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Here are samples of the backing tracks.

These are  used in our Custom Subliminal

These are only 1 minute long, the full tracks are all 30 or 60 minutes in length.

Wear headphones to get the full effect
Note: the hum in the background is the binaural beats at work.

Soft Wind

Bamboo Wind Chimes

Zen Meditation 

Ultra Deep Meditation

Tropical Birds Rainforest

Soft Rain

Soft Music Nature Meditation

Relaxing Water Sounds

Meditation Water Fall

Babbling Brook Zen Meditation

  1. JC JC

    I question I’ve always pondered. Is there any evidence as to what works better, to have the subconscious hear the message as, for example “ I’m am strong” or “you are strong” ? After all, aren’t many negative thoughts and beliefs initially developed from hearing and believing insulting or discouraging messages at a young age that begin with “you are…..” from example, a parent or mother or father figure ?

    • They are very close but when the subconscious hears I am you know that it is about you. You are could mean someone else.

      When we get programmed by our parents and they say you are, we know exactly who they are talking to.
      Your subconscious would take that as I am. Ok..Mom says you are stupid, in our minds we think ok I must be stupid, I am stupid.

  2. Jennifer kennedy Jennifer kennedy

    Hello! I was curious if you can do this without binaural beats, just basic relaxing music? Thank you!

    • Yes, we can, just make a note of it in the note box when you order.

  3. Missy Missy

    I have an iPhone and a Mac laptop, will they not be compatible? I wanted to know before I made purchase. Thank you.

    • Yes, they will be compatible. After producing an audio you can place it in your iTunes and sync to your other devices.

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