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Why Law of Attraction Fails And What You Can Do About It

Why law of attraction fails – Have you ever tried using law of attraction and it failed? You watched the movies, read the books and put into practice law of attraction to manifest something in your life that you desired and it did not work. You swear you are using law of attraction right, at least you thought you were.

The problem is most people still do not get how to use law of attraction properly. Therefore getting no results and then go around stating that law attraction doesn’t work, it’s fake…all a scam. Why law of attraction fails

What most people do is they think about what they do not want without realizing it. One of our popular posts on this website is how to get your ex back with law of attraction. Most of the comments and many of the emails I received asking for help tell me that people are using law of attraction completely wrong.

If you go read some of the comments on my other post you can see people are thinking about exactly what they don’t want. For example, my boyfriend is now with someone else, I can see he is happy, he has moved on, this isn’t working.

I can’t see how this will ever work, they are with someone else new now…. And so on. I can tell by these statements the most people are doing exactly what they should not be doing for law of attraction to work.

You get what you think about. Read that statement several times. You get and attract into your life what the majority of your thoughts are on. When I hear statements like I see my boyfriend with someone else, he’s so happy now, they look like a good couple, what can I do, I miss him so much…

They are thinking about what they are missing, what they are lacking, what they do not want to attract into their life and focusing on all the wrong things that are just going to bring them more of the same because that’s what they are thinking about most of the time.

If you are trying to attract an ex back into your life using law of attraction you should not worry about them being with another person, what they are doing, what’s on their Facebook page, whether they look happy or not without you…. how can we get back together…how can this ever work?

I will say it again, you get what you think about if you’re thinking about thoughts like the above paragraph that’s all you’re going to attract more of into your life whether you want it or not. You cannot attract what you want into your life by thinking about what you do not want, the universe knows no difference and will give you what you are picturing in your mind.

By holding thoughts and pictures in your mind you are telling the universe exactly what you desire in your life. If you are thinking about your ex with another person basically you are telling the universe by thoughts and pictures this is what you want.

why law of attraction failsTo make law of attraction work you must think thoughts and hold pictures in your mind of exactly what you do want and nothing else. If you want your ex back you must hold pictures in your mind, think thoughts and get into feelings of already being back together with your ex.

Then you are telling the universe by thoughts and pictures this is what I want, and then and only then law of attraction will work for you. Do not worry about the how that is not your job, it will happen in its own most efficient way. Many times in ways we would never expect.

Law of attraction works and that has been proven many times. Learn how to use it properly and your life will never be the same. One of my favorite sayings is from Henry Ford –

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”

I hope that helps some of you get a better concept of how law of attraction works or better yet why law of attraction fails. If you have any questions or comments leave them below.

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