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How to Manifest Your EX Back (This Works)


If you are wondering, how to get an ex back with the law of attraction, you’re not the only one. It’s one of the more common questions we get asked. If you read this entire article and follow it you can manifest your ex back!

How to Manifest an ex Back Using Law of Attraction

Many of you want to know if this is even possible. My answer to this question is, yes, in fact using the law of attraction is one of the most effective ways you can use to get an ex back if you use it properly and stick to it.

If you follow these guidelines, you will attract your ex back, or you will find a better relationship than you had before, using the same principles. As a side effect, you will naturally start to attract other people into your life, whether you want to or not. It can not be avoided.get an ex back with law of attraction

First of all, forget the past, it is gone, there’s nothing you can do about it and can not change it so, do not dwell on it anymore. Whatever happened is in the past, you are starting fresh now.

If you are doing anything else or using any other method for getting your ex back, stop now. Follow these steps, and nothing else, because they work.

How to Manifest Your ex Back

So let’s begin, for the next 30 days, you will want to think about nothing but positive thoughts about your ex. Forget everything that happened before. Treat this as a game of your imagination.

Every morning when you first wake up imagine that you are with your ex, imagine you are saying good morning to each other, kissing, hugging, talking about what you’re going to do today, in other words, imagine they are there with you now.

At night do the same thing, imagine you’re falling asleep with your ex, hugging, kissing, saying I love you, saying goodnight, imagine they are there with you right now.

When you are watching TV or your favorite movie, imagine they are with you. Imagine you are having a conversation with them, talking about the movie, and so on.

When you’re cooking dinner imagine your cooking for two. You can even set the table for two like you are having dinner with your ex that night. How would you react, what would you be saying to each other? How grateful would they be that you made them dinner?

Listening to positive music or your favorite songs, watching movies about love and relationships that are positive will also help keep your mind positive and keep you in a loving feeling.

how to get an ex back with law of attractionYou want to do everything you can to imagine they are with you all the time. Whatever you have to do to get into the feeling of having them there….now.

This is how the law of attraction works. It is how we attract everything into our lives.

Another method you could use is writing yourself an email as if it came from them. What would they say to you? Write it as if you were together right now. Imagine they went on vacation for two weeks and were missing you really bad, what would they say to you in a letter or email?

Writing and sending emails like this to yourself, as if it came from them, is a good positive manifestation technique.

This is how the law of attraction works. The more you can feel loved and grateful for having your ex back the faster it will happen. Even if they have moved on and are with someone else. Do not worry about it, and never worry about how it will happen.

The law of attraction is very powerful and it works. Something will change, they will start missing you, they will come back to you, all from the power of the law of attraction and the unstoppable power of your mind.

Manifest Your ex Back While You Sleep

Is it possible to manifest your ex back while you sleep? Using your sleep time to manifest things into your life is not only very effective it is also a great use of your time.

Using a few simple methods you can use your sleep time to manifest your ex back.

Use a subliminal to manifest your ex back

By far the most powerful method you can use while you are sleeping to manifest your ex back or manifest anything you desire into your life is by using a subliminal audio.

While you sleep your subconscious mind is open and receptive to any affirmations you feed it.

You can load up a subliminal with a relaxing background that will actually help you sleep and listen to the silent affirmations part of the night or the entire night if you desire.

If you have trouble falling asleep at first you can download an app and set a timer to come on after an hour or so. After you fall asleep.

Use positive affirmations before sleeping to manifest your ex back.

You can write out a list of affirmations and read them every night right before going to bed.

You could also record them and listen to them in your sleep. However, affirmations are not as effective as a subliminal since you actually hear the spoken words.

The reason is your conscious mind may pick up on them and reject them. It also may be hard to sleep with someone, even though it’s your own voice, talking all night.

Use a journal, scripting, or diary before going to bed.

Whatever writing method you wish to use if you write out a story as if you were already back together with your ex right before going to bed you will find this effective.

It will help you with your visualization. The more stories you can create or scenes with you and your ex back together the faster you will manifest them back into your life.

Remember we attract what we think about. If you can keep your thoughts on the two of you back together, even though you are not, the faster it will happen.

What You Do Not Want to Do When You Want to Manifest Your ex Back

Do not contact them at all if you can avoid it, let them come to you, do not spy on them, check out their Facebook page, and so on. You are probably not ready to talk to them without bringing up bad feelings, arguing, or feeling the lack of not being with them

Do not read old love letters whether they are good or bad because you will soon be missing them and feeling the lack if you do you will only attract more of the same.

Don’t take any action, or force things since everything is perfect in your mind, you are loved, and grateful for having them back right now.

Apply everything stated above for 30 days. Even if you get your ex back in a matter of days, continue to do the exercises for a full 30 days. Imagining the way you want the relationship to be and it will happen in real life. This is a great method on how to manifest an ex back with the law of attraction.

Eventually, you will want to get back in contact with them. Take a look at this article and you will learn how you can manifest someone to text you.

You will get your ex back and your relationship will be better than ever! I want to hear your story, leave me a comment below.

Another tool you can use to attract your ex back is our subliminal program. This will saturate your mind with nothing but positive feelings and make you FEEL like you are back together. This will speed up the process of attracting them back. Getting your mind right, and thinking positive thoughts, is a must. You attract what is rooted in your subconscious mind. Whether you know it or not. Your subconscious is running the show.

Get your ex back subliminal program

Our Powerful  get your ex backsubliminal program is available for anyone that is still struggling with getting their ex back. This program will change your hidden subconscious beliefs and stop you from doing the wrong things and sabotaging your chances.  It is proven that we attract what we believe to be true. If you are using the law of attraction to get your ex back, and not seeing the results you want…. this is for you.


We are now offering you a custom-made get your ex back subliminal. We will record the subliminal with your ex’s name, making our popular program even more effective and providing faster results.  Check it out here

By changing your subconscious beliefs you will change what you attract in your life. Your vibration level will change and you will become aligned with your desire. In this case, being back with your ex. What we think about, visualize and feel is what we attract.

  1. Serious Serious

    Hello mike,
    I never cheated her, i never hurt her physically, i never put wrong intentions upon her, i never wanted her to cry but we really used to fight a lot cause she was literally a great liar with no regretions but anyway maybe it’s again my fault. We really loved eachother but in the end end we abused eachother alot that was so pathetic and now i realized my mistake and she hated me just because of those actions. Can i still manifest her?
    Overalll my question is can i manifest someone who hates me??? In this case sometimes i feel that her hating is not even fair.
    Please answer pal…

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