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How You Can Use Email and Law of Attraction To Attract Whatever You Want

Whether you want to attract a new job, money or perhaps get an ex back email and letter writing is one of my favorite tools that will speed up your attraction factor.

Let’s say you are trying to get your dream job. One tool I like using, that will help your visualization sessions is to write yourself an email or an actual paper letter and mail it to yourself.

Write the email or letter as if you received it from the person you are expecting to hear from. Write as if you already got what you desire. email and law of attraction

For example let’s say you are trying to get a new job, write yourself a letter congratulating you on getting the job and a welcome to the company. Write it as if it came from the person that interviewed you or the person in charge of hiring then mail it yourself.

This will set the principles of law of attraction into motion. The same thing can be done if you are trying to attract and ex back. Write yourself an email or letter as if it came from them telling you how much they miss you and want you back.

You may be surprised just how effective this technique is. Within a few days don’t be surprised if you get a letter very similar to the one you wrote I’ve seen it happen many times.

Here’s another example, let’s say you are trying to attract a large sum of money into your life. Now how would you write a letter about that? One way you can do it is writing a press release as if you already succeeded and were being interviewed by the local or national media.

This would also work if you’re trying to win the lottery using law of attraction. Write yourself a press release or news article as if you had been interviewed as a winner of the mega lottery! What kind of questions would they be asking you? What would your responses be?

win the lottery with law of attractionIf you’re more likely to receive an actual paper letter in the mail go ahead and write yourself one of those and actually mail it to yourself. When you receive it in a few days open it and get excited when you read it, as if for the first time.

These techniques will help you get into the feeling of already having what you desire therefore speeding up the law of attraction. Anything that will help you get into the feeling of already having something is very effective.

The feeling of already having something is where the real power is when trying to attract something using law of attraction. This is what you need to work on, the feeling, not just the thought.

Positive affectations are great and can be used daily but you need to go beyond that if you really want to attract something into your life, this is why most people fail and then go around saying law of attraction doesn’t work.

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