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Can Subliminals Clash?


Yes, subliminals can clash and there are several different reasons why they might clash. One of the most common reasons is because the affirmations or scripts conflict with each other.

How do Subliminals Clash?

Let’s say you are listening to two different subliminals to manifest more money. One of the subliminals is saying you will have $1000 in 14 days the other one is saying you will have $10,000 in 29 days. They do not match, they are conflicting affirmations.

Clashing subliminal energyAnother example is if you are listening to a grow taller subliminal. One program may be saying you are growing to 6 feet tall. The other one may be saying you are 5 foot nine overnight.

The affirmations or scripts used on the subliminal do not match. Your subconscious mind gets confused. In other words, you are just wasting your time listening to these conflicting programs that are clashing with each other.

Another reason they could clash is that the tones, frequencies, or binaural beats recorded on the subliminals are conflicting.

If they do not match or agree with each other you will experience a conflict or disagreement between the two.

One may be using binaural beats that put you in a deeply relaxed state of mind and the other one may use tones or binaural beats that place you in a very alert, creative state of mind.

Another example is if the affirmations are saying, I have $1000 in my possession right now. And the other subliminal is saying I will have $1000 in my possession soon. The money is coming to me now. The other one says I already have it.

Well, which one is it? Your subconscious mind will not know how to act during two conflicting subliminal affirmations. Do you have it? it is coming soon? When?

What Happens When Subliminals Clash?

When subliminals clash you are not likely to get any results from either one of them. They may actually make you feel bad.

Sometimes the same subliminal, if it is poorly scripted or written, will clash with itself. Affirmations have to be written out correctly if you want to get results. How do you know if Subliminals Clash

They need to be crystal clear to the subconscious mind. It needs a new belief and an end goal to go after.

Once it has that information it will set out to manifest it into your reality. It will figure out the best way for it to happen.

How do you know if Subliminals Clash?

You may experience confusion, headaches, dizziness, or just an unwell feeling after listening to two conflicting subliminals that clash with each other.

If you are listening to different subliminals, or a playlist of several different ones, and start feeling unwell I recommend you stop immediately.

That is a definite sign they are clashing with each other.

How to Prevent Subliminals From Clashing

If you want to prevent subliminals from clashing you need to know what affirmations are written or scripted on both of them.

Read them over carefully and make sure they agree with each other. Make sure there is no conflict between either one.

I do not recommend mixing subliminals from different creators.

When I say creators I’m not talking about YouTube channels. You may want to read our article on that subject.

Subliminal technology takes a long time to learn and there is little information about it available to the public.

So you are best to stick to a business or company that manufactures them professionally for a living. In most cases, it is perfectly okay to you several subliminals from the same producer or company.

They will be using the proper tones and binaural beats on each of the programs and they are not going to clash with each other.

A lot of people claim they can make subliminals but really have no idea what they are actually doing to the subconscious mind of another person.

You may also want to concentrate on one subliminal program at a time. There’s no need to listen to 20 different subliminals on the same subject. One well-written one is plenty to achieve your desire or goal.

This does not apply to boosters or accelerators. These condition your subconscious and get you ready to accept the affirmations you are about to hear. It places you in a much more receptive state.

If you have two different goals or desires it is perfectly fine to listen to different subliminals. It is highly unlikely they will clash. Like losing weight and manifesting more money, maybe building self-esteem, and so on…


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