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Getting Your ex Back – The No Contact Rule Explained


If you have been working on getting your ex back and not having much luck, here’s some information that will help you. You can get an ex back using the Law of Attraction if you use it properly. The problem is most people do not. Going by all the emails I get many of you are not having much luck and want to manifest your ex back.

The No Contact Rule to Get Your ex Back

After reading your emails I can understand why. Most of you concentrate on what you do not want to attract into your life. Sure you want your ex back but you are going about it the wrong way. The Law of Attraction States we get what we think and feel about. getting your ex back

Most of you are thinking about what your ex is doing, who they are seeing now, feeling sad that they are no longer in your life, and so on.

If that sounds like you-you are spending too much time thinking about what you do not have and what is lacking in your life.

All this will get you is more of the same. The way we communicate with the universe is with feelings. We use our thoughts to conjure up feelings of something we desire. Whether it is good or bad the universe will deliver.

It does not know any different. So if you are thinking about all the negative things that went wrong with your relationship or why they are no longer in your life you are telling the universe this is what I want more of.

Of course, it’s not what you want but this is the way the Law of Attraction works.

In our other article about getting your ex back with the law of attraction, it is suggested that you have no contact with your ex. Why? Do you wonder?

Does No Contact Work to Get Your ex Back?

Well, let me explain this a little bit further because this question keeps coming up. We already know we get what we think and feel about. This is a proven fact.

So let me ask you this, can you look at old pictures of your ex, read about what they’re doing on Facebook, text, or talk to them without feeling bad? Probably not.

When you do any of the above you feel bad and get that sinking feeling in your heart. You are missing your ex, there is a big emptiness in your life. That is understandable we’ve all been there.

However, if you are working on getting your ex back you must stop all of that. You must think about and feel as if they are already back in your life, nothing else.

You must act as if it has already happened. This is why no contact is suggested at first. When you feel bad you will push back and undo any positive work you have done.

Getting your ex back fastI’ve seen many people get an ex back fast using the law of attraction. When used correctly it is very powerful. The Law of Attraction can be used to improve anything in your life.

Your career, your finances, attract your soulmate, improve your health, or anything else you desire.

Take the time to learn how to use the Law of Attraction properly and you will be unstoppable.

What Else You Can Do While Applying the No Contact Rule

Another thing you should work on in the meantime is yourself. There is a reason you broke up correct? Take this time to work on yourself and raise your vibration.

Work on showing gratitude for everything you do have in your life and what is working. Be happy, do things you enjoy.

Once you raise your vibration by feeling good and showing gratitude for everything even the small stuff people will notice. Especially your ex.

More than likely you were in a place of high vibration when you first met. You were happy and things are going well. You need to get back to that feeling.

Once you get back to that place in your life getting your ex back will not seem so difficult. Believe me, they will notice the difference in you if you work on yourself first.

One tool I like to suggest is using our getting your ex back subliminal program. The subliminals will influence your subconscious mind with positive affirmations and raise your vibration level back to where you need to be.

  1. Val Val

    Is it alright if I have blocked my ex’s phone number,or should I unblock it? We had a lot of stupid fights and so we broke up. I just want him to change for the better and start again after a while is that bad?

      • Val Val

        How can I get him to change? He has anger issues . He gets furious a lot, and has gotten violent one time. What should I do?

        • Val Val

          Perhaps its better to just let him go since hes violent and has angerr issues .

  2. Vanessa Walek Vanessa Walek

    I have a question.

  3. komal komal

    okay so u mean even if i am at my home for like 4 months kz of lockdown. n he is busy with someone else n i work on myself he will get that energy n will come bk to me? if i take ur 30 days challenge of positive thinking about our relation

  4. komal komal

    you just said hw will notice the changes within you what if we live apart and dont come face to face and blocked from everywhere will it still work?

    • Our energy and vibrations travel much further than our bodies.

      Think about the times when you think about someone then you get a call, email, or text from someone you have not heard from in a long time.
      Why? Your thoughts travel. The other person starts thinking of you too.

      So yes it will still work.

  5. Akash Akash

    Hey mike.. what happens to the sp we manifest?
    Do our vibrations reach them?

  6. Valerie Valerie

    Hello I could really use your guidance right about now. Its a long story. Well to summarize it , my ex and I got in a REAL bad argument last week ,and I made him very angry by yelling at him and saying mean things. I screwed things up bad. Then I told him to never contact me again. Im REALLY regretting ever saying any of those things Ive said . Well, past few days Ive been trying to reach him , calling and texting to apoligize. There has been no reply. I REALLY hope he gets back to me soon. Do you have any suggestions for me to get him back ? Thank you. 🙂

  7. Angelina Lee Angelina Lee

    Can this work if you continue to date others while using LOA to get an ex back? Or do you have to remain single and just focused on getting ex back using your technique?

    • Yes, it can work as long as you remain focused on what you truly desire.

      It’s like shopping for a new car, you look at many different models and colors looking for the one you really desire.

      You know you want a certain model, in a certain color, so you continue until you find what you’re looking for.

      At least that’s the way I look at it. keep your thoughts and imagination on the end goal of having your ex back if that’s what you truly desire.

      Think feel and live as if it already has happened. This is how you will attract your ex back.

      • Angelina Lee Angelina Lee

        Thank you. It can work no matter how bad things got or what bad things he thinks about me right now? He is very adamant about not being with me and is trying to get me upset saying he loves his ex and wants to try to get back with her. So I guess what I am just asking is does it matter WHY we broke up or what he says he thinks about me now….can using this LOA properly really work and make him change is views about me and want to be with me?

        • The short answer is yes it can still work.

          You need to forget about the past. Forget about everything that happened before. It’s over, you cannot change it. No use worrying about it, there’s nothing you can do to change it.

          When you think about the past and why things went wrong and all the bad things that happened, all you will do is attract more of the same.

          We attract what we keep our thoughts and feelings on. This has been proven by the principles of the law of attraction.

          The future is a blank sheet of paper, think of it that way. It can be anything you wanted to be.

          If you want him to change his views about you you need to change first. By doing so your attraction and energy will change, he will feel that. Even if you’re not right next to each other.

          I’ve seen it happen many times. One person will look at the other one and just look for second and say, you have changed. I cannot put my finger on it but your different.

          Ever been in a crowded room, perhaps a party, there’s always one person that everyone is attracted to for some reason. The same thing happens when you meet someone and you immediately know you can not stand this person.

          it is the energy and vibrations that they are releasing that you are feeling. So yes you can make your ex feel different about you by changing yourself first.

          • Angelina Angelina

            I appreciate your reply and all the info. What if we work together? I cant avoid him clearly. Will it still work if I see him and use LOA technique????

  8. Liam Liam

    Hello Mike. I have just read the above articles, and I noticed how you said there is always hope. My situation got a bit intense with my ex though. I’ve done every one of the don’t do’s. The begging, the facebook stalking, the getting aggressive when i dont get my own way, all of it. She’s been pretty evil towards me for 5 months now, and I’m completely blocked on all platforms, except her phone number. Although I’m not contacting her because I’ve been told “LEAVE ME ALONE!!!”. How can I actually come back from this one? I’ve had abuse no matter how nice I am. We don’t leave too close so we never see each other. Could it literally be that if I trust in what you say, and exercise it properly that she just suddenly makes contact with me out of the blue and is being nice again?

  9. Lisa Lisa

    Hi Mike,

    My ex left 5 months ago (after being with me for 6 years), and immediately starting spending time with a lady he works with and now they are seeing each other. Personally i think he developed feelings for her before leaving me and he seems besotted with her. I would like to know if you feel the LOA would work for me if he has told me he loves me and i am his best friend, but that he NO longer has romantic feelings for me (and basically is now in love with this woman).. After he told me that, i told him i could never just be his friend and I cut all contact with him.

    Is it possible for the LOA to cause someone to fall back in love with you ?

  10. Debs Debs

    I have been using your custom get your ex back for a month now (once a day and sometimes 3 times a day). We are both in the UK but different places. I keep thinking of us doing stuff together – when I do this I get tingling sensation where I think his hands should be – is this normal? Would a brain injury hinder LOA? I’m also trying to use LOA to get myself out of trouble with the police but not sure if it’s working. Am I trying to do too much at once?

    • There are many cases similar to yours. People feeling tingling. What your feeling is energy. We are all energy.

      I know people that when they go into a deep meditation their hands will start tingling or vibrating. Sometimes their whole body will vibrate.
      When you connect to a higher power you can feel it and it is amazing. I love it when it happens to me.

      If you are in trouble you are probably worrying about the outcome. You will attract what you worry about.
      So… you need to change your thoughts to the preferred outcome ONLY.

      • Debs Debs

        Thanks Mike.

        Any suggestions on how to keep focused on the preferred outcome – would a custom subliminal work or do you have something already I could use alongside my custom get my ex back? You are inspirational

        • I see you ordered a custom subliminal, I believe it is you…
          As soon as we get it to you, listen to it and visualize the outcome. See yourself shaking hands with your lawyer since you won your case. Feel it. See yourself walking out relieved that it is over.

          Get excited that you won. Hear the words in your imagination. Not guilty…case dismissed, charges dropped or whatever the situation might be. 🙂

          • Debs Debs

            Yes it is me. I have ordered 2. You may want to think about one purely for women where we are graceful, elegant and beautiful. Some of us want to be more feminine but sometimes we just don’t know how to do it especially in a very male oriented environment. Thank you for your encouragement it’s really appreciated – I certainly appreciate it x

          • Leanne Leanne

            Hi Mike,

            I am in the same care of Debbie . I have a court case coming up and am innocent . I have some written evidence to prove my innocence . Can I manifest the court case being dropped all together and or winning my case?

            • Yes, and that’s exactly what you should be doing. Use your imagination and visualize the outcome of your case as you wish it to be.

  11. Diana Diana

    Heres my situation: Me and my ex have been arguing quite harshly since we broke up, and have been very mean to eachother. SO, my questions for you are : Do I need to stop worrying about what went so wrong? So instead of worrying about it, just focus on how I DO want to interact with him? If so, how do you suggest I do this?

    • Yes, that’s exactly what you should be doing. Forget about the past it’s gone there’s nothing you can do about it. If you think or worry about it you will attract more of the same.

      Concentrate your thoughts on exactly how you would like things to be, how would your relationship be if it was exactly the way you wanted it. Visualize it before going to bed every night as if it already happened.

      Use your imagination and create small scenes in your mind as if you were back together right now.

      • Diana Diana

        Thank You Mike!

  12. luna luna

    Hi my problem is i had an emotional problem very hard and my boyfriend asked me time, then i had deseperate about talk with and maybe it was worst, he is a person very complicated and mood hard, actually dont talk, i want he come back, i did some mistakes about you said, i feel faulth everyday and it make feel sad, i really love him and want he call me , i want apply well the law of attraction, i know it work very well, because i used before, please help me how i can forgive myself?

  13. Narges Narges


    Please reply to my question 🙁

    It has been more than a year that my Ex has left me and did not answer any of my calls or msg s, today I heard that he is going to marry in three months with someone, is there still a hope that I can start to use LOA and getting him back?

    Please help me…

    Thanks and regards

    • Well let me ask you this, what have you been doing Law of Attraction wise to get him back?

      Law of Attraction works if you apply it correctly, yes there is always hope.

      • Narges Narges

        Actuallay, I want to start it! Sometimes I have started to use but in the middle some negative things came to my mind and I stopped, but now I really do not want to lose him, I want to start, so
        If I used the LOA mentioned in your another article, I can getting him back? Did you see similar cases before?

        Many many thanks,

      • Narges Narges

        Thanks a lot for your reply,

        Actually I have not tried LOA correctly, I decided to try it but always due to some negative enegry I stopped it! Now I want to really use it to get him back! I can not lose him, do you think still there is a hope? Have you seen any similar stories as mine that LOA worked for them.

        Many thanks and regards

        • Law of attraction works. I have seen many successful cases like yours. We get success stories all the time.
          Follow some of the articles on our site. Change the way you think about things and your life will change.

  14. Nass Nass

    It’s been a year today since my friend last contacted me. At first the pain was horrendous, the tears, the sleepless nights and mood swings, but I can finally say that as of today the pain has stopped.

    It’s been so long since we last spoke, I really have no idea what to do next. It’s obvious to me he’s moved on and although I miss him and want him back what should I do?

    I’m trying so hard to keep busy, studying, running, work, but he’s always in my thoughts.

    I want to believe he’ll come back but a year has passed and I wonder if our time has passed:(

    • Juanita Juanita

      Did you just read that article? Stop focusing on the negative.

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