond I have with my ex, he is able to sense what she feels inside and can guess what’s going on with her, but.. and this is a big BUT now..
            Even this is contra-productive, right? I mean.. sure, now he tells me she does miss me inside, but pride and/or fears are still preventing that she contacts me about coming back.. I know that she loves and misses me, but pretends to be happy with her new guy on the outside.. also he told me that he feels that something big is coming about now..
            So here is the BUT:
            But as I learned, thinking about how she feels, what is preventing her return, that big moment I am waiting for.. thinking so much about it, even though I also am thinking of and knowing that she will return, I am delaying things more and more by thinking of one “but” after another as “but she is pretending”, and “but she is scared of doing that final step” and stuff..

            I really should do nothing but think of her being back with me, right?
            I feel so stupid..

          • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

            Yes you are correct you should not be thinking about or worry about any of that only the end result. If you think about another’s feelings and it contradicts what you want …you are basically saying Hey I want more of this universe. We get what we think about.

          • Michael Michael

            Hey, it’s me again.. I didn’t even know there is a page on this site about exactly this subject! I read it and I am now trying not to think about “how she feels right now” anymore, and focus about her being back with me and loving me.. will be a bit of a change, but I hope I can stop those thoughts 🙂

            For anyone else who didn’t notice yet, here is the link to “Why Law of Attraction Fails an what you can do about it”:

      • Nancy Nancy

        Yes..These are all the right things to do. You’re overthinking this! LOA is super easy and everyone overthinks it. I had a guy come back to me by using these exact methods. Everything I scripted he said almost verbatim. If you knew this guy, you would know why it was so crazy! He would normally never say those things.I mean he was hooked! By the time he came, I already moved onto another guy. It was only a matter of few months, but hey, when you do this correctly, you become a love magnet and opportunities come from everywhere! Sounds like you should do some writing in your journal about why your girlfriend (stop calling her your ex)loves being with you. Seems like you have forgotten all the things YOU have to offer. You need to get to the point where you think “God she would be crazy to not want to be with me!”

        • Michael Michael

          Hi again..
          (reposting this as it hasn’t come through the first time)

          A few things have happened and I experienced some changes a few days ago. First I was frightened a little as changes make me feel a little anxious, but actually I think this is just the last step that was needed. I stopped worrying and feeling lonely, I stopped thinking about her all day, and if I think about her, I think of her loving me, about our reunion or visualize her being with me, spending our precious time together.
          This is what they call “detachment”, the last and most important step to get your visualization to become manifested, right?

          Also, I started thinking of her as my love again, not as my ex, as Nancy suggested, and started to think better of myself.. thinking of things that she loves in me, such as my strong will, my loyalty, that i’m protecting her so much, my playfulness and our childishness we loved together and more of that kind.. and I feel quite comfortable and secure, relaxing until it comes true.

          Any more tips or your opinion would be cool 🙂

        • Michael Michael

          And a question I forgot to ask:
          Is it fine, that I still obv. know that she isn’t here?

          I mean, obv. I am not stupid or hypnotized, so I know about the situation, but as I also stated, I don’t really worry anymore, and feel good and loved inside, imagine her with me and doing our little insider jokes and w/e, and take some time for meditation and visualization, but all this doesn’t feel like chores, it all comes naturally, as if I feel the urge to take my time to lean back and meditate and/or visualize.. it feels so different from before, but it feels so.. unforced.. 🙂

          So is it quite right how I’m feeling and doing? 🙂

        • Emily Emily

          Does LOA work for bringing a past Guy back that just couldn’t commit. We dated for 6 months, never fought, was happy, were exclusive, but after 6 months I asked where this was going and he said he wasn’t ready for serious relationship. So I ended it. I’ve always had a feeling that he would be back. We just had too good of a connection for it to gonthat easily. However he is dating other people now.

  95. Kp Kp

    What do you do when your partner’s mother is trying to put a wedge in the relationship of you and her son? Her son and I love each other…but she is using manipulative tactics and spreading horrible lies about me…. I try to not obsess.. it’s difficult. I love and adore this man. He is my best friend. I have been kind and try to approach his mother, bug, it’s as though she wants her son to herself. Does the LOA remove and help heal these blocks?

    • Kp Kp

      She is forcing him to choose between herself and me… I see this as conditional love put on her son, whereas I just want him to be happy. I just don’t understand what’s going on….I haven’t heard from him, she actually put a GPS on his phone… it’s craziness. I don’t want to be with anyone else but him.

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      Yes, law of attraction works. Stop thinking and worried about what she is trying to do all you will do is attract more of that and you don’t want that do you? Hold in your mind pictures and feelings and visualize how we you would like your relationship to be and stop worrying about her things will change she will see you in a different light or give up or something will happen the situation will take care of itself if you don’t worry about it

      • Shane k Shane k

        Hi Mike, so long story short I met this girl that I know I attracted through the laws of attraction. She had everything I ever wanted in a girl and from day 1 we hit it off and knew that we wanted to be together forever and it never bothered us or scared us. We had our occasional fights, she received a new job and was moving to a different city and was only moving if I was going to go with her. So I decided to go and she gets down there and then breaks up with me out of the blue and blames a lot of things on me and says she needs space. So I give her space and the first week try contacting her friends with no luck and left it alone. A month and a half goes by and I’ve been scripting and visualizing and affirming for a while and feeling like I’m getting somewhere and I run into a coworker of hers and tell him I love her and I am waiting for her and he tells her and freaks out and says I’ve been contacting all her friends for a while(which I didn’t) and she says she’s moved on. So I was shocked when my friends said she left me right away for another guy… I thought I would be more upset but I wasn’t and told myself that I’m a great guy and she will realize it. So I took down all our pictures and my vision board and yet I still believe she will come back and realize how great I am. I wanted to give up but I love her and the 5 months we dated we connected like a twin flame. So I want to focus on me for a while and let the universe know I want her and release it and trust it will come. I just have a hard time visualizing us and all but might script again. What should I do to attract her back even tho she is already with a guy and told me to move on? But I know deep down we are twin flames and meant to be and love each other. I want Tj affirm and let it be but would be hard to visualize now after this. Thank you

      • Brenda Smith Brenda Smith

        Will it work with my ex who has told me twice he doesn’t want to work it out and he doesn’t love me the way I deserve to be loved. I feel in my heart me and him are meant to be together, based on what he said and what I believe will LOA work to get him back as my boyfriend?

  96. Sammie Sammie

    Right now I am in a great mess. And I need help.
    I am in love with my best friend. He was always with me. He needed me all the time. But due to some problems we broke apart and haven’t been talking since 7 months. He initially tried talking to me. But I was very hurt and wanted him to realise his mistake. Time passed and now he doesnt ping me or call me. But I still have the same love fr him and want him back badly. I am trying LOA. But, I am getting lost in the mid way and getting confused. Can you plz tell me stepwise wat to do n what not to.
    Plus adding to my agony, I heard frm him few days back that he is trying to leave the city.
    Please help. I dont want to lose him. Plus I saw him roaming around with a girl few times.And every single time I felt bad. Today that girl saw me and smirked mockingly which got my mind of the trails. M having difficulty focussing. Seems like he has said something to that girl which is why she smirked. What do I do?.Please help

    • Nancy Nancy

      The biggest problem is you noticing what is by keeping track of how long it’s been and what isn’t happening. I suggest you go on YouTube and check out Veronica Isles. There is another great channel you should start watching called YouAreCreators. Start watching their videos ASAP. You need a major positivity boost and also need to learn the quantum physics explanation behind LOA (that channel has many videos about this). Once you realize that we are all made of energy and create our whole reality, you should never doubt again.

  97. J'van J'van

    Hi Mike, would like to check with you if I may listen to two subliminal programs one after another on the same night? As I’m thinking of purchasing another subliminal program..

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      Yes, you can listen to two separate programs. Main thing is to not skip a day once you start a program, minimum of 30 days. The are scientific reasons for that…

      • J'van J'van

        I see. I actually fell asleep on some nights and skipped the program. So it means that the next night when I listen again, it’s considered Day 1 again?

        • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

          Yes, unless you feel asleep while listening to the program. It takes 26 to 30 consecutive days to make permanent changes to our subconscious. Sometimes it will happen much sooner but as a general rule….

  98. A A

    What about the other person’s free will? Can you really manifest someone back if they are dead set in not having a relationship, not just with you, but with any one else for that matter? And can you manifest someone back that told you that they hated you and wanted you out of their life for good? I know that doubt creates resistance but I know that free will is brought up numerous times throughout the LOA community.

    • greg greg

      i would like to know the answer to that one too

  99. Chloe Chloe

    Quick question, in order to get my ex back, with all the imagination and all, do I have to “feel good” or just play with the imagination and it will happen?

    Thanks, Chloe

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      If you had your ex back would you not be happy? How would you feel if it was true and you were back with your ex again?

      When using your imagination to visualize something you want, as if it already happened, you should feel happy and excited. Feelings and pictures in your mind have great power attracting things into your life.

      • Sbxxx Sbxxx

        Right I have a lot of questions on this so bare with me on this!!
        My ex split up with me a few days ago, blocked me on EVERYTHING, social media & phone number.
        1 – How do I stop these horrible feelings in my tummy that I have when acting asif I still have him?
        2 – Do I just think positive about me and him or positive generally?
        3 – Do I look at old pictures of me and him or not?
        4 – What do I say or do when people ask about me and him?
        5 – What type of thoughts am I meant to have?
        6 – What happens if I have a bad moment, bad feeling or bad thought about me and him.. Do I have to start from day 1 all over again?
        7 – Can you just explain it a bit more so I know what I’m doing because I really don’t wanna get any of this wrong hahaha
        8 – Do I focus on my self? Do I act as though am still with him? Am so confused

        Sorry about all the questions, please get back to me asap 🙁

        • Dash Dash


          I’m sort of going through similar as you. I know deep down I met the one and have known it ever since we met. We broke up at the end of the summer, very unexpected and neither of us wanted this.

          Don’t look at old photos, it’s part of the challenge. Those photos can bring up old feelings.

          I still deal with some doubt and fear, but you just have to remain positive and know that everything will and is working out. Go about your life as if he is already back in it. How did you feel when dating? Happy? Then continue to be happy. Keep yourself busy and focus on you.

        • greg greg

          hi Sbxxx

          I am still a novice but from what I have read and heard my answers would be
          1- acknowledge those horrible feelings straight away and pictue in your mind what you want your future to be – feel what it would be like ( I get excited when alone at home and jump around !)
          2- both …positivity in all areas and be careful of the words you say and think
          3- to a point but think of those happy memories that will be new again- don’t read old letters or texts
          4- yes hard one – “for now we are not together” I am ok but be positive and glowing ,if asked do not be negative show love towards him but no falling apart
          5 positive in all areas of YOUR life as its YOUR life – enjoy being you – its seprated for NOW not forever
          6 think of the universe as a baby in a way be specific in what you want and feel (its hard) but if you feel frustrated it thinks “you want more frustrated “I WISH (wish = lack) picture as clearly and feel as much as you can what you want
          I don’t think it puts you back to day one I think it slows it down
          8 focus on yourself and lifting your energy (its so hard I still get tears over my girl esp as she has blocked me gain on phone and FB WE have split 8 times in 2 years but I know we are meant to be

  100. J'van J'van

    I really want to get the subliminal program. However, I’m using an iPhone. Therefore, I need advice on how I may do so. I’ve asked previously. However, there’s no reply. Are persons who are using iPhones unable to get this program. Please advice, thank you.

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      Hi, I just replied to your other post if you want to read, sorry it took me awhile to get back to you I’m a little behind on everything.

      • J'van J'van

        Hey Mike, thanks for your reply. I think I know how to resolve the iPhone issue. I’ve an app, it’s called the FileApp and I managed to open a zip file earlier which I’ve downloaded from your website too..

        Hope this will help other iPhone users too..

      • J'van J'van

        Ok guys, I’ve just successfully purchased and downloaded the program in my iPhone! Just download Google Chrome browser to your iPhone from Apple AppStore. Click on the link from your email. When it tries to open in Safari, copy and paste the URL to Google Chrome. Then unzip it in this app called “FileApp”. However, I’m not sure if this app is a free app or I bought it previously for work purposes..

        Hope this will help all iPhone users who wish to purchase this program too!


        • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

          Hey great, I’m glad it worked out for you and thanks for posting to let others know because this has been a problem with iPhones for a while now. Thanks again!

  101. Evelin Evelin

    Hi everyone,
    My bf broke up with me almost 2 months ago and we haven’t been talking for a month and a half now I think. I never practiced LOA before, but I was introduced to it reacently by my brother who told me he got his ex back once using LOA. From that day I tried my best to be positive, to believe in this law even though it was really hard for me because I’m not really religious and always found it hard to believe in things like this. But I did my research and found many scientific facts so I realized this is really something real and it also worked for so many people. So a few days ago I asked the Univers for my lover to be back with me in a romantic relationship, and since then I thank Univers every day for having him back. I also started writing gratitude journal, studying, colouring my colouring books, basically doing all the things that either make me happy or occupy my thoughts for some time. But still, every morning I have doubts. I feel like I don’t know if I am doing this right and I worry even though I know this will only set me back. I am conciously aware that the only persin who can make me happy is me and that I can be happy all by myself and I am proving it to myself for the past few days, but I feel like my subconcious mind is still not believing it and it’s almost like it’s “protecting” me from being disappointed. I alsi started listening to subliminals every day and I even asked for signs. The first one was a sign that I will get him back and that was seeing a white cat. In only two days I saw three white cats and I was really happy. So my question is, is it wrong to visualise our happy relationship many times a day if I want to let go of the outcome?

    • Precious Precious

      Hi Evelin,

      I got my ex back using the LOA. I think it’s okay to visualize many times a day, as long as it makes you feel good and it doesn’t make you doubt. Doubt is resistance. Just trust yourself that you’re doing everything the right way. Also you need to have 100% faith. I got a lot of faith because of my other manifestations.

      Letting go means living your life as if you already have your desire. What things would you do if you had your ex back already?

      But just have faith. Faith is your guarantee that you will get what you asked for!

      • Evelin Evelin

        Thank you so much 🙂 Whenever I visualize I have feel happy and have good feelings, but sometimes during the rest of the day I doubt. I started telling myself that I can do this, that it is hard to believe when I wasn’t much of a believer earlier, but that with every day it will get easier. I think of it as if it was a muscle 😀 If I practice and practice I’ll get to the point where I won’t even doubt nor think if I can or should believe – I just will. Thank you for your message, it makes me believe in LOA even more whenever I read positive experiences like yours. I am sending my happy thoughts and energy to you and I wish you happiness in everything you do. Best regards 🙂

      • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

        That’s great, I love hearing success stories and that is some good advice thanks for posting! ☺

        • Ell Ell

          Hi Mike
          I split with my ex over a year ago, I’ve tried everything at the beginning but she had enough. Even though she ended it over a thoughtless comment. We had come back from worse then that. Just before the I made that comment she told me how much she loved me. She ended it and cut me off and I’ve not seen her or my daughter since as she wants nothing to do with me. Also just before she ended it she said I was her soul mate. I’ve been trying to practice LOA by writing my wish as if we had been doing things have phone conversations with her but it’s hard to visualise how I see us being when I know we live apart. I look up at the sky and imagine us up there cuddling. To you have any other ways I can improve visualisation of what I want the outcome to be?

      • Evelin Evelin

        Hello, everyone,
        It’s me again. For the past 10 days or so since I started practicing LOA I’ve been reading a lot about it. Maybe even too much 🙂 So the thing is on many forums and sites I read this – In order to get your desire you must let go, or in other words you must become a vibrational match to it. And to become a vibrational match to your desire you must feel, think and act like you already have it. So my question is, if I already had my desire, I wouldn’t be listening to subliminal messages (which I think are importan for me since I just started out and my belief is still a bit uncertain, but it’s gotten much better in these last few days) or reading about success stories of people getting back with their lovers, right? So how can I manifest a relationship that I want with my lover if I don’t do something about my belief? This confuses me a lot, and I know that I probably shouldn’t have read so much about how to get an ex back with LOA, if I already started with Mike’s advice, but I felt like the more I knew about how it all works the closer I would be to my desire. Thanks for all your help so far 🙂 I really feel like I am getting close, because I do feel better, I feel happy and positive and think about how I manifested some things already in my life without even knowing it, and I feel like if I figure this out I will finally be able to “let go” and become a vibrational match to any desire that I have, not just this one. Thanks again.

        • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

          Letting go can be tough sometimes especially if its something you really desire. This is why I usually suggest, especially to new people, to do some of the law of attraction exercises manifesting small items that you could care less about whether you really got them or not just for fun….

          In one of the articles on my site there is an example of manifesting a tennis ball, do you think I really cared if I manifested a tennis ball or not…no… I did did my visualization into I could feel it actually happening and I forgot about it knowing it would happen, that is the feeling of detachment I really didn’t care, therefore it happened fairly quickly and easily.

          Of course I’ve been doing this a long time and I know how to get into the exact feeling needed to manifest things quickly again that’s why I recommend exercises on other items so when you do need something in your life that is important to you you will know how to do this and can look back on past successes ☺

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      You can visualize as many times today as you want as long as you feel good doing it if it becomes a chore then stop doing it. It sounds like you’re on the right track keep it up!

      • Evelin Evelin

        Thank you so much 🙂 I’ve been feeling much better in the past few days.

  102. J'van J'van

    Hi, I want to purchase your subliminal program. However, there is a note that says that it doesn’t work for persons using an iPhone. Hoe do I go about purchasing this program?


    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      Hello, you will need a PC or an Android device to download the zip file, for some reason Apple will not allow downloads on their devices if there’s a way around it and anyone knows feel free to post. The people that have bought with iPhones could not download and after looking into it further this is what I discovered. It’s an apple thing. If you google cannot download zip file with an apple you will see there’s quite a few people with the same problem.

      • J'van J'van

        Yes, I’ve found a way around it and successfully purchased and downloaded the program in my iPhone. I’ve posted on how in one of my other posts on top..

  103. Peter Brown Peter Brown

    Hi, Mike,

    What do I do if I keep worrying about my recently, but temporarily detached love being with someone new? I recently came across a profile that she posted very recently, just one month after telling me that she was okay with being alone and felt the need to work on herself. I have messed up by contacting her a few times in the span of a month last month, but once I have learned the no contact rule I have stopped. I truly want to be with her again and I don’t want to screw it up. I still believe in us getting married and having kids as we had planned. I want to let go, especially of my negative thoughts. I have been focusing on myself and I have definitely seen strides in my confidence and letting go of the fears, insecurities, and low self-esteem that attracted the dissolution of the relationship. Your advice would be astounding. Thank you in advance!

    • Thea Thea

      Hey,I posted here abou a week ago and now I have a succes story again,so I can say thing or two that may help you 🙂 I brought my ex back in a few weeks and the main thing you have to do is just believe. I know how hard it is when you see your partner on dating sites or with other people but you cant focus on that. When I saw that,I just kept telling myself that everything will be the way I want and we will be together. You have to focus on yourself and understand that you dont need anyone to make you happy. Dont think about negative things in you and think what you want to be,a confident strong happy person. Imagine all the time that you have your love again AND you are a new better person. Also you can send emails to yourself as if they are from your partner. This method helped me a lot and now I get almost the same texts from my boyfriend. When you are done with your methods such as vision board,emails and so on,you have to let go. You have to know,that you will be okay even if you dont have this person beside you. I know it is hard. But it helps and only then you will have your desire. I got my boyfriend back when I let him go and understood that I will be fine either way 🙂 check articles on this website,believe,dont let negative thoughts to rule you and let go 🙂

  104. Thea Thea

    Hey everyone. I have a succes story that gone wrong…I knew one guy about 6 years and one year ago I felt that I want him to e more than my friend. He said he didnt want a relationship with me and that he could not love me but I believed really hard that he is the one. I trusted law of attraction and I knew that he will love me and we will be together. About 4 months later he told me that he loves me and we were very happy. But I had fears that he would leave me or would want other girls and guess what, now he left me two weeks ago. He says that he wants to forget me and doesnt want to love me,I know that he is searching for new girls. So do you think I can attract him back again? I just know that he is the one for me,but all that fear about other girls is killing me. I would be thankful for any reply.

    • Thea Thea

      Also,can you hang out and date other people while doing all the stuff in those 30 days ? Or is it againts our intentions and we should not date anyone?

    • Thea Thea

      P.S. can you date other people during 30 days? Or is it against the rules?
      P.P.S. I am really new to subliminal program. How long does the audio last?

    • Leigh Leigh

      I think your fear of other women created him leaving in the first place… I know this has happened to me in one particular situation. I feared my ex would cheat on me with the same woman from our past and he did. Because that was what I focused on.

      • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

        We get what we fear and worry about if that’s what you think about, most of the time, you will Attract it and that’s a perfect example.

  105. Lucy Lucy

    Well im in a similar situation, because of my negativity my realationship with the greatest guy ever ended like a year ago. I have known him since childhood and when i was 15, i wrote to my diary that im gonna marry him 🙂 Now im 31 for the record:) We had 3 years long amazing realationship but lately we had fights and i was way too much negative so he broke up with me.
    I felt really devastated, also because im just convinced that he is the one. We are twin flames….i can feel it, we are absolutely similar in all we do.

    Since the break up we have seen each other various times but he is living now 300 km from my city so we dont get many opportunities to see:) It was always amazing but last time he told me he wanted me to move on finally. It was something i feared so he had to say it. I told him i wont find another guy cause i love him with all my heart and soul. He kept talking since then but now he is ignoring my messages for like a week without saying a word. Never did that before.

    So what to do now?:) Im following your advices, visualize every day our wedding to which i also set particular date, i write gratitude journal and sending him love.
    I tried to think about dating other guys but my intuition and heart is like screaming at me to hold on and dont give up:)

    Thank you very much for your advice if you have some to my case:)

    • Lucy Lucy

      update: i found out he is also dating other girl now…so donno what to do 🙂 thanks for any advice:)

      • Tyrannaous Tyrannaous

        What has came from all of this Lucy if you don’t mind me asking

  106. Pat Pat

    Hi Mike,

    My girlfriend just broke up with me Dec 17th last year we had been living together since June. We hadn’t been together long are you familiar with the term lesbian uhaul that’s what happen with us. We moved pretty fast and dated only a short time before I moved in around June. The problem was I had a lot drama from my past relationships which the last two were very negative. It turned me into a negative Nancy type person my girlfriend was the positive one she would always see good in everything me only negative. I took my frustration out on her never gave her time to have a bad day everything was always about my needs and want I needed. I was selfish before we broke up I got help for my issues saw a therapist starting taking medication for my depression. I paid for a spiritual life coach to get help etc.. But the damage had already been done she said she had checked out of the relationship and was no longer in love with, but still love me. I have been staying on a friend’s sofa until I can find a new place to live. She checked out of the relationship on Nov 21st of last year but we were still living together and staying in the same place until Jan 13th I left the apartment and haven’t been back since. My stuff is still at her house including my pet baby ball python which she agreed to take care of until I get stable. She loves him to piece she recently unfriended me on Facebook on both her pages. I really want her back do I still have a chance with all that has happened. I love her so much and want to marry her one day I know she is the perfect woman for me. I was able to tell my mom that I was gay with her for once I was living my truth. Please Mike tell me do I still have a chance?


    • Pat Pat

      Hi Mike,

      She also joined plenty of fish a dating site and has been chatting with other females. Do you think I still have a chance with all that? She has already started moving on and we just broke up or should I just move on. Even though I want to be with her I’ll do whatever it takes to get her back. I have started going back to the gym five days a week and working a new job focusing on my purpose as health coach. I meditate and pray everyday read affirmations each day. I also visualize us together everyday sometime in get down. So tell me please do I still have a chance to get my Queen back?


      • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

        I think there’s always a chance, you were together once and the attraction was there… there’s no reason why you cannot get that back, possibly stronger than ever.

        It seems like you are worrying too much and feeling the lack of not having what you want in your life therefore attracting more of the same.

        Concentrate on visualizing and getting into the feeling of having exactly what you want in your life and stop thinking or worrying about anything else, also do not worry about how this will happen that will unfold in its own time.

        • Pat Pat

          Hi Mike,

          My ex girlfriend and I have been talking she asked me to do her a favor. I am not worried like I was when I posted back in January. Because I hadn’t been contacting her and just let her go. She eventually started reaching out to me again. I told her yesterday I am getting ready to move if she could keep my stuff in her storage and pet snake for a while until I got settled she said sure no problem. She is going out of town this weekend.I was wondering how do I focus on positive energy to get her back and visualizing we are already together. Doesn’t feel will inject my desire to be with her again? We all have free will what if hers is to move on does the LOA still work?

        • Pat Pat

          Hi Mike,

          I meant free will* interfere with my desires.Should I look at old pictures of us to visualize?I have a alarm with her voice on it that plays every morning? I know she is the one I don’t know how to let go? Thank you again for the advice.


          • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

            Well, we all have free will and that’s a totally different subject to debate however I have seen law of attraction work successfully MANY times in relationships.

            I have a question for you, in the morning when you hear the alarm with her voice on it does it make you feel happy or do you wake up feeling lack?

        • Pat Pat

          Hi Mike,

          I visualize everyday I recently saw her at a meeting we both attend she sat down next to me. She even talk to me a little about maybe adopting a dog. I love her very much and want her back. How do I let go of the outcome? So the universe will know that I trust it to bring her back. If you could give me some pointers I would appreciate it.


    • Pat Pat

      Hi Mike,

      Whenever you have a moment please respond to my post.


      • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

        Sorry took so long I just replied to your post got a lot of new projects in the works, so it’s been a little hectic around here.

      • Pat Pat

        Hi Mike,

        It actually makes me feel happy and I imagine she is there waking me up with good morning kisses.


  107. Adam Adam


    My question is if people you know pray for your situation to resolve itself.

    Will the manifestation appear quicker ?

    Many thanks.

  108. Sam Sam

    When habitually visualising being back together with my girlfriend, sometimes I can’t tell if I am doing that correctly or if I am just reliving happy memories of you get what I mean. As obviously you say to avoid the past. So would you say this is a problem, the visions have to be be distinctly the future/now. Or as long as it is what you desire, you are fine?

    • Sam Sam

      *if you get what I mean.

  109. Sam Sam

    When listening to the subliminal programme, does what volume you have it on affect the messages getting to you properly? As I fall asleep to it, too, so like to have it on at a fairl quiet volume.

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      No Sam, the volume has nothing to do with it your subconscious mind will pick up subliminals either way. In fact I fall asleep too them many times you will still hear them and absorb the afformations even in your sleep.

      • Becky Becky

        Hi mike! My bf just broke up with me. I am doing all I can to stay positive and manifest him. He’s the type of guy who believes that it’s over for good and does not have a future. He has blocked me on social platforms. Can I still attract him back? How can I stay positive 24/7?

        • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

          Yes you can still attract him back. You were together at one time and where attracted to each other why not again.

          How would you feel if you had him back right now? You would be happy and feeling good right? That is what you have to think about and hold in your mind as if it already happened. Get into the feelings of already having it and think about that throughout the day and you will stay positive.

          • Becky Becky

            Thanks mike!! 🙂

          • Brenda Smith Brenda Smith

            I am trying to get an ex back after a pretty bad break up,(I lied about some family members and he believed me) one where he said he didn’t love me and would never love me the way I want him to….could I use the law of attraction to not only get him back but for him to love me as well?

          • Brenda Brenda

            I have a question will the law of attraction work on my ex…I lied to him for about two months about something he believed me on..he found out and broke up with me….we hungout a couple weeks after, me trying to get him back…only to result in him saying we had to stop hanging out…and that maybe we can be friends in a couple months….he said he didn’t love me and probably never would but that he cared about me a lot…we where together for a year and a half….will the law of attraction bring him back to me and possibly even love me?

          • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

            Law of attraction is amazing if you really knew the true power of it it is truly how we attract everything into our life. We create our life as we go along.

            In fact everything in our life, every single thing, we attracted. So, think about it I’ve seen so so many success stories with law of attraction and relationships there is always a chance to change things and make them work out after all you were attracted to each other in the beginning why can you not get that back?….You can!

      • Sam Sam

        Thanks, that’s good to know! Also, I’m struggling to understand the concept of letting go here. Because if you do that, how does it work where you forget about what you want, but then do everything you advise in the article with constantly thinking positive thoughts about them and visualising them etc? How do they work in conjunction.

        • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

          One the hardest things to learn is Letting Go or releasing your desire or goal.

          Letting go meaning releasing it and knowing that you will receive what you are asking for without worrying about it. If you worry why it is not coming, what is taking so long how is this going to work how am I going to get what I desire it will never happen because that is what you’re thinking and worrying about and you only you attract more of the same.

          Here is a good example… if you ever needed a job really bad because money was running low and you worried about how you were going to pay the bills? You go out and apply to many jobs and most of them turn you down or chose another applicant. Eventually you get offered a job and take it… you worry and stress are over because you got a job now you can pay bills and you can relax again, what happens next? In most cases you’ll get offered three other jobs at the same time now you have to choose which one you want… why did these other job how for suddenly appear when it was so hard to find something before, it’s because now you we’re in the right frame of mind for law of attraction to work…You let go and released your desire.

          • Brenda Smith Brenda Smith

            Hi Mike, I sent a question on Feb 7th about my ex breaking up with me for a lie I told. He said he did not want to work it out but that we could be friends. He said he didn’t love me and probably never would. My question is could I use LOA to get him back?

          • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

            Hi, didn’t forget about you, will respond either tonight or in the morning…. but short answer is you can use law of attraction for anything you want in your life. We create our own life as we go.

  110. Valerie Valerie


    I am hoping that you can help my case. My boyfriend and I have been in a relationship for 11 years. We have been through a lot but a lot more than normal in the last few months. He hasn’t told me but I fear he has fallen out of love with me. He ended things a few days ago and I am completely heartbroken. I am trying the no contact thing even though I know he will contact me for his stuff that is in our apartment. My difficulty is trying the no contact thing when he still has stuff to pick up at my place and bills entangled. I really want things back and better than ever but what do I do?

    • Saku Saku

      Okay, first calm down yourself. I know how you feel because I’ve been there.
      I have recently got back with my bf using LOA.
      So I am living proof.

      Okay now understand that its you feelings and thoughts what made him go away. Its a bitter pill to swallow.
      But it is the truth.
      Take a deep breath and relax yourself.
      You have to follow these steps.
      1.Ask the universe that you want your love back.
      2.Believe that you have received him in the VERY moment you ask.
      Its already manifested in the unseen.
      3.state the all the qualities that you admire in him. How caring, loving,trustworthy etc
      4. Ne grateful that you’ve already received him.
      5.LET GO! I know this is the hardest part. It was same for me.
      I was struggling to let go for 4months.
      But one day I thought, I love him by all my heart, and I was stating all his qualities one by one. And I cried out of happiness.
      Anf I forgot about him. I’ve totally let go.
      He called me within two minutes after letting go.
      All you have to do is trust that you already have him and forget him.

      Good luck!!!

      • Becky Becky

        Hi Saku! My bf broke up with me today on a very small argument. It seems he has issues when it comes to resolving disputes. But I know that he can grow and become a better person. I know that he still loves me and is suffering alone. He blocked me on all social platforms. We were in a long distance relationship and things were very smooth. I believed we were paired by God in heaven. But suddenly he just ends it due to a small argument. Is my situation impossible to fix? Can I still attract him back even though he’s miles away? He is adamant on not getting back together. Please help me. I really love him. I want a second chance with him.

        • Saku Saku

          Please don’t worry my darling. ANYTHING is possible.
          Maybe its a goodthing that you to broke up. Maybe its a new beginning!!!
          Both of you can start agaiiin! You two can spice up the relationship.
          To be honest I’ve done everything in this artcle. But nothing worked. Ofcourse some good things were happening here and there, But not upto my wishes.

          Do you know why?
          I couldn’t let go.
          I was worrying deep inside.
          Letting go isn’t giving up. Letting go is thinking that you already have it be grateful for having it. Just FEEL how gappy would it be to have him back.
          Take it this way. If you already have something, you won’t be longing for it right? That is letting go.
          You CAN have him!!!
          Read other articles in this site too. I AM REALLY GRATEFUL TO MR.MIKE!!! HE LITERARY SAVED MY LIFE!
          I am here for anyone to help.

          • Jean Jean

            Hello, Saku..I know the loa work because I have tried it before…Sometimes we need reassurance, I have a boy friend, we haven’t broke up, but was on the verge…Seen as though he has put his attention else where.. You know we women, know when men start changing…So if a man has become interested in other women, not calling like he use to and so forth… What can you do to make him only has eyes for you

      • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

        Great reply…L love hearing success stories and you did everything correctly that’s why it worked!

        Valerie, you attract what you fear and worry about remember that you cannot hold worry in your mind and the feeling of loss and expect to attract something else it doesn’t work that way.

        When you find yourself feeling bad and worrying about the whole situation stop immediately and think about how you would like things to be and hold it in your mind and nothing else and that is what you will attract.

      • Sam Sam

        Saku, that is a wonderful and inspiring story, and great advice to read. When applying your five steps, is this something I could do every day (until it happens), or just once is enough? For example, if I’m always thinking that my love is already there and then the next day i am asking the universe again, does this contradict it?

        • Saku Saku

          Asking once is enogh.
          If you are asking again and again, you are emitting a signal that you don’t have your love with you.
          The exercices in the article is there to practise your mind.
          I did everything stated here and it became a chore.
          So it never worked and things got worse and my bf started a new relationship even.
          So just ask once. Just ONCE!
          And forget about it. You won’t ask again and again if you have your love with you right???

          Okay, I’ll tell you a different story of mine where I’ve applied LOA.
          I had an allergy.
          I took med but it didn’t cure.
          So I used to have a alerid pill everyday.
          So I thought to apply LOA.
          So I visualized myself without the allergy. I always used to look at the mirror to know whether its gone.
          But to be honest it got worse.
          Because I always thinking and worrying about it, so I attracted more of it.

          So one day I thought what would I do if I don’t have the allergy.
          I won’t be thinking about it or I won’t often look in the mirror.
          So I thought to let go.
          I didn’t think about it and forgot it in my daily routine.
          After one or two days, I realized that I don’t have the allergy anymore.
          I healed myself, just like that!!!
          Just imagine how powerful our mind is!

          All you have to do is LET GO!!!

          • Sam Sam

            That’s a great example, thanks! So in regards with one’s love; is it better to not think about them at all, or only think about being currently with them?

      • Val Val

        Thank you for your advice!
        He contacted me and told me he loved me.. he still doesn’t want to get back together because he thinks we need space. This is the hard part because I got to see him and essientally without meaning to.. I had a date with him. How do I keep my morals up and let go?

      • sr sr

        I have a question about law of attraction..we should visulize daily or only once in the whole manifestation process..???and what is the true meaning of letting go…???this is confusing me too much…pls ans…….thank you 🙂 🙂 🙂

        • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

          Unless you’ve been practicing law of attraction for a long time like I have I usually recommend visualizing once a day.

          Do it until you can actually feel that it already happened best time to visualize is right before going to sleep at night.

          Attaching is a little tougher to learn. Let me ask you this, how would you feel if you absolutely knew that you were going to receive something?

          Let’s say you ordered a brand new car from the dealership would you sit and worry about if you were going to get it or not, if it was going to happen, when is it coming… no you would wait for the phone call telling you to come and pick it up that is the same feeling of letting go you know it’s going to happen so you don’t worry about it or stress.

          • sr sr

            awww thnqqq thnqqq thnqqqq so muchhhh….
            I got a text FROM HIM..
            Still everything is not perfect..not like before bt now i can say that I have to let go of all fears to have him back….
            thnq thnq thnq so much for youe reply..

          • MARTa MARTa

            I listen to subliminal and I visualise as well but only when I feel good. But at times I feel like I do too much and I should just let it go . Detach . How do I visualise , feel good and then let go in the same time ? It seems to be the most difficult thing to do although I feel good and excited thinking about my boyfriend( I don’t call him ex ) . I keep on telling stories to my fiends like nothing has changed .Just sometimes I have like neutral thoughts and I look for answers . I should stop I think . Maybe too much effort . Please advice . Thank

    • Brenda Smith Brenda Smith

      Hi Mike, I’m writing because a friend of mine said that you can’t use LOA on a certain person because of free will…..and though I know deep in my heart me and my ex are meant for each other I am wondering if she is right. I do not have any doubts about me and my ex getting back together, and though he has said twice that we are done and he does not want to work it out or be with me. My question is that with him saying that will the LOA work on him.

  111. DN DN

    Hi Mike,

    Hoping to get an opinion or advise on what to do in my situation. My girlfriend and I broke up 6 years ago due to insecurities of a long distance relationship getting to us. Since then, I have been on and off attempting to reach out to her, but she blocked me off all social media. I did try dating other girls, but it was never the same. She somehow always seemed upset and jealous whenever I am interested in other girls and will have her revenge by claiming she is very happy with some guy. When she found out that I have been still trying to reach out to her again, she got upset and claimed to be getting married which never happened (I believed that the LOA worked its wonders for me then, though I was quite a mess then. That was when I first learned of LOA, desperate and eager to find a solution.) But she has continued to provoke me by posting how she is happy in her relationships now. She has always made sure that she is now “straight” and dating guys only. When I asked her the reason why she broke up with me, she told me that she felt pressured. During our relationship, I felt that she was fickle, constantly changing her mind, it was hard to hold on to words she said, so out frustration I suppose I did attempt to control things.

    Earlier last year, when I was so confident that I would hear from her, she claims to be recently entering a new relationship with another guy. Sick of the same cycle, I seriously considered other girls, perhaps this time I was truly ready to just move on. Because the posts she makes about that guy seemed ambiguous, never a face to go with a body, I never took it seriously.

    Again the realization that I still wanted to be with, I started practicing LOA again 6 months ago, devoutly staying positive, doing affirmations, doing visualizations, living as if it already happened, staying detached, I came to a point around last month where I felt nothingness, but saw all kind of signs everywhere and had this feeling that I was going to hear from her soon (I did research and found that feeling nothingness meant I was really close to manifesting.) What to threw me off was that when I attempted to reach out to her through posts instead of directly contacting her since I felt that was more safe and non-threatening, she posted a picture of the guy. And around the time I was so sure I was getting through to her and she seemed to reach out to me, she was hanging out with that guy. I did have a good time with a girl who I found to be similar in looks and personality before she posted the picture of the guy. But that girl and I only talked and I just found that we had the same perspective of life. When I questioned myself if I could ever feel any romantic feelings towards this girl, I found that I couldn’t. It didn’t matter if she was the “perfect” one, if I didn’t feel anything for her nothing could happen.

    I purchased your subliminal and have been listening to it at night and morning. I am living life as if we are already in a new happy and fulfilling relationship. I did the email thing. I am focusing on myself and making sure I am happy. I am ignoring the whole boyfriend thing, making him nonexistent.

    Do you think I have a chance at this after all that has happened? What more can I do or should do? Thanks.

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      Yes there is always a chance and it sounds like you’re almost there doing most of the right things. However you are a prime example of why I say not to have contact or read Facebook messages. How does it make you feel when you read them… bad right? And you attract what you feel.. every time you look at Facebook and see a picture or post about her and feel bad your taking three steps backwards in what you are retracting you are sabotaging your progress.

      If you worry or fear about something that is exactly what you will attract so you have to eliminate that from your mind and only think about what you want how it will feel to have it and hold those thoughts in your mind nothing else…it sounds like you are almost there keep it up and keep us posted.

      I also want to add don’t worry about how it’s going to happen the universe will figure that out in the best way possible that’s not your job you just have to make it very clear what you want with your thoughts and feelings that is all…

  112. Johny Johny

    Hi Mike,
    First off, let me wish you a Happy New Year! All the best for 2017.
    Me and my ex broke up about 3 months ago, we went almost 2 months without speaking. During that second month, I applied all the LoA techniques I could find and therefore knew about. I visualized every night before bed, I got happy and released mostly all resistance I could, and I prayed twice a day, giving thanks to The Lord for all his blessings. About a month later, I finally manifested my ex back into my life, she messaged me and we spoke for hours. We spoke daily for about 7 – 10 days and then she went cold on me again out of the blue, she stopped initiating conversations and simply replied with yes and no answers, for the most part. I must point out how my energy at that point was that of need. I knew I had manifested her back into my life and I wanted the full manifestation and I wanted it asap! Which obviously caused resistance…
    Recently we spoke and I asked her if something was wrong, to which she explained how she had met someone and been spending time with him. She doesn’t yet love this person but she is seeing him. I wished her happiness, but also expressed my feelings towards her, which she already knew of course. She explained how I should forget those thoughts because she will only ever want to be friends, nothing more. She also expressed having had negative thoughts towards me relationship wise that she couldn’t get over. I was cold and jealous while we was together because it ended up being a long-distance relationship. I’m not making excuses, simply explaining the circumstances.

    Anyway, after knowing all of this my question is: is it really possible to attract her back into a love relationship with me even though she seems to have no loving feelings towards me and seems to have moved on?

    I have no doubts she is the one I love and want to spend the rest of my life with. But obviously after what she told me I’m finding it hard to believe we will be together again. I am now, admittedly, full of doubt.

    I appreciate any help and advice you can give.

    Thank you so much!

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      Yes it is still very possible. You have to forget all the negative stuff and things that are not working and I think you already know that, your only job is to hold in your mind the perfect relationship you would like to manifest and nothing else. That is your ONLY job.

      Whatever else is currently going on does not matter.

      You will always attract what you think about and hold in your mind. I have seen this process work successfully so many times for other people there is no reason it cannot work for you, no matter what the circumstances.

      Good luck and keep us updated….

      • Johny Johny

        Thanks Mike, for both your time and advice. I really appreciate it.

        I do have one more query though I guess. And this is something I struggle with often. Sometimes I feel that if I say or do something then it may help my situation. For example, sending a certain text or something like that. Or will she eventually come to me when the time is right, regardless?

        Another example, there’s a possibility of me being able to get a transfer at work so I can be closer to her. Shall I take this as part of the manifestation if I can get the transfer, or is this just me trying too hard and not trusting LoA, therefore creating more resistance?

        Thanks again and my apologies for all the hassle.

        • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

          You worrying about it and thinking or I should say over-thinking the situation will cause resistance.

          Trust your feelings you will be guided to do the right things at the right time if you are using Law of Attraction properly and in the right frame of mind.

          Visualize your goal until you can feel it as if it already happened there’s real power in feelings.

          • Johny Johny

            Cheers Mike!

  113. Sam Sam

    Hi, Mike. Just want to say thank you such much for this article and your expertise. I think you have single-handedly saved me. I’ve always believed in the law of attraction but have never had the confidence or felt the desire to try it. My girlfriend, after going to university, said that she wanted to be on her own and couldn’t be with me anymore. And after a month of severe depression and suicidal thoughts I had a sudden urge to try and fix it. I found this, and am currently on day one. I now feel a lot better and in my heart feel 100% sure that we can be back together. I just want to know, obviously it is very early in my thirty days, if I’m on the right track. I’ve put nineteen of your recommended affirmations in a word document and have started both verbally and mentally reading them several time a day. At work when walking around alone, I’ve started to pretend she is constantly with me and have conversations with her (like you suggested with when at home). Is it okay to do this, or better to just think positive thoughts about her. And I’ve also tried the e-mail method and it instantly made me feel better! So does the combinaton of the e-mail, affirmatons and frequent conversations with her, definitely sound like I’m on the right track? Thanks very much, once again!

    • Can anyone here help me out how to use law of attraction? There was a girl with whom I was one year but at the same time she was dating her ex and I was like her friend but she use to love me 4months before we had a long conversation abt this either u be with me or with ur ex she chose her ex and left me I always did everything for her but still she blocked me its been a 4 month and I miss her alot and I just want to know is it possible to get her back even if she’s dating ?

      • Saku Saku

        I got my ex back with LOA.
        But you have to read “The Secret” book.
        Visit the web page of it also and read the success stories.
        That is THE ONLY way.

      • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

        You can still attract her back into your life law of attraction works very well if used properly there is always hope.

        You need to stop having feelings of missing her and lack of her in your life and all of that you will only attract more of the same… you attract what you feel and think about keep that in mind.

        Your only job is to hold your mind and thoughts of the relationship you would like to have not, the current situation, if you can do that it will work I have seen it so many times.

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      Yes, it sounds like you’re on the right track and doing exactly what you should be doing. Only keep positive thoughts and what you want to attract into your life in the future.. in your mind and it will happen. Keep us updated…

      • Saku Saku

        This is very helpful Mr.Tucker.

      • Sam Sam

        Thanks again! I’ve started again after some ups and downs, so wanted to start from scratch. I’ve been listening to your wonderful sublimininal programme for around thirty days now. Quick question, does this single-handedly attract the ex back, with your sub-conscious attracting with all the thoughts etc you put in there. Or is its purpose to ASSIST you in doing everything you’ve recommended in this article, helping you getting into the right frame of mind to be able to think like that?

        • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

          I would say most people use it for assistance think of it as another tool to get your mind in the right frame for attracting your goal.

          It would get your mind thinking the right things and attract your goal if you could completely forget about and not think about what you want at all which is very hard for most people that’s why I say it’s more of an assistant tool.

          The reason you would have to stop thinking about your goals because most people have negative thoughts and doubts and worries pushing their goal away from them. The best case is to think positive visualize get into the feelings of already having what you want and listen to the subliminal while doing all of that then you will attract like a powerful magnet!

          • Sam Sam

            Excellent, thanks again for the insightful advice. When listening to the subliminal, is it better to think about nothing, a meditation-esque state. Or is it okay to visualise the relationship you want in this thirty-minute spell?

          • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

            Actually either way will work. Visualization with the subliminals is more powerful as long as you can keep it positive and only think about the end goal and the way you want it if you start thinking of things from your past or things that aren’t working then you are better off sticking with meditation and no thought.

  114. Bryan Bryan


    I’m new to the law of attraction for getting an ex back. I was wondering if someone might be able to give me some insight or advice. Long story short we were together for about a year. I broke up with her but really didn’t want to. It had to happen at the time or it would’ve ended uglier. For about 2 months we remained in contact and saw each other but def not the same and more distant. Until one day she didn’t respond to me. I could sense she needed space so I felt it was best to give it to her plus I’m sure during the 2 months she was detattching. I never harassed her or blew her phone up. A few weeks later I sent her a text mentioning something that had reminded me of her to try to reconnect, she never replied. At that time I knew she’d be beginning to date and I wanted to move on and not see that kind of stuff so I unfriended her from Facebook. I know that bothered her (she deleted it a few days later then reactivated it few days or week after that). While I’ve healed, gotten better, and continue to work on myself, I can’t help but want to reconnect as I’ve always felt there was unfinished business and that we really are good for each other. I do actually think we were meant for each other. We haven’t spoken in almost 5 months but I’ve thought about her everyday. She remained friends on social media with some of my family and friends but had no activity with those people for a few months. I did hear through them she was casually dating someone else. After a few months apart she started liking a few posts from the mutual friends we had that she really has no connection through other than us. The timing of them also felt like signs at some points (one being after a bad date I went on). At that point I figured I’d try to reach out to her and wish her good luck with some things I knew she had coming up. She never replied. I didn’t get too worked up but I never heard back from her. She did get a new phone and number (not bc of me) so I sent via fb message and email so I’m pretty sure she got it. My mind has remained strong and confident that I at some point will hear from her again but now that I’m healed I struggle with the decision of sending her a fb friend request. I don’t want to do anything that prevents the manifestation of us getting back some day but I also think that it must be done in order to re-establish communication some day. Hell, I don’t know if she’ll even accept it. Does anyone with success with loa have any advice on that? Is that something that could affect the loa and attempting to bring her back to me? Like I said, I’ve never harassed her by contacting too much and the only reason I unfriended in the first place was to walk away and move on, which definitely helped me heal. But throughout all that time, the thought that I will be with her again has remained a constant. Any advice would be appreciated.

  115. C C

    As a person who has manifested through law of attraction I definitely found it helpful in writing out my intentions. That way the universe was clear in knowing what I wanted. In the past I have manifested work in a matter of a few days so I know Law of Attraction exists. In my experience, when one job opportunity surfaced, another one shortly came through afterwards. Keep in mind you attract what you are. I visualized myself interviewing for a place, (received the interview), visualized myself getting the job, before the interview, and landed the job. This pertains to anything. If you see it, you already have achieved it. My downfall in relationships is not resting my mind and I know this myself. The more I thought negatively the more I manifested. In two relationships I manifested both guys leaving me, as I thought worried thoughts literally the day before each event happened. When you are relaxed, balanced, and can genuinely believe something is going to happen, that is when it occurs. Ie: There are times that I thought I would be late for work, and of course with panic, you start to believe those thoughts, and before you know if you have manifested them. I definitely feel that repeating positive affirmations out loud also help you reach your goals. Your beliefs and thoughts are manifesting. I definitely think listening to meditation music also helps you see more clearly.

  116. Ronny Ronny

    Hi there! I stumbled upon this site while looking for solutions to my
    dilemma with my ex girlfriend. We were each other’s first love and had
    a good relationship of six years. The problem was me. I did not
    appreciate her enough. I was not very caring to her and in a moment of
    weakness ended up cheating on her. I confessed my wrong doing to her a
    month after the fact. She was sad but forgave me! Sadly though I took
    her forgiveness for granted and went back to being my old uncaring
    self. A year and a half later she finally got sick of me and dumped
    me. I was needy and killed the attraction she had for me by begging
    and crying. I then decided to give her a break of over a month. During
    this time I began improving myself; reading, praying, exercising,
    meditating, and of course practicing LoA to get her back. Eventually I
    saw results. She texted me on my birthday with a positive attitude and
    eventually agreed to meet up so I can spend time with the puppy I got
    her for her birthday last year. When she came to my house to pick the
    dog up she told me to sit in the car so we can talk about taking the
    dog for a visit to the vet and that’s where I made my mistake. As she
    talked she mentioned that she missed me and that I looked good and
    seem to be doing well by myself. Instead of acting independent and
    confident I got emotional. I began caressing her hair and holding her
    hand. When she asked what I had been up to I told her almost
    everything. When she asked for a hug I gave it to her and then kissed
    her hand goodbye. I wasn’t supposed to do all these things until much
    later when attraction had been built up! Needless to say my behavior
    killed the attraction once again and now I’m back to square one. When
    I talked to her again she was no longer exited to see me and the
    conversation was bad. As devastating as that loss was I decided to
    pick myself up and start all over again (one of my best attributes is
    my tendency to never give up). I now know for a fact that LoA works
    and that my mistake was interfering and getting too excited when I
    should have let things occur naturally. Please any feedback you guys
    can give me would be greatly appreciated. Let me know what you think

  117. ABC123 ABC123

    me and my ex got really close before we got together and then i ended up getting arrested and she got sent to rehab on the same day and 2 weeks later the courts sent me to rehab too and i wrote her a letter and sent it to the place she was at and she got it. she went home in 30 days and we were writing letters to each other and seeing each other on visits and the out of no where she broke up with me and months later me and her spoke again and she told me that she was with someone else and i was beyond devastated. we got into an arguement and things got really bad and i thought that was it. then i found the book called the secret and i tried to use the law of attraction to get her back. i visualized us being together everyday and we started talking again and she told me that the person she was with got sent to rehab too and i just happen to be going home from rehab soon. i started reading articles about how if i want my ex back then i need to focus on myself and i started doing that and we grew further apart and shes been ignoring me. i am going home soon and i wanna know what i should do ? should i continue thinking and visualizing about us being together everyday or should i continue to focus on myself ? i am going home soon and i really want her back. what should i do ?

    • ABC123 ABC123

      she still tells me that she wants to be with that other guy so im not sure what i should do to attract her back

  118. sapna sapna

    Hi Mike, I am feeling so great because i really found what i need to. a very serious break up happened between me and my boyfriend. its been 3 months, I have tried all the possible ways to get him back but 0 % result, instead he blocked me in all the ways. Now this is my last and final option am going to try.

    will this work even if is not interested top talking to me?

    Trust me he was loving me like a mad when i was not so involved but now am deeply in love with him. My desire is to have him again in life. I am just practicing mediation too which is keeping me calm. but every morning i will go through hell which is horrible.

    I believe LOA to the core it works, after reading many of your article I just went little back in past and start analyzing things how they happened and realized how LOA worked actually.

    But still in my case, i feel less hopes about since there is no connection, communication because i am unable to sense any connection with him. Please help me out. Getting a single call from him make me more confidence and build trust in my subconscious mind will make me to go ahead and see wonders.

    My primary goal is to get a call from him.

    And one more thing will keeping multiple goals and visualizing them make LOA successful or i have to go with a single goal at a time?

    Hopefully expecting great moral support from you.

    Thank you.

    • Saku Saku

      Dear Sapna, me and my bf broke up one and half months back. Same as yours, he blocked me from everywhere. I have started practising law of attraction since last week. You know what! He suddenly called me day before yesterday and yesterday he saw me but i was ignoring him. He got mad and scolded me for not smiling at him. SEE the progresd dear. He has started to miss me. But one thing, DON’T be needy. Imagine that you are already with him. Imagine that you are having loving conversations with each other. DON’T things that you dont want to happen like “he has moved on”. I REPEAT don’t imagine a bit of such things or else you will attract more of the same. “what you think, you become.”

      • sapna sapna

        Hey Saku,

        Thank you so much for your needful reply. I am imagining same. Trust me universe is really great, giving positive signs to me.

        I am so great full and happy. I will update you soon and all the best for your process.

      • Skyler Skyler

        Wow so it just took you a week? I just got blocked from this guy off all Social Media and I fell so hard for him. We were supposed to have our first date and he seemed SOOOO into me and I just suddenly got blocked out of the blue and I want him to unblock me. He wanted our first date to be today but I haven’t been in touch for a few days.

        What do you recommend I do? I can’t help but feel so sad knowing that I’m blocked 🙁

        • Thea Thea

          We were broken up for almost three weeks and after maybe 12-15 days of law of attraction he came back. Now we are couple again 🙂 when I felt negative emotions I came here, I read the article and the comments over and over again and it helped a lot. Also, I think I manifested faster because I used law of attraction before so maybe it is a bit easier to me. As for your situation, don’t think about blocking or him not calling you. You cant let yourself be sad or have those negative thoughts in your head because they will manifest. Be happy, try to find things that makes you happy, imagine your end result (being a couple with this guy or having an amazing date) and just live your life. Don’t try to contact him because you will feel sad. And most important thing is that you have to realise that whatever will happen, you will be okay either way. To me, this is letting go. When you know, that you wont die or wont be miserable without that person, you are letting your desire go and universe manifests it 🙂 I hope my story will be an inspiration to some of you. Use this article, believe, let go and receive what you want.

          • Skyler Skyler

            OMG I just saw this! This is amazing Thea!! 🙂 You really helped me so much!!! 🙂 I think he has a girlfriend but there is just part of me that wishes to be with him and at least experience the steamy connection we had! I’m definitely going to think good thoughts about him and not dwell on the sadness. Sometimes it’s hard for me to imagine the end result or act as if! I need to re read what you said because it’s giving me insane hope and really lifting my spirits! 🙂 I feel like I’m letting it go and not obsessing over it but I do feel some sadness over it so I have to release it and focus on being happy right? 🙂

  119. alone_asian alone_asian

    Hey Mike,

    thx for posting such wonderful article and thx everyone who posted their experiences of LoA. i congratulate everyone who got thier life partner bk and wish best luck to rest of the audience.

    if i ended up to this page, that means i am trying to understand wat will to happen me…. 🙂

    i’ve departed from my gf 6 months bk due to my mistake. my divorce is already in process since more than a year.

    my gf took promise tht i wont enter in house to see kids which i cud not do initially. on her final notice i stopped for abt 5-6 weeks. bt my kids were not ready to come out to see me. at one point my daughter got into nervous breakdown and i went bk telling gf tht i hv to tk care of daughter. i was so sure tht she will breakup after tht so i told her tht we r done. bcoz i didnt know how much time it will tk for daughter to feel better. fortunately she was bk in good shape within a week.

    i tried to tell this thing to my gf just after 3 days bt she was not ready to listen to anything. after a week she blocked me from

    its been 6 months but i am too sure tht we will together soon.

    please wish me luck and guidance… specially guidance from

    PS. i sent her manu email apologizing everything what happened and i know it all happened due to LoA too. coz she always used to tell tht i can go bk anytime.

  120. Jon Jon

    Mike I got your subliminal hearing and I was listening to it everyday for the past of couple of weeks. Problem I have is that my partner has split personality disorder and I am just wondering if law of attraction would work to back.

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      Well, that is a new one to me but I do not see why not. We do attract everything into our lives with our thoughts so I do not see why this would be any different. Keep listening daily and only think about the end result you want…being back together and happy.

    • Hana Hana

      Wow Jon, I’m actually in the same boat as you! My ex was diagnosed with split-personality disorder after getting a concussion and the personality will not let him talk to me, every time he tried to, it would force itself out and ignore me. After three and a half years, I lose my boyfriend because of his split-personality.

      • Jon Jon

        Hana have you tried to speak with him? I have tried to speak with my ex however it just ended up in arguments.

        • Hana Hana

          Yes I have tried, but every time I did the personality wouldn’t respond, nor will it let my ex respond. And every time I tried to call, the personality mutes my calls. The last time I tried to reach out to my ex was about a week ago and of course, no response. So I gave up and decided to leave it in the hands of the universe by using the law of attraction. There was only ‘once’ that it responded to me, telling me it’s intentions of taking over and not letting him or I communicate which was a month ago. I know quite a bit about split/multiple-personalities and when dealing with someone that has them, you have to be very careful of every word you say, as to not trigger a ‘switch’. Do you know what kind of split-personality your ex has? If it’s an aggressive one, ect.

          • Jon Jon

            Unfortunately I don’t. I only found out about it late in the relationship. She would usually break up with me and won’t talk to me for a day. When I asked her to make up her mind about what she wants to do is when she spoke with me about the split personality disorder. We were very close to each other. One thing we always did was to send each other heart energy. According to what I know about split personality disorder is that there is only one person whom they would trust. In my case I have been fortunate that it has been my best friend she trusts and treats him like older brother so whatever she does he knows about it. I never saw her other personality except for when she would get angry at me . Another thing I have been told by her psychologist is that they intend to hurt the person they love the most. My ex has a personality where I always had to show her how much I cared about being with her even after we separated I still had to show her and eventually I just decided to detach from her and practice law of attraction. I still send her heart energy and she still sends me heart energy. You should send him heart energy and have faith that he recieves it. I have been practicing law of attraction and I believe it works.

  121. Vin Vin

    I was grateful that I got him back by LoA nd we were having good time but when I spoke to him about marriage he broke up with me again by saying that I m not honest. He has blocked me again from everywhere. I am broken again. Feeling heartless. What should I do? Kindly reply asap, as My parents are looking another guy for me to get marry but I want to marry him.

    • Vinn Vinn

      Kindly reply. I need help

      • stephanie stephanie

        just take a lil more time!! and continue believing

  122. Serena Serena

    Hello all,

    I have started doing LOA since 3 days ago. I have some technical questions if you could offer me your insight, greatly appreciated.
    1)My ex is with someone now, and since she found out about me, she went out of her ways to post pictures and stories of them on social media to provoke me and sent me messages to tell me how happy they were. I was stupid enough to stalk her every day. I have stopped doing that now, but the thoughts of the pictures and messages I have seen pops out every now and then in my head. I pulled myself away from those thoughts every time they appear, but they happened quite often. I would like to know how much negative energy those sudden thoughts would affect the result?

    2)On one hand, I always knew my ex and I would end up together again, on the other hand, I have this fear that showed up quite often out of nowhere whenever I am not visualizing. I would like to know how to stop this fear. I have purchased the subliminal program, will it help me to pass that fear along the way?

    3)I could visualize vividly about the perfect scene of us being together, things we say to each other, the smile etc…However, I couldn’t find myself feeling happy, I was more like numb, the best I could do is to feel myself melt a little at heart. I really start doubting if I could feel happy again after so much we have been through. Is there a way to find that happiness feeling again?

    Thank you.

    • Theard Theard

      Hello, I’m not sure how long it’s been since I’ve had no contact with my ex, maybe a little I’ve 2 months. I’ve been practicing LOA for about a month now & learning all I can. I love it & im so intrigued. I really see it working. I’m happy, positive, at peace, & I feel so aligned with the universe. Though we dated a short period of time, I trust my ex & I will be one again. But I can’t help but wonder how sometimes… He lives an hour away. He asked me not to contact him & blocked my number & has blocked me on social media as well. Also don’t stress the situation & I really focus on myself. I believe the universe knows what I desire & it will be fulfilled. But am I actually letting go the way I need to, if I keep a journal & log daily? Or if I’m sending him love & light daily or looking for signs that I’m on the right path with LOA?

    • anon anon

      Guys i need some help with getting my ex back.
      My friend introduced me to LOA 5 months back when i was having troubles with my partner. I tried it but i failed and well we broke up for the 5th time by me blocking him since he had said mean things to me ( that was the first time ive broken up with him) , and all those times we did I attracted it.Now we are in a long distance relationship and he does have bipolar as well as other issues he has faced in his lifetime. I am using law of attraction more fulently now and i have been seeing his name everywhere, him posting satuses hinting for me to come back to him example: him saying im lost after the breakup and posting pictures of him self on facebook and just the fact that he has depressive posts AFTER the breakup. And the fact that i am landing in his state on the way to japan. I have also heard someone say ‘ law of attraction’ on TV too. What can this all mean? will i get him back? But also i got so anxious about him getting someone else and well he put a love heart on a girls picture! and that girl always made fun of our relationship. He also blocked me and i feel like i attracted that too… but his friend commented on one of his pics ” haha explains the lack of gf” and that confuses me!

    • AA AA

      I am so happy I found this post.

      My ex broke up with me 2 months ago. Our relationship was great, and the reason he broke up with me was because his family didn’t approve of our relationship (they are Iranian, I’m not). After a year and a half of fighting with them, he just couldn’t take it anymore and thought breaking up would be better for our futures, even though we loved eachother very much.

      I can’t pretend I am not devastated and heartbroken. I am combed every corner of the internet, listened to every get your ex back “program,” but have always felt sad and hopeless. I’m not sure what made me look into the LOA for getting an ex back, but I am so glad I did. This is just way more positive and hopeful than everything else out there.

      I have made mistakes, but am really going to focus on this program, writing down things I am grateful for, saying positive affirmations everyday, visualizing the good times, stop obsessing over old texts and social media, and just focus on feeling him with me. I will keep you all posted and good luck to you on your journeys. I hope you find peace and happiness <3

      • CS CS

        Please keep us updated! I’m starting the same journey! Keep up the positive frame of mind! Reading your post made me feel just as positive! I feel better about myself, as well as the journey to be reunited one day with my ex.

      • francis francis

        hi if your ex and where now a couple? i need answer i want try this law of attraction i love my so much i hope it will help it

        i hope you understand my english ty

  123. Shomala Shomala

    Hi Mike, by coincidence I discovered this page. I’m not sure this is blessing to get back my ex boyfriend or living in blind hope. My ex and I were together for last 5years. I met him when I was working in middle east. We started dating because of loneliness, however after a year we sincerely fall in love. We loved and enjoyed each others company. He visited my family in Malaysia and few times I visited his family in England as well.
    We happily travelled to many countries on our holiday. I can’t expressed the feelings and the joyful moment we spent together. It was truly amazing and wonderful. Last year both of us decided to go home for a good and decided start fresh life in normal world like Malaysia or England together. For some reason I left first. At that point everything was fine. Every day we chat with each other. We never go to bed without telling “Goodnight”. One day his phone got stolen. That is how darkness entered my life.
    Until get a new phone he said just send emails. Gradually the emails, text messages and chatting all started to reduce.
    However he promised once he back to England and spend time with his family and friends for few weeks then will visit me.
    I trusted all that words. I still feel the last kisses and hug but he has forgotten all his promises and the best time we had together. When I tried to reach him he said he wants to break up with me because he met someone.
    I cried and begged. Still all that was meaningless to him. Now 3 weeks he broke up with me. I’m so miserable. Not a day left without tears. I lost self confidence. I feel like I’m the ugliest looking Asian girl with black hair rejected.

    Anyhow I’m miserable. I’m not happy anymore. Every morning wake up and going to bed with tears. I don’t think I ever can move on because everything sweet things happened between us still very fresh in my mind. Sometimes my heart says I never going to see him again but the other time something inside me says he will come back to me. Don’t know which one to be trusted anymore. Someone I thought very genuine was changed as an evil in my life. What was my mistake I don’t know.
    Coming August 1st is his birthday. Yesterday I sent a card and gift from Malaysia with the hope he will talk to me. Unfortunately he blocked me from all social network including email although I never hacked his account even once. That giving me a clear message that he never wanted to see me again. I tried but trust me I can’t move on. I love him so much.

    Sorry for the long comment. The reason I explained in detail because hoping for a miracle to happen in my life. Hoping that he will come to me.

    Thank you for reading it.

    • AA AA

      Please try to remain positive, follow the law of attraction, read, take care of yourself! Focus on happy times with your ex and all the happy times you will have in the future! It will get better.

  124. Brendan MacHamer Brendan MacHamer

    Hey All, I am in a very different situation from what I’ve seen here, but have known about and re-discovered the law of attraction since my recent breakup. For me this breakup is just heartbreaking all around. There isn’t anything that she and I had wrong with our relationship. It was new and fantastic. My girlfriend and I had only been seeing each other for about four months, but I can truly and honestly say it was the best relationship that either of us had ever had. It was open, honest, and just felt right. We were both very happy.

    Over Memorial Day weekend my girlfriend and I went to visit her family in Kansas so that I could meet her parents and siblings etc on their ranch out there. It was a perfect weekend and I will cherish the memories that we had there. I got along with her family very well and they really seemed to like me too. On the last night of the weekend my girlfriends brother was killed in an ATV accident and she and I were the ones that found him. He was gone and we couldn’t save him. I had to watch and witness this wonderful family and my girlfriend break in front of my eyes. They’re wonderful people as was her brother who was her best friend! We had all had a great weekend and it ended so tragically. Shortly after my girlfriend broke things off with me and we aren’t really speaking right now, honestly so that I can give her space and time. I have told her I’m there for her with anything she needs, but don’t want to smother her by any means. This is an unbelievably hard time for everyone involved. I miss her so much, but from what I’ve been reading and watching in regards to this subject, it would appear that I’m doing everything right so far. I am simply putting positive vibes into the universe despite the heartbreak, and believe in time she will come around. I have nothing but love for this girl and her family. I will continue to do my best to stay positive and will check in with her from time to time. Based on what I’ve read if you ask the universe for something, do visualizations, and truly work on yourself that the universe will in fact give it to you. You simply have to believe. Based on this forum I see that. I do believe and will continue with my own work and healing. It’s not over for me, but may in fact be Gods way of eventually bringing us closer together in the future. Again you have to believe. I trust the universe and I trust that things are happening in the background to ultimately bring us closer than ever even though I can’t see it right now. Only time will tell!

    • Bernadette Bernadette

      Hi Brendan. What a heart breaking story to hear about and read. I hope you are OK and your girlfriend’s family is ok over this traumatic time. I’ve been meaning to reply to your post for some time but have been really busy preparing for a new job.

      My boyfriend broke up with me last November and we were apart for six months but we got back together recently. He reached out to me regarding a family tragedy as his cousin had died and he was distraught so I think there’s parallels with your situation although I think loosing a brother is much much worse. I’m really close to my brother so I really feel for your girlfriend.
      I think that you are doing the right thing and I felt terrible and awful for a while when my boyfriend broke up with me. But then after a while I started to enjoy single life, go out to amazing shows, musicals and films with my friends and felt really good about myself again. I also really pursued my music as I am a professional pianist part time. It was about this period that my boyfriend made contact with me and really starting to pursue me again. Without being vengeful I made him work for a while before I met up with him. I did a gratitude journal every night which really helped and I thanked for being back with him which really helped.. I also think that the time apart of 6 months was there for a reason and I used it to catch up on all the things I didn’t have time to do like read novels, see films and family etc.

      • Brendan Brendan

        Bernadette thank you so much for the kind words! I really appreciate them. I am doing exactly what you described and I’m doing much better internally. It’s still a very tough deal for me and I work everyday, but getting distance on this tragedy is healing me. My girlfriend and I don’t speak and that’s ok. I’m giving her time. I say girlfriend because you honestly have to believe that you are together. It’s hard to say sometimes because it almost sounds like I’m crazy or delusional. I know that I’m not. I’m just trying something different. Its interesting because I’m attracting certain things in my life to help me in my healing and journey. These are things that I know would not have come around had we been together. I look at this as an opportunity for both she and I to grow while we are apart. I have nothing but love for her and send that love everyday. I believe she feels it. I know that it’s nothing I did or didn’t do. I did everything I was supposed to in that situation. I was there, supportive, orchestrated the rescue efforts, contacted family members not at the scene, supported she and her family through the funeral, and let her go with my head held high when she let me go because that’s what she needed. That’s what love is right? Giving of yourself even if it means you don’t get what you want for the other person? I do believe that even now she misses me, thinks about me and is struggling with things, but again right now it’s not about me! It’s about her and her healing. She will be back. I can feel it in my heart! My mind gives me all kinds of negative feelings that I fight through. I’ve read many forums and blogs from other people from over the years that are in my same situation where their significant other left them due to a death in their family. Everyone on these forums had a bad ending where nothing was the same and they never got back together with the exception of one! Hell maybe I’m hanging onto thin hopes here, but the way I’m looking at it is that each of these individuals was in the wrong headspace during the entire grieving process of their relationship. They did not focus on the love and that their ex would be back with them or that they were together. Instead they focused on the lack of this person in their life. Over time their hopes turned to anger at how their grieving exes discarded them! To me that’s why their stories were different! That’s why they all failed! For any other short term relationship I have been in in the past, I wouldn’t have the feelings I do, but I honestly and truly believe this one is different. GOD DID NOT BRING ME INTO HER LIFE, AND PLACE ME IN THAT FAMILIES LIFE DURING THIS TRAGIC TIME FOR ME TO SIMPLY BE DISCARDED AND YEARS DOWN THE ROAD IM SIMPLY REFERRED TO AS THE BOYFRIEND WHO WAS THERE WHEN TREVOR DIED! I know in my heart of hearts there is a purpose and reason I was brought into her life and she was brought into mine! I think this is Gods way of mounding her so that she grows and I grow so that we can ultimately get back together. You don’t go through something like that and not have a place in someone’s heart and life! That’s the case I think if you’re in the wrong mindset! She has so much healing to do from this tragedy and my heart goes out to everyone of her family members! I have faith that the universe is working in the background and things are on their way in the right time and moments! Thanks again for reaching out. It truly meant so much. Good luck with your new job! You seem like a great person especially since you found it in your heart to reach out to me! Thank you, thank you!

      • Brendan Brendan

        Also Bernadette,

        I just wanted to say thank you for posting that your boyfriend and yourself got back together. In reading through these posts I saw your progress and determination to keep up with everything over time! Gratitude journals, affirmations, daily work, and doing what you love and enjoy! This also allowed you to be ok with the results and let go and be happy with who you were. Not that you let go of your partner and desires to be back together as you always believed, but that you continued your journey, you were strong, and you did what made you happy first rather than making him your main focus! And it worked out. Thank you for sharing that as it gives folks like me who are smack dab in the middle of the process inspiration and hope. I’m very happy for you and know that I’m doing everything right. My partners process is about her and her healing and mine is about me and mine. The universe is doing what it needs in the background for she and I.

        • Bernadette Bernadette

          Hi Brendan,
          Your very welcome for the post and thank you too for your kind words as well. I think your very brave experiencing what you did.
          I would also like to mention that I made many mistakes along my journey but something that really helped was that I bought Mikes ex subliminal. Doing that just for 4 days I got a text after months of no contact.
          I also think it’s good that your not in contact with your girlfriend as right now there’s nothing that you or her can say to make the situation any better right? One of my boyfriend close friends wanted to talk to me about the break up soon after we split but I avoided her for several months because I knew there was nothing she could say that would make it okay. When you think about it time is the biggest healer of all.

          Also my boyfriend first started texting me during Christmas for a few weeks and then it stopped. I also wished him happy birthday in late January and got no reply and felt terrible! What I didn’t know and only found out several months later that his Mobile was stolen on a night out! We don’t know it at the time but there’s a reason for everything. !!
          My boyfriend also told me when we got back together his cousins death made him realise how important it was to share your life with someone and that I was the person I wanted to share his life with!

          • Brendan Brendan

            That is wonderful Bernadette! It sounds like everything is working out and happens for a reason. I do believe no contact is the way to go now, not because I don’t want to talk to her or I’m insensitive to the situation, but because when she’s ready to talk to me she will. My situations just a little different than you and your boyfriends in that a death in his family helped to open his eyes and bring him to you. Experiencing my girlfriends loss just drove her away. She didn’t look at me for support or wanted anything to do with me really. There truly is only one weapon I have for all of this and it’s God/prayer/universe and time. Nothing else has a chance honestly. I’m competing with a ghost and it’s just sad. So sad, but after all of my work and I’ve been coming out of the fog after almost two months now since the accident. I can’t quit. Hell look at all of the effort you’ve put in and it paid off! This gives me hope! It all does. I’m vibrating at a high level now adays. I’m turning negative thoughts into positive thoughts pretty quickly and I’m also seeing the number 333 quite often. Whether I randomly check the time during the day or waking up in the middle of the night, on addresses, billboards, license plates, prices at the store! I was telling my buddy about it at a ball game the other day and he told me that was pretty crazy. Then we’re standing outside our section and the individual working there directing us got a call over his radio…”we have a spill in section 333, if someone could bring maintenance.” My buddy who was just being kind before and listening just looked at me like Oh My God! Hahaha. Finally I looked it up. 333 stands for the holy trinity, God/son/holy spirit. It means that prayers are being heard and something is coming. In other meanings it means that your requests and energy vibrations are being met and manifestedas your vibration is high and the universe is letting you know. I KID YOU NOT! Found it all on the Google! Anyway thought I’d share that as I made this discovery last night. Thought it was pretty cool. Law of attraction at work for sure. Looking forward to my future.

          • Lisa Lisa

            Bernadette- out of curiosity you said it was months that you didn’t hear from him. How many months went by with no contact? Thanks!

        • Bernadette Bernadette

          Lisa, we had 4 months of no contact. I was well and truly accepting life as a single woman by that point and just enjoying being single again !There’s so much out there to do and see so don’t forget that and do whatever makes you happy and takes your mind off things.

          • Brendan Brendan

            Hi Lisa,

            I think the key here is to give love to the situation and be ok with the outcome no matter what. In Bernadettes case from the correspondence we’ve had it appears that’s what she did and it wasn’t easy, BUT most importantly she focused on herself and what she loves and enjoys! It made her happy and she began to let go in her own way and embrace who it is that she is and love life! You have to ask the universe for your ex back OR something better. No matter what you win! But you have to do you and get your vibration and energy levels up. Timeframe of no contact will differ for everyone. In Bernadettes case it was four months. The key is that she was growing and molding herself into who she was and enjoying herself no matter the outcome. Doesn’t mean that it was an easy road, but over time she was able to embrace it and live herself first! She never quit! Counting the timeframe of no contact gets easier and easier if you are focusing on you! You’re moving on with life. I don’t keep tabs on no contact and it makes it so much easier. It’s where we’re at and the Universe is working properly in the background. The outcome will always be in your favor no matter what! Just believe. Put your order in with the universe and it will come to you. Don’t focus on the time. Enjoy what it brings you in the journey and you’ll grow! I’m amazed where I’m at, just in doing these exercises for two months. No contact, not to get them back, but to do me in my healing. I’m working out and I’m manifesting all kinds of things in my life. Not just working and focussing on my ex. Of course I care, but I have no idea what the universe has in store for me I’m just asking and letting opportunities present themselves. For me I’m dating and enjoying time with friends and family. It raises my vibration and I’m not sitting there wondering about how long it’s been since we’ve spoken and when is it going to come. Have faith! God is on your side in all of this and will steer you in the right direction. Be open to it. And guess what he may just steer a strong, healed and even better you into your exes arms! And not just your old ex but a new and improved ex who now really has perspective and appreciates how wonderful you are, just like Bernadette. But if not, you’ll get someone even better and they get an even better you! It’s awesome to think about when you take a step back and let it be!

          • Lisa Lisa

            Thanks Bernadette and Brendan. Quick question for anyone- I want to purchase the subliminal program it says it can’t be heard on An iphone which is what I have so what can I use my personal computer?

  125. Julita Julita

    Hey guys!so I want to share some results with you. My boyfriend and have broken up three times in two years. The first one was a short one and I got back with him by being distant and it worked. The second one was the big one. I begged him, looked for him, and obviously this pushed him away. We are in the same classroom in college, which means that vacations is the only brake we get from each other. I knew the LOA so I used it for this purpose. I kept a gratitude journal and I knew we would get back.And as we get back to school, we couldn’t stay apart!!! And we spend the most amazing semester. I let go of my exigent boyfriend girlfriend idea, and this opened a real and cosmic love between us. Something bigger was build, and I was truly happy. I can say that spiritual people have everything on their hands, you just have to trust.
    BUT, we broke up again yesterday (ha ha). A lot is going on in my mind, but I know for certain he will come back. One thing he said that i liked: “we put many things into the destiny, and if we did them right, we shouldn’t be afraid cause in the end the will work out”. I just want to grow from this experience, and this time, as I have read here, I won’t look for him, so he can have the missing experience as well,maybe this was what went wrong. Let go and everything will work out.
    Conclusion: LOA works. If you like to ask me something feel free to do so, and I’ll keep you updated. Lots of good vibes to all of you!!

    • Carrie Carrie

      Great story . Thank you

    • Steph Steph

      Hi i need some help with my boyfriend also if its ok ( btw its long distance) well i stopped talking to him around 4 months ago due to the fact that he had a bupolar episode, he was saying mean things and wasnt making much sense. I decided to get a break from him for a bit ( weve had breaks before). And i checked his facebook a few days back and usally when i decide to back away from him, he makes statuses saying depressing things ( directing towards me) i know this because he has told me he regrets everything he does to me. He has a really rough life and grew up in a broken household. When i checked his fb he had stauses saying ” i’m lost ” ” bottomless pit 9/10″ and so on. His friends also tried to contact me ( which they have done before when we had breaks)
      TL;DR I want to talk to him but im unsure how too, im nervous
      but deep in my heart i know it will work out but my brain is saying otherwiseay

    • Traeahna Traeahna

      So inspiring ! I actually pushed my boyfriend away because in the past I knew he would come right back within hours but the last break up was much different he is now dating another girl (the girl ) I use to catch him spying her Facebook with . But they are dating and I was heart broke how he could move on so fast . I really do love him and I know that he will be back I just have to keep praying and having faith . Thank you for this .

    • Kelly Kelly

      Hi what did u put in ur graditute book? How did u atract him back?

  126. Kiki Kiki

    Is it possible to get an ex back after years of being apart? We are going on six years being apart. He is now living with someone and I admit I have spied on social media and they seem very happy together. I actually think his new girlfriend seems really nice and he’s happy. I don’t want to ruin his happiness, but I have never stopped loving him and I ache inside almost every day. I tried to force myself to move on and be with others, but I just don’t feel the way I felt with him. Is there hope for getting him back after all this time or should I just forget about it and try to move on? Can it be done? Should it be done if he is really happy? I love him enough that if he is happier with her, I would not want to take that away.

    • Veronica Veronica

      Hi Kiki,

      You can’t influence someone’s will with the help of the law of attraction. People should have their own freedom and will. You can create positive vibration between youselves, which creates good conditions for a new relationship, but it is still up to that person to decide if they want to be with you. Secondly, you need to remove all negative feelings about your ex and relatinship. Let go the past, forgive the past, stop focusng on not having this relationship, your sandness and so. You have mentioned that you ache evere day. This is an obtacle to your manifestation. First you need to heal and remove all negative feelings and emotions related to this relationship. The loa works when we feel good about our desires and have faith. If you feel pain and sad, you are blocking your manifestation. Shift your focus from negative to positive. The other important thing is that if you are still feeling sad, it means you are too attached to this man and relationship. If you think you can only be happy with him, you are too attached, you are blocking your happiness. Attachment is number 1 obtacle to the loa. And that may be the reason why you are not feeling happy with others. You are too focused on your past relationship, you are too focused on the past and you are bringing along your past to the present and future. Move on. Let go. Heal. Start feeling positive. Once you start feeling positive without any negative feelings and thoughts about the past, you will attract either your ex or even a better relationship in which you will be happy. Being happy is the ultimate goal. Do not limit your happiness and the universe in the ways of how to bring you happiness. Let go the past and open yourself up to the new present. If you think you can’t live without this person, you limit yourself, your happiness and you will never be happy again. If you change your thinking, you will be happy again either with this person or someone better who will be perfect for you.

  127. Jack Jack

    Happy to say I am back with my ex girlfriend after being separated for seven and a half months!!!

    I am so happy, here is what I did. First of all I was ready to give up and felt there was no hope of ever getting her back especially after I found out she was dating someone else.

    I was in complete agony so finally I just decided not to think about her at all anymore, I completely blocked her out of my head and any thoughts that came up I would quickly think of something else.

    I bought and listened to the subliminal get your ex back program every night. I started having dreams about her, happy times and it felt like we were back together in my dreams, it was really weird it was like I could feel her back in my life.

    After a few weeks I could think about her in the daytime and keep everything positive and happy somehow I just knew things were going to work out and we would be back together, I felt it, I believe the subliminals really changed my thinking. I used subliminals years ago to quit smoking and that worked for me for any of you non-believers all I can say is they really do work

    My advice is if you can’t think about being back with your ex and only think that then don’t think about them at all.

    Hope this helps someone I will add don’t give up anything is possible.

    • kheller93 kheller93

      Did you record your own subliminal messages to go along with the recording they give you? I just bought and listened to it for the first time and I was really confused when I didn’t hear all those messages they say will be on the track :/

      • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

        Hello, subliminals should not be heard that is the whole point, if you Google subliminals you can read more about them. All of the affirmations on the sales page are recorded on the audios and repeated over and over again for the full 30 minutes.

        The affirmations are recorded just below the hearing level and the music will help mask the voice the whole purpose is that you do not hear them, if you could hear them your conscious mind may reject them.

        By listening to subliminals just below your hearing level they go straight your subconscious mind and start working on changing your beliefs. Once your beliefs change law of attraction kicks in and starts attracting to you what you desire. I hope that helped.

  128. Mimi_1111 Mimi_1111

    Hey everyone.. I want to respond to those who’ve written on here in the past and those of you who are new on this forum. I’ve been manifesting a career in a specific industry with a specific salary, and within 7 weeks, I achieved it. I’ve also been meditating 15-30 mins a day, praying at night and manifesting certain things with my ex. He’s messaged me a few times this past month after 45 days of NC. We’ve spoken 2xs this week, and almost met up last nite, but he was scared and felt anxious…he wasn’t ready just yet. I was understanding and patient. I think everyone here should do the same: patience, forgiveness, and understanding. Learn new hobbies, take care of your mental state and the rest will fall into place. What also helped is eliminating doubt and fear! Sending you all love… <3

    • Sam Sam

      Hey, I am struggling with my situation at the moment, everything was going well when I texted my best friend on her bday. Now it’s been a month since we last spoke with each other. I don’t know what went wrong. We were like in separable. We used to talk every single day, now she doesn’t seem like she’s interested anymore. I really love her and really want to work things out with her. Any suggestions from u.i have tried everything but it seems like it’s not working for me at all. What did u do ? For your ex to contact u back ?

      Would appreciate your help

      Thanks 🙂

  129. Beth Beth

    It was a year ago next week that someone I went to high school with over 30 years ago came into my life. He said he was going through a divorce and he would have asked me out if he wasn’t dating someone at the time. Well we have talked everyday for the past year. I admit I fell in love with him. We have gone out a few times. I so want a relationship with him. Can the law of attraction work for me in this situation? For the past two months he has been very distant and when I have asked what’s going on he says that this is his busy season at his gardening store. I don’t know what to do because I have fallen in love with him. Again can the law of attraction work in having that relationship I want?

    • Mimi_1111 Mimi_1111

      Yes. LOA has worked with me. Write down what you want in a man and what you’d hope to have (in present tense). Be patient and send love out there!

  130. giana giana

    somebody please help! my boyfriend and i were dating from january to march of this year and we broke up. after that i was heartbroken. but me always being the daydreamer i am,always imagined him texting me and saying he wanted to get back together with me. and it happened last week!!! after almost 3 months of no contact at all. but i did spy on his social media a bit… all that time i was heartbroken. but back to the point, and then i asked him to give me some time to think about it because i wanted to make sure i was making the right decision. but the next day he seemed to change his mind saying we should stay friends for now. i said okay then i text him again 3 days later saying we should work things out and he said i dont know anymore. i should have said yes the first day he asked me to take him back. that was all last week. now i dont know what do to. i read that i should not think about him at all, and i also read that i should think about him to get what i want?? what i summarized is though, think about him but only think about him positively, and live your life and let everything fall into place. right??

    • Mimi_1111 Mimi_1111

      Giana, you have my niece’s name! Anyway, everything will fall in place. Trust the universe. I know it’s hard because you want a definite answer NOW! I’m the same way. Don’t have regret, doubt, fear…those will hold you back. Don’t think of what could go wrong…think about what could go right. Manifest everyday in a journal, meditate, and take care of your mental and emotional being. Good luck & be patient! I’m in the same boat (you can read my thread and updates)..

  131. Manny Chavez Manny Chavez

    Hi! My name is Manny and i met this girl october of last year and we live an hour and a half apart. She has two kids from different fathers and one was trying to get back into her life and work things out and when we were dating, it put a strain on us both and she told me she needed time to situate herself but she wanted to still remain as friends, however a few days after i was emotionally overwhelmed and basically ended our friendship and didnt talk for about a week, and during that week, she and her ex hooked back up and then split ended up using her to serve her parenting papers wanting part custody of their son. So she came back, we became friends again where she was cold at first and then she opened up a little and we tried dating again and the date went good, then all of a sudden she went cold again and we didnt talk for about 3 weeks and a little bit before, we tried planning another day to take her and the kids to a wildlife park but her son was misbehaving. So after the three weeks, i contacted her just to see how she is doin and we talked and we made another day to get together which she wanted to have lunch at the house and hang with the kids, which i take as she wants to see how i am with the kids and they liked me. When i was leaving, we were talking for a few and she told me she is finally done with her ex, however she then tells me she’s done with men, and not even looking anymore, which threw me in an emotional wreck and a day and a couple days before, when we were talking, i still get the feeling she still has those type of feelings for me and i still kinda feel that she does but she still kinda treating me a little cold but not as cold. Im trying to stay positive but its really hard and i see a really good spiritualist regularly. And he is always on point and was told that we will get back together which is supposed to be a part of my destiny something i have to go through. If you can please give some advice i really appreciate it. She’s a good woman that’s been hurt a lot by guys in the past and she deserves to have a good man and not to sound like whatever but I am a good man and I want to be the one for her so we both have happiness.

  132. Vinn Vinn

    Hi, i am doing all u have mentioned above to get him back but I miss him a lot and want to talk to himbut he has blocked me from evrywhr. He told me goodbye forever nd letting me go n I also told him tht m letting you go. But I never wanted to. Is tht fine to miss him after doing all these exercises? Will I get him back,? Does he actually miss me? I really want him to come back.

    • Sam Sam

      in order to get him back and for law of attraction to work, you will need to let go, I know its hard, but that’s the thing with LOA, you need to put your focus on yourself. do whatever that makes u happy, keep in touch with friends, do anything that will take you mind off him for a while. I am in a similar situation, but for me to get my love back I will have to let go and let the universe do the rest. I wish you good luck. stay positive and have faith in the universe.


      • Vinn Vinn

        I was glad that I got him back by LoA nd we were having good time but when I spoke to him about marriage he broke up with me again by saying that I m not honest. He has blocked me again from everywhere. I am broken again. Freling heartless. What should I do? Kindly reply asap, as My parents are looking another guy for me to get marry but I want to marry him.

    • Unknown Unknown

      Hello just searched this and I have been being positive, I had made up my mind to forget the past and couldn’t change it, once I had settled my mind and understood the situation I was then like whatever. But I smiled and always tell myself we are getting back together painting mental images of us talking again and having conversations, granted she is supposingly with sum dude but I never liked him from the beginning and can care less in my mind he doesn’t exist. Long story short I emailed her last week and she got snappy and said stfu bye I chuckled and called her remaining cool calm and collective, I spoke with her we stayed on the phone for about an hour even though she says we can’t talk every day I say who says that yea we can but ball is your court however I gotta run. Since I have altered my mind I saw little signs from her like secretly looking at my whatsapp by unblocking me and blocking me back. Clear your mind think clean and positive and don’t fall to the emotions of missing them it will happen at times but limit that for reoccurring

    • Vinn Vinn

      Thankyou so much Sam
      Wish you good luck too and God bless you. I am staying very positive and have strong faith on universe.

  133. Mimi_1111 Mimi_1111

    My boyfriend and I broke up 5 weeks ago. His father is terminally ill with brain cancer and I was diagnosed with oral cancer a few months after his dad’s prognosis. I’m doing well after my two surgeries, but his father is not. It was my boyfriend’s decision to break up with me and it’s so incredibly difficult. Since we broke up, I’ve read The Secret and have read almost every single article and message board about couples rekindling their love with LOA. I’m hurting, but I’m positive that time will heal us all and that if we’re meant to be back with our loves, it will happen. I feel that my boyfriend and I will find our way back to each other. I’ve also written down manifestations and meditating daily about my health, life, career, and my boyfriend… And I’ve already started seeing change in the other aspect of my life. Be patient and Stay positive!!

  134. iceicebaby iceicebaby

    I almost read through all the comments, this article is so inspiring and so are the comments from everyone! My boyfriend (now ex) of 3 years broke up with me a month ago, on good terms. No cheating, no trust issues, or family problems actually, it’s not like he hates me either, but I think it’s because some guys go through the phase where they want their freedom again after a long serious relationship so he probably thrives for new/fresh things (people) and freedom right now to do his own things.
    I’ve grieved for a bit, until I recently reread about Law of Attraction again, so I became a lot more positive and happy! Totally just focussed on myself, and just hanging out with friends keep myself busy! My love is so strong, it hasn’t changed at all, and my mindset and my belief are so strong, I have faith and I could SEE us being back together, no doubts being made 🙂 I really hope my positive vibes and energy will help, and I’ll just let the universe does its thing. Please wish me good luck!

    • Sam Sam

      Good luck and keep it up, your doing great. keep having fun and enjoy. don’t lose hope and always stay positive and have faith in the universe.

      bless x

      • iceicebaby iceicebaby

        Thank you so much! Here is an update! I am feeling even happier and happier everyday now. I have accepted the past, what’s done is done, and I have no negative emotions in me at all! Now I will just focus on the future, and visualizing my future with getting back together with him. I feel peace, I feel so strong and independent. I enjoy life, and people around me. I feel like I am so confident in myself, I am starting to shine 🙂 it feels great. I think I’m doing the right thing?

        • sam sam

          absolutely!! i am no expert wit LOA, i have been practicing it since march this year and have seen great results. i am a lot happier and calmer than 5 months ago when i was going through depression. so keep it up and make sure to not take the focus off yourself. GOOD luck!


          • Sue Sue


            Are you able to tell me where i am going wrong. I saw someone last year he then said he wasnt sure if he could give me a long term relationship so we are better of just being friends. Although i guess that makes him an ex we are still in touch occasionally with text catching up but only meet on average once every 6 weeks. An ex girlfriend has reappeared in his life and he is now confused what he wants. I have tried vision boards, visulisation and affirmations since last november but things are still plodding on just the same how do i get this to work ? Any help will be greatly appreciated

          • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

            Hi, without knowing exactly what you are doing and what you think about most of the time it is hard to say. All I can tell you is that you MUST keep the majority of your thoughts on what you want…the end result and NOTHING else.

            Most people think about what they fear or what they do not want and that is what they attract into their life without realizing what they are doing…what are you thinking about most of the time??

  135. Dolly Dolly

    This is a nice article and a big hope for me. I am a married woman for last 7 years and have a kid of 4 years. My husband and me are like good friends but somehow he has a low libido. That is the reason we are not in a physical relationship from 2011 i.e. say 5 years. I was continuing the relationship as was busy in taking care of my son and doing my fellowship programme. In last September 2015, i got attracted to a guy who is unmarried. We had a relationship and we used to love each other truely. I always felt that he loved me truely. He told me that he would have married me if i was not married. I really love him a lot. I wanted to marry him but he said to me that he would not be in the position to do that. The reason was different religion and his family financial problems. in spite of this , we continued our relationship. last week, suddenly he told to me that his muslim family is too religious and it is better to end our relationship. He attended some sort of classes and realized that we were doing a mistake. He said it is a sin what we are doing and he wants to be religious. Also he has family problems and he is not thinking about love. He does have same feeling now. I am much sad from that day and lost all of my confidence. I love him so much. I dont understand who used to love me so badly, how can he change in a day. In gfact we aere about to meet in may. I have a feeling that he still loves me but doing all this deliberately. Once he told me that it is better to end this relationship as we cant marry and continued for long. Please help. Should i use this method to get him back.would it work for me.

  136. RT RT

    I do agree with what David says, because after months of obsessing, I spent an entire day NOT thinking of my ex at all, hanging out with a friend and being happy generally. I contemplated finding love with someone else again, and mused about how it would be if my ex doesn’t come back, and how I found life could definitely go on and I would be happy no matter what. The same day, he liked two of my posts on fb, after MONTHS of no contact at all. Maybe I finally understand what “letting go” means. I want him, or someone better. I am happy, and that matters most.

    • David David

      Thanks RT, it’s very important to understand what it means to let go. When you do, everything falls into place with ease, with absolutely no effort on your end. Being happy IS the most important thing, and him “liking” your Facebook post are winks from the Universe. You’re on the right path. All is well. 🙂

      • Melanie Melanie

        Hi! Thank you David for the guidance re letting go. I understand what you meant and am following to the best of my ability. Great things will happen to all of us. Have a great day!

      • Sally Sally

        Hi David,

        I’ve been reading your comments. Any updates on your situation?

        I’m trying really hard to stay positive, but it’s very hard at times. Do you have any affirmations or something you could recommend to help me stop being sad at those moments when I feel like all is lost and it is just not going to happen?

        I’ve also tried like an hour ago to ask the Universe for little signs that it is coming, so it’d be easier for me to stay positive and believe 100% that it is already there waiting for me somewhere along the way, but so far I haven’t seen any signs. How do you properly ask the Universe for these signs?

        Yesterday I felt like I was finally getting there, I was happy with myself, I spent a lovely day with myself and I began writing to him in a journal. Is that bad? is that making me focus on the lack of him in my life? We used to talk everyday so of course I really miss him, but I try not to notice his abscense, but it’s hard sometimes. So if you could give me some sentences/affirmations I could say to myself during times when it’s hard to focus and stay positive to not get carried away with all the negative thoughts?

        The only thing I’ve noticed since our break up and my working with LOA is that suddenly I have three suitors, they came like completely out of the blue the very same day he broke up with me and keep asking me out on dates. I’ll go out with them, but of course, I’m not really interested in them for the time being.

        Thank you so much, David. I’d be grateful to hear updates on your situation and any advice you could give me.

        • David David

          Hi Sally,

          How are you? Hope all is well, my advice to you would be to try to ‘forget’ about things for awhile, and by this I mean when you say “I really miss him” you’ll continue to attract more of those feelings, try to only think of him when and if it makes you feel good. Try to go out and have some FUN, do things that make you SMILE and LAUGH. The thing is we all have to learn to LET GO and once you’re able to do so, you’ll see that things are always working out for you. You don’t need to marry your suitors but really try to be present and enjoy the moment 🙂

          As for affirmations, write down what it is you want and read it aloud every morning and night before bed. Think about it? What do you want? Happiness, then say “I am happy” do you want a specific relationship with this guy? then write down and say “I am so happy because my relationship with —— is improving everyday”. Your affirmations are personalized statements of the things you desire, but keep them short and to the point. Easy to remember and easy to read.

          Relax, it’s all coming together beautifully for you. As for myself, my friend and I are communicating again, and I am enjoying and looking to seeing how things develop. STAY POSITIVE, read, meditate and pray. And BELIEVE that it is and it WILL be.

          Stay Blessed my friend.

  137. Kate Kate

    Hello, me and my ex boyfriend recently broke up about a month ago. Currently I am trying the no contact rule, but it’s impossible for me not to see him due to the fact we attend the same workplace. Also we share the same close friends, so sometimes when out with friends he’s there and at parties, but we never speak at all during them. A few days after the break up, I wrote him a letter appolising and asking if we could be friends (I think this was a bad idea to do this and I got no reply or anything from him). Also I wrote in the letter that I was okay with his decision to break up, but I wasn’t. In a few weeks I want to try and contact him and speak as friends. I would prefer to do this via text as he ignores every call, and as soon as he sees me in person he gets as far away as possible. I just don’t know want to say to him after this no contact period, or how to get him to want to talk to me. Could you please help me or give me any advice at all. I would really really appreciate it and be really grateful.

    Any help would be amazing and I would be so thankful.

  138. David David

    Hi guys,

    Hope everyone is enjoying the spring weather, wherever you are. I wanted to get some feedback/support from this group. The last time I heard from my partner was March 18th and she’s gone on to like a few post on Facebook, etc. and then last week she posted a picture that she made dinner for one, I took that as an indication for me to ‘see’ she wasn’t dating anyone. Sometimes, I’ll tell myself that these actions are nothing because if she wanted to see me or talk she would text/call or whatever and then I’ll listen to Abraham Hicks and be reminded that everyone isn’t the same and sometimes what we consider insignificant are small winks and nudges from the Universe. In any event, I know in most case scenarios we are suppose to wait for them to contact us or invite us out or want to see us, but what if your guidance system is inspiring you to reach out. For the past few weeks, I’ve been feeling ‘inspired’ to reach out but I talk myself out of it, because I wasn’t sure if that was just me wanting to reach out. In any event, there’s this event coming up next weekend that I wanted to go to, and so I was thinking of inviting her?

    My question is should I? And I’m also asking the Universe to send me clues or nudges to let me know whether or not this is the right move?

    I’d appreciate any feedback and/or input.

    • Melanie Melanie

      Hi David. If your gut is telling you to contact go for it. Don’t immediately ask her to go how about sending a text as an ice breaker to see if she responds. If she does and it’s positive converse a little then ask her to the event. Make it a feel good text to start maybe say smtgh like I went to such and such it reminded me of you how have you been?

    • Melanie Melanie

      Any updates David?

      • David David

        Hi Melanie,

        I’ve given it some thought and I’m not going to reach out. I have to trust that all things will work out in divine timing. When she’s ready to reach out, then she will. I guess whatever is happening is what I am ready (hence why more isn’t happening) I don’t think I need to work harder so I’m just going to chill. I’ve been having a good spring so far and enjoying life, who knows I might even go on a date or two, the Universe knows my desire so I’m not going to trip’. I’ll find someone else to go to the event with me this weekend.

        How are things with you?

        • Melanie Melanie

          David- love your attitude. Glad you didn’t reach out Bc I did and was ignored which is much much worse. So no progress on my end. I wish others would post more on Site I am very curious to see if this is working for anyone or are we all focusing on bringing back someone who is gone and best thing to do is let them go aswell? Idk

          • David David


            Give it up, the reason it isn’t working for you is because you have too much resistance built up. I can tell by your conversations that this is something that is on your mind constantly, and it just can’t be. You have to be willing to be without this person and live without this person, the fact that you NEED this person, means you will only have more ‘needing vibration’. Put that book down for awhile, and focus on something else. Invest in yourself, and have fun. Don’t worry about him or what he’s doing or why he hasn’t call. Carry on with your life, and when you least expect it, he will show up. Maybe you’ll be single or dating someone else, but it won’t matter. You are too dependent on the outcome. If everything you are doing is just for the outcome, then you have it wrong, it’s for the journey.

            We all want the same outcome, but I’m having FUN meeting new people, doing different things, working out and taking care of my body, tending to my business, I’m having FUN living my life, and I am not worried about when she shows up, because I know she will. When you order your food at a restaurant, you don’t worry it’s not coming you carry on with your conversation or drinks or whatever until the food comes. You MUST learn to let go, or you’ll drive yourself crazy. I’m HAPPY people aren’t posting all the time, because it’s not a topic you want to keep discussing, because you are simply discussing what is MISSING. Get off the topic for awhile, take 30 days and just do you, forget about this for a little while. That’s what I’m doing, I only thought of inviting her because I know she’d like the event, but you know what? we’ll go next year, no biggie! Read your statement again “Focusing on bringing back someone who is GONE” the mere fact that you state that this person is gone makes it so in your reality. A better statement would be “I AM allowing my relationship with to unfold beautifully. I am focusing on my relationship with , I appreciate ….. and I am grateful for…. I am so excited NOW that we get to communicate everyday and things are going well, etc. see the difference?

            I’ll be around but I won’t be checking in as much because I am getting off the subject for awhile and focusing on abundance in wealth and prosperity.

            Blessings to you as always,

          • Kyla Kyla

            My love has contacted me since starting this journey. We have wonderful conversations and are taking things slow.

            Don’t give up because all our desires are possible. All it takes is unwaivering faith. I have no doubt that my love and I will be happily married soon.

            All is possible when all resistance is gone. Don’t let anyone give you limited beliefs.

          • D D

            I used to worry off and on and wonder if my ex would ever contact me again, until last week. Last week I was 100% happy and carefree about the outcome, I told myself yeah he is coming back to me for sure but if he doesn’t then oh well because it’s his loss not mine, I will be happy no matter what. So last friday i Was out with my girls…later on i looked down at my phone and he texted me after a month and a half of no contact!!! He said he was sorry about what happened between us and that he didn’t think he hurt me (although what he did to me was really messed up) He didn’t say what I wanted him to say but it’s ok because this is just the beginning and I know I am going to keep making progress from here….So keep believing that they will come back because they will! Just keep yourself busy and your vibe high at all times

          • David David


            I wasn’t telling you to give up when I said “Just Give It Up”, I meant the resistance, give up the resistance, your worry, fear, anxiety, etc. if you’re getting frustrated and sad because you’re waiting for something to happen, that’s what’s keeping it from happening. I am not imposing limited beliefs, I’m saying to you that it will happen when you even least expect it, kinda like D’s situation, she was 100% happy and carefree about the results and so it happened. So, when I say get off the topic for awhile, I meant just enjoy your life, go out with your girls and don’t stress it, it’ll happen. But you have to believe that it will. The resistance is what’s blocking everything.

            Kayla and D, I am happy for you guys. Blessings to you all.

        • Tracy Tracy

          David- Wow! I can’t believe what you said to Melanie. We all struggle at times but not necessary to flat out say “give it up”. If you are that great with this process you wouldn’t be on site and would be w your ex which obviously hasn’t happened. So maybe you need to take your own advice.

          Melanie- hang in there it can be tough but keep trying to be positive. Listen to YouTube videos.

          • Hi,Everyone
            I read David post, and I understand where he’s coming from.. He was telling Melanie to give up the resistance, not her desire…I love when someone gives me feedback on a situation…Sometimes other people can see what we can’t…He is trying to help you Melanie.. I would welcome any kind of helpful advice…if its going to help me get closer to my desire..He probably have read a lot of your post and identified what the problem is…Isn’t that is what this all about, encouraging each other along the journey… If I have a problem and I’m not sure what exactly is going on…And someone else spots it…Maybe I missed it or didn’t see it…So wtbs..Someone comes along and says,Oh!!! I see what you doing wrong..I would welcome their opinion or advice..because we don’t know have all the answers…Good luck everyone

          • David David


            I can only suggest you read my entire message. I never told Melanie to give up her desire, I was referring to the resistance that she is holding on to. I never claim to be good at this, I am simply saying to EVERYONE you cannot take score of what is. You can’t be watching the clock and being anxious, fearful and desperate (not saying anyone is). My message was she had to relax, take her mind off the subject and do something else in the meantime. When you start feeling good, then go into affirmations, etc. If you are thinking about that person and start feeling negative, you’ll only acquire more of those feelings. So, again read my entire message, before making assumptions.

            Yesterday I left work, went jogging in the rain, the rain felt good on my skin. I was jogging and listening to my audio affirmations. I came home, took a shower, ordered dinner and opened a bottle of wine. Exhausted from the work week, I fell asleep on my couch, woke up in the wee hours of the morning to go to my bedroom and looked at my phone, my partner text me.

            WE all have to be WILLING TO GIVE IT UP.

          • Tracy Tracy

            Sure you did David. lol

          • Thank you Jean, seems like you’re the only one who actually got the point I was trying to make. Hope all is well with you.

  139. D D

    Ok so I’ve been doing great with keeping my vibration up and thinking nothing but positive thoughts about this whole situation and I was out with my girls tonight doing my thing and my EX CONTACTED ME AFTER A MONTH OF NO CONTACT however what he said wasn’t really what I have been visualizing …he said that he was sorry for what he did and he has been thinking about me a lot lately but he doesn’t think that he hurt me when what he did to me was really messed up!!! It’s so weird because all week I said that Friday night I would hear from him AND HE FREAKING CONTACTED ME although the it’s not what I wanted to hear… Any advice to further my manifestation and get what I want?

  140. Rebecca Rebecca

    I was with my boyfriend for 7 months, very very happy and lived together with him at his for 4 months, again very happily. We went to Barcelona for Valentine’s Weekend and then when we came back he started a new job, then became suddenly ill with appendicitis and had to have emergency surgery and then a family friend passed away – all this in the space of 3/4 weeks! 3 days after the family friend passed away he broke up with me (on the Thursday). No reasons given! Apart from occasional bickering in the last month due to him becoming complacent and uninterested at times etc everything was great. We used to work together and everyone has said how completely shocked they are because we were just so great together and he chased after me for months to be with me and the relationship was so great, everyone could see how much he doted on me.

    The only reasons he’s given me is that he doesn’t wanna hurt me through the bickering and on day he actually broke up with me he was civil and said he valued my friendship. He’s also told both our families that, but on the Sunday (a week and a half later – because I went on holiday with my family which he was all paid for to come on and never did) I collected all my stuff, his attitude had completely changed, he couldn’t look at me, couldn’t talk to me, nothing, and still no answers from him and he even told me he didn’t love me at all anymore when only two days before he broke up with me he told he loved me and didn’t ever wanna lose me and even said that In front of his family!

    I’m 20 days into no contact!!! He’s made no contact with me and it doesn’t appear that he is actually looking at any of my stuff online or checking my profile or whatsapp to see when I was last active and therefore I’m so scared that he has just moved on or is definitely in process of doing so which I’m not gonna lie is breaking my heart if true.

    I’ve joined the gym, had my hair done, new wardrobe, going out with friends but none of this has made him contact me!

    I really don’t know what more to do – I really feel like he’s not missing me at all and it’s killing me! I really do care for him and wanna make this work with him but considering he’s made no contact with me I feel like this is it and that it’s definitely over with no returns!

    Hope someone can reply and can help!

    • Melanie Melanie

      Hi Rebecca! Ok 20 days isn’t a long time it feels like it is but it’s not. Don’t focus on him not contacting you. Instead focus/visualize that he is contacting you. Stay busy and think positive thoughts about him and your relationship. You bring into your life what you focus on. I’m sure he thinks about you give him space don’t contact him at all. Say to yourself out loud “he’s thinking about me he misses me we are back together”….when you let go of the fear that he’s gone he will come back. Hope this helps.

  141. Trisha Trisha

    Hi met a guy last month through a online dating site. We met for a coffee three times and everything was going very well. It was his birthday on April 4 so I gave him a bunch of cards with a count down. On his birthday weekend one of his uncle died. I tried reaching out to him for his birthday but he did not take my calls. I asked him if all was okay and he said Hey sorry, just a tough weekend. I was busy with stuff I didn’t get done and my family needed some help this weekend just been out of it for a few days. I said no worries take care . Since he was not very responsive to my texts and calls when I tried checking on him I thought he needed space and some time alone so I did not text him.all this time and have not heard from him since last month 4/4. I wonder if I should call him or text him just to check or wait for him to reach out to me? Will really appreciate if someone can help. I feel he is my soulmate and I known we are made for each other.

  142. Hey, have anyone tried the subliminal power program??? If so does it works???

    • Lisa Lisa

      Hello guys. Wondering if anyone has made any progress or has actually been successful In getting back together with their partner?

    • Melanie Melanie

      Hi Jean! Any progress? I’ve made no headway am
      Beyond frustrated!!!

      • David David


        I’m just curious to know have you listened to Abraham Hicks? Have you read the book I suggested? If you are beyond frustrated, you’ll continue to get more ‘beyond frustrated’ results.


        As one Abraham Hicks fan to another, I am curious to get your input. So, a few days ago, my partner posted that she made dinner and made it a note to point out that it was dinner for one. I know she is also getting ready to go on vacation with a friend, and I was wondering if I should contact her after her vacation, or do you think I’m trying to ‘make something happen’ by introducing action. Or do you think I should trust a little more that the Universe is on it, and just continue doing what I have been doing? (note-to-self: as I am writing this, I most certainly already have my answer) but I’m interested in your response? How are things on your end, and where are you located Kayla?

        • Melanie Melanie

          Hi David! Yes I have heard Abraham hicks videos. I am working on changing my thoughts. How about you? Any progress w your partner?

      • Hi, Melanie… He did text me Saturday, I text back Monday and said “Hey”! and he texted back and said ” hey”. That was it…I will not initiate the conversation, is what I think he wants me to do. Will continue to do my gratitude list; meditation; affirmations…I just believe he will eventually call me..he is trying to see if I’m gonna start calling him….Just continue to do what you do, don’t give up, turn your focus on yourself…” Let go”, I know its easily said than done..You have no idea how many times I wanted to call…but fought it. Just keep doing you, knowing that all things happen in divine timing…Try to look at it like this..( you do notice he’s not contacting you); but try to act like its no big deal!!!Just pretend you are important too…Tell yourself your beautiful, smart and whatever…” Why wouldn’t a man want to be with me..Do what ever you have to do to make you happy…Have you ever noticed how selfish people care only about themselves..And people love them, Wouldn’t you be attracted to a man who had a lot of confidence in himself, handsome, smart and not acting needy..verses the man always calling, acting needy with low self-esteem… I AM SAYING THAT TO DAY THIS…IF EVERYTHING IS ABOUT VIBRATIONS, THEN HE CAN FEEL YOUR VIBRATIONS..Fall in love with you…If you are loving you, he will too…”I ALWAYS TELL MYSELF ITS WORKING BEHIND THE SCENES”..JUST BELIEVE IT!!! Sometimes the universe have to align things up, just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean its not happening..HOPE THIS HELPS

        • David David


          That is great! Good for you and keep up the good work, seems like you’re getting the hang of this. All is well.

        • Melanie Melanie

          Thanks Jean! Very helpful and I’m wowed by how you can not reply for couple of days when he texts. That’s great!

          • Hi Melanie, I didn’t reply to his text immediately because it will look as though I’m sitting waiting for him..I have text him and called him before, and he didn’t call back or text me….So you have to reverse things..I stopped being predictable… You know this LOA,thing sometime may take a minute to reveal itself..but I believe if we don’t give up or give in we will get our desires. I’m still working on mines..My partner lives in a different city, I’m gonna keep working on it until he’s back with me..I know its get hard, as it is for me too…I feel when he is good and ready he will call me..not text! I know it is hard when you truly love someone, not to be obsessed over them…”IF IM THE CREATOR OF MY OWN DESIRES,then it is up to me how I want things to unfold…The universe is just going to respond to what I’m giving..In the meantime I’m just going to have faith…not worried about the when; where; and how???JUST BELIEVING, BECAUSE THIS IS WHAT I ASKED FOR!!! ” NOW UNIVERSE DO YOUR THING” HA! HA

          • Hi Melanie, How are things going on your end?

        • Melanie Melanie

          Hi Jean! Haven’t heard from him yet. It’s been 2 weeks how are you doing?

          • Hi, Melanie…Haven’t heard from him since the last time he texted me…I am still practicing LOA..It gets hard sometimes… But I feel when he does call, that means he’s ready to talk to me…Until then??

    • Mimi_1111 Mimi_1111

      Hi Jean, any updates as far as manifestation and LOA with your ex?

  143. Help!!!I need some advice…My partner and I had started back talking on the phone, was doing pretty good, I don’t know whether I said something wrong, or what..he seems if he’s getting distance….How can I fix this..long distance relationship!!!!

    • Melanie Melanie

      I’m in a similar situation. We started texting and he stopped responding. I’m going to cont w LOA and let him contact me. Maybe in your case continue to be friendly but don’t push for anything- no relationship talk?

    • David David


      If he seems to be getting distance is because you are projecting thoughts that ‘HE SEEMS TO BE GETTING DISTANT”. I would advise you to revisit the article Mike wrote or read some helpful books.

      THOUGHTS CREATE YOUR REALITY. – you can’t harbor all these desperation thought of needing help, or he seems distant, or why isn’t he texting me or calling. You need to RELAX. Go on with your life. BE HAPPY. Stop paying attention to ‘how much he’s being distant’ what you give your attention to will persist. Everything isn’t going to happen all at once, this may take a month, or 6 months, but try to enjoy the process of how it’s all unfolding. Focus on something else. meditate. go to the gym. buy yourself a gratitude journal. etc. but do something that takes your mind of the subject and focus.

      • Melanie Melanie

        Hi David. I’ve Asked before not sure if you saw it but are you open to communicating offline? I need guidance thanks

        • David David

          Hi Melanie,

          For some reason I don’t get notified when someone posts here, so I didn’t see your previous message. I don’t think I can provide you with guidance because you have to follow your own guidance system/your inner being. I can only share with you my advice and what I do know. This is something you want to step away from, take your mind off of it for a while, UNLESS it feels good all the time when you are focused upon it. Personally, I stopped talking to friends about it, you really don’t want to talk about it because oftentimes we talk about what went wrong, and how things are now and really you should only speak on it how you desire it to be. A good book to read is “Manifesting Love” I think this book delivers incredible guidance on how to go about this. You have to TRUST and BELIEVE that all is well and everything is working out for you, despite what the reality looks like! This may be hard to do, but if you and your partner were living happily together, what would you be doing? Whatever your answer is, then do those things NOW.

          You can set the table for two when you sit down to have dinner
          When you drive to work you can talk to your partner as though he’s sitting next to you
          When you lay in bed at night, you can look at his photo and talk about your day, etc.
          You can laugh and be happy and relax because these are the VIBRATIONS that the Universe uses to bring about your desire.
          It may not be as easy, but it can be once you practice and commit yourself
          Listen to Abraham Hicks, I have yet to meet anyone who explains the LOA better than she does.
          Time is an illusion, have you ever wanted something and as soon as you forget about it, it shows up? that’s because you have no resistance or attachment to it.

          I hope these words have helped you in some way, but if you don’t do any of the aforementioned, I strongly suggest listening to Abraham Hick and getting a copy of Manifesting Love.

          Much Love to you.

    • manifesting machine manifesting machine

      Hello jean.. Trust and Surrender!!! Everything happens in divine timing!! And most importantly dont worry as the universe has your back and you are one with the universe☺ forget what is the present state of relationship…as concious manifestors we believe that our desires are already ours.. He is not getting distant.. He is already yours in your mind.. And you are always there in his mind.. He might b e acting distant to get your attention.. Just be yourself.. Continue with your daily gratitude prayers.. Believe that you are blessed with the pure and unconditional love of the angels of universe.. You are going good..just trust in divine timing..and enjoy every second of your beautiful life.. Take care xo

      • Manifesting machine, David, Melanie
        Thank guys for all the advice, everyone was on target..I think sometimes we already know what to do, just to hear someone else advice and support, give you that confidence that you need to do it…I kinda slowed down from practicing the LOA..But as of today I’m starting back….I’m going to stop focusing on him not calling me….Today I am turning all my negatives into positives…And start having faith, and just because I can’t see it or feel it, doesn’t mean its not working…Knowing that everything is working behind the scenes.. And everything will happen at the right moment, when least expected…In the meantime, I’m just gonna spend time loving me, and making me happy.After all its only one of me..within time he will see that too…SEE WHAT HAPPEN, I JUST GOT THAT EXTRA PUSH I NEEDED..thanks guys, and you all have a beautiful day.

    • Melanie Melanie

      Hi Jean! Still working on LOA haven’t heard from
      Him you?

    • Melanie Melanie

      Jean- yes it does get hard. I haven’t been trying too hard Bc of lack of results. Yes I love him but part of me wants to
      Give up. All this waiting is aggravating

      • Hi Melanie…Maybe that’s a sign of letting go..Not obsessing about it!… You still want your desire, but don’t try to control when it happens or how long it takes, Everything has its devine timing..Just let it flow…In the meantime, just try to make yourself happy, and do whatever you have to do to stay positive.. Hope that help??

        • Melanie Melanie

          Jean- yes that’s exactly what I’m doing. Not obsessing or trying to control 😉
          How are you doing?

          • Hi, Melanie I’m still practicing LOA. He haven’t call me yet..Sometimes I get strong urges to call..But if I do, I will hate I did…So I’m give it define timing..I know he will call or text me….JUST DON’T KNOW WHEN??When I first started practicing the LOA,and trying to get my partner back..a day before he called I had 2 signs..first one, I saw a truck with his last name on it…Second one, my brother thought he saw him walking down the street… But it wasn’t him because he don’t live in my city.. I knew that it meant something, but what?? So the next day he called me… Just wanted to share that, I think the universe does send us signs. I think we have to support one another in achieving our desires..that is what makes us stronger…I know, if it wasn’t for me encouraging myself or getting support on here, or visiting different websites and reading success stories..I probably would have gave up..But when I read about someone getting their desire, I get positive energy… Hope this help someone

  144. RT RT


    I split up from the love of my life back in June 2015. I have dated a few men casually since then. I know he is single and has not dated anybody following our breakup. Through my journey all these months, and dating other people I have realized that what I had with my ex was the best thing that ever happened to me, and I would love to have it back. There hasn’t been any contact with the ex since August. Do I stand a chance?

    • Melanie Melanie

      I got a reply from my love last thurs we texted some and now since yesteday he has gone silent again. What now?

      • David David


        You ask what now? Absolutely nothing! Keep doing what you are doing, DO NOT text him and start asking questions, let him be. Show him that you are not bothered whether he texts you or not, just keep doing what you are doing, and visualize him contacting you again. No need to become frantic or desperate (not saying you are) but just relax and know things are working out for you.

        • Melanie Melanie

          Thanks David. Any progress on your end?

          • David David

            Hi Melanie,

            Yes, received a text 3 weeks ago, asking a random question which I observed as just her way of attempting to reach out. There’s also the occasional on my Facebook status. It’s very small things but at the same time, not very small because it shows me that things are working out at the pace to which my vibration is. I BELIEVE things will improve as time permits, so I try not to be ‘discouraged’ that more isn’t happening, but I’m simply excited that she even something I posted.

        • Melanie Melanie

          Read your update David. Amazes me how you are so calm and positive!! Let
          Me know if you would like to communicate offline sometime. I would appreciate tips

    • David David


      Is he still alive? Then of course there’s still a chance! You guys haven’t spoken since August, which is actually a good thing (in my opinion). You can either follow the steps Mike has outlined or you can just send him a really short, non-threatening text, something small but significant. For example “(name) I just drove past (name of restaurant where maybe you guys dined regularly) and though of you. How are you?” It could be something as simple. Hope that was helpful.

  145. Dana Dana

    “If you habitually think about everything you want but don’t have in your life, you won’t attract it. Instead, you just attract more lack.” …..I’m having difficulty with this concept….How do I think about what I want without attracting more lack?

    • David David

      Hi Dana, you CAN think about everything you want that isn’t in your physically experience today, but when you do be joyful and thankful and grateful. Feel as though you already have these things. You have to FEEL as though they are already yours. However, if you are thinking about them and being sad because you are focused upon the lack of them then you will attract more lack. It’s the feeling of your thoughts that you will attract. Feelings allow you to know what you are thinking, and thoughts create. So when you think of your desires, don’t think from a place of “I don’t have this’ instead see yourself as already having it. Here’s an example, when you go to a restaurant and you are hungry and you order your food, you are sitting waiting, and possibly excited because you know the food is coming and you’re going to eat! I’m pretty sure you don’t worry that they’ll forget your order or mess up, or it’s going to take forever. You just sit and wait and smile and enjoy the atmosphere with a friend or whomever until your food comes. Take this same approach when thinking about what you want.

      It’s coming, so relax. And if you ever find yourself thinking about something and you don’t feel good, change your thoughts about it or think about something else.

  146. Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

    Just added a subliminal program that will help get you into the right mindset allowing you to attract your ex back. Many of you are thinking about the wrong thing in the wrong way. It take time to master law of attraction. I cheat… by using subliminals you can get results faster.

    Get Your Ex Back Subliminals

    • Jak Jak

      Mike does this change your energy which they begin to feel even when a 3rd party is involved?
      How many times a day should or can you listen?
      How long before it trains your subconscious ?

      • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

        You emit energy from your mind and body and that has been proven scientifically, so yes other people feel your energy. Ever meet someone guy or girl and just feel very comfortable with them and get along instantly, like you been best friends forever? You are picking up their energy.

        You should listen minimum of once a day…everyday until you get your desire. More if you want to. The tracks are very relaxing so…I listen to my own tracks twice a day and use them to go to sleep by.

        It takes 26 to 30 days to make new permanent neural connections in your brain. That does not mean it can happen a lot faster. It really varies for everyone so that is hard to answer. Think of the hypnotist that makes someone believe something on stage almost instantly. Not saying you will but it can happen fast or take a few weeks to 30 days for resistant people.

    • Hi Mike…I tried listening to the sample clip, it not working..

      • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

        Hmm…I tried with 3 different browsers and my phone and they all worked. You need to wear headphones to really hear it. If you mean the words…it is made that way, subliminals are not meant to be heard, if they were the conscious mind rejects them, they are set just below the hearing range. But you should still be able to hear the background sounds and the binaural beats.

        What is it doing for you?

    • Ann Ann

      Hi. My ex and I are still friends now, and we’ve been broken up for a little more than a year. He is dating someone else now and he stopped hanging out with my friends and I. My desires are to have a strong emotional connection with him and to date again. Sometimes I lose faith cause I feel like he likes her better than me. But I have faith sometimes. Is it normal to lose faith at times? How do I manifest quicker and gain more faith?

    • manifesting machine manifesting machine

      Hey mike.. Thanks a lot.. You are awesome ☺ i have been to many law of attraction pages.. But the love and attachment and beliefs which i get from your posts is awesome.. You gave us all hopes in our lives for the good and i am really thankful for it all.. I want to request you to kindly add some affirmations in the page so that we can feel more and more close to your you are gifted with a terrefic sence of understanding and positivity..

      • manifesting machine manifesting machine

        *our desires

  147. Hi manifesting machine… This is not my situation, nor am I putting any energy into….This is just something I’m curious about…Say, for instance a man(your partner) start to date someone else, and for some reason their relationship don’t work out….And all the while you are practicing the LOA….DO YOU THINK IT WAS BECAUSE YOU WERE PRACTICING THE LOA???…..OR DO YOU THINK IT BASED ON THEir OWN PROBLEMS IN THE RELATIONSHIP??

    • manifesting machine manifesting machine

      Well beautiful being.. Thats something i can’t tell.. Because i am the creator of my reality.. I am not responsible for bad that happens to others because that is not something which i was i will not look into the details of what happened and why it happened. i hope that settles your curosity a bit.. Xoxo

    • manifesting machine manifesting machine

      Hey jean.. Can u tell me what steps you exactly followed to manifest you partnet to talk to you? And for how long in a day?

      • Hi,Manifesting machine… I started practicing LOA, on 2/17/16..That was the last day I talked to him, and the same day I started LOA. I visualize to the best of my knowledge.. I made a recording of my voice saying affirmations, such as (my partner is naturally attracted to me; my partner is in love with me;etc. I would on my headphones and listen whenever I felt the need, tried meditation to the best of my knowledge; sometimes I would send heart energy…I would look at my love pictures, that I have on my phone, kiss it, and tell him how much I love him, and when you do this, try to get into your feelings and really feel the love, and when you really love someone its not hard, sometimes tears would come to my eyes. To be honest I did not practice religiously, but I put my heart into it when I did…I did this part for me, I wrote down a lot of things that I said to him that was wrong and hurtful; and I wrote down things he did to hurt me…and I said I said these words…”I FORGIVE YOU,AND I FORGIVE ME”.go burnt the paper..IT was such a relief, stuff I had been holding inside..And I let go!!.He called me 3/13/16…I was surprise he told me he missed me…and we started from there….When doing affirmations, say them like you mean them..This is what I said to me, this is my desire; I asked for it and its mind…No matter how long it takes, it will happen because I will not give up or give in!! You have to own it let go I WAS SO HAPPY

        • manifesting machine manifesting machine

          Hey jean… A fantastic update from my end.. So i heard about heart energy and 528hz as love guess what i used it for past 3 days and i gave me a terrific sence of calmness.. I was able to visualise better..and more importantly i could feel my heart energy.. So i started sending my heart energy to my partner and her family members whome i love a lot.. And today her mom called me and talked to me for almost 30 minutes..and she started the conversation saying she saw me in her dreams and she called her daughter (my partner) and she told her mother that even she saw me in her dreams.. And today her mother called me to ask how am i doing, and whats the truth between me and her daughter( she was not knowing that we both are committed) after talking about pur relation she responded normally..not negatively which is a great sign.. Later when i reached home i saw her mothers call on my parents cell phone as well.. She called my mom later and invited them for a dinner at their place.. I love you universe..thanku thanku thanku soooooo much.. I feel like a super hero.. I am really a manifesting machine yipppiiiii

          • kyla kyla

            How did you heighten your heart energy?

          • Hey,Manifesting machine…that is awesome!!where do you get the 528hz love frequency?? Inquiring minds wants to know

          • manifesting machine manifesting machine

            Hey jean and kyla… I have posted about 528hz and heart energy..its waiting for approval.. You guys can contact me through emails..and i can send you the tracks .. Xo

          • kyla wright kyla wright

            That works for me what’s your email? Or I can just give you mine.

          • manifesting machine manifesting machine

            Hey kyla.. My that comment got rectified as it contained external references.. Sorry to the team as i was not aware about it…
            Kyla you can drop your email id ..i will contact you as soon as i get the notification

          • kyla kyla

            My email is flutefreak2008@gmail .com. Thank you ive practiced heart energy and it has gotten stronger but would love to see it get even stronger.

          • kyla kyla

            Jean, font put the dot com itmakes it think you’re posting a website just put all of it until then

          • Kelly Kelly

            Hi, ive seen ur post online. Did u manage to get your lover back? Do you still have the heart energy?

        • manifesting machine manifesting machine

          Hey jean… Guess told me how you manifested contact from your partner on 3rd of april.. I started doing it from the same day..aaand yesterday thatis 13th i got a call from her after 3 months☺☺☺ all of a sudden.. And i was soooooooooo happy after that.i had two reasons to be happy.. 1st that she called ..2nd that universe is sooooooooooooooo beautiful and its so caring for us.. I love you my dear universe..i am soooo much in love with you.. Thaaaaaankyou univere thankyou jean ☺

          • Hi Manifesting machine…That is awesome!!…Just interested, what steps did you take?

  148. manifesting machine manifesting machine

    The universe takes care of us all…it gives us what we want i?the best possible ways.. I am manifesting a government job in my hometown and a relationship with the love of my life.. I am at peace as my desires are on its way and they are coming to give me a tight hug and say i am yours forever now..and i smile seeing the universe and it smiles back..asking me what else u want my son.. This energy i feel is beautiful and powerful and i am thankful for all of it ☺ thank you my dear universe i love you..

    • manifesting machine manifesting machine

      I also want to add a point reagrding the beautiful people who want to manifest the loving relationship with their dream partners..its something i do and it is helping me feel really happy.. I have saved one of my friends number with the name of my dream whenever i recieve a message from my friend i get a great feeling as i see the phone saying “you have 1 text message from ” my dream partners name” “.. I talk to her everyday as if i am having a conversation with my love..i keep the conversation very light and happy full of fun.. It helps me think i am already with her and having a great time. (Dont tell your friend that you have saved their number with others it may go other side as well)..

      Do everything you need to do to keep you happy and always believe.. And remember to say this ” all things i seek are now seeking me” thank you my dear universe…

    • Hi manifesting machine…Can you concentrate on manifesting more than one desire at a time…I have many things I want to manifest… Or should I wait until one is fulfilled….Right now I’m in the process of manifesting my partner back into my life,we have started back talking on the phone everyday… He lives in a different city, where he works… He was suppose to come and see me the other day, but it didn’t work out…I didn’t get upset about it…I just told him, you will come when you are really ready and when the timing is right…. Soooo! do I still need to continue to practice the LOA until he’s back permanent.. I don’t know whether you have read any of my previous post, but manifested him calling and talking to me again…After we started back talking I kinda slowed up practicing….I felt as though I didn’t need to do it as much…I kinda let go…I know we are not in control of other ppls emotions, but when I see a shift in attitude…do I still believe the universe is working behind the scenes,and just believe and receive…even when we can’t see any physical evident

      • manifesting machine manifesting machine

        Hello jean
        Yes ofcourse and without a shadow of doubt you can manifest all what you really want. For example take me.. I want a government job and my partner.. So i visualise myself talking to my dream partner and telling her how my new dream job is.. How my office looks like..and how i have started to plan and started the savings for our marriage..
        We must believe that everything is possible and we should have faith in our beliefs that they are already manifested and the universe is working on the best possible way to deliver our desires to us..
        Go on andd create your reality.. With this message i send you a lot of positivity hope faith and your arms and feel them..

      • kyla kyla

        If you have ever listened to Abraham Hicks she states that everything you want is already in your vortex or your reality. And truthfully the more you try to manifest the less resistance to some because you aren’t focused on all at the same time.

        • David David

          Just to add to what Kayla said, everything you desire is already yours BUT you have to be the vibrational match to it. Just reading a lot of comments and I agree with Mike most people seem to be focused on the wrong things, such as, how long does it takes, who their partner is with, where their partner lives, what their partner is doing, etc. None of that stuff is relevant to manifesting your desire but it is probably the reason you aren’t with the partner you want to be with. Vibration/feelings are VERY important to the manifestation process and if you are focused upon unwanted things, then those are the things you will bring into your experience. This is something that can occur in two weeks because it takes practice to be in pure vibration. So, everyone needs to be patient and really practice LOA and also read, take notes. No one here as the quick easy answers that you guys are seeking. It’s an inside job, you have to be willing to commit and do the work. And while doing the work, have fun! you can’t be all stressed out and frustrated.

    • Hi Manifesting machine… I tried to post my email to you, it said waiting for approval, I guess it didn’t get approved…because I don’t see it under comments…

  149. Donna Donna

    If I am ready to let go before the 30 days of visualizing and all will I still manifest my ex back?

    • manifesting machine manifesting machine

      Hey Beautiful being.. Dont doubt the universe.. If you doubt universe it reflects you doubt yourself in the process.. Be greatful and thankful for things you see everyday.. Be full of yourself and send love to your partner seeing his/her photograph..tell them you love them and imagine them saying they love you a lot more.. Imagine that the lovely vibrations of your pure unconditional love are engulfing in the photo and they are feeling it..also imagine both of you getting married and going for vacations..when you drive imagine them with you in the next to them.. Show them various things you see by the road..all this will raise your vibrations and keep you infinitely happy as you already have them.. Believe just believe.. Xoxo

      • Jak Jak

        What about if they are with someone else how can you control your mind from thinking of that and checking their Instagram etc. I am seriously struggling especially today. I’ve been going for a good 35-40days how do you not loose hope when the seem to be so in love with someone else after we only split months ago.
        I guess you shouldn’t believe everything you see- even salt looks like sugar.

        • manifestingmachine manifestingmachine

          Hey hiiii… What if its just a rebound? Yes its tough not to think about it… But as its mentioned in the article also…its something not related to you so dont give it the energy of your vibrations..if you think about them being together you will attract more of the same in your reality.. You will have to keep a lot of everything happens in divine timing..

        • Kyla Kyla

          I found that when I would see pictures of my partner with someone I would take the other out and imagine myself. Like saying oh what a great movie we went and saw and we took really great pictures.

          Or I’m glad we were able to get such a great picture on that outing. That way you’re not thinking of you lack but of the having.

          Instead of thinking my ex is with someone else it’s like you’re thinking oh what a great time. It’s a good time to send some heart energy and use visualization not only to fool loa into you already receiving it but to also raise your vibration.

          • manifesting machine manifesting machine

            Absolutely beautiful kyla..and dont let your trust on universe and faith on manifesting your desires shake if you see them with others.. I mean if you are really on the correct path of manifesting relationship with them you should not worry about someone else as your partner is already yours in your current reality of manifestation.. Just let go of “how and what if” the beautiful universe is taking care of that all.. Our work is to enjoy and be greatful for the love we have with our beautiful partners

          • kyla kyla

            I agree with you 100%. I know all my desires are already mine. I have all I want in life. I can feel that everything I want is mine.

      • E E

        every single time i see her photographs, her eyes are like a sun with its warm and hot, and I’m the ice that melted by the sun, just melted easily by it.

  150. Dana Dana

    Hi Mike! I have been practicing LOA for about a week now and I have been successful in remaining in a positive state of mind throughout this experience. I truly feel my ex will come back to me and I keep having dreams that I already have him back and things between us are great. Is this a good sign that my vibrations and thoughts have been working and I’m on my way to manifesting my desire?

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      When you dream about your desire, in a positive way, it usually means that you are thinking the right way and it is on its way or you are open to receiving. Almost like a preview. Keep doing what your doing, a week is a short time, but you seem to be in a good place.

  151. David David

    Hope everyone had a Happy Easter, I wanted to engage in a conversation regarding the Law of Attraction. From my knowledge the LOA does not know right from wrong, better or worse because it is simply a LAW. Just like gravity will not save a child that walks off a cliff just because the child didn’t know better, so LOA is simply a Universal Law. I read something earlier from ‘The Secret’ that states and I quote “If there was a particular house you wanted, or a particular relationship or job you wanted, and you did’t get it, the Universe is telling you that it was not good enough, and did not match your dream. It is also telling you that it has something BETTER and more worthy of you”

    I disagree with this entire statement because it suggests the the LOA is choosing for you and you are not choosing for yourself. I believe wholeheartedly that we are deliberate creators and therefore when something we desire does not come to fruition it is could be for a number of reasons and mainly (1) We give up on our desire before the manifestation take place and/or (2) we have conflicting beliefs about that desire. We may not get the house we desire because we don’t BELIEVE we can have our actual dream house, or we may ready to buy a house but it didn’t go through because the house we see ourselves living doesn’t match the picture we hold in our minds. My best friend was about to buy a house a month ago and she called and said ‘The house is okay but it’s not really what she wants’ and I advised her to write down and picture the house exactly the way she wanted it, and two weeks later she called me excite that she got her ‘dream house’. So I don’t think the Universe knows what’s best, the Universe delivers based on our thoughts and beliefs and if ever there is contrasting belief then things usually don’t come together as we perceive.

    I’d really like to hear from others on what their belief is and/or possibly we can start a thread of discussion around this topic? Who’s down? :/

    • Kyla Kyla

      I would have to agree with you here. I also got that email from “the secret”. I also didn’t agree with it. Our wish is the universes command not the other way around. The universe doesn’t command our wish. To me it should be better stated. As in we make the choice to have what we want or better. As in detatching ourselves from the outcome.

      The only way to not get what we want is to not believe we can have it. We already have everything we want its just our illusion of time on how fast we actually get to hold it. But everything we want is already ours. Youre already with your partner as am I and everyone else is also. The universe gives what we want not forces us to take something it thinks we want.

      • David David

        Well said Kayla, I almost wish I could’ve responded to that email because it was ‘misrepresentation’ of LOA across the board. When people say the Universe knows better, the Universe can’t know a thing because it’s a standard law, it is neither choosing or thinking for you (us). All that we seek, we have within us, whether it’s a house, a partner, billions of dollars, it’s all there, but as you said we are not in harmonious alignment with it all. The only way we don’t get what we want is when we are practicing or vibrating something else. Thank you for your response. Have you ever read or listen to “The Complete Conversations with God” and based upon some of the words you use, I’m guessing you listen to Abraham Hicks?

        • kyla kyla

          I’ve never read or listen to that but I shall look into it. And yes actually I stumbled upon the secret and read and watched the movie.

          Then I didn’t feel like it was really all I needed to hear and I actually just stumbled upon Abraham Hicks (as in I wanted more tangible information) and it poped up on my YouTube playlist.

          Then I read all of the books that Esther and Jerry have published and then I came across a video that talked about what they would consider wedding vows. Which validated that the relationship I have with my partner is truly what I wanted which then a link to this website landed me here.

          • David David

            Kayla, I listen to Abraham Hicks (YouTube Channel) every morning to start my day, when you select one video, after it ends it automatically plays another and the message is always relatable and she/he/they are AMAZING!

            I have so many materials that I read to keep my vibration high and in the vortex. Those wedding vows are PERFECT 🙂

          • kyla kyla

            I am the same way. I watch/ listen to Abraham everyday. They help me stay in a steady vibration.

            I also find that if I’m ever down I’ll just start a rampage not a specific one more along the lines of what I want to feel each day.

            I listen to music that makes me feel good truthfully anything that makes me feel good. I know what I want is already here and it is so delicious as they would put it lol.

            I’m glad to have found a place like this. I mean look our vibrations sent us the same email and two people who resignated with it a certain way.

    • Kyla Kyla

      I too got that email from “the secret” I would have to agree with you. I mean why basically tell someone you can’t get what you want only what the universe thinks you should have. They use a genie as a reference. Well if I had a genie and it said oh you wished for this but I’m going to give you this I wouldn’t wish for anything ever again.

      Loa is about what you want and then being a vibrational match to what you want. If what you want isn’t showing up then you need to recheck with yourself and make sure you are in line with what you want.

      We all have what we want already. You are with your partner as am I and everyone here. We just have a weird illusion of time which is the only thing making it so it’s not visible to everyone else. However we are it therefore we have it.

    • Melanie Melanie

      Hi David. Seems like you know a lot about LOA would you be willing to communicate w me offline? Thanks

    • Therese Therese

      LOVE your answer. I have seen in too many LOA forums that if you DON’T get your desire, the universe has something better in mind for you. I always had a problem with that because I thought “what is the point in intentionally trying to manifest something if you are not in control”…I am SO glad you put this into proper perspective. Thank you! 🙂

      • Funny, I was on another website, and that question came up, They always say, whatever you think about you attract more of…SO they say the universe will give you your desire, or something better…How can it give you something better, if you are not focusing on something better. I have trouble believing that part…Sooo!If we are in control of our thoughts and what we manifests and what we think about the majority of the time….How could the universe just give us something??? So why do we practice the LOA to manifest our desires,if the universe just gone give us what best…than what we want..BECAUSE SOMETIME WHAT YOU NEED MAY NOT BE WHAT YOU WANT??? AND IF IT IS NOT WHAT YOU WANT YOU WILL REJECT IT…SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT???

        • kyla kyla

          I find the problem is is that most people say give me xyz or something better. So therefore they are putting the something better in it themselves.

          If all you desire is the feelings your partner gives you then that’s what you get. It’s not the universe giving you better its you better.

          Say you didn’t like the focus of your old relationship so you only focus on the good parts that’s what you’ll get. So therefore you can create better with the person you want.

          The universe only knows what you think and feel. Then creates a reality from that. It then guides you to that reality by making sure you feel the way that manifestation will make you feel.

          • I love your comment, I think ppl just come up with their own ideas…If we get more of what we think about,and if we get something better, then we created that…My question is, why spend time visualizing, using affirmations, and heart energy..If the universe says, ” I’m gonna give you this, and not what you asked for, because I think this is better”. If I’m spending time doing all of these LOA techniques, then I want what I asked for….not something better…that’s defeating the purpose of the LOA

          • kyla kyla

            Exactly which is why you must ask for the something better. Or you must’ve visualized the better.

            The loa only knows what you send out its not sitting there like. Well she wants this so we need to give her that.

            Instead it gives us exactly what we want and ask for.

          • David David

            I’m not sure how I missed all these responses, but I agree with Kyla and Jean on this. The Law of Attraction works, the Universe will always give to you that which you are a vibrational match to due to the frequency you are emitting. If you have put things out there as to what you want, the Universe will match it, as long as you are a vibrational match. Most people in their affirmations and visualizations will be clear about what they desire but will also say “I wish to create this or something better’. The Universe will align exactly what you want or something better based on your vibrational frequency. Also, keep in mind that sometimes we get the ‘less than not so good stuff” too and not because the Universe doesn’t think we are worthy but it is because that is what we are emitting or vibrating.

            Also, you are ‘messing up’ you are where you are. Anything that occurs such as a argument or disagreement is just contrast showing you where your thoughts and emotions are. Use this as a way to get in alignment, to be more clear about your thoughts and emotions, there’s nothing to mess up because you can’t get it wrong, everything is working in your favor and that’s really all that contrast is.

            I would love to put together a WhatsApp group, is anyone interested?

      • CoCo CoCo

        Amen!!! Thank you very much for these responses and articulation of this point that I’ve been struggling with this week.

        So stoked that my partner and dream life are already here 🙂 and excited to see them all manifest.

        On this topic, though, I actually had a kind of bizarre “healing” with a woman yesterday who claimed to be a spiritual intuitive (which normally I’m so down with) who told me that the Universe knew better than her who she wanted and gave her someone better in her husband after getting closure with the man she’d thought she wanted… and then kind of counseled me that though I think I want my ex, maybe I’m wrong and its just my fear that there’s no one better out there, and I’m not trusting the Universe to know better than me on who is best. She told me I could describe what I want and why I want it, but not who, when, or how.

        These kinds of ideas confused me (and I guess confusion just means I’m out of alignment) and send me reeling a bit… I had thought the fears/beliefs that I needed to let go were the ones about not being able to reconnect with my ex, and training myself to go by feel has been a super helpful learning from Abraham … because I noticed that when the “intuitive” said these things to me, I immediately felt super depressed and sad.

        My question to her was why could I not manifest who I wanted as well (leaving out the how and when). And given that the majority of who we are is source energy (as Abraham/Ester says it), aren’t we also the Universe any way?

    • Alice Alice

      this is a great discussion, but I think when what we desire is another person, then we have to remember that they too, have their own will. I think LOA works well for just about everything, even people if the person on the other side has the same desire.

  152. Leslie Leslie

    I’ve been doing LOA and got real anxious. I texted my ex. Does this mean I have to start from
    Scratch? Did I really
    Mess up?

    • Hi Leslie….You can always start over, I had did the same thing, not texting, but got into an argument on the phone… I felt bad because I had came to far and messed up…But I started over and I promised myself it would not happen again..I started back practicing LOA,as of today my partner called and said he’s coming to see me, he lives in a different city and he called me first….Always let them come to you, I don’t care how anxious you are, and I was was literally killing me not to call, but I fought it with everything in me…you will be amazed at what will happen like I was…never give in or give up

  153. Lisa Lisa

    Hi Mike. I have a question but it’s not about an ex. I’ve met a Really handsome guy who I like and I think he likes me too. I don’t know how old he is but I think he’s quite a bit younger than me. Can I use LOA or manifest that he’s the right age for me? Sorry if this question sounds a little daft

  154. Alicia Alicia

    Mike, does LOA words if the other half is a very egoistic person? will they atill come back? because ive heard that you have your vibe to want them back, but they have their own different vibe too.

  155. Raluca Raluca

    Hi, Mike. I read your article a few days ago and I started doing the LOA, trying to attrcact my ex boyfriend back. This is only the 3rd day.It’s not much and I don’t expect miracles but when I see that he is getting along better and better with his new girlfriend, I get discouraged. I really try everything you wrote above, and I feel better but are there any chances? we broke up in october 2015 and in november he hooked up with this girl. We are in different cities,I have done the desperate messages to get him back, of missing him, of loving him, No reply. He has been with this girl for 4 months and a half..In those months he contacted me a few times telling me he wanted to be friends, but that’s it.I rejected the idea because I wanted him back as a boyfriend. The last time he contacted me was on 4th of March, just saying hello, wandering how I was doing. And I got so confused because I gave up hope.He also told one of my work colleagues to whom he talks once in a while, the same Friday, that he feels bad, he was considering to talk to me again by means of social media ( he blocked on Facebook in January and in February he unblocked me, but for a week now he blocked me again) but just talk.He asked her if I still love him, she said yes and that he was going to think about it.He had been in a fight with his current girlfriend. She told me about the discussion and I decided to give him time..but on Monday,the 7th I sent him a message, in which I told him that should make up his mind already and stop confusing me. He offended me while he was on a date with her (apparently they had gotten back together) and it got really ugly and he acted as if he didn’t contact me at all.. I was so dissapointed in him.Ever since then, their relationship is better and better every day and he thinks she’s the one.Is there any chance if he has such a good relationship with her? Despite everything I do love him!Sorry for the long post!

  156. Thought For The Day:

    If you can hold it in your mind you can hold it in your hands.

    • Exactly Mike, Wish I had known about the Law of Attraction along time ago… Maybe my life would have been different now. Now I feel more confident than ever…. Thanks

    • Melanie Melanie

      It’s been two weeks since I started LOA to bring my partner back. Lately I find myself getting more frustrated Bc I haven’t seen signs that it’s working. Does anyone else go thru this? Any advice ? Thanks!

      • David David

        Melanie, two weeks is a very short period of time. To really understand the LOA you have to understand that vibrations precedes manifestation. You can’t be ‘frustrated’ or ‘worried’. Relax and have fun and live your life! It seems challenging to do this at first, but practice each day to detach yourself from the topic for awhile (30 days) and ONLY speak or think about it IF it makes you feel good.

  157. David David

    Hey guys,

    Just wondering if ANYONE has been seeing or getting any physical evidence that LOA is working on their behalf? Also, where’s everyone from? I’m just feeling a little bored and thought I’d strike up some convo? So, I’m in New York…

    • Kim Kim

      Hi David,

      I have – I’ve had in the last 2 weeks 4 run ins with my partner who i hadn’t seen in over 6 weeks. Some of which were in random locations as well (caught me of guard) and some smaller signs as i move through out my days that allow me to feel my manifestation is being taken care of i am past the 30days but am new to the LOA and have had some down days.

      • David David

        Thanks for sharing Kim. Where are you located? How about you Bernadette, where are you located? I know that the story of Phil Collins getting back together with his ex is suppose to be inspiring but I don’t think anyone here, is looking at 8 years manifestation. Honestly, if it takes that long for us, then we aren’t doing something right, but I understand your point.

        • Bernadette Bernadette

          I’m in London David. Gosh no way would I want to take 8 years to manifest! I think we’d like to manifest as soon as possible. But maybe it took Phil Collins so long as he didn’t know about altered mind waves!

        • Bernadette Bernadette

          I’m in London David. Gosh no way would I want to take 8 years to manifest! I think we’d like to manifest as soon as possible. But maybe it took Phil Collins so long as he didn’t know about altered mind waves!

          • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

            That’s right Bernadette! and I agree 8 years is WAY to long. The more you practice the easier it gets. I have manifested things in hours, sometimes minutes. Been doing this for over 20 years so… could be why I like teaching it. For me it is fun and I still get a kick out of it.

    • Bernadette Bernadette

      Hi David. Wow about New York. I loved the Empire state building, statue of liberty when I was there. I started a new job a month ago which is one ago from my partner. How crazy is that?! Today I took a wrong turning in the car and it led me to his road. I’ve been happy as I’ve been pursuing musical hobbies and feeling good like we’re together but at times my thoughts haven’t always been good . I didn’t realise this until Mike pointed that out. I’m still continuing with LOA and trying to correct my thoughts. Did every one hear that Phil Collins got back with his ex 8 years after they split? I think there’s always hope therefore.

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      SW Florida for the winter..85 and sunny today 🙂

      • Dee Dee

        Mike, is it possible to create a WhatsApp Group, just so we can connect with different people and such…I love meeting new people and just interacting

        • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

          I will look into it. Was also thinking about adding a forum to the site if enough people are interested.

    • Melanie Melanie

      Great question David. I have been wondering same thing. Would be great for people to post re progress and such. I have been working on it diligently but hard to keep negative thoughts out more doubt. I’m in Texas

    • Hi, David this is Jean..I’m from Georgia

    • Melanie Melanie

      Hi David. I got real anxious and texted my partner he didn’t reply. Does that mean that I need to start from scratch?

  158. Kate Kate

    Hi there,

    My partner and I have been broken up for almost two months now. We ended on a good note with each other and nothing bad happened to cause the breakup. The reason we broke up is because he is moving soon and doesn’t want to do long distance at all. I want to do long distance and I don’t want to be broken up, but I tried to change his mind and then realized I couldn’t so I gave up trying in fear that it would only push him further away. We have had some contact over the past few months. I also am dealing with a medical issue right now and he has been my sole support during this time, so more reason as to why we have maintained weekly contact. He still doesn’t want to be with me and is still moving. Should I cut off all contact with him completely? Even though he is my support right now?
    Do you think the LOA will bring him back to me? Even though he is moving over a thousand of miles away?

    Thanks 🙂

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      I had an ex move and thought that was it…not so. Hated where they moved to and ended up moving back. Came and knocked on my door one day.

      • Kate Kate

        That’s good to know, but I guess that didn’t really answer my other questions. Should I cut off all communication with him?
        Also, considering he is moving back to where all his friends and family are, I don’t know how he would be unhappy there. I was the only person he had in this city, where he hasn’t been happy. He said I was the only reason he stayed around here as long as he has. I am interested in moving to the city he’s moving to, but I don’t know if that is a good idea.

        • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

          In your case I would not cut off communication with him as long as you can feel good about it. Most people break up then when they do talk they argue, get mad, feel rejected and so on… you attract MORE of what you feel and think about so, if you feel bad you will get more of the same. That’s the way law of attraction works.

          Nothing wrong with communication if you can keep it loving and positive and not slip back into lack and missing your ex. Most people can’t.

  159. Sarah Sarah

    New to LOA. Can someone explain. What is heart energy…?what exactly do you do? How
    Do you send partner this energy?

    • Sarah Sarah

      Unbelievable no one answers not supports new members!!! What type of website is this if there’s no help

      • Hi, Sarah….I’m no expert, but if you Google will direct you to different website explaining how to do it….I’m not sure how anyone else does it…But the way I do it is that I feel so much LOVE in my heart for my partner (don’t want to day ex), because in my heart I know he belongs me!! I just think how much I love him, and I really get into my feelings..really feeling the LOVE, sometimes I look at his picture, and kiss it…telling him how much I love him, its not hard if you truly loves someone..this works for meWhen doing this really get into your emotions!!!! Find out what works for you?? I went to different sites, they were saying different things about how you can send heart energy…didn’t work for me.. Hope this was of some help…

      • David David

        Hi Sarah, here’s a link that explains heart energy
        In most cases you can also google or YouTube a particular practice that you are seeking clarity on. When it comes to LOA – the most important factor is how you are FEELING. Everything is vibration, and so your feelings play a major role in how things will unfold. Also, you want to make sure your ‘sponsoring thought’ is in alignment with your first thought. By this I mean, you can’t ask for $10 but then you don’t believe you won’t get the $10. So, ASK, BELIEVE, RECEIVE.

        You MUST BELIEVE in what you are asking for.

        Best wishes,

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      There are many methods you can use and to tell you the truth, I have never used this one personally, so I really can’t answer.

    • kyla wright kyla wright

      Heart energy is basically sending love to your partner by thoughts. Basically you get into a really good feeling place. Then from there you look at a picture of your partner or think of them and send them as much love as you can. Doing this hightens your vibration and your ex can feel it.

  160. Melanie Melanie

    It’s been a week since I started LOA to bring my partner back. Last 2 nights I had a dream about him but wasn’t positive he was actually with other females. How should I interpret this? Hope this can become a support group w lots of interaction since Mike seems to be real busy. Thanks!

    • Laura Laura

      Don’t think or worry about your dream Melanie . I had a dream like that too. I think Mike would say only dwell and think on the things you want.

    • David David

      Melanie, I agree with Laura, don’t focus on your dream. Dreams are sometimes just the subconscious showing us where our thoughts are centered. Focus on your desire, not the lack of it. Also a great book to read is Manifesting Love by Elizabeth Daniels. Focus on how you want things to be, and act as if you already have what you want.

      • Melanie Melanie

        Thanks David and Laura ; )

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      One week practicing LOA is a short time. You are probably still feeling the lack of not being together and it is seeping into your dreams. Keep thinking about what you DO want and how you would like your relationship to be. Your dreams will change.

      If you are dreaming in a semi awake state you can control your dreams with a little practice. So he was with other girls, tell yourself they are his sisters or old friends and they are just hanging out…no big deal.

  161. Sarah Sarah

    New to LOA. Can someone explain. What is heart energy…?what exactly do you do? How
    Do you send partner this energy?

  162. Hi Mike, Jean again…This question has nothing to do with relationships… But the other day I was over my niece house, and we was talking about my nephew…. Then out of the blue he poked me on Facebook… What is strange about this is I never, ever talk to my nephew or see him. Do this have anything to do with LOA…or energy??? Thanks

  163. David David

    Is anyone ‘friends’ with their potential partner (don’t want to say ex) friends on social media? We all know this is the era of social media? How do you handle that situation? I feel like my ‘partner’ has been posting more than usual and how do you detach from the outcome/person when you’re doing daily affirmations? I welcome all responses and Mike is there a way to be notified when someone responds to your comment?

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      I just added a new feature that will allow you to be notified, only when someone responds/ Just click the box below the comment form that says “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting.”

      Let me know if there are any problems with it, should be ok.

  164. Melanie Melanie

    Hi Mike. I’m confused, in order to manifest quicker we are supposed to detach but how are we detaching when we also do affirmations etc throughout the day hence thinking abut our ex all the time? Thanks

    • David David

      Great question Melanie, I’ve been doing the affirmations everyday and trying to detach but I’m not sure how I’m suppose to do this at the same time? Also is anyone else ‘friends’ with their potential significant other on social media?

      • Melanie Melanie

        Hi David. I am not friends with him on social media. Looking at posts can create fear if you see or assume things. I am looking forward to Mike telling us how to detach while thinking positive things and doing affirmations.
        How long have you and your loved one been apart?

        • David David

          Melanie, my partner and I have been physically apart since September. We are still connected through Facebook and Instagram, but I don’t want to be the one to unfriend her, making it appear that I ‘can’t handle it’ but I also don’t post subliminal messages or anything of the sort. Also, I know she has disconnected from people that she didn’t care to interact with anymore so the thought that she hasn’t deleted me either, I feel as though she’s also curious to see what I do post. I don’t post a lot though and when I do, it’s always something positive and uplifting. Have you ever listened to Abraham Hicks? I love their teachings because it also speaks about controlling your vibration in the face of the unwanted. So, even if I see something, I don’t let it bother me, and thankfully she hasn’t posted anything ‘upsetting’ but my heart does skip a beat when I come across a picture she may post. However, instead of feeling sad or anything like that, I simply smile and say “Thank you Universe for bringing my desire to me, there is my wife”

          • Melanie Melanie

            Great attitude David! How long have you been using LOA? I started last Friday

        • David David

          Melanie, for this specific purpose, since March 1st. I’ve practiced LOA consciously in the past few months and was able to see my desire come to fruition but never on the topic of relationships. So I made a conscious decision that I will pay attention to my thought, words and actions and some days it’s hard, because I do want to experience that relationship now but I quickly talk myself out of it as soon as those negative emotions set in. And the main thing is, I don’t talk about it with friends, etc. I tell myself

          (1) All is well
          (2) (name) misses me and loves me
          (3) I AM calm and confident and having fun during the process
          (4) (name) is always thinking of me
          (5) I AM a deliberate creator
          (6) (name) texts me and reaches out in a easy-flowing manner that allows conversation to flow effortlessly
          (7) I AM happy NOW that I AM in a new and loving relationship with (name)
          (8) (name) knows that the past is gone and this is a new beginning
          (9) I AM in alignment with my desires and SO IT IS
          (10) (name) is my friend, my partner, my wife and we are living happily together

          I do this in the morning before I get out of bed and at night as I am getting ready to sleep. I also practice heart energy and at the end of my exercise I say “Thank you. Thank You. Thank You’

          I AM looking forward to the day when I can write my feedback on my complete desire coming into a reality form.

          • Melanie Melanie

            Thanks for such detail David. Re heart energy can you please elaborate on what you do. I picture my loved one and say things to him such as I love you. Am I on the right track? I too look forward to reading success stories from all of us 😉

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      I will write a new post about it when I can. It is one of the harder things to practice when using law of attraction.

    • MS MS

      There is no problem with thinking about your ex and imagining your ex. Being detached from the outcome means you are trusting the universe that it will happen. You have no concern with the “HOW” or “WHEN” you are perfectly ok right now in the moment because you know your desire is on the way. When you are in a detached state you are in a calm peaceful state. No anxiety no worries. The thought of your desire only brings you joy. Hope this helps. Good luck.

  165. Sasi Sasi

    hi everyone, we were supposed to get married this year, but because of distance he found someone else and got her pregnant and broke up with me. I tried to convince him to take Me back ,he agreed but he eventually told me he can’t. we’d been chatting for a while but kept on making me sad. on Sunday I cut communications with him. blocked him on whatsap cause he had the woman’s pic as his profile. I have been practicing the steps for somedays. but I suddenly feel maybe I should just move on. I dont think I want him anymore. but some times I want him. maybe I’m confused.

  166. Lisa Mckee Lisa Mckee

    Hi Mike

    First of all I want to thank you for your article. It gave me great comfort to read and apply. I mucked up a new relationship by acting very sensitive when he didn’t text me. In addition I felt like he was not making any effort to see me nor arrange dates. Lind story short we stopped contact for a week then I contacted him a week later. He was upset with me and even when I apologied he was not interested. Out of desperation I asked him to meet me for lunch to talk. During that meeting I got too emotional and when he said he couldn’t see how we could move forward I was gutted. In addition he said I ruined what we had with my behaviour. Prior to this conversation I handed him a gift and apology card. After our meeting we walked back to where his car was parked. We hugged and went our separate ways. When I got in I was completely gutted and could not stop crying. We basically left that meeting not resolving anything. In addition it was not clear if we were no longer seeing one another. A whole 8 days went past which felt like months. During that time I was angry at him for being stubborn and refusing to speak to me. I can across the law of attraction many years ago and decided to read again to see if I could attract my ex back. I literally read this article on Friday and applied the techniques immediately. I wrote down Mikes list of positive affirmations with my ex’s name. I created a playlist with love songs. In addition I wrote messages on whatsapp as if they were from my ex and sent to myself. I wrote myself emails as if they were from him. In addition I visualised I was spending time with him. Walking through the park, hanging out. I was sending him so much positive love energy. Last night I asked the universe for him to call me. I visualised the call and what he would say. In the call he basically would say he missed me. Then today all I saw were the same model of car he drives around. In addition on Monday a guy was wearing the same fragrance I purchased for him. Then today I decided to look after myself and cooked myself a nice dinner. I basically got on with my day as if my ex was already back. I was talking with a girlfriend on whatsapp when I got a call. I picked up and it was him!!!! We exchanged the usual pleasantries and asked how we each had been. He then said he missed me. I responded back by saying that tickled me him saying that. I told him I missed him too. I also said I was not sure where things had been left as when we last met I was very emotional. He said he figured that also. He was prying for information on what I had been up too recently. He even joked that I must have been living up. I advised I have been taking each day as it come. We basically ended the conversation on a positive note and I’m happy. I will continue to apply everything in this article for the whole 30 days. I just want to say thank you thank you. It’s early days but I’m remaining positive and will keep you all posted.

  167. Hi Mike, you probably have read most of my post..just want you to know, and you probably already know… The LOA really works, that if you work it!! Not only have me and my partner( don’t want to say ex) have started back talking…I had an experience about 3 weeks ago, when someone called the wrong number looking for their son…They left a msg on my voicemail.. I usually don’t call back, but for some reason I did!…. We struck up a conversation, and had a lot in common…..HE SAID, ” CANT YOU FEEL THE VIBES”. right then and there, I knew it was because I was practicing the LOA. I won’t really go into details but wanted to share that.

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      Yes, so happy for you, keep it up. Law of attraction really does work I have been using it in one way or another for over 20 years. Love hearing success stories.

      I have used law of attraction to create several very successful businesses, attract my perfect mate, the car I wanted, the motorcycle I wanted, vacations and a ton of other little desires I wanted to attract. The more you use law of attraction the easier it gets. It is amazing! If I told you some of the things I attracted you would all be shocked. When I did receive some of my desires they came to me in the EXACT way I had imagined them, I mean in every detail, I get shivers sometimes.

      Anyways, sometimes as a side benefit we attract other people into our life at the same time when trying to get an ex back when using law of attraction. This may be why you felt a connection. 🙂

  168. Ellen Ellen

    Hello Mike,
    My ex broke up with me via text almost 4 months ago. I still contact her via text, phone call almost every day. I miss her so much. She doesn’t initiate contact at all. However on Valentines weekend she did allow me to see her, she lives almost 300 miles away from me. I still initiate contact to her. She rarely responds if ever. In 2 days it would have been our 1st year anniversary. We talked and dated for about a year before she asked me to be her girlfriend. So we have been involved for almost 2 years. Should I text her on that day? Should I wait and see if she will text/call me? I texted her today and said that I wanted to come see her and she responded that would not be possible. I asked why and she has not responded, I called and she forwarded me to her voice mail, I did not leave a message. Her birthday is also in two weeks. Do I have to start the no contacting now? I want to attract her back in my life. Do you think that she will ever initiate contact? Want to be with me again? I still am going to put it out there in the universe that she and I will be together again. Even if she is dating another woman. I want her to come back to me.

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      Seems like you are worried and thinking about the wrong things, you will end up attracting more of the same. Change the way you are thinking, read up more on law of attraction. I just wrote a new post that may help.

      By the way there is always hope and things change.

      • Ellen Ellen

        What am I attracting now?

  169. Shana Shana

    Hi Mike
    Well i broke my ex’s heart. We’ve been broken up since last year November but we stayed in contact and still loved eachother deeply. He felt i was too much woman for him so he became confused until he realized he felt i was the one. Long story short he expressed to me this month 5 times he wanted to get back together n that he would do whatever it takes to make that happen. Well i turned him down 5 times because i felt like i couldnt gove him what he was asking for. Anyway by the time i took the time to realized i really loved this guy n wanted him to stay innmy life he left and isnt speaking to me so he can get me out of his system. I blew it and i feel like a piece of me is gone. Do you think i have a chance to tuen things around for the best so he can trust me again with my feelings for him. By the way each time i really wanted to say yes but said no out of fear.

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      I would use law of attraction to visualize the way you want the relationship to be. In detail. When using law of attraction, whether you know it or not, you are guided. You will do the right things at the right time. If this is what you want go for it.

  170. Hi, Mike…Thanks for all your previous info..When you are at that point of letting go, do you still do affirmations and visualizations, or do you stop doing and just trust the universe to deliver your desire…Question??? What does this means…I seen a truck the other day with his last name on it…and my brother in-law said they seen him walking up the road….But I don’t think it was him because he don’t live on the same city as I do….and I sure didn’t call and find out….At all cost he will have to come to Me!!!!

    • Hello Mike, Jean again…guess what?? My guy called me tonight, I talked to him very calm…He said he missed me. So what do I do next? This is a start..He’s planning to see me next weekend..He’s coming from another city, the LOA does work.. You just have to believe its yours with all your heart….I am still gonna work it until we are officially back together

      • Kim Kim

        Jean- what do you mean by “heart felt” msgs that you have written earlier? Was your guy with someone else?
        What affirmations have you been doing and how many times a day? How long have you been practising LOA for?

        • Hi Kim..My guy lives in another city, but not far..At the beginning, I was calling him and texting..He was not responding,I left some pretty nasty msg..on his voicemail… So, sense he wasn’t trying to call me…I just cut off communication with.. “I STOP CALLING!! I used some of the affirmations that Mike have on here..Always use your partner name in the place of ex, (never use ex)..When visualizing,I visualize places we have been, everything good, trying to feel the love…when say affirmations, put your heart into it…If you really love someone its not hard…I just trust the universe and God, that it was mind, and that I asked for it..I don’t know whether he was with someone else, didn’t think about it, just thought of him being with me….Sometimes my mind wandered on not so good situations concerning us…(I said , “cancel and delete”. Or I put my focus on the good times…I made a gratitude journal…. Writing down everything I’m grateful for….I felt a lot of guilt, and I also blamed him too….So I wrote down all my feelings, how he hurt me..and how I think I hurt him…I forgave myself and I forgave him, and I burnt it..I was determined I was gonna give it all I had, and this will work for me…meaning LOA..Your mind will play tricks on you….but listen to your heart…. This is just a start, but I’m still going to keep practicing my daily rituals

          • Kim Kim

            Hi Again Jean,

            How long have you been practicing LOA for before you heard from him? How many times a day do you do your affirmations and visualize?

            Thanks again

          • Hi Kim, I hope you get this msg..I practice the LOA, for about 3 weeks..There were no set number of times I said it or visualize it…When I did say them, I put my heart in it, its more about feelings than anything….Please!! Don’t give in, there were many times I wanted to call him, and pour my heart out…But I fault it, I was determine this was going to work for me, no matter how long it took.. I read many posts, where it had worked for others, so why not me? I even made a recording with affirmations using my own voice, that I would listen to throughout the day, I even did a vision board, I’m still working on it, I am still doing the LOA until he is fully back…Remember you ask,believe, receive….. And it’s yours..I tried doing meditation to the best of my knowledge.. If you are not sure how to do it… Google it…I did….GOOD LUCK!!!!

          • Lisa Lisa

            Jean- how long has it been since you and your ex broke up?

      • Bernadette Bernadette

        Wow Jean that’s such great progress! I’m really happy for you ! Well done on the progress.

        • Hi,Lisa..We probably broke up around Feb 17..Because the last time I talked to him, he was acting different, if though he didn’t want to talk to me,and didn’t really care about the relationship. So at that time I told him this would be my last time calling you…And it was!! Until he called me Saturday night saying he miss me…See, what he thought was, I was gonna be chasing after him…but I showed him different. Trust Me!! Just do your part..don’t even worry about the (when, where, how)….it will happen when least expected!! Like when he called Saturday night, it shock the hell out of me!!! Wasn’t expecting it to happen that quick… Just trust the universe…Let go and let God!!;

  171. Lisa Lisa

    I have a question my ex and I have been on and off since June 2014. This would be the 5th time getting back together. For this situation will program still work? Or
    Is it only for second chances? Thanks

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      Will work for any relationship. You can attract your perfect soulmate, if you are currently not with someone. The principles can be used for anything you want to attract in your life.

      • Lisa Lisa

        Thanks for reply. I also have a tendency to get very anxious as days go by without hearing from him. How do I handle this anxiety?

  172. L L

    Great info thanks Mike! Would be great for all to post when they are back together with their bf/gf to empower everyone else 🙂

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      I agree with you. I love hearing success stories.

  173. Obt Obt

    Hi Mike. 1st off, thank you so much for your postings. I’m really interested in the subliminal power progm. I’m in love with a married man who gave me a time frame of 12mths for him to work out his marital issues. We’re at the 6mth mark now. He continually assures me he will leave his wife but I’m consumed with fear, almost to the point of paranoia. Not good I know. Will the SPP help me? What if I don’t know WHAT to say? How do I then do the recordings? Thank you for any help you can give.

    • Obt Obt

      I just came across your list. It really is most helpful. I’ve made some modifications so that they fit my particular situation. Could I have your opinion on them? Also I notice some statements are in future tense. Does that make a difference? I mean, is it better if they are made as fact statement, ie already happened, in present tense – eg is ‘name has come to me’ better than ‘name is coming to me’?

      I am ready to be with my (name)
      I can easily see myself together with (name) in a happy loving relationship
      I can feel (name) coming to me
      I am confident and know (name) is coming to me
      I truly love and appreciate (name)
      I am in a positive and loving state of mind now
      (Name) senses my loving energy
      Each day (name) will feel my loving energy more and more
      I am already together with my (name)
      Getting together with (name) will be easy
      (Name) naturally senses that we belong together
      (Name) is naturally attracted to me
      I always think positive thoughts
      I am confident within myself
      I know (Name) misses me and wants me with him
      I am persistent and determined to be with (Name)
      I am totally confident that I can be with (Name)
      I am full of love and hope
      I radiate pure, unconditional love to (name) and she/he to me. We complement each other.
      (Name) and I are perfect match for each other and the love between us is divine.
      I love myself and everybody else and in return everybody loves me.
      I have attracted the most loving person in my life and life is now full of joy.
      (Name) is the love of my life and the center of my universe. He/she loves me as much as I love him/her.
      I clearly see myself in Love with the man/woman of my dreams.
      Love is attracted to me and I AM attracted to Love.
      (Name) is deeply and passionately in Love with me, as I AM with him/her.
      It is easy for me to express Love and in return, it is easily expressed back to me.
      (Name) is the one that I truly Love and he/she comes to me with open arms and mounds of Love
      We are already living life together

      • Obt Obt

        Btw, I’ve just made purchase of the SPP & can’t wait to get started. Just hope you can give me more insight on WHAT to say 🙂 Thanks

      • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

        First of all thanks for ordering. The list I made was just a rough draft to give everyone an idea of what to say with their subliminals. You can use part of them or all or just use for ideas. Every person is different that is why you need to make your own. If reading one does not fit or make you feel right leave it out.

        I like what you did to the list and yes they should be in present tense. Add in ones that fit your life. Maybe things you used to do with your ex, and use their name instead of ex of course. Come up with ones that make you feel as if you are now together and happy.

        You will think of more to add as you start making your subliminals. I am changing mine all the time. 🙂

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      “He continually assures me he will leave his wife but I’m consumed with fear, almost to the point of paranoia.”

      You can’t worry or fear that he will not, you attract more of the same. That’s is why I love using subliminals and people have great success with them. When using subliminals you are NOT worrying or getting stressed about your current situation. You can just go into a dream like state and let the subliminals do all the work. You can STOP thinking about what you don’t have. There are so many more benefits…too much to go into here.

      You could also play the “remember when” game… Remember when he was with his wife and I was so worried we would not be together..and so on. Thinking like that puts you into a good frame of mind, feeling like it already happened. You have tho think back from the future. I wrote about it in one of my posts, on the site.

  174. Hi Mike, hope you enjoyed your trip….When you are sending heart energy to your ex boyfriend, do he feels it. Doo he knows who its coming from, will he use this on someone else. Or does this makes him love you more….

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      They will think of you. How many times have you thought about someone and they give you a phone call or email saying they were thinking about you. Happens all the time. Our thoughts are powerful and have no distance limits. In fact a single thought can travel around the world and back in less than a second.

    • Kathy Kathy

      Mike my ex boyfriend and I have been a part since just before Christmas but 3 weeks ago he said he wasn’t coming back. I know he loves me and I him. His birthday is the 30th of March should I sent him a birthday msg or just have no contact at all while practicing the loa?

      • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

        If it makes you feel good without missing him or feeling lack in your life then go ahead.

        • Kathy Kathy

          I guess I asked you the wrong question. I’m looking for any and all ideas to get my ex back. I know that he is upset with me and that is why he says those things. But I have an unexplainable “knowing ” deep in my heart that we will be together again even though we are apart now. I can “feel “that he loves me even though he is hundreds of miles away . Does that make sense? And do I just continue to send him love energy until he does or quit and let the Universend take over?

  175. Kelly Kelly

    Hi Mike,

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of this great information. I have been using law of attraction for the last couple months to attract my ex back and I can now say we are happily back together. We got back together about a week ago.

    I am so happy!!! But here is the weird part, he was with another girl and he said he never felt right about it and started missing me more and more until he finally contacted me and we went out on a date

    shortly after that we got back together and have never been happier, I believe Law of Attraction made all this possible.

    For all those still trying, never give up I now believe anything is possible!!!!

    • Alicia Alicia

      hi Kelly im happy for u! did u contact him while u were practicing LOA? or he contacted you? are u both still in contact while u both broke up?

      • Kelly Kelly

        Hi, no we had no contact at all, in fact I just went on with my life for a while but started missing him. So I made it a daily habit to use law of attraction to get him back.

        One day I was cleaning my home and he knocked on the door. We talked for a while then went out to get something to eat. We got back together like nothing ever happened. We get along even better now.

        • Laura Laura

          Hi Kelly. What were your daily law of attraction habits out of curiosity? How many months did you practice Law of attraction before you got back together? Thanks for sharing with us.

    • Amy Amy

      That is so awesome .

    • Bernadette Bernadette

      Totally inspirational! Thanks so much Kelly for sharing your happy news with us all! Good luck with everything !

    • David David

      So happy to hear your great news Kelly! It would be great if we sort of had an open forum to give each other continued love and support. I think it’s also important NOT refer to your partner as an ex, so I always substitute the word ex with partner, to set my intentions. So, lately I’ve been feeling good about my partner, while she hasn’t reached out to me as yet, I am positive and confident, something will happen soon. in-between doing the exercise I also try to read positive books and just keep myself upbeat as much as possible! Today has been a really great day and I felt compelled to write this!

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      So happy for you Kelly, love hearing success stories!! 🙂

  176. Angeli Angeli

    My ex and I are still friends, so we still text and talk. I want to have better conversations that keeps both our interests and are deep. Is it possible to think and manifest good conversations? Or is that considered focusing on the “how” part of the process of getting him back?

    • Angeli Angeli

      Sorry i posted twice, i thought my comment didn’t go through.

  177. Angeli Angeli

    I text and talk to my ex still. I want to be able to have good and deep conversations. Can I manifest what kind of conversations we have? Or would that be considered focusing on the “how” part of the process of manifesting him as my boyfriend again?

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      Never worry about the how, that is not your job, the law of attraction and the universe will find the best most efficient way to give you what you want. It might not come to us the way we think it will but it will manifest.

  178. Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

    Hello everyone, I am in the Florida Keys this weekend, not ignoring you questions, will get back you everyone beginning of the week. Stay Positive 🙂

    • Louise Louise

      Hi Mike,

      I think I blew it. I was doing what you said for 5 days and started feeling sad,so I sent my ex mate a message and no reply. Should I just give up?

      • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

        No never give up if you really want your ex back. 5 days is a really short time unless you have been using law of attraction a while and know how to control your feelings and thoughts. It takes a little practice but is a great skill to learn.

  179. Bernadette Bernadette

    Hi Mike. I’ve started a new job this week one road away from my ex! I’ve been doing visualisations daily, your subliminals daily and meditating when I can. I feel like I’m in a relationship with him which is good and someone across the road keeps whistling at me which makes me think the law of attraction is working.

    I’m really happy and grateful for my new job and I’m generally happy pursuing hobbies playing the piano but it’s been four months since my ex left me and I worry the longer it takes to get him back the harder it will be. I started LOA in December and at the end of December he started texting me and I texted him back several times but I thought that the last text didn’t need a reply. I really regret that mistake and hope it hasn’t ruined my chances of getting him back. After that he didn’t reply to two of my messages including a happy birthday text. I would appreciate your reply.

    its been four months now since my ex left me and I wandered how long will it take to get him back and what could I do to accelerate the pace? I’m feeling happy and grateful for my new job and pursuing hobbies but I worry the longer it takes the harder it will be. I started LOL in December and after a month he started to text me and I text him.back a few timesbut I thought his last text didn’t need a reply. I really regret that mistake and hope it hasn’t ruined my chances of getting him
    back. I would really appreciate your response

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      It is hard to say how long it will take for you since everyone is different. What it really depends on is on how much of the time you can stay with the feelings of already being back together with your ex. Do whatever you need to to stay happy and positive knowing and feeling you are already back together, do not worry about the how, it will happen.

      Whatever you can keep your thoughts on the majority of the time is what you are attracting onto your life. So think about what you are thinking about and ask this what I want? If you are thinking about what you regret ask yourself if this is what you want more of..of course not, so stop thinking about it and shift your thoughts to what you DO want.

  180. Bitha Bitha

    Hi Mike,
    I just broke up 1 month ago, after the break up we are still friends and still have some activities together. I can feel that he still cares and loves me. But a week ago, I found out he dated another girl, and we got into some arguments because of that. Then he told me that he needs space and brought up some past issues. He also got emotional and told me that we’re not going back together. I apologized for all the mess that I made. After the mess that i made, will LoA still work and we can get back together? Do you have any advise that I could do to fix the situation? Thank you.

  181. Bhita Bhita

    Hi Mike, I just broke up 1 month ago, after the break up we are still friends and still have some activities together. I can feel that he still cares and loves me. But a week ago, I found out he dated another girl, and we got into some arguments because of that. Then he told me that he needs space and brought up some past issues. He also got emotional and told me that we’re not going back together. I apologized for all the mess that I made. After the mess that i made, will LoA still work and we can get back together? Do you have any advise that I could do to fix the situation? Thank you.

  182. Hi Mike…I love my ex, he lives in a different city, you told me before that loa have no distance,a person still can connect. I know what you are feeling you will get more of… I can’t deny it I miss him terribly.
    Wanting to call him so bad, just to hear his voice… But I know once I do, I will hate that I did it, making me look desperate and needy..And him not responding to me the way that I want….So my question is ?? Do I just continue to do what I do with sending heart energy…subliminal mags,… And visualization, and knowing one day when least expected it will happen.

    • Yes, sometimes that is when it happens when you least expect it. Many times I stop thinking about a desire and almost forget about it then it shows up in my life. Just have faith and do whatever you have to in order to feel good.

      There is a story about a lady that made dinner every night and set two places at the table using law of attraction to get into the feeling of ALREADY being with the person she desired. What do you think happened? Eventually he was sitting across the table from her enjoying dinner and they were in a loving relationship.

      If you can make yourself feel as if you already have something ….it is done.

  183. Lauren Lauren

    Hello everyone.
    I have been in a relationship with a married man for the past 3 years.
    He has told me that he will leave his wife and that he loves me.
    On Monday he found out that my ex told his daughter that he and I had been together and he finally told his wife he had been in a relationship with me for 3 years.
    But things got a bit complicated and he has told me he needs time and he doesn’t want to get back with his wife .. but he doesn’t want to be with me right now either.
    What should I do

    • Lauren Lauren

      Now he has cut all contact with me Blocked my number. I have never been so broken.
      Is there still any hope ?

      • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

        There is always hope. You need to change the way you are thinking. We attract MORE of what we spend our time thinking about.

        • Lauren Vuckovich Lauren Vuckovich

          I am trying so hard.
          I don’t know how I can get through this

  184. Alicia Alicia

    Hi Mike, my ex left me. Then in this 5 months, I messed up by always begging and calling my ex to want him back, and went to his house a few times. He got angry and hated me even more. He said we are over, and that we are not getting back together, and blocked me in social sites and block my phone number. he cut off all possible communications with me, and we are not even friends now.

    with my situation above, if i start practicing LOA now, will I still get him back? or is it too late? please advise, Mike!

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      Give it time thing change all the time, people get back together. Stay positive and use law of attraction. If you are new to it learn as much as you can.

      • Alicia Alicia

        ok thanks Mike, so I just learn LOA by visualizing me and him in a loving state everyday at anytime and anywhere for 30 days, right? like what you stated above?

      • Alicia Alicia

        Mike, I put he and my photo together when we had good times as my phone wallpaper. looking at our smiles made me happy, and I am believing that he an me are happy like in the photo too. am I correct to do this in my LOA practice?

        • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

          Yes, that is exactly what you want.

          • Alicia Alicia

            thanks Mike, another question, for example during visualization walking with him in the park, should I also visualize my face? like watching a movie of me and him…or only him walking beside me without my face?

          • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

            Either way will work. Do what works for you, or feels the best. The real power is in the feeling…how would you feel at that moment? happy? love?

  185. Alicia Alicia

    Mike, my ex had cut all the possible communications with me. he stopped seeing me, blocked me in social sites, phone number and whatsapp. i guess he got angry and hated me more after the mess i did of kept going to his house to want him back after the break up. he said it is over between me and him and that we cannot be back together. can LOA still work if I start practicing it now?

  186. Cassie Cassie

    I made the mistake after the breakup with my ex. I kept trying to contact him and would text him every now in the for the span of 4 months. Of course, no reply. I decided to use LOA and cut communication to focus on myself and my goals. Do I still have a chance even though I messed up the first 4 months? His birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks. Do I follow the 30 days whole heartedly and not say happy birthday? Any feedback would be much appreciated :)!

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      There is always a chance and there is nothing wrong with saying happy birthday. When you texted and got no reply how did it make you feel? Lousy, rejected, lacking… this is what you need to avoid at all costs because all it will bring you is more of the same, you get what you think about or more importantly you get more of what you feel.

      • Cassie Cassie

        Any tips for using law of attraction on an ex who has blocked you? I found out he has blocked me.

        • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

          Yes, don’t worry or dwell on it. Stop thinking about what you don’t want. We get what we think about, fear or worry about.

  187. Ren Ren

    Hi Mike, I just broke up with my boyfriend about 1 month ago after 2.5 years relationship. I know that he still loves me and actually he’s serious with me. Somehow in the deepest of my heart i believe that me and him will get back together. We had no contact in our 1 week after the break up. After that we met again and we’re good friends now. We are still communicating and meeting up quite often, and somehow i feel that things are getting better, our communication getting better. But there’s one girl who is trying to get my bf now, and i found out that she’s quite annoying. I really want to remove her from my mind but sometimes it’s not easy for me. I keep visualize and imagine that me and my bf get back together, and it works good, but sometimes i remember about that girl, I tried to get rid of her out of my mind but sometimes it’s not easy. Do you have any suggestion for me? Thank you

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      That’s a tough one. All I can say is you have to do whatever you need to in order not to think about that. When she comes into your thoughts quickly shift and think about something else. I takes practice, the more you consciously control you thoughts the easier it gets, just like anything else.

      • Ren Ren

        Hi Mike thank you for your advise… Actually i just practiced LoA these few days but it really makes me feel better. And me & my ex are getting closer, and me myself also feel better and happier day by day since I practices LoA… 🙂

  188. David David

    My ex and I broke up 5 months ago, I was doing something similar to what you described with the 30 days no contact and sending out positive vibrations. I know I was also sending out mixed vibrations, because I was still hurt about some things in the past. Last week when she contacted me, she stated that she was open to being friends, but didn’t want to get back together. That conversation didn’t go so well, because I was hurt. I don’t know if it’s my ego or not, but I do believe she still loves me. Do you think there’s still a chance for us to be more than friends or did I ruin it by bringing up the past?

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      I would take her contacting you and wanting to be friends a sign that law of attraction is working. Most of the time things happen and we think it is just coincidence. There is always a chance of being more than just friends, you probably started out that way when you first met.

      You can’t think about what happened in the past, the past is gone, you can never change it so why think about it. Let it go and think about what you want NOW. The future is a clean slate, like a blank sheet of white paper, if you use law of attraction properly you write your own future.

      • David David

        Thanks Mike, we didn’t started out as friends at all. We just had this crazy chemistry between us which was evident from the first time we met, that we weren’t going to be just friends. I’m starting my 30 day exercise today and I’ll keep you updated WHEN she contacts me again. I’ve used LOA before on manifesting smaller matters but never when it involves someone else. I know I can do it, I just have to keep my aura/vibration positive and BELIEVE that it is already done.

  189. Angeli Angeli

    Hello. I am on the journey of attracting my ex back. We are close friends now and getting closer. I want to grow closer and have an emotional connection. He is interested in someone else but I still have faith in attracting him back as my boyfriend again. My wish is that we become truely intimate best friends and get into a new relationship. I am shifting my focus on love and aligning with myself. Any other advice you suggest?

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      It sounds like you are on the right path and have a positive attitude. Keep your mind on the end goal, think of that only. Do not worry about anything else that might be going on in his life right now. Remember you attract what you think about. If you see him with someone else and feel bad, stop right away and quickly shift your thoughts to thinking about what you want.

  190. Hi Mike…I think I have used the loa without knowing, about 8 years ago I wanted a Honda accord, I went to a lot of car dealership with in my financial status, no one had one…So the last car lot I went to, they didn’t have one at that time…So just as I was about to leave one came in…So I do believe when you give up the desire that’s when things happen… Just wanted to share that.

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      Ha…love it. Law of attraction in action. That is a perfect example.

  191. Beth Beth

    How do I regroup and refocus on getting my guy back? We have continued to play trivia crack and now even with that it has nearly stopped. I miss our talks. He use to respond to my text and messages pretty fast and I know I should have but sent him some and no response. Can I get him back or is it to late?

  192. Hi Mike, Thanks for all your advice on here I am putting it into action….My distant ex hasn’t contacted me as of yet…But what if he calls me and I miss the call, or he text me….Do I call back or text back??….Thanks again

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      Of course you will want to talk or text with him, you do want to get back together. The reason I suggest that people do not communicate in the beginning is that they can not do so without bringing up bad feelings, arguing, being negative and getting back into the reason they broke up in the first place. If you bring up all those bad negative feelings all you will do is attract more of the same.

  193. Hi Mike, Is there anyway to make your intentions work faster…I have heard a lot about letting go, I’m pretty sure I know what it means..but once you let go, do you keep saying affirmations, do you keep visualizing… By the way thanks for all the information you have gave me on previous posts…I will use all this on my loa…I am glad I found this site, knowing that I can ask questions and always get advice..Thanks

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      Yes, letting go will work if you are in the right mindset. Think about the saying “feast or famine”. I cannot tell you how many times in my life I have let something go and my desire came flooding in soon afterwards.

      For example, many people are trying to meet the right person or find a date they are compatible with and not having any luck. They finally meet someone and soon afterwards they meet several other people that they would like to date. Their desire comes flooding in.

      Another example is for people trying to get a job, they finally get offered a job and suddenly they have several other job offers at the same time.Usually it is because they let go of their desire, they still want what they are seeking but are no longer stressed about it. They are no longer coming from a mindset of lack or missing something in their life.

      One way to speed up your desires for manifestations is to meditate. The universe already knows what you want. When you meditate you are not blocking or thinking negative, you to stop thinking for a while allowing you to connect to higher sources.

    • Robin Robin

      Hi Mike,

      I found out yesterday that my ex is dating someone and obviously I didn’t handle it well. We got into an argument via text because I brought up the past. I was just so hurt. But at the end of it I apologized for what I said, and explained that I was hurt by the news and then I said I truly wish you all the best, so I felt like I redeem myself somewhat. My close friend tells me that it’s obvious she still loves me, because she wouldn’t be going back and forth with the text messages. And that even though she just started dating someone it doesn’t mean anything, as this is what most people do and it could all be over in a month or two. I don’t know what to do, we are still friends on Social Media, and I was thinking maybe during this 30 days I shouldn’t post anything or block her from my posts. I’m torn.

      • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

        To everyone…there is no set rule that you have to have no contact or completely block them out of your life. If you can maintain positive loving feelings then there is no problem. If you can think and Feel like you are in a perfect relationship with your ex then law of attraction will work for getting your ex back whether you are still talking or texting to them or not.

        The problem is that 98 percent of people when they break up feel bad, rejected, lonely, lacking in their life…all this will do is attract more of the same. You get what you think about. So if you see your ex on social media, get texts from them or receive phone calls that do not go well and they bring up negative feelings of any kind THIS is what you are going to attract into your life. That is why most of the time it is easier to have no contact at first so you can get your mind right and use law of attraction to bring them back. Make sense?

        You must do whatever you have need to in order to ONLY think and feel “as if” you are back together with your ex…then law of attraction WILL work for you. I have seen it work many times. Like I always say…think about what you are thinking about because that is what you are going to attract into your life in the near future.

        Your tomorrow is the results of your thoughts today.

        • Robin Robin

          Hi Mike,

          I’m a little confused, if you say don’t stalk their social media but you guys are friends via Facebook and instagram, and to throw out love letters and such, but you don’t have to block them from social media. So if seeing them with their new spouse will make you feel down, etc. I’m not sure I’m wording my question right, I guess I’m just trying to figure out if I should just go ‘ghost’ and have them wonder what happened to me or why I haven’t posted? I should I continue posting stuff displaying myself in the highest light, happy and smiling? I’m torn between the two and don’t know which one will be more effective? Anyone else is free to reply, I’m open to all opinions and dialogue.

          • Chris Chris

            No contract they will soon come back to you

          • Chris Chris

            hi Mike I have done L.O.A to get the woman of my dreams now she is my ex , I have been going back to using it , loads of things have happened through this , I am happy with My self now I have let her go , she will come back even though she blocked everything , I was so down last couple of weeks this site has made me happy and I can’t thank you enough , she is the one My soul mate , I just thought of someone like her coming in to my life but didn’t think it feel what the relationship was going to be like , so this time I will focus on both , I will update u , I don’t think I will get back with her I know ,

  194. Ann Ann

    Mike, I so want this to work. But the thoughts of him and his ex/now girl friend keep popping up in my thoughts. What is the best way to concentrate on only him and I? Friends are telling me I’m foolish for doing this. I want to believe the law of attraction can bring back the love of my life.

  195. Hi, Mike..Can you focus on more than one intention at a time…or one at a time…exactly what does meditation do..How often should you do affirmations..

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      I think you should focus on one intention at a time, especially if you are new to this.You can manifest desires in your life much faster if you focus on one at a time.

      Meditation quiets your mind, I meditate everyday. We never stop thinking and need to give our mind a rest, it needs a break once in a while. Plus when you meditate you connect with a higher source. This is where great ideas and inspiration come from.

      I do affirmations at least once a day. There is no rule, do what feels best for you. If it becomes “work” then you are doing it too much.

  196. CJ CJ


    I’ve been using the law of attraction now to manifest my ex-back for about 2 weeks now. I’ve been visualizing, seeding, and using affirmations. Today I found out she is in a happy relationship. I tell her that I’m happy for her, I tell her all the right things. I’m trying to stay positive about it because I don’t want to give off bad vibes to the universe. As she was pulling away to see him she asked “are you mad?” I looked at her and stated “I’m happy for you”.

    I’m still going to continue with my visualizations, my affirmations, my vision board of her and I together. I still believe or am I wasting my time because LOA doesn’t affect free will? My feelings for her are still strong as ever.

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      I think you have a great attitude as long as you truly feel that way, keep it up. Things change and she may look back and think about how positive you were and start thinking about you more. Maybe see you in a different light, law of attraction works in its own special way.

      • CJ CJ


        I think things went down hill since I posted that message. Later that evening I found out her new bf stays around the corner from the house and for some reason I had rage since he has been around my son before I even met him. Text messages and voice conversations about “I want to meet him” or “I don’t want him around my son” in a tone not so pleasant were happening. I was giving bad vibes out there to the universe.

        I believe I had damaged the relationship to the point of no return. They are very happy in love with each other and me acting like I did definitely didn’t help me.

        I have to let go, it’s easier now to do it because of her actually moving forward and I’m left here to pick up the pieces.

        Today is the first day I haven’t done any of my visualizations, affirmations, or seedings since I started LOA. Now I’m thinking about am I really happy for her? Or was I just saying that…..

        I’m trying not to attract what I’m putting out in the universe right now. It’s funny what one day can do……

        • Robin Robin

          Hey CJ,

          I read your message and I can relate, but if this is what you really want, don’t give up home. And also understand it will take some time for things to manifest, maybe a month, 3 months or even 6 but you should continue to be happy and live your life, while holding your desire with you.

  197. priya priya

    Hi mike, i have a quick question. I love a man who is married and he loves me. Can i manifest his divorce? He seems to not be thinking about it. Thank you a lott.

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      Law of attraction can be used for good or evil, the universe knows no difference. All you can do is visualize him as already divorced and you two together in a happy relationship.

  198. Hi Mike.. I really love my boyfriend, we use to live in the same city, but he moved to get a better job…He has been gone for several months, we use to talk on the phone every day….I know its someone else. He says he will never move back to the city where I live,because of the economy… So how can we ever be together.. He makes excuses lately, when I say let me come see you….Really! Really! Love him..,PLEASE HELP!!!!

    • Mike Tucker Mike Tucker

      Take a step back and think about what you are doing, what you are attracting. You seem to be stressing out about the situation. If you are, you are going to attract more of the same. You think and worry that he is with someone else, you imagine something going on, and maybe there is…but you have to stop worrying and everything else you are doing and ONLY think about the end result that you want….nothing else. It sounds like you are thinking about everything you do not want…remember, our thoughts create our future.

      Most people get too attached to what they are trying to attract and end up pushing it away. By the way I have seen people leave for another job, break up, only to move back later.

  199. Dear Mike. I was following the Loa no contact rule..Then I messed up, by constantly calling him and pouring out my heart to him, telling him how I felt. He is acting like he really don’t care…I think he is in love with someone else.. He lives in another city….My question is, can I start back over with the loa no contact…What do I do if he contacts me..How can he turn his love toward me and not the other woman