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Subliminal recordings should be listened to at a comfortable level. Usually within 40 to 50% of your device’s volume level. Of course, this is just a general rule since all devices will vary depending on make and model.

Subliminals do not need to be played very loud. Ours are designed to place you in a very relaxed state of mind so you do not want to play them at a loud annoying level. There is no need for that.

Our hearing range extends way beyond what we think we can hear. If you are listening to Subliminals before going to bed or during your sleep you can play them at a very low level.  The positive affirmations will still be picked up and absorbed by your subconscious mind.

If you’re listening to Subliminals at work or while doing other things that need your attention you can play them with earbuds very softly and still hear your surroundings while reprogramming your subconscious beliefs!



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