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Do Binaural Beats Help Sleep?


The question is do binaural beats help sleep? The answer to that is yes they do it as long as they are the correct frequency for sleep. Correctly used, binaural beats will put you into a deeply relaxed state of mind allowing you to sleep better than you ever have before.

First of all, let’s cover what binaural beats are. Binaural sleep beats are used with headphones or earbuds, in your right ear you will hear one tone, and in your left ear you will hear another tone, however to your mind it sounds like one continuous frequency.

Depending on the range, two tones are separated by a set frequency and what you actually hear, or think you are hearing is a third tone in the middle of your head. binaural beats for sleep

It’s kind of like a massage for your brain. It’s very stimulating when you first start using them and many people feel weird sensations, like floating or weird visuals.

They are very powerful if used correctly and will put you in a very deep relaxed state of mind. That’s why there are great for using before going to bed.

When I first started using them, for the first time in a long time, I got a complete night’s sleep without waking up at all.

I mean I woke up in the morning of course but I did not wake up during the middle of the night, which I usually do.

I also noticed how deeply I slept and how refreshed I was in the morning. Most people get the same results that’s why they are becoming so popular.

You can slap on your headphones or earbuds, load up your audio track and let your mind drift off.

Within minutes you start relaxing deeply, in most cases it is hard to stay awake even if you wanted to. Other binaural beats can be used for relaxation, healing, meditation, and other self-improvement audios.

We use them for subliminal messages. When you listen to binaural beats or binaural sleep beats mixed with subliminal messages they are very powerful.

Your subconscious mind gets the message very quickly since you’re in such a relaxed state have no resistance to the suggestions you are hearing.

Actually, you do not hear subliminal messages, they are below the threshold of your audio range. You may hear a slight whisper in the background but it would be very hard to make out what the subliminal s are saying.

Your subconscious mind has no resistance to the suggestions you’re putting into it since you’re not really hearing them to contradict the suggestions.

For example, your subliminal message may say “I am very wealthy”, your mind may be said no … I’m in deep debt, but binaural sleep beats combined with subliminal messages will change your belief system, therefore, changing your outer world.

Best Binaural Beats for Insomnia 

Do Binaural Beats Help Sleep?If you have insomnia you can listen to a relaxing track with theta binaural beats on it.

If you’re going to use theta waves it is best to mix it with some kind of background, soft music, water or rain sounds, or anything that will calm your mind.

When you are ready to go to bed lay down and relax and put your headphones or earbuds on.

You can listen through speakers but it’s going to be much more effective with earbuds or headphones.

First of all, you will get the full effect of the binaural beats and secondly, it will drown out any background noises in your environment.

Close your eyes and relax and let the binaural beats place you into a plea relaxed state of mind where you will easily fall asleep and sleep deeper than you normally do.

You can also pick up a pair of sleep headphones and listen during the night.

Binaural Beats Sleep Therapy

Theta binaural beats can be used for sleep therapy. Listening to theta waves before or while you sleep will allow Your body and mind to go into a very state of restorative sleep. Many of us never reach this state of sleep during the night and wake up still tired.

We have a deep sleep subliminal which many people find effective and enjoyable to listen to. I gave a copy to a friend of mine as a gift and she could not wait to use it every night. She never went into a relaxed state like that before.

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