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How to Feel As If You Already Have Something

In order to attract something in your life you need to feel as if you already have it. Now this may seem strange at first, at least it did to me, and this this is one part that most people struggle with when learning to apply to the law of attraction.

However, it’s essential you get this part right, I’ll give you a perfect example of why this works in a minute. how to attract desires

When you’re doing your visualization sessions or thinking about your desire the true power comes from the feelings not the thoughts. You have to feel like you already achieved what you desire. Think about it until you can actually picture yourself as if you’re already achieved your goal or desire.

Think about what’s going on around you, feel the shoes you’re wearing, the weather, is the sun shining on your face?, What are people talking about around you if there are people around you, do you feel good? Of course you do you just achieved what you set out to do.

What are people saying to you? Continue the process into you can really feel the feelings that will come along with achieving your desire. It may take a little practice at first but after a while it becomes fun. You can dream up different situations and fantasize about the day you achieve what you set out to do.

Never think about how much you need or want your desire. If you think that way you’re thinking about the lack and what’s missing in your life. The only result you will get with that thinking is more wanting, or lack. Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish the difference between lack and already having it. If you feel good when doing your visualizations then you are on the right track.

law-of-attraction-goals Visualizing as if you are already have it allows you to release your goal or desire and have fun with it. Here’s an example of how this works. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase feast or famine. Think about it, how many times in your life have you wanted something really bad and then when you get it more of it shows up without even trying?

For those of you that are single, you may have went months without a date. You desired to date someone but no one showed up in your life, or nothing worked out. He just couldn’t meet anyone if your life depended on it.

The day after you met someone you desired and was a perfect match you took your mind off of it because you already had what you wanted. What happened? There was a flood of other people that you suddenly showed up in your life and wanted to date you. Everywhere you went someone was interested in you.

I remember a time when I had my first business things were very slow and I worried about getting enough work and paying bills. It was all I could think and worry about. Eventually I got a few jobs that trickled in allowing me to take my mind off of it. You know what happened next, a flood of work came in and I was so busy I had to start turning jobs away. Like I said feast or famine.

I still wanted my desires but I was no longer thinking about it. I took my mind off of it and now I was coming from a place of already having it, because I did, so naturally I attracted more of it, this is the way it works. This is why you have to feel like you already have something before you can attracted into your life.

Think about your desire, feel as if you already have it, release it. Don’t dwell on not having it. Trust that it is coming to you in the most efficient way the universe can provide it.

How about the lottery winners, most of them are either rich already or 89 years old. They desire to win but they don’t need to or have to have it. They could care less either way and play just for the fun of it….. and that’s why they win.

If you want to speed up the process of manifesting your goals and desires you can use our subliminal power system. Using subliminal technology will allow you to change your true beliefs that are locked away in your subconscious mind.

Once you change your beliefs your subconscious mind will set out to make it happen. You will automatically start doing the “right things”. taking the right actions, allowing you to manifest your goal or desire in the fastest way possible!

If you have any questions or comments or would like to share your stories with everyone just leave a comment below.

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