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How to Attract Wealth Into Your Life – The Easy Way

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Want to know how to attract wealth into your life? Many of you do. As the saying goes it’s much better to be rich than poor. Money does not make you happy but you can certainly do whatever you want while being miserable.

All kidding aside, attracting money is fairly easy using the law of attraction. Once you learn how you will be amazed at how easy it is to attract wealth into your life.

So how do we do this? Let’s say you desire more money. Or you need more money desperately to pay bills. Needing and wanting money badly will not get you any. Asking the universe for money will not get you any.

how to attract wealth into your lifeWhen you come from feelings of lack of not having money or wealth in your life all you will attract is more of the same.

It’s difficult for most people to actually understand how this works. It goes against what we were taught. After all, if you want something you must ask for it right? No…

Asking the universe, the higher source, whatever you want to call it means you do not have what you desire. Well now wait a minute, of course, I don’t have it, your thinking.

We attract more of the way we feel. To attract money and wealth into your life you must feel wealthy first. By doing that you are telling the universe this is what I want more of.

It is the language it understands. When I learned how to pray properly I was taught you must feel as if you already have what you desire, even though you do not.

I would pray, then say thank you and feel as if it already was in my life.

Why you do not have wealth and money in your life currently. Many of you learn how to make some money. Maybe you have a job that pays you very little. You find it very hard to make more money and get ahead.

Perhaps you had money and lost it all. Spent foolishly on things that depreciated. You are stuck in a rut and feel like you will never get ahead in life, moneywise.

The biggest reason most of us fail to attract money and wealth is because of self-defeating programs running in our subconscious mind.

When we are born we are born with a blank slate. Between birth and the age of seven, we are programmed. We learned everything by our surroundings and our parents, at that young age.

Our subconscious mind is wide open and all the good and bad, that will form our future, is downloaded into it. Without knowing it many of our parents, place in our subconscious mind, money is bad. Money is hard to earn. Being wealthy is for cheaters and liars.

Money does not grow on trees, we cannot afford that and on and on. Programs like these are placed in our subconscious mind at an early age. So what happens? We go through life believing money is hard to earn, we do not deserve to be wealthy, we can’t afford that.

Since we run 95% of our day from our subconscious mind, guess what? We are poor, we cannot afford that. There is no way I’m ever going to be wealthy, or so we believe.

So how can we attract wealth and money?

If you are going to have lasting success, attract massive amounts of money and wealth you must stop the self-defeating programs running in your mind.

Law of attraction states we attract what we believe be true. If you believe you do not deserve money or will never attract wealth, you never will.

The easiest way to change your beliefs and start attracting wealth and money is by using a subliminal audio.

how to attract wealth into your life right now

Another way, that would be faster, is hypnosis. Some people have success with hypnosis and some do not. The problem with that is most of us do not have access to a decent hypnotist. Or, it is way out of our price range.

We now know you can insert a pair of earbuds in your ears and listen to a subliminal track that will change your subconscious. Listening to it through repetition will change your beliefs and eliminate the self-sabotaging programs that are in your subconscious currently.

Subliminal audios are easy to use. All you have to do is relax and listen. You can even listen to them while you sleep.

Listening to subliminals while you sleep has been proven very effective. Our mind is shut off and the subliminals we are listening to go straight into your subconscious mind with no rejection.

You will start attracting wealth and money into your life.

We have several very effective money subliminal audios you can use to get started right away. Attracting wealth and money is one of the easier things to do, using law of attraction.

We get emails stating that users start seeing opportunities that were always there right in front of them. By changing a few simple things in their life they start attracting money like a magnet.

  1. Louisa Louisa

    Mike I really need this article thanks for writing it!

      • Valerie Valerie

        I have one more question please.Sorry for all the questions Mike. I feel stuck in a rut like Im never going to rise out of poverty and I feel trapped , is there any way to get out of this? I downloaded the ” law of attraction accelerator” subliminal. I REALLY hope it helps me. Thank you extremely for your time.

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