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Do Subliminals Work if You Don’t Drink Water?


Yes, Subliminals do work even if you don’t drink water. Drinking lots of water is not necessary to achieve your desired Subliminal results.

Since this question seemed to come up a lot, we did a study a couple of years ago, with two people on our staff that are very similar. They both are male and have the same basic build, height, and approximate weight.

They’re not but they could be brothers.  We gave them both a subliminal not telling them what was on it. One was told to drink lots of water during the day, more than the recommended 8 glasses a day.  The other one was encouraged to let himself become dehydrated. 

 At the end of 30 days, both accepted the subliminal messages, and they displayed the same actions. We never did tell them what we used for the affirmations.

There was nothing harmful of course and both agreed to the experiment beforehand. 

However, I do recommend drinking lots of water during the day whether you are listening to subliminals or not. Most of us are in a state of dehydration even if we don’t realize it.

If you are dehydrated you feel sluggish and your brain seems to be in a fog. There are so many health benefits to drinking lots of water I won’t even go into it in this article. You can Google it and read up more on the subject yourself.

Listening to subliminals requires no more water than your usual daily activities.

Drinking lots of water is not necessary to achieve Subliminal resultsWill drinking a lot of water speed up my subliminal results? 

No, but I’m going to give you a technique to manifest any desire faster using water! Here’s an interesting experiment we did in our office and the results were pretty amazing.  I recommend that you try this technique yourself.

Dr. Masaru Emoto did experiments using frozen water crystals and photographed the results.

Water was placed in several containers and labeled differently. The experiment proved that thoughts can influence water. You can read more about it in his book if you want to learn more. It is very interesting the power our thoughts actually have.

How to Manifest Faster Using Water and Subliminals

Since we all drink a lot of water around here, in glass containers, we started placing sticky notes on them of things that we wanted to manifest. We would write out our desire or goal on a note and stick it on our glass of water in the morning. You can also use general terms like health, wealth, happiness, love, and so on.

Since your thoughts influence and can change water why not drink water that is aligned with your desires?  Each time you take a drink you are filling your body with positive emotions and energy.

Plus every time you look at your glass of water you are reminded of your goal. I started doing it and now everyone is doing it in the office and loves the results. All  I can say is no one has stopped doing it. Try it yourself!

Use this along with your Subliminals and you just might be surprised at the results!

What about drinking alcohol while listening to subliminals?

I would not recommend drinking alcohol while listening to Subliminals.  The only benefit it may have is that it places you in a relaxed state of mind and body. Some people use this to take their minds off of what is worrying them.

What about drinking alcohol while listening to subliminals

Remember, the law of attraction does not know any difference between what is good or bad. We attract more of what we keep our thoughts on. If we constantly worry about what we are lacking in our life and why we do not have it, then all we will get is more of the same.

You have probably heard the phrase crying in your beer. Sometimes people will get depressed and think about everything wrong in their lives while drinking.

Misery loves company. Listen to the conversations going around the bar next time you are out. Not to mention drinking alcohol will also dehydrate you and make you feel much worse the day after.


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