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Can You Manifest Bad Things?


The law of attraction states that we attract everything into our lives. This has been proven, we actually manifest and attract everything into our lives, whether we like it or not.

Can You Manifest Bad Things into Your Life?

Yes, you can manifest bad things just as easily as you manifest good things.

Manifesting something bad into your life is no harder or different than manifesting something good. You can achieve your goals, desires, and dreams through manifesting.

By keeping your thoughts and feelings on what you want to attract into your life you can bring it to you. The bad news is this works just as easily for negative things or bad things you do not want to really attract.

The universe does not know any difference between good and bad. It just delivers on what we keep our thoughts and feelings on. Actually, the universe does not understand words it only understands and delivers on feelings.

Manifesting bad things into our life
If you worry and think about what you do not want, you will manifest it.

This is actually how the law of attraction works. Many of you think it’s words that are used to manifest something. Words are used to create a feeling inside of you that tells the universe this is what I desire.

So, if you constantly think and feel something bad is going to happen to you you will attract that into your life whether you really want it or not.

Worry, fear, negative thinking is going to bring you what you do not want instead of what you really desire.

If you constantly worry about being in a car accident sooner or later you are going to be. Maybe you watch YouTube videos on car crashes or accidents. People getting injured. You spend too much time thinking about something you do not want.

Or maybe you have a fear of driving and every time you get behind the wheel you think something bad is going to happen.

You must stop thinking like this. You are going to attract what you fear or worry about. You will be in the right place at the right time and actually attract another driver to be in an accident with.

This may be hard for many of you to believe but this is the way the law of attraction works. If you were to talk to the other driver that you were involved in the accident with you would probably find out they have the same fears and worries that you had.

Same for people that worry about getting sick. They talk about it with friends or family. They look up symptoms. They know people that have had this disease. Eventually, they manifest it into their life. See they were right. They knew they were going to get sick. Yep…

Like attracts like like a magnet. This is a proven fact.

So in order not to attract bad things into your life, you must keep your thoughts fears, and worries off of them and think about what you want to attract.

If you fear driving or worry something’s going to happen use visualization or any other method to imagine a perfectly calm and safe drive before you start your trip. Visualize it before you get behind the wheel as a very peaceful relaxing drive to your destination.

Can You Manifest Evil Things for Someone Else?

You cannot personally create things to happen for someone else. We manifest with our thoughts and feelings so unless you can actually get inside someone’s head and make them think and feel something, you cannot manifest something bad for them.

However, you can influence them if you are in personal contact with this person you want something bad to

can you manifest bad things for others
Can you really manifest bad things or Karma for someone else?

happen to.

You can talk and put ideas in their head to cause them to worry or fear about something that you want to manifest into their lives, but they do not want.

This is the only way you would ever be able to manifest bad for someone else by causing their thoughts and feelings to change.

Can You Accidentally Attract Bad Things?

Actually, yes you can accidentally attract bad things without knowing it. But let me say random things are not going to just happen, out of nowhere, unless you attract them.

By accidentally manifesting something you are going to have to have thoughts and feelings about it before it is attracted to you.

If something has manifested bad out of the blue whether you know it or not you are having thoughts and feelings about it. There are no accidents according to the law of attraction. We attract everything into our lives even though it does not seem like it.

Can You Manifest Revenge on Someone Who Hurt You?

As much as many of you would like this to be true it cannot actually be done. You cannot manifest revenge or cause them to have bad karma by yourself.

You cannot sit and think about something bad happening to someone, even if you are a master at manifesting things into your life, you cannot actually cause them to happen in someone else’s.

Can you imagine if that was actually possible? People would be sitting at their kitchen table racking their brains out thinking about bad things happening to everyone they do not like.

Then that person would go home and manifest something bad happening to you and so forth.

Can Bad Things Happen If You Manifest?

We all have the power to manifest anything we desire into our lives once we learn this skill. In fact, this is one skill that everyone should know how to do.

Why they do not teach it in school is beyond me. It is probably one of the most important skills you can have in your life, learning how to manifest.

Bad things cannot happen if you manifest. In fact, we were born with this skill and most of us never use it properly.

I’m not going to go into religion but it is even in our Bible and other religious books. It actually explains the proper way to do it. However, this was hidden from us and left out of our modern books for some reason. But that’s a different subject.

Nothing bad is going to happen to you if you manifest things into your life for the better. In fact, it’s what you should be doing all of the time. Once you manifest something you desire or achieve a goal by manifesting you should replace it with something new.

This way you are always manifesting something good into your life and moving up, becoming a better person.

Can You Manifest Something Not to Happen?

Yes, you can absolutely manifest something you do not want to attract into your life from happening.

However, you need to be careful when you are thinking about something you do not want. If you think or worry about it too much you are going to attract it.

The way you should use this power is to think about something you do not want to happen. Then think the exact opposite or put a positive spin on this negative thing you do not want to manifest.

Completely reverse your thinking. Let’s say for example you got a notice from the bank and they are about to repossess your car. This is something you do not want to manifest happening, naturally.Visulize yourself manifesting money

If you sit and worry about it thinking about how you are going to get around, what are you going to do now, this can wreck my credit, I won’t be able to get to work, and so on.

The repo man is going to show up very soon. Thinking like that is going to make it happen even faster, you are going to manifest it into your life.

Now take your worry and think about a positive outcome instead. Use whatever method you need to in order to make you feel a better outcome.

You can use visualization, affirmations, scripting, journaling, even a subliminal to help you feel something better happening.

Let’s say you start visualizing about getting an unexpected check from somewhere. Perhaps you have a relative that just left you some money. Maybe the government found you and mailed you a check that you had coming to you.

Maybe you win the lottery or pick up that scratch-off ticket and win enough to pay off your car loan.

There are so many things that could happen to turn this into a positive outcome. The proper way to do this is to concentrate on the end result only.

In this example think of the end result of you going to your bank and paying off what you owe. I suggest you do not worry about how it’s going to happen. The universe will come up with some way to manifest it for you.

There are so many ways this could happen you don’t want to place limits on yourself. Just concentrate on receiving some unexpected money and paying your car loan nothing else. Do this until you can actually feel it happening, then you will manifest it. The process works!


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