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Does Subliminal Music Work? ( Answered )


Subliminal music has been around for a long time. There are several different forms of this type of music and the question comes up does subliminal music work? The answer to that question is yes, subliminal music does work if it is made correctly and used properly.

Does Subliminal Music Really Work?

There is evidence in studies that were done that subliminal music can be helpful in treating certain psychological conditions, such as depression or addiction.

Others have used subliminal music for weight loss, increasing study, and learning new subjects with success.

does subliminal music work - subliminal music produced through a studio mixerFor example, some research indicates that subliminal music can be useful for reducing stress or anxiety.

It may also be helpful for improving focus or concentration.

Just like regular subliminal audio subliminal music can be used for many different things very effectively.

We now know that 95% of our day is run by our subconscious minds.

The thoughts, beliefs, and feelings that are in your subconscious mind influence everything you do during the day.

It will lead you to decide certain things, good or bad, plus the actions that you take. Many of us have repeating programs that run in the subconscious minds that are of no benefit to us.

These thoughts and beliefs have come from our programming during our life. From the day we are born we are influenced by our parents and our surroundings.

In the first seven years of life, this is where we pick up most of our lifelong habits and beliefs. If you are poor and have always had trouble making money then you have a self-defeating program running in your subconscious mind.

You believe you are poor, you always will be, you deserve to be poor. While it is not true this is what we picked up sometime during our childhood, in most cases.

The same goes for anything else in your life that is not going well. It is coming from your subconscious mind. However, there is hope.

We now know you can eliminate and remove all of the bad programs and install new beliefs, thoughts, and feelings in your subconscious mind anytime you want to.

Once you recognize that you need to change something you can do it by using subliminal audio, or a subliminal music program. There is no need for you to keep repeating things that are not working for you.

What is subliminal music?

Subliminal music is a type of music that has been specifically designed with silent affirmations to be heard below the conscious level.

This means that the listener isn’t consciously aware of the affirmation’s presence, but it still affects their behavior or mood in some way.

There are a couple of different forms of subliminal music. One is to use music that is recorded below the threshold of normal hearing. The other one is music with silent affirmations recorded and mixed in with the music.

While banned in most places some business owners would use silent subliminals, the type or you don’t hear anything, to influence people to purchase more in their place of business.

In the past when there was little known about subliminals one study found that subliminal music could be used to increase the productivity of workers, Without their knowledge.

The use of subliminal messages in music began in the 1950s when researchers found that they could influence a person’s behavior by playing them very faint sounds that they weren’t consciously aware of.

This discovery led to the development of subliminal music, which is designed to be heard below the conscious level but still has an effect on the listener.

How does subliminal music work?

Both types of subliminal music basically work the same way. They influence your subconscious mind without you knowing it to get you to do certain things or change behaviors.

In a way, it’s like a hypnotist hypnotizing you and giving you suggestions to act on. Most subliminal music that is produced these days is recorded with silent affirmations in the background over music that you listen to.

The silent affirmations, since you do not hear them, go straight into your subconscious mind and begin to work quickly.

It is one of the fastest ways to change something in your life. You can begin to manifest new desires or goals, get rid of bad habits, lose weight, and even change certain physical aspects of yourself.

You can change your beliefs and habits that are locked away in your subconscious that you have been carrying around most of your life.

Benefits of subliminal music

There are many benefits of subliminal music. One such benefit is that it can help you to relax and de-stress. It can also help to improve your mood and boost your confidence.

Additionally, subliminal music can help to improve your focus and concentration, and it may also be helpful in reducing anxiety and stress levels. Subliminal music can be a great way to improve your sleep quality.

One of the drawbacks of using subliminal music is that you will more than likely get tired of the music and stop listening to it.

This is one reason why it is not used as much anymore. The subconscious mind takes repetition before it will change. In other words, you have to consistently listen to a subliminal for 26 to 30 days before permanent results are achieved.

So, if you are listening to the same track of music over and over again it becomes very boring and most people stop listening to it.

If you use subliminal audio with a relaxing background such as nature sounds, relaxing rain, or other water sounds it is much easier to listen to daily.

We offer a custom subliminal where you send us your affirmations and we record in our studio over a  soothing background. Now that you know the answer to the question does subliminal music work? Are you going to use a subliminal to make changes in your life?



  1. Chris Chris

    Great article! I have a question related to the method used in creating a SubliminaI.

    Suppose we grab an affirmation track and have it play under a layer of ambient sounds, but we do not adjust the frequency to below audible threshold. Would the audio still work?

    I’m skeptical about it because sound comes in waves that contain information. So if one chooses to listen to an audio that contains affirmations that’ve been lowered in volume enough to which you can only hear and understand when the ambient sounds is paused, would it work?

    Example: Affirmations audio is fully audible and easy to consciously understand, until the ambient sounds are being played.

    Not to confuse with Supraliminals, which is when one is consciously capable of precieving the affirmations, but not able to consciously interpret it.

    • Basically, if you can hear the affirmations then it is not subliminal you are just listening to a list of affirmations.

      The purpose of a subliminal is to bypass your conscious mind and have the affirmations go straight into your subconscious mind with no rejection.

      If they’re made properly you should not hear the affirmations at all. The frequency of the subliminal track should be above or below the range we can hear. We use both and a couple of others.

      • Chris Chris

        Oh no, I understand that. If you can consciously precieve the affirmations, but cannot consciously understand them, it’s a Supraliminal message.

        A Supraliminal is a message that plays at a threshold where you can consciously precieve the affirmations, even though you cannot consciously make out what they suggest.

        My question is if the audio would work without adjusting the pitch (frequency) to around 17.5 Hz. I ask this because the subliminaI varients usually play in high frequencies, ultrasound. This can be problematic for some people because they usually have the volume playing way too high, in worries that the sound waves aren’t hitting their ear drums.

        So my question is this: If one simply alters the volume of the affirmations to which you cannot consciously hear or understand when music/ambients are being played, would it work? I ask because I thought subliminals have to do with the frequency and not the volume.

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