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How Do Subliminal Boosters Work? (or do they?)


Subliminal boosters have been around for a while but are not well known by many people. It is no wonder why we get emails asking how do subliminal boosters work?

How Do Subliminal boosters work?

Subliminal boosters work by conditioning your conscious and subconscious mind to accept affirmations easier. A Subliminal booster will place you in the optimal state of mind where affirmations are easily accepted and absorbed without rejection.

They also remove blocks that hold you back and block your subconscious from accepting other subliminal suggestions.

Subliminal Booster

They should be used in addition to your regular subliminal, right before listening. You can also use it after using your regular subliminal for an additional boost.

Most of us, in fact almost all of us, have subconscious blocks that will resist change.

Your subconscious mind will fight to keep you as you are. It is much safer that way.

One of its jobs is to keep you alive, it does not like change. Since what you have been doing seems to work. It has kept you alive all these years. Why should it change?

Your subconscious mind will resist change unless you change your beliefs. You can replace any belief in your subconscious with a new one that will benefit you much better than the old belief.

How Many Subliminal Boosters Can I listen to?

We highly recommend listening to only one subliminal booster at a time. Studies done by our team have proven this most effective. Make sure you know all of the affirmations that are recorded on the subliminal you are using.

I feel many of you are using YouTube Subliminals, and why not they are easy to access and free. But… you have no idea how they were made or what the affirmations are. If they actually have affirmations on them.

Where Do Our Subliminal Beliefs Come from?

From the day we are born up till the age of seven we are programmed by our surroundings. This is where we pick up most of the beliefs that we travel through life with. The rest are picked up through repetition and other conditions.

When you were a small child if you heard your parents arguing about money, maybe how hard it is to earn and that they or you will never be rich, you believed it. After all, they were your parents, they were there to take care of you, give you love, keep you safe.

However, you were programmed to believe that money was hard to earn, you would never have it, you did not deserve it, for some reason.

Subliminal Booster DownloadIn most cases, no matter what you do in life, you are going to revert back to that belief and continue to be poor.

The same thing applies to anything else in your life that you are trying to change. Unless you change the beliefs that are programmed into your subconscious mind it is very, very difficult to change.

Pick any problem in your life and it can be traced back to your subconscious beliefs. Overweight, shy, bad health, no money, bad relationships, no self-esteem, and the list goes on…

The good news is you can change anything in your life through repetition and programming new beliefs.

The easiest way to do that is through Subliminals. Repeated use of a subliminal will change the beliefs in your subconscious mind by bypassing your conscious reasoning mind.

Once you believe something in your subconscious mind you will automatically attract that into your life, no matter what it is. It cannot fail.

When your subconscious mind believes something that currently isn’t true it will not rest until it manifests that desire into your reality.

It runs 24 hours a day. It will find a way to manifest your new belief. It always wins.

Since our subconscious mind controls 95% of the thoughts we think during the day, most of them are the same as the day before, it is very hard to change.

The 5% of your day, even if you went around repeating positive affirmations all day long, it is usually not enough to change anything or manifest your desires.

This is why people lose weight and gain it back, win money and lose it all, or earn money than spend it all. Break up with someone abusive just to attract someone just like them.

How to Use a Subliminal Booster

The best time to use a subliminal booster is right before using your main program. Used before your regular subliminal session, your mind will be receptive and open to your regular subliminal.

If you’re using a list of subliminals in a playlist you can place your booster first on the list and then play all your regular subliminals. You do not have to listen to it every time before one of your main subs.

Your subconscious mind will be open and will readily accept the affirmations you are listening to. It preconditions your subconscious by relaxing your conscious mind and opening up your subconscious.

How Will I Know If My Subliminal Booster Is Working?

New ideas may come to you, you may be overwhelmed to do a certain thing at a certain time. You will meet certain people at the right time that align with your new belief.

Getting back to the subliminal booster, using one will speed up the process by removing blocks and conditioning your mind to be open to receiving subliminal suggestions easier.

Think of it as a hypnotist hypnotizing you before giving you suggestions. They place you in a relaxed sleep-like state where you are open to suggestions. Soon you are running around clucking like a chicken.

Subliminal boosters work much in the same way. You’ll be relaxed and open to the affirmations on your regular program. Most people get much faster and permanent results by using them.

Currently, we have two subliminal boosters. Our Law of Attraction Accelerator and our Subliminal Power Booster. Either one can be used along with one of our regular or custom Subliminals to speed up your subliminal results.

  1. Chris Chris

    I love the article, but you don’t need a subliminaI booster because the same way a booster works is the same way a subliminaI for what you do want would work. It requires repetition for your subconscious to accept as truth.

    You also mentioned how boosters can remove blocks that block your subconscious from not accepting some subliminal suggestions. I don’t believe that’s true, because subliminals bypass logical reasoning.

    Since we’re bypassing conscious awareness, the affirmations get subconsciously processed as truth through repetition. There’s no such thing as your subconscious blocking affirmations. It’s stubborn by default because of preexisting beliefs, which can be replaced through repetition of the subliminaI.

    Besides that, I enjoy your other articles. You seem to be very knowledge when it comes to the area of subliminaI messaging, which is amazing. I hope to see more of your work soon.

    • Yes, you are correct and I probably should have reworded that differently.

      The way I meant it is that a subconscious block is not blocking a subliminal or affirmations from working it is blocking you from doing something in your life.

      A block or belief like I am not good enough, I’m not smart enough to do that, I don’t deserve that, I will never have a relationship I want, and so on. A mental block. Hope that makes sense.

      Like you said a booster is not necessary. However, if used right before your main subliminal it will condition and open up your subconscious to accept your main subliminal much easier.

      Thanks for reading.

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