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Proof That Law of Attraction Really Works Part 2

Part Two – proof that law of attraction really works  Read part one here…. After I did that I forgot about it, let it go, unattached from my desire. Knowing that it will appear in my life, I said it is done. Oh, and by the way, the reason I picked a book of matches is that you really don’t see them around anymore, everyone has lighters. Its just something you don’t run into every day.

Can you guess what happened next? Within a few days, I ran into many books of matches. I was at a friends house and we needed batteries they told me to look in the kitchen drawer. I opened the drawer to search for batteries and laughed when I saw several books of matches, but no batteries.

They told me to look in the garage cabinet. No batteries but I found a pack of matches. The next day I was cleaning out one of my drawers you guessed it, I found several books of matches.

The one that counted the most to me was, I was visiting a local pub and the person next to me took out a book of matches and lit their cigarette. When they left, they left the matches on the counter and did not come back for them, so I picked them up figuring the universe wanted me to have them.

So there you have it, I wanted to manifest a book of matches and suddenly I was seeing them everywhere. Try it. Or pick something simple like that you don’t really care about and see how fast you can manifest it. It’s a great way to practice law of attraction.

Another simple experiment I did recently was I wanted to manifest a tennis ball. Now, I do not play tennis and have not seen a tennis ball in many years. There are no tennis courts anywhere near where I live and there are no kids playing with balls in my neighborhood, in fact, there’s an empty lot next to me.

I did a visualization session of me finding a tennis ball in my yard, near my car, where I parked outside. I visualized myself walking outside looking around in the grass next to my car and finding a tennis ball. I imagined I picked it up and felt the soft outside of the ball, I gave it a squeeze to feel the softness of it and then bounced it on the ground a few times.

Proof law of attraction really works

Yes, these are the actual items I manifested with law of attraction!!

Tennis balls also have a sort of rubbery smell so I imagined I was smelling it too. In other words get into the feeling of actually finding a tennis ball and holding it in your hands, use all your senses to make it as real as possible. This is how you actually use law of attraction to attract things in your life.

So guess what? A few days later I completely forgot about my little experiment and went outside to get some fresh air. I walked over by my car and for some reason looked in the grass (you are guided by the universe to do the right things at the right time) and believe it or not, seen a tennis ball sitting there. I still get excited thinking about it. Now… it was not exactly where I imagined it would be, but it was close enough… within 10 feet :).

So how weird is that? Where did a tennis ball come out of nowhere, in a neighborhood with no tennis courts, no kids, no dogs, in other words, I just can’t imagine why it should appear, except for law of attraction. There is no other reason for it.

I love doing these experiments and have been for many years now. I recommend you practice a few, then when you need something, I mean really need something, in your life, you will have the powers to attract it. All you have to do is replace the way you attracted something when you don’t care about it, with something that is really important to you, it works….trust me.

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