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Winning The Lottery With Law of Attraction

Since many of you seek more money in your life one question I get asked a lot is winning the lottery with law of attraction possible? The answer to that question is yes! Here is a story of one of my customers that has won the lottery twice already.

David contacted me through email and asked me if it was possible to increase his chances of winning the lottery with law of attraction principles and our subliminal program. winning the lottery with law of attraction

I told him yes, you get what you think about. If you spend part of your day visualizing yourself winning the lottery, really getting into the feel of already winning you greatly increase your chances of winning over everyone else.

The way the law of attraction work is like attracts like and the universe works through feelings and pictures in your mind, not words. Words are used to get yourself into the feeling.

After we talked he was still skeptical but said he would give it a try. I told him to go after a small amount in the beginning because it’s more believable, and then work his way up to bigger lottery winnings.

You absolutely must believe that it is possible to win the amount you are seeking through a winning lottery ticket.

Our true beliefs are locked away in our subconscious mind. Once you change your beliefs your subconscious mind will get to work making your new beliefs manifest in your life.

Once your subconscious mind truly believes your desire or goal it cannot fail, it does not know how to fail, it will not stop until it succeeds in making your new belief the reality.

Winning lottery tick with law of attraction Somehow you will be in the right place at the right time buying your ticket. You will be led by your subconscious mind so naturally, you will not even realize it. David told me he was driving home from work and had the sudden urge to stop and pick up a ticket.

This is why subliminal programs are so powerful. Anyways back to the story. After several emails back and forth with David, he created his subliminal program and listen to them daily.

He told me after a few days of using the program along with visualization he felt excited and truly believed he was going to win the lottery very soon.

A few days later he purchased a scratch-off ticket from the local convenience store and won a couple hundred dollars, I don’t recall the exact amount but the fact is that he won and now truly believed this was working.

He continued his daily visualization sessions along with his subliminal program that he created for himself using our subliminal power system and decided to go after a larger amount.

I’m excited to say I received an email from him today telling me that he won $5000 this time with a scratch-off ticket!

Personally, I have never tried this method myself but I think I will give it a shot since it seems to be working for David. After all, who would not like to win the lottery?

People use all other types of systems and methods to try to win the lottery I believe the law of attraction is based on principles that really work.

I am excited to give it a try myself, what about you?

AnimatedNewNow available our win the lottery subliminal program. Increase your odds of winning the lottery. Reprogram your subconscious mind to believe you have already won the lottery. You will get intuitions… Numbers will come into your head. Select the right scratch-off tickets that pay. Be in the right place at the right time!

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