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If you have been listening to subliminals and are wondering why do subliminals give me headaches afterward there could be a few reasons why.

It is rare but some people will get a headache or feel dizzy or their head just hurts after listening or using a subliminal.

One reason is that the subliminal was not made correctly. Improper frequencies, recording improperly, not mixing with the background correctly. There is a science behind producing subliminals and if they are not made right they can make you feel bad.

If the subliminal was recorded with binaural beats in the background this could be another reason. This is alsoWhy do subliminals give me headaches rare but some people especially those on medication cannot tolerate the binaural beats.

This is especially true if you are new to binaural beats and have never really used them before. They take a little getting used to.

You could also be playing a subliminal too loud through your headphones or earbuds. Subliminals do not need to be played at a high level. They can be listened to at a very low level and will still be very effective.

Some people experience a weird or funny feeling after listening to subliminals. As long as it is not a headache or you’re getting dizzy or your head hurts I would suggest continuing with the subliminal.

This feeling can be associated with things changing in your subconscious mind. You are eliminating false beliefs and installing new ones in your subconscious mind. You may have been carrying these around your entire life, so give it time.

After a short time, your mind and body will adjust and you will enjoy the feeling of relaxing and listening to your subliminal.

If you purchased your subliminal from us and are getting headaches after listening to your program let us know. We will record one for you without binaural beats.

One more reason you may be getting headaches from sublimnals is if they clash. You can read more about clashing in the article we wrote about the subject.


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