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Here are samples of the backing tracks you will receive with our Subliminal Power System 

These are only 1 minute long, the full tracks are all 30 minutes in length.
You will record your affirmations over these tracks to produce a powerful, totally relaxing audio session that will completely transform your life!

Wear Headphone to get the full effect
Note: the hum in the background is the binaural beats at work… you will learn more about those in the book and why they are so powerful! 


Zen Meditation with Alpha Waves

Ultra Deep Meditation – Alpha Waves

Tropical Birds Rainforest with Binaural Beats

Soft Rain with Alpha Waves

Soft Music Nature Meditation

Relaxing Water Sounds with Alpha Waves

Meditation Water Fall

End of Universe Meditation

Deep Woods Rain Forest Meditation

Deep Space Oddity – Alpha Waves

Babling Brook Zen Meditation


  1. Missy Missy

    I have an iPhone and a Mac laptop, will they not be compatible? I wanted to know before I made purchase. Thank you.

    • Yes, they will be compatible. After producing an audio you can place it in your iTunes and sync to your other devices.

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