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How Many Subliminals Can You Listen to in One Day?


If you want to know how many subliminals can you listen to in one day we recommend no more than five separate subliminal programs.

Basically, it depends on your goals. If you want to get faster results you should concentrate on one subliminal program at a time.

By doing so your subconscious mind will get saturated and absorb the affirmations from a single program faster than using multiple subliminals.

In reality, you could listen to subliminals all day long and all night. No harm would come to you. As long as they are made correctly. We do not recommend YouTube subliminals. For the reasons that are explained in the article.

However, you would quickly become tired of listening to the same audio. It would become a chore to listen, and you would more than likely stop using them.

We recommend investing in a custom subliminal made just for you. You can write out your very own affirmations, that pertain to your life and send them in with your order.

We will record and mix in our studio and deliver it to you. What do you want? what do you need? What’s missing in your life? Write it out and let us create a life-changing subliminal program for you!

Can You Listen to Multiple Subliminals?  How Many Subliminals Can You Listen to in One Day

You can listen to multiple subliminals one right after the other. We do not recommend listening to multiple subliminals at the same time if they are mixed.

An example would be if you blended several different audios into one mix. One right over the other.

Listening to multiple subliminals, and solving several problems in your life at the same time is effective.

Most of us have more than one area in our life we wish to change. Reprogramming our subconscious mind with multiple subliminals will help you achieve your goals much faster.

In fact, if you do not change the beliefs that are locked in your subconscious mind you will find it very difficult to achieve permanent changes in your life.

Through much effort, you may be able to achieve a desire or goal. But, what usually happens is you will slowly drift back to exactly where you were, or worse.

Think about the person that loses weight only to gain it all back plus more. What about the lottery winner that won millions and was soon broke and worse off than they were before they won the lottery.

The person that finally gets their ex-boyfriend or girlfriend back only sabotages the relationship again resulting in another breakup.

What they did not do is change the program running in their subconscious mind. If you want lasting results in your life need to reprogram yourself.

Our day is run 95 percent of the time by our subconscious mind. Think about it. Do you really think that 5% of your day, no matter how positive it is, is going to make permanent changes in what you are attracting?

How Many Subliminals Can You Have in a Playlist? 

We recommend no more than five different Subliminals in your playlist at one time. Listen to your playlist daily. Once your goal or desire has manifested swap out your subliminal with another if needed.

Personally, I have a playlist of five separate subliminal programs. I created a nightly playlist then set the volume very low and set it to repeat.

MP3 player with headphones for subliminals

It is a matter of personal preference as to how many subliminals you load into your playlist.

I have a very comfortable pair of sleep headphones that I use, that are Bluetooth. I sync my phone to my headphones and load up my playlist of nightly Subliminals.

Playing Subliminals that are recorded with binaural beats on them will place you into a very relaxed state of mind.

This will not only put you to sleep faster, but it will also place you in a deeper sleep. Many people will get the best night’s sleep they have had in a long time.

Start your playlist and close your eyes, let yourself drift off to sleep. Listening to subliminals during sleep is a very effective and good use of your time.

Since your mind is shut down the Subliminals stream into your subconscious with ease. Your subconscious will absorb the suggestions while you sleep.

As stated above you can listen to multiple subliminals, in fact as many as you desire, on the same day. As long as it does not become boring or feel it is something you have to do. Use your own judgment.

Can You Listen to Multiple Subliminals on the Same Topic?

The answer to that is yes. You can listen to several subliminals on the same topic with different affirmations on them or different background music with the same affirmations.

Listening to multiple programs with the same goal or desire is a great way to achieve it faster. Your subliminal results will multiply.

Listening to different backgrounds will keep you from getting bored or tired of the same thing. Most people do not get tired of backgrounds with nature sounds on them.

Can You Do Other Things While Listening to Subliminals?

In most cases yes you can. However, you need to check the subliminal beforehand. If it is recorded with binaural beats, especially with Theta or Delta waves you may need to be careful of your activities.

Since these place you in a very relaxed state of mind. you would never want to drive or operate any kind of machinery that requires your full attention.

Man mopping floor with headphones on

Subliminals with binaural beats are usually best used before going to bed, during your sleep, for meditation, or for a power nap.

If you’re just doing housework or something that doesn’t require your full concentration then it is perfectly okay to listen to subliminals while going about your day.

Most subliminal programs can be listened to during your working hours. You still need to use earbuds or headphones to get the full effect.

Play at a very low volume so you can hear what’s going on around you. Even at a low volume, your subconscious mind will still pick up on the positive affirmations.

Check out our other article on what you can do while listening to a subliminal.

How to Use Subliminal Messages Effectively

There are several different ways you can use subliminal messages to get the most out of them.

The first one is just to forget about everything for now and listen. Most of our subliminals are recorded with a very relaxing background, usually, nature sounds. They are pleasant and relaxing to listen to.

Clear your mind and imagine yourself sitting on a beach or somewhere in nature that would make you happy. It depends on the background that is recorded on the audio.

If you’re into meditation you can use a subliminal during your meditation session. Play the recording and clear your mind, concentrate on your breath. The binaural beats on subliminals are great for meditation since they are so relaxing. You will find it very easy to slip into a meditative state.

The third way, and the most powerful way, to use a subliminal is to pair it with visualization. This takes some practice if you’re new to visualizing it may be difficult at first.

Those of you with rusty imaginations will need to practice this a little. Don’t worry, you will be able to master this in a short time. When we were small children we all had great imaginations. Remember the cardboard box that was a spaceship or castle?

To use this method, go to an area where it is quiet and you will not be disturbed. Start your audio and close your eyes, relax. Take some deep breaths and clear your mind.

Once you are relaxed visualize yourself in a situation where your goal is already achieved, as if it already happened. You must think from the end result.

You must visualize as if your desire has come to you. Your goal has been achieved, it is done. How does it feel? Does it not make you excited? After all, you just achieved what you set out to do.

Create short movies in your mind. Perhaps with a group of friends congratulating you on achieving your goal. What would they be saying to you? Where would you be? What would you be saying back to them?

The more details you can imagine and create in your mind the better. Once you get good at this you’ll find it very uplifting and fun!

Do not worry about how it will happen. That is the job of the universe to deliver it to you in the most effective and efficient way. Sometimes it is not the way we think it should be.

Visualizing like this is how we communicate our desires to the universe. But remember you must always visualize the end result only. Continue doing this while you listen to your subliminal until you can actually feel that it has happened.

The feeling is where the real power is. If you truly feel as if it already happened the universe will deliver your desire to you very soon.

Subliminal Power BoosterOur subliminal booster can be used with your main subliminal to greatly speed up your subliminal results. It will pre-condition and open up your subconscious mind. You will absorb any affirmations you listen to much easier and faster than ever before.

What You Should Not Do When Using a Subliminal

You do not want to read or say out loud the list of affirmations that are on your subliminal.

I had someone email me telling me they were uncomfortable using their subliminal. After a little digging, I discovered they were reading and repeating all of the affirmations while they listened to the recording.

Posted note don't do this as a reminder

I told them to stop doing this immediately. It completely defeats the purpose of the subliminal. Of course, it makes you feel uncomfortable. The affirmations are usually not true. Your mind gets confused.

For example, let’s say you want more money in your life. If you were to read the affirmations, while listening, saying you are now wealthy, you now have a flood of money coming into your life, you are a millionaire.

Your conscious mind would get very uncomfortable rejecting every one of them knowing it’s not true.

Then how do subliminal affirmations work you may be wondering. We attract into our lives what we believe to be true. Everything in our life we have attracted. This is how the law of attraction works.

If you grew up believing you were always going to be poor, you will never have enough money, you do not deserve to have money, then I am sure that’s what you are attracting into your life.

More than likely your bank account reflects that. You may be having trouble paying the bills. Somehow, somewhere in your life, you have picked up a bad program that keeps repeating itself in your subconscious mind. Over and over, 24 hours a day. The subconscious mind never rests, and never stops.

With subliminals, you can change the beliefs in your subconscious mind. You can eliminate the self-sabotaging program that is currently running. You can replace it with one that will serve you much better.

Back to our example. If you desire more money. Change the beliefs in your subconscious mind and you will change what you attract into your life.

If you desire wealth but you are currently broke you can change your beliefs into believing you were wealthy and have more money than you could ever desire.

Here’s what actually happens. Once your subconscious mind believes you are wealthy and money is never again a problem it will look at your current life and say something is wrong. You’re not wealthy currently.

Your subconscious will say okay no problem, let’s fix this. Let’s make you wealthy. I don’t know why you currently aren’t but let’s take care of this.

It will force you to notice new opportunities that you never thought of before. It will show you ways to make large amounts of money. You will get new ideas, and see things differently. It may seem like a coincidence but ideas will flow to you on how to make large amounts of money.

It is your subconscious mind correcting what it sees to be true and what is not true. This is how the law of attraction and the subconscious mind work.

How to Get Subliminal Results Overnight

We actually get asked this question a lot. People have some emergency come up and they want to know how they can get subliminal results overnight.

The truth is it’s just not that easy to get results that quickly. Unless you are a master of using subliminals and the law of attraction you’re going to have a difficult time achieving something overnight.

I have been using subliminal audio programs for over 20 years and it is difficult to achieve something that quickly. I am not saying it’s not possible, it actually is.

I have achieved a goal in three days. It was a major goal, something I really needed to happen. It did. But, I know the exact process and have been doing this for a long time.

The other way you can take this question of getting subliminal results overnight is by using them in your sleep.

As I stated earlier using subliminals in your sleep is a very effective way to use them. It’s also a great use of time. You can load up your favorite ones in your playlist put on your headphones and go to sleep.

Recent studies have shown subliminals played in your sleep are usually more effective than listening to while you are conscious.

During your sleep, your brain shuts off and your conscious mind has no chance of rejecting the subliminal affirmations.

You can also use a subliminal booster or law of attraction accelerator to get even faster results.

So why not make use of your downtime and load up a list of subliminals. Start changing your life for the better!

In Conclusion –

Subliminal messages can be a powerful tool to reprogram your subconscious mind and bring about desired changes in your life.

However, it’s important to use them correctly for maximum effectiveness. Listening to too many different subliminals at once or trying to achieve overnight results can lead to disappointment.

Instead, focus on a few specific goals, listen to your subliminals consistently and have patience. The process of change may take time, but with persistence and the right approach, you can achieve your goals.

Remember, your subconscious mind is a powerful ally and with the right subliminals, you can harness its power to create the life you desire and deserve.

  1. Muhammed Shanshad Muhammed Shanshad

    Can i use different subject in one Subliminal for example money, and health

  2. L L

    I get faster results by listening several subliminals. When I listen to only one, I’m impatient, because I want to have the results to pass to another one, since there are tons of things I need to change. I use a playlist with a lot of topics, and I’m not waiting for any changes… They come each time as a good surprise, and I can’t expect which one of them will give results next. And there are so many people who get very fast results from playlistes and many people who are stuck with a sub for months and even years with no results. So, this advice isn’t as good as it seems! The belief is everything, and a good use of boosters.

  3. Nana Nana

    Hey Mike,
    I have a question. I’ve been listening to some subliminals recently, one of which is supposed to make my hair grow faster. I’ve heard other people say that they stop listening to the subliminal as soon as they reach their desired result, but I wonder whether or not that’s a safe thing to do.
    What will happen once you stop listening to such a subliminal? Will the results eventually fade over time? Or will the hair start growing at an even slower pace than before listening to the audio? Or are the results permanent?
    Thank you in advance.

    • Subliminal results are permanent as long as a subliminal was made correctly.

      Once the desired results are achieved you can use it just for maintenance if needed.

      Hard for me to answer since I know it is not one of our Subliminals. I do not know what affirmations are recorded on it.

  4. Alivia Alivia

    Is it okay to listen to 2 similar weight submittals? Like can I still get results if I listen to a weight 35 kg subliminal and a weight 40 kg subliminal with both still being about weight loss?

    • I would not recommend doing it that way, you need to be specific about your goal.

      If you were ordering something online would you say send me the blue one or the red one?

  5. Lee Lee

    Im currently listening to 15 subs on my playlist (some of them are for eyes,nose,height,skin,etc) will it still going to work??

    • I am betting that they are YouTube subliminals?

      Do you have a list of the affirmations that are recorded on all of them? If not, you should read our article on YouTube subliminals and that will tell you my opinion.

  6. Gigi Gigi

    Hello Mike, can I listen to one video that has subliminals for everything? Such as a perfect life subliminal with multiple different affirmations into one video? And only use that one? Will it work as effectively as listening to specific ones? Thanks!

    • Yes, you can. I often use a general subliminal that covers a lot of different goals at once.
      Still very effective.

  7. Varun Varun


    I want to grow taller. Could you please suggest me what subliminals I should listen to?


  8. Lily Lily

    Hey Mike
    so I recently started listening to 5 different goals subliminal(eg-eye color, height) each for an hour so will it work for me??

    • Since we don’t have any like that I’m guessing you’re listening to YouTube subliminals?

      If that’s the case, more than likely it’s not going to work. You should read our article on YouTube subliminals.

      Do you have the list of affirmations they are using for the recording?.

      You need to be careful what you are listening to. They are created to get views, the more views they get the more money the YouTuber gets, most of them don’t care about results.

  9. kaur kaur

    hey, so this might be a little confusing but, i have 4 different playlists. each playlist concentrated one one topic with different channels’ subliminals. like, for example, i have one playlist of hair growth, with 3 different subliminals from 3 different channels each, but on the same topic of hair growth and then i have a playlist for weight loss, with again 3 different subliminals from 3 different channels, and from the same topic of weight loss. will the subliminals yet work if i listen to the different playlists at different time? but of course not all as once, m just confused. help me out on how to listen to subliminals to get faster results pleaseee

    • Again I’m guessing these are free YouTube subliminals. Read the post above and read our article on YouTube subliminals.

  10. Salini jha Salini jha

    Hey.can I listen weight lose and improve height And study concentration at the same time one after another..can I listen from YouTube

    • Yes of course you can but don’t expect any results read our article on YouTube subliminals they are created to get views nothing else.

  11. Ays Ays

    Hi there *-* I might be crazy, but I have over 30 subliminals in my daily playlist. Well, some of them are boosters and blockage removals. Is it too much? Should are they need to be for the same reason?

    • Hello, it seems a little excessive. If it is all for the same desire or goal all you need is one good one.
      Of course, that would go along with the booster and block remover.

      • Ays Ays

        Thank you, Mike, for your answer. I will try to follow your advice 🙂 And I have one more question: Is it okay to watch tv shows at the same time while I have my subliminal turned on at the other tab or even to listen music (mostly it is metal songs)? Or should I turn everything off and have only subliminals playing in my headphones?

        • Ethan winsen Ethan winsen

          Do nothing, just listen to Subliminal

  12. Claire Claire

    Hey Mike, does listening to multiple subliminals can led to develop any brain diseases or tumors?

    • Of course not, as long as they are properly made they cannot do any harm.

      The exception of course is some YouTube videos that are designed to harm people which some channels did on purpose.

      Like I said in my article , you never know what you are getting or listening to as they are designed to get views not results , most of them anyways.

  13. seun sufi seun sufi

    can different subs like eyebrows and hair growth subs be classified into a group eg hair; then at the end of the day ill have three different subs on diff topics but more than one sub in each topic ????

  14. Zac Trower Zac Trower

    I got slightly confused when you were talking about believing you are rich, should you believe you are currently rich even if your not, or should you believe that you were rich once and you want to be rich again, great post otherwise.

    • Hi, you should believe that you are currently rich and do anything you can to make yourself feel as if you are… right now. This is how you will attract wealth into your life.

      Believe you already have something and it will come to you.

      • lynn lynn

        Hi, i’m kinda new to subliminals. so you say that it’s better to not listen to subs from youtube. but do i have to listen them at spotify ? and how do you know if you have a good one? how many times do you have to listen?

        • Jane doe Jane doe

          hi Mike, i listen to different subliminals but it doesn’t clash, is it ok

  15. winnie winnie

    what happens if you miss just one second of a subliminal?

      • Joe Joe

        Can I study while listening to subliminal for face ?

    • Jane Doe Jane Doe

      Can I listen to two subliminal audios simultaneously (as in I take two devices and play the subliminal on both and listen to both at the same time) at night and have it be more effective?

      • I would recommend not doing that. We never did a study on that but I’m betting that it would be less effective than listening to a single subliminal, one at a time.

        • Hin Hin

          Hello, for example i am listening to perfect Body and i hear increase in bust and butt size, i hear also increase in height is it ok

          • I would recommend asking the YouTube creator that made those since I do not know how they made their subliminal, what the affirmations are or what frequencies they used.

  16. Dave Dave

    Hey Mike, I love your website I learned a lot going through your articles.

    I’ve been concentrating on one subliminal at a time but after reading this I started using several in a playlist. I load them up in my phone with earbuds and played them while I fall asleep. Many times they continue to play while I’m sleeping.

    I wish I knew about this sooner because results are coming to me faster now then ever before.

      • Meghna Meghna

        How many different topic subs can i listen in a single day?

        • As many as you feel comfortable with.

          If you have an important desire you wish to manifest then it is more effective to stick to a single subliminal.

          Repetition is the key.

        • Shru Shru

          Can we listen two subliminal on different topics at different times of the day

          • Yes, that is perfectly fine.

            Many people will use a playlist with several different subliminals on different subjects and listen to that daily.

  17. Goaba Ntapu Goaba Ntapu

    Hi Mike is it ok if i use subliminal videos from 2 different producers.?

    • Yes, it is okay to listen to different subliminals made by different companies as long as they do not conflict with each other.

      Make sure you know what the affirmations are.

    • jude jude

      can subliminals change my face features? like eye color, smaller nose, sharp jawline.

      • Ashya Ashya

        Hello..I’m new to this..Can I know if I can hear 3 different topics with 3 different subs (one topic-weight gain, then for love and another one for clear skin)from every day and how many times the booster to be used like each and every time for we have to use booster for separate separate subs or for total is it enough listening once?…

        • You can use three different Subliminals on different topics one right after the other if you wish.

          It is best to listen to the booster right before your main subliminals.

  18. Just to ask something that confusing me: Listening one topic from more channels is good or not? I mean could I make playlist lets say 6 Subliminals for luck from 6 different sub makers? Can I listen to more than one subliminal based on same topic please???

    • Yes, you can listen to several on the same topic or mix them up. Consistency is the key.

      • mohy mohy

        can I listen to 7 different subs in one day during the quarantine?
        and how can i make playlist?shouldent we take rest abut 15 minutes between different subs?

        • If you have a list of Subliminals in your playlists there’s really no need to rest in between. Unless you find it annoying or it feels like work, which it should not.

          Your conscious mind needs rest, your subconscious mind never sleeps or rests.

          Seven different Subliminals seems a little excessive. It depends on what you are trying to do. If they are all on the same subject, all you need is one good one.

          It also depends on how new you are to using Subliminals.

          This quarantine is a great time to make changes in your life by using Subliminals.

  19. Trent Trent

    Hi Mike,
    What are the bluetooth sleep headphones you use?

    • I just bought a set on eBay there were fairly inexpensive don’t have the exact link but they were very close to these.

      They are soft so you can sleep on your side and they stay on all night. I load up playlist and set to repeat. I have been using Google play for that.

      • Trent Trent

        Thanks mate, I’ve been looking for a good pair for a while.
        Do you listen to multiple subs on the one playlist in a loop?
        I have 6 on my playlist atm including a booster. I have been looping them separately tho.

        • Yes, I have a list of five I play on repeat that I listen to nightly right before going to sleep and continue during sleep.
          I have it set to go through my list then repeat from the beginning.

          As I reach my desired goal I change out my subliminals for new ones. 🙂

      • Teena Teena

        Hey mike. I was thinking about using a desired body sub because of my scoliosis that makes my body asymmetrical.I have pics of what I looked like before my scoliosis got worse but my poses in the pics make my body look asymmetrical(even tho it wasnt) because of the way I’m standing. I was thinking about using these pics but I wanted to know,

        does the angle and poses of my body in the pics matter(like will it affect my results) or will my subconscious/subliminals know my body was symmetrical in the pics, giving me my desired results?

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