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Do Subliminal Messages Work While Sleeping?


A common question we get asked is, do subliminal messages work while sleeping? The answer to that is yes. Subliminal messages played while you are sleeping are very effective.

We are now recommending that you listen to subliminal messages with binaural beats such as Theta brainwaves while you sleep.

Do Subliminals Messages Really Work While Sleeping?

The reason subliminal messages work while you are sleeping is that your mind is shut off and you are no longer thinking about your problems or worries. Your awareness is shut down and your unconscious mind takes over.

When using subliminals in this state of mind they will bypass your conscious mind and go straight into your subconscious, since the gatekeeper is asleep. Studies have shown that your behavior will change rapidly.

There is no reasoning, no objections, no thinking hey this isn’t true. The subliminals go straight to your subconscious and start to change your beliefs.

Once your beliefs change you will automatically begin to attract whatever your desire is. It is an easy way to make the Law of Attraction work for you, without fail.

Of course, we are talking about audio-only, not visual subs where they flash images or a single image to influence your subconscious.

Tests to assess the effectiveness of subliminal stimulation were done. Like one study they did in a movie theater where they flashed words like buy popcorn hidden in the frames of the movie film. Several experiments were done like this until they were banned.

Can You Listen to Subliminals While Sleeping?

Yes, you can, not only do they work well during your sleep it is one of the best times to alter your subconscious mind. Tests have shown that processing the stimuli works much better compared to when we are awake and alert.

Do Subliminal Messages Work While Sleeping girl Listening to subliminals while sleeping

You may be wondering is this safe? As long as you know what you are using and what the positive affirmations are then yes, it is completely safe.

Almost all of our beliefs have been programmed into us between birth and the age of seven. We are all born with a blank slate. If you have self-defeating programs running in your subconscious mind this is where they came from.

If you have trouble making money, finding love, getting into bad relationships again and again, then you have a self-defeating program running in your subconscious causing you to make bad decisions.

Folks who have listened to and used diet subs have had great success using subliminal weight loss programs to lose weight. Science has shown listening to subliminal messages for weight loss, to influence your subconscious mind or brain with new beliefs to be very effective.

Some of you will listen to subliminals while awake possibly trying to visualize the preferred outcome of your desire and have difficulty doing this.

Bad or past memories may enter your thoughts, therefore, sabotaging your efforts. This could cause you to consciously reject the hidden stimulation on the audio.

I’m sure you have heard the saying one step forward, two steps back. You cannot attract your desire by thinking of past failures. Remember, we attract what we think about.

How to listen to Subliminals While Sleeping in 3 steps

The downside to using subliminals while sleeping is finding a comfortable pair of headphones or earbuds. Personally, I have trouble sleeping on my back so I needed to find a soft pair of earbuds so I could sleep on my side. If any of you are wondering, yes I listen to subliminals every night.

Sleep Headphones for listening to subliminals in your sleep
Get a comfortable set of sleep headphones. They work great and you will not even know you are wearing them.

Update: I purchased a pair of sleep headphones from eBay. They are Bluetooth and are built into a headband, like a sweatband. It can also double as a sleep mask. Very comfortable and it will not fall off.

1. Choose a device you are going to use to listen to your subliminal with

It really doesn’t matter what you use as long as it can play your audio file. In most cases is going to be an MP3.

You can use a cell phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop computer. You can also use any portable MP3 player.

Download an app that you can use to create playlists.

There are hundreds if not thousands of audio apps so I’m not going to recommend a specific one. Find one that you like and has good reviews at the play store or Apple store.

You will also want to check to see if you can create playlists. Another great bonus to have is if it comes with a timer.

If it does come with a timer you can set it for a delay so your subliminal will not start playing until you are asleep.

You can also set it to only play for so many hours if you choose and then shut it off. Unless you want to listen to subliminals the entire night. Which is perfectly fine as long as it does not keep you awake.

2. Decide what you are going to listen to your subliminals with.

The most effective way to listen to subliminals in your sleep is with a pair of, headphones, earbuds, or a set of sleep headphones.

Bluetooth is fine it does not matter if they are wired or wireless. Find something that is comfortable for you to use. While not as effective but will still work is a set of speakers, even a single speaker will still work.

3. Create your subliminal playlist

Load up your subliminals that you’re going to listen to during sleep and create a playlist with them. Depending on how many you have you can go through them once or set them on delayed, repeat, or loop where they will continue to play the entire night.

There are many ways to listen to subliminals while you sleep, find something that works best for you, and go with it. Your thoughts will be exposed to altering stimulus, subliminally the entire night.

Can Your Subconscious Hear Subliminals When You are Asleep?

Studies have reported that yes, it can. Your conscious mind may be shut off and resting but your subconscious never sleeps or rests. It runs 24 hours a day…always. If it did not you would not be alive.

So, even when we are in deep sleep the subconscious is aware of everything that is going on around us. Ever wake up in the middle of the night suddenly?

Perhaps someone broke in, or maybe a fire, or you sensed one of your family was in trouble. Your subconscious wakes you up and makes you aware of the danger.

So it can certainly listen to your subliminal while you sleep and absorb the powerful affirmations and new beliefs on it. You will find that manifesting what you want in life is easy.

Since you do not hear the words only the backing track they are very easy to listen to while sleeping. So you can see why subliminal messaging is so popular.

Why Should You Listen to Subliminals in Your Sleep?

If you are not working on changing your subconscious mind you’re going to continue to manifest the same results you are getting now. Researchers concluded this is why it’s so hard for most people to make lasting changes in their lives.

We are guided by our beliefs, negative thoughts, and energy coming from our subconscious. These self-limiting beliefs hold you back from allowing the universe to bring you everything you need in your life.

You must trust the universe to deliver everything you need. Many of you do not have time during the day or get distracted and end up skipping days. The subconscious mind reprograms itself through repetition and trust.

So in order to make permanent lasting changes in your subconscious, you need to listen to your subliminals every day until they take effect. You will learn new beliefs and habits from a subliminal message.

If you get busy during the day or are very tired at night you may just skip a day or two. This is why listening to subliminals while you sleep is effective in great use of your time.

It does not require any extra effort on your part once you have everything set up. Many people tell me they have never had such a deep sleep before.

The good news is that you can easily change your subconscious beliefs by reprogramming them using subliminal programs. The benefits of subliminal audios are amazing.

So, yes, to the question do subliminal messages work while sleeping. Once you make the decision to try it for yourself you may be surprised!

Here is another good article on how you can load up your playlist and use your time sleeping to reprogram yourself.


  1. Nesh Nesh

    I have been using this technique for 2 years. Every night I put on my specially designed earbuds and play (I’m so happy and grateful that money comes to me…), and… my financial life has barely changed.

    I also tried a few different tunes. For 2 years, I only missed 3 nights.

    What am I doing wrong? Please help!!!!

    • Kevin Freitag Kevin Freitag

      I suggest you listen to Subliminals that focus on the present moment, which means you already have received your wish. If you say that Money comes to you, that means that you don’t have the money yet. As a result, your subconscious mind will be programmed with the idea that you don’t have the money yet. BUT if your subconscious mind hears messages that convey that you already have that money, then this is your reality. The Subconscious hears “I have 10.000 Dollars”, so you have 10.000 Dollars. The Subconscious hears “Money comes to me”, so you don’t get money because the subconscious mind only hears that money comes somewhat in the future. And that’s the problem, the subconscious mind needs to hear that you already have that money. For example, create a Subliminal that says: “I earn 10.000 Dollars every month by doing (Your Profession)” In 1-3 months your subconscious mind should have picked up the message and change your reality. And be specific, know the amount of money you want to earn. And connect yourself emotionally with your wish. Ask yourself, why do I want this money? What am I doing with all that money? Who can I help with that money, etc. And add these things as affirmations in your subliminal. Maybe you want to buy a new home with that money. Therefore, add an affirmation like “I’m so grateful that I have this house with those rooms and that view… (BE SPECIFIC!)” If you have any more questions let me know.

  2. sujay sujay

    I need experts suggestions for preparing Subliminal Messages:
    Do i need to record for my affirmations for Getting Better Health as ” I AM HEALTHY” or Shall I record by stating “SUJAY (my own name) YOU ARE HEALTHY ”
    Request to confirm which one i should record simply I AM HEALTHY or with my name SUJAY YOU ARE HEALTHY

    • Either one would work.
      Use what feels best to you. Or use both.

  3. Sofia Sofia

    I had cancer in my neck twice, so my doctors have banned headphones and bluetooth because of the radiation. Can’t keep cell phones near me as well and texting is limited. No laptops and limited use of desktops. Just want to warn people that it’s best to listen through speakers (as far away as possible if listening through cell phones) to avoid the risk of cancer. I never kept cell phones near my ears – only on speaker, and cancer is no fun. Love subliminals!

    • Sara Sara

      Well, it should be used on airplane mode

  4. hime hime

    Can we make aplaylist of subliminals with different subjects, and play them while sleeping. Or it have to be only one subject?

    • Yes you can definitely make a playlist with different subjects.

  5. Patrick Patrick

    Are headphones a must if the recording does not contain any binaural beats ? Can it be played on smart phone speakers throughout the night while one sleeps ?

    • Yes, you can play through a regular speaker.

      All of our recordings contain binaural beats. If you do not use them with headphones or earbuds you will not get the full effect.

      If you play through a speaker your subconscious will still pick up the affirmations but not as effective.

  6. Pratik Pandya Pratik Pandya

    Are head phones necessary while sleeping , can’t the track be played on mobile speaker to work

    • You can but in most cases you will not get the full effects of the subliminal at least with ours that’s the case.

  7. Jazzybee Jazzybee

    I’ve noticed that when I have my affirmations playing while I sleep I can hear them in my dream and I spend a large portion of my dream trying to turn them off… do you know what this means?

    • Depends, are you listening to a list of actual affirmations or a subliminal?

  8. Shruti Shruti

    Does subliminal of getting love back works when your asleep as it needs visualisation

    • Yes, it will work while you are sleeping.

      When you go to sleep your conscious mind shuts off. Listening to a subliminal in your sleep allows the affirmations to go straight into your subconscious mind without rejection.

      This is why it will work without visualization.

  9. Samantha S. Samantha S.

    I’ve been going through a really tough marriage separation and I was wondering if there was a way to get over it? I’m tired of being heart broken and I’m ready to move on. My spouse already loves someone else so I’m ready to just let my spouse go and live my life. I don’t want my spouse on my mind anymore. It hurts too much. Can you help?

    • lily lily

      I’m so sorry Samantha!
      I don’t know anything about Subliminal, and I just want to say I am really about your marriage, I hope you can make it and realize that you have purpose in this life and can wake up every morning knowing you are amazing!

    • Magdalena M. Magdalena M.

      Samantha S,
      Hello beautiful. I know I’m about to sound crazy but I feel like I need to say this to you or someone that’s reading. ” Everything is going to get better. You will be okay. I know it sucks right now but you’ll get through this. Try to focus yourself with helping others. Dontncompare yourself to her and get stuck replaying bad moments in your head or rearranging your life around them cause that’s what I did. You’ve got this.
      But you know how when your reading a book and you get stuck on a word or a sentence? You keep reading the same line over and over. You just have to breathe, close your eyes, shake your head and turn the page. Your book isn’t finished yet. It’s not over. You just have to get through this chapter.”

      With love,

      Magdalena M.

      • Sharon Sharon

        Oh my… your message helps with multiple issues that people go through not just break up’s but with normal life issues. Thank you for reminding me that life is full of life lessons and in order to get through them you just gotta turn the page…

  10. Martin Martin

    I started listening to some of your subliminals in my sleep, I play on a loop. I feel like my life is changing! I am so excited!!

    I bought the win the lottery one and have had several small wins already 🙂

    • Nathan Nathan

      Is it just the lottery subliminal you listen to on loop or others aswell ?

      • You can listen to any subliminal on a loop if you want. Best time is right before going to bed and while you fade into sleep.

        Some devices have timers on them that you can use that will shut off after so many hours.

        • N N

          Could you loop 2 different subliminals to play whilst you sleep

          • As an update to this, I recently purchased a sleep Bluetooth headset. It is like a soft sweatband you wear. It is really comfortable and stays on at night.

            Bought it on eBay.

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