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Do Affirmations Work While Sleeping? ( Finally Answered )


Do affirmations work while sleeping? Many of you have been asking this question. The answer is yes, they do. However, there is a better way to use affirmations while you sleep which will make them much more effective.

Why Affirmations Work Better During Sleep

There are several reasons why affirmations work better during your sleep than when you are awake.

When you are sleeping your mind is shut off and in a very relaxed state. In this state of mind, your subconscious is much more receptive to positive affirmations.

When you listen to affirmations during your sleep your subconscious mind accepts the affirmations without your conscious mind analyzing and rejecting them.

If you were to listen to positive affirmations during the day, when you are awake your conscious mind would listen to your affirmations and know they are currently not true.

In most cases, you are listening to a bunch of lies about yourself. Your conscious reasoning mind recognizes this and ignores most of them.

Listening to positive affirmations during the daytime can work but it takes a very long time. It would take a lot of repetition before your subconscious mind finally accepts them.

So if you are going to listen to spoken affirmations during the night, listening to them while sleeping is effective and should be included in your nighttime routine.

Benefits of Listening to Affirmations While Sleeping

One of the biggest benefits of listening to affirmations during your sleep is it is an effective use of time.

Do sleep affirmations workLet’s say you sleep 7 to 8 hours every night. If you were to listen to affirmations in your sleep, part of the night, or the entire night, by the end of the month you have spent a lot of time reprogramming your subconscious mind.

Another benefit of listening while sleeping is that it takes no effort. All you have to do is put on your earbuds or speakers and go to sleep.

You do not have to spend time visualizing. Which some people have trouble doing. You do not have to think about your affirmations or your desire.

Listening while sleeping will not bring up any negative thoughts or images pushing back what you are trying to manifest.

Eventually, your affirmations are going to influence your dreams, and the images you are manifesting in your subconscious mind while you are sleeping.

This is powerful and equal to visualization. With some practice, you will be able to control some of your dreams.

If you have bad dreams or negative dreams most of the time listening to positive affirmations while sleeping will help change that.

You will wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and energized. Whatever your goal or desire is, as you write out your affirmations, you can throw in a few that will include getting a good night’s sleep.

I sleep deeply, I wake up refreshed, I wake up in the morning feeling great and full of energy, I easily accept these affirmations while I am in a deep sleep.

How To Listen To Affirmations While Sleeping in 3 Steps

So by now you’re probably thinking, okay listening to affirmations while I sleep sounds pretty good, how do I do this?

Step 1. Write out your list of affirmations

Get a pen and paper and write out your positive affirmations by hand. Writing them out by hand is much more powerful than doing them on a phone or computer.

By actually writing out affirmations on paper you are using both sides of your brain. As you write them out you are already beginning to absorb the affirmations.

Sleep Headphones for affirmationsThe biggest tip I can give you is to write them out as if your goals or desire have already manifested.

Do not use phrases like I am going to, soon I will, I am working on, I should, and others like, it will be coming to me.

Phrases like that put your desire or goal off into the future. It is coming to you, when? 20 years from now? The universe has no concept of time like we do.

Instead, you should use affirmations like I am, I have, I now have, I currently am, thank you now that I, and so on.

Affirmations like that are saying you already have what you are trying to manifest. Once your subconscious mind accepts those affirmations as the truth, through repetition, it will set out to make it manifest in your real life.

We attract what we believe to be true. Once your subconscious mind believes something as a truth it is going to bring it to you whether you like it or not.

Step 2. Record your list of affirmations

Now that you have all your affirmations written down properly it’s time to record them on whatever device you are going to use. Repeat your affirmations as needed to fill the entire length of your audio.

There are plenty of apps you can use for recording your own voice. Go download one and start using it.

Save your audio file somewhere on your phone or another device that you’re going to use to listen to your affirmations while sleeping.

There are too many recording apps for me to suggest one. Find one with good ratings that is simple to use. You do not need a lot of fancy settings or sound effects.

Get a good pair of earbuds, headphones, or speakers with good frequency response. Yes, you can use Bluetooth earbuds or a headset if you desire.

Whatever you decide to use make sure it’s going to be comfortable while sleeping. If you sleep on your side, as I do, you do not need bulky headphones or earbuds sticking in your ear.

What I use and suggest if you’re going to use affirmations while sleeping is to invest in sleep headphones.

Bedside speaker for sleep affirmationsI bought a pair that I’ve been very happy with and it was very reasonable in price. It is built like a cloth headband, but it has Bluetooth earbuds built into it.

You sync it to your phone or device through Bluetooth and place it on your head like a sweatband but covering your ears.

It is very comfortable you can sleep on your side with no problem. The battery will hold a charge for most of the week even while listening to affirmations the entire night.

Another bonus is you can use it over your ears and eyes at the same time to block out any distracting light in your room. This is great for power naps during the day.

Step 3. Download a music player app that you like

If you currently do not have one on your device, download a music player that can be used to create playlists and will allow you to set your audios to be played in a loop.

You can also look for one with a timer if you desire. You can set it to play for so many hours and then shut off.

Or if you want to get aggressive set your affirmations on loop and let them play the entire night. As long as they do not disturb your sleep that is perfectly fine.

Get into the habit at bedtime and start using your audio programs. You will be creating a new awareness and forming new patterns in your subconscious by listening to your statements nightly.

Can I Use Speakers to Listen to Affirmations While Sleeping?

While not as effective as using earbuds or headphones you can use a bedside speaker to listen to your affirmations during the night.

Place them at a low enough volume where you can still easily fall asleep. If you are using a subliminal you will still pick up and absorb the affirmations.

Make sure it is a decent speaker, not one with a bad frequency response. By using a speaker or speakers to listen during your sleep you will not get the benefit of binaural beats. If your recording uses them.

More effective than a single speaker would be to have one on each side of your bed in stereo.

How Long Should You Listen Each Night?

As far as how long you should listen to affirmations during the night is completely up to you.

I would suggest in the beginning that you only listen for a couple of hours to start out with. Until you get used to wearing your listening device and listening to affirmations during your sleep.

Some of you may be distracted or disturbed trying to listen and it will disrupt your sleep in the beginning.

You can gradually increase your time as you adjust to listening to affirmations during your sleep.

Eventually, you may want to listen to them on a loop the entire night. Making this an effective use of the time that you would normally just be sleeping.

Do affirmations work while sleeping if you just take a short nap? Yes, they do. Anytime your conscious mind is shut off you can easily absorb any affirmations you feed it.

Using I Am Affirmations While You Sleep

The phrase “I am” used in an affirmation is very powerful. Suggesting that you currently have already manifested your desire or goal.

You can use” I am” in just about anything you are trying to manifest in your life.

Whatever you are trying to change you can start your affirmations with “I am” for example. I am sleep affirmations

I am now wealthy.
I am now rich.
I am now completely confident in all aspects of my life.
I am now living the life I always desired.
I am so happy now that…
I am so grateful now that…
I am happy.
I am living with the person of my dreams.
I am living in the house of my dreams.

I’m sure you get the point. Think about your goal or desire and start out your affirmation with “I AM” and use that for your list of affirmations to use during your sleep.

Using Abundance Affirmations While You Sleep

Many of us desire to have more money. We would love to live a life where we never have to worry about money again. All the bills would be automatically paid.

So if you desire to have more money manifesting in your life you can use abundance affirmations and listen to them while you sleep.

Like I said above, write them out as if you currently already manifested them in your life.
If you are trying to manifest a certain amount of money, write that out.

I now have $15,000.
Thank you for the abundance of money coming to me right now.
I am so grateful I do not have to worry about money anymore.
Riches flow to me as I sleep.
Each day I wake up wealthier than the day before.
There is no lack of abundance in the universe.
Money flows to me in great quantities as I sleep.
I am forming new memories about money

These are just suggestions, of course, write them out as they apply to your life. So how do affirmations work while sleeping for abundance? Manifesting money is one of the easier things to attract into your life.

How Do Affirmations Work While Sleeping?

Listening to affirmations during your sleep does actually work. If you are new to this or have no experience in using affirmations then it may be hard for you to believe at first.

I am sure you have heard about the law of attraction by now. The law of attraction works by bringing us our desires by manifesting, what we hold most in our subconscious minds, our thoughts, and our feelings.

Whatever we believe to be true in our subconscious mind will come to us and manifest in our real life.

Through the use of affirmations and repetition, you will change the beliefs in your subconscious mind. Once your beliefs change your subconscious mind will set out to make it happen.

This doesn’t happen instantly so give it some time if you’re going to start using sleep affirmations and just learning about how do affirmations work while sleeping.

Is There a Better Way to Make Affirmations Work While Sleeping?

Yes, there is a much better way to use sleep affirmations than the methods stated above.

Is There a Better Way to Make Affirmations Work While SleepingFollow the procedures above but, have them recorded in the form of a subliminal. A subliminal will be 10 times more effective than just listening to positive affirmations during your sleep.

The reason why subliminal messaging will work so much better is you do not actually hear the affirmations with your conscious mind.

All you hear is a relaxing backing track, like running water, soft rain, or any other relaxing backing track. This will calm your mind and change your negative mindset.

These are great for personal improvement, sleep learning, helping you remember what you study, relief from anxiety or other health-related issues and so much more.

This is much easier to go to sleep with and listen to all night. You are not listening to affirmations, like someone talking in your ear all night, which I would find annoying.

You are just listening to relaxing sounds placing you in a very deep sleep where the affirmations can be easily absorbed by your subconscious mind.

Plus many subliminal studios like ours use binaural beats in the background. These stimulate your brain waves and will place you in a deeper sleep than just listening to affirmations alone.

If you would like to use a subliminal you can write out your affirmation list and we can create a custom subliminal for you.

You choose a backing track and we will record your affirmations in our studio and produce it into a properly made subliminal MP3.

There are a lot of people that claim they can make subliminals or you can even download an app from the place store and try and use it.

Subliminal technology is not well known or actually taught anywhere. It takes years of experience and training to learn how to create them properly.

If you are thinking about using a YouTube subliminal or list of affirmations you should read our article on the subject first. You need to be careful what you are actually listening to. So you now know the answer to the question do affirmations work while sleeping.

Final Thoughts

Listening to affirmations while you sleep not only works better but it is also a great use of your time. You are literally reprogramming your subconscious mind while you are sleeping.

When you wake up the next morning you are becoming a different person. You will start attracting your goal or desire automatically by listening to your affirmations in your sleep.

Your subconscious mind now has a goal and will start to go after it. It is at work 24 hours a day and never sleeps. So why not make good use of it?

Use the steps above and start listening to affirmations in your sleep and watch how things start to change in your life. You will be amazed.

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