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Binaural Beats Can Change Your Life


Binaural beats have been around a long time. First discovered in 1839. They became more popular in the late 20th century. The alternative medicine community learned that binaural beats would help with meditation, relaxation, and even creativity.

A popular use for binaural beats is to affect the subconscious mind. By putting yourself into a deep meditative state you can easily influence the subconscious mind by offering suggestions to it while in this deeply relaxed state.

The way binaural beats work is that one tone is played in the left ear and another tone of a slightly different frequency is played into the right your. A third tone is created which is one you actually think you are listening to. binaural beat frequency list

It’s like massaging your brain. It is completely safe of course as long as you don’t listen to them while you’re driving or operating heavy machinery (common sense right?) The reason for that is you may fall asleep while listening to binaural beats.

If the program you are listening to is designed to put you to sleep then it’s completely acceptable to fall asleep and still get the full benefits from your session. I personally listen to binaural beats before going to sleep every night, it puts me in a very relaxed state allowing me to sleep deeply and wake refreshed feeling great.

Any binaural beat program must be listened to with headphones otherwise you will not get any benefits from your program.

Binaural beat programs are designed around a certain frequency to induce a certain state in your mind and body, as you can see in the chart.

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